Fatima’s 1984 Consecration – the Facts

Richard Salbato - Holy Week 2011

I feel like I am the only Catholic in America that believes in the Consecration that Pope John Paul II did in 1984. I constantly have to defend my faith in this consecration by people who are constantly insisting that because the Holy Father did not use the word “Russia” it cannot be true. They also use the argument that Russia is not converted as promised. In fact the leadership of Russia today is not friendly to the West and is not Democratic. These are good observations and I can understand their skepticism based on the facts they have. I have not wanted to put all the facts together again because it takes a great deal of writing to make the argument well enough to end the questions once and for all. So usually I just tell people one of two short arguments. 1. Our Lady promised to convert Russia from Communism and not to a perfect Catholic Nation. 2. Lucia said, “Our Lady has accepted the consecration and She will keep Her promise. [PEACE]”

Of course this does not satisfy the skeptics but it just shows my lazyness and the fact that I already wrote of this proof in the book and tape FATIMA RECONSIDERED. However, I just read something that made me obligated to write this Newsletter.

 In 1943 Christ appeared to Lucia and said,

"I want all my children to recognize that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is the reason for the conversion of Russia."

That statement made me realize that because I know this subject so well, God is asking me to set the record straight once and for all so that we can have faith that Our Lady is bringing us towards the period of peace that She promised and pray for it. I spent seven years in Fatima, living 100 yards from Lucia’s house and in site of the apparitions of the Angels. Because I had a car and Lucia’s living relatives did not I took them to see Lucia almost every month. For this reason I met with Lucia 11 times, talked with her, and gave her questions in writing. I got to know the other Nuns at the Convent of Coimbra and all the experts on Fatima.  Sister Isabel told me:

“Lucia would not have said ‘Our Lady has accepted the consecration, if Our Lady had not appeared to her and told her this.”

It is true that in the first years after the consecration Lucia was not sure it was done correctly, but after this apparition she was sure.

The Facts

Pope Leo XIII’ Vision of 1884

Go back into history with me - all the way to 1884. In 1884 Pope Leo the 13th had a vision while saying Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. He saw Satan and Christ talking.

Satan said, "I can destroy your Church. - But I need more time and more power over those who are willing to give themselves over to me.”

Christ said, "How much time?"

"100 years"

Christ said, "You have it."

As many of you know this frightened St. Leo so much that he order the prayer to St. Michael said in all the Masses throughout the world. That was October 13th, 1884.

Pope Leo 13th then consecrated the whole world to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

He then created the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Satan’s 100 years of power

What happened during those 100 years after POPE LEO’s vision of Aug 15th, 1884

I will go quickly because there is an important point to be made here.

Before 1884 the Masons set up the Encyclopedia Britannia to distort history and to make all religion look unscientific. They tried the French Revolution in 1778. Naturalism was already in the world, Carl Sagan’s Materialism, Voltaire’s population vs. food supply, Rousseau (beyond good and evil - superman), Darwin -1858 Gradualism (Not rejected by the scientific world until 1980), Marx and his Communist Manifesto.

In 1867 Marx dedicated his Das Capital to Darwin. Nietzsche wrote his Socialism and Naturalism. Freud developed his Psychology from Darwin and from Freud and Darwin there was developed an entire New School System without religion and marking the End of Family unit as we knew it.

World War I started -ending the system of Catholic Kings. 38 Kings were removed from 1911 to 1922. Modernism became the new social norm with no absolutes, no fixed moral order, everything changes, a never ending change downward. World War II started because of Nazism and the idea of a supreme race. Huxley’s Secular Humanism claimed that religion is destined to disappear and Communism, the results of Atheism took 78% of the world. We had Vatican II but Vatican II is not the problem inside the Church.

Tan publishing has a book called "AA-1025" it tells the master plan of Communists to infiltrate the seminaries, the priesthood, to even become bishops. But most of all to change the Catechism and the Mass. (The plan was to make the word "Charity" mean "love" and the word "Church" to mean the meeting of friendly brethren; to make the meaning of Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist depend on one’s faith. In other words, "nothing religious exists outside of creative faith")

These people infiltrated the seminaries: the Communists, the Masons, the Homosexuals, and the writings of: Karl Ronher 1966, the idealist (idea is real, nothing else) The "Theological Investigations" of Fr. Edward Schillebeeckx (a Dominican priest in 1968) wrote that the Eucharist was a change of sign only.

This book and the results of this book caused Pope Paul VI to write the Encyclical "Mysterium Fidei" but it also became the tool of people like Hans Kung - Tad Goosy, Marquette University - and Anthony Willhelm who wrote "Christ Among Us" , 2,000,000 copies were sent into the seminaries free of cost in most cases.

This book is what corrupted the modern day priests. People like Monika Hellwig and her book "Understanding Catholicism" corrupted the seminaries, especially in America.

"This is my body" came to mean "embodiment in community"

Monika Hellwig was at Georgetown University. She is now the director of the Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, a Branch of National Catholic Education Association

The main Pillars of teachings the faith = "Creation, Sin, Redemption, Liturgy, Sacraments, Priesthood, Church, Catholic Doctrine, Catholic Morality, Catholic Spirituality" became the targets of the Liberal. So-called "New Catechism" from Holland, Condemned at Rome in 1968 has become the pattern for the American Catechisms

Our Lady was not inactive during this time.

In 1910 the Masons took over the government of Portugal. Masons are the most anti-religious group in history. At the upper levels (32nd degree) they are Satanic.

In 1911 World War I started

Fatima’ beginning

In 1915 Lucia and three other children (not Jacinta and Francisco) saw a ball of light come down from the shy. In the light they saw an angel. He did not speak. This started the Fatima apparitions.

In 1917 in Rome there were two Demonstrations: one by the Masons for their two-hundredth anniversary of the 1717 Freemason Lodge, with signs showing a picture of Lucifer and stating "The Devil shall rule in the Vatican and the Pope will be his lackey" Also in Rome there was a demonstration of the 400th anniversary of the 95 theses of Luther pined on the Church door in 1517.

But in 1917 St. Maxmillian Kolbe started the Militia Immaculatia dedicated to the service of the Virgin and to the converting the world to the Catholic Church.

On May 5th 1917 Pope Benedict 15th published a prayer to Our Lady - for Peace in the world. 8 days later on May 13th 1917 Our Lady of Fatima appeared for the first time

On the same day: Oct 13, 1917, Lenin marched into Russia

Satan still had his 100 years of power.

1938 - Jan 25th the promised Light appeared throughout all of Europe

And World War II started in 1938.

Lucia sent the Secret letter to the Pope to be opened in 1960

By 1981 - 73% of the world was Communist

170 million had died since Fatima

50 million in world war II

115 million under Stalin and Mao

1 million in Afghanistan

1 million in Cambodia

1 million in Vietnam

On May 13th 1981 ( the feast of Fatima) the Pope was Shot.

In the hospital his nurse said that Our Lady of Fatima had saved his life. He did not know a lot about Fatima so in the hospital he read every book he could get.

In 1981 the National conference of Catholic Bishops of the US sent a letter to the Holy Father requesting the Consecration

1982 - May 13th at Fatima - Consecrated world to IHM (Lucia said it was not correctly done)

So the Holy Father Sent his Secretary of State to Fatima and Lucia and Maccias Cohair sat with him for six hours explaining exactly how the consecration had to be done.

And on March 25, 1984 Pope John Paul and the bishops throughout the world consecrated Russia and the world to the IHM. Even Russian Orthodox Bishops entered in. A few years later Lucia said, Our Lady has accepted the 1984 consecration and She will keep Her promise."

This was exactly 100 years after the Vision of Pope Leo XIII. When Satan was granted 100 years to try and destroy God’s Church.


After the 1984 Consecration

After the consecration a strange happening took place. An explosion in Siberia destroyed Russia’s largest ammunition base.  This was the heart of its power base and no one knew why.

Five days later on Dec 19 Marshal Ustinov, the Minister of Defense, died or was killed

Three days later Marshal Sodolov, the 2ed Minister of Defense died

All in 9 months from the consecration.

In March of 1985 (one Year after consecration) President Chernenko died and Mikhial Gorbachev was made President. He was the First Baptized Christian President although still a communist. He instituted glassnoss and perestroika (freedom of the press and freedom of religion) This was the downfall of communism. 15 republics were freed from communism, and the Warsaw pact ended

In 1989 Lucia said publicly that the Consecration was completed and that "God will keep His Word". That year on Nov 9th the Berlin Wall came down and Gorbachev meet Pope at the Vatican and promised religious freedom

The following year on the Feast of Fatima, May 13th, freedom of religion was made the law of Russia. And on the feast of the miracle of Fatima, Oct 13, Gorbachev received the Nobel Peace Prize

Two months later Gorbachev met the Pope in Vatican for 2ed time. In this meeting the Pope told him that he knew it was he that ordered the hit on the Pope. Gorbachev asked his forgiveness. (It is this story that Lucia was asked to keep silent about and nothing else.)

In 1991 (March 15) diplomatic relations with the Vatican and Russia were opened and so were Latin-rite churches for the first time.

May 1, 1991 was the 100 anniversary of Rerum Novarum, the encyclical "On the Condition of Human Labor by Pope Leo XII, and the Feast of St. Joseph, the Worker, and the end of May Day as a communist holiday.

On May 13, 1991 Pope John Paul II went to Fatima to thank Our Lady for all the countries that were freed, for saving his life, and for the end of the communist threat to the world.

But on Aug 19, 1991 the communists attempted to overthrow Gorbachev. They picked the wrong day for it was the 74th anniversary of the Aug appearance at Fatima. On Aug 22 the attempt failed and the communists were defeated. This was the feast of the Queenship of Mary.

Two months later, on Oct 13 (another feast of Fatima) the first pilgrims of Russia went to Fatima. It was Televised in 150 stations in Russia and 350 Radio stations in Russia, and again on Nov 7th it was televised again.

Dec 8th was the start of the Commonwealth of republics, The end of the USSR

12 days later Yeltsin met with the Pope in Rome

And 13 days after that (on Dec 25th, 1991) the Communist Flag came down for last time over Russia

Gorbachev resigned and sent a letter to Pope John Paul II

15 republics were freed from communism.

On Dec 30th, 1991 Lucia wrote that the world will recognize that the defeat of Communism was by Mary

In 1992 another attempt was made to overthrow the government and Yelson stood against the entire communist army and no one died.

On March 14, 1992 Pravda ended

Then on Christmas day, 1992 Communism was declared illegal in Russia

By 1996, Starting with People Power and Rosary in the Philippines, 87 dictatorships fell throughout the world.

From March 25, 1884 until March 25, 1984 is exactly 100 years. In 1884 Pope Saint Leo XII saw Christ give Satan power for 100 years. In 1984 Pope John Paul II Consecrated Russia and the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Communism fell, 87 other dictators fell.

The Icon of Kazan that was kept in Fatima for 50 years went back to Russia and was placed back in its Basilica by a Moslem Major.  This same major built a special church for Our Lady of Fatima.

In Moscow a special Church was made for the National Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

The Catholic Church in Russia is growing faster than any country in the world and the seminaries are full.  Freedom of religion is greater in Russia than in America.

Another thing said in Fatima was: Russia will spread her errors throughout the world.”

Although 87 dictators (mostly communists) fell, some of these are now going back to socialist monetary systems and the worst of these is America. Economically America is more communist than Russia today.

A Period of Peace

How then to we get to Mary’s promise: “In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be a period of peace.” To understand the answer to that you must study other approved apparitions that talk about the coming Chastisement or Cleansing or Purification. I spent years putting all these prophesies together to understand how this would happen. I concluded that it would start by civil wars over bad economics. And in the end it would spread throughout the world until 75% of the world would die. God, through Mary’s prayers, would stop it in three days of darkness and then there would be world wide peace.

Consider all the civil wars that are going on in the world right now. Within months there will be just as much civil disobedience by unions in America, France, England and the pig nations as in the Middle East. Once the price of food hits the entire world, there will be no stopping it and the chastisement will have begun.


What has not happened yet, is the Pope being shot.

Fatima Reconsidered