True Apparitions Neglected and Corrupted

Richard Salbato, 01-23-2008

As many have pointed out in the past, there is an epidemic of apparitions over the past 25 years thoughout the world: some true, some demonic, some excessive imaginations (Charismatics), and some from psychological problems. One of the main reasons for this epidemic is the lack of true spiritual food in the modern parishes today.  The liberalism in the parishes by priests, their lack of obedience, and their neglect of the teachings of the Church, have caused Catholics to seek spiritual food outside the parish - even the Church, itself. If you look for the Church to investigate these things for you, the way they did in the past, you find that either they are too slow, or too generic in their conclusions, and leave the entire thing in the air without clear guidelines.  They simply do not want to offend anyone. See:  The Virtue of Intolerance

Because of the International Web and modern methods of publishing, the promotion of apparitions is not only easier today, but in some cases, very profitable.  I understand false apparitions and why people are attracted to them, but what I don’t understand clearly is why these same people do not also promote true apparitions.  Yes! They make a show of promoting true apparitions like Fatima, but only in so far as they can show a false comparison to their own favorite apparition.  Many of these web sites or promotional organizations even list a lot of true apparitions and links to them.  But funny thing is that the many true apparitions of the last 50 years are not even mentioned.

What is interesting is why some true apparitions are neglected all together. I suppose the best way to figure this out is to compare the true with the false.  One interesting point to note is that almost every true apparition involves someone who is a virgin and remains so.  Except for a handful of married mystics, at least 95% were and remained virgins. Not one false apparition involves a continuing virgin.  The mathematical odds of this are incredible.  There is talk of sacrifice in all false apparitions, but not one where the seers practice this sacrifice. If someone can point out a virgin seer among the false apparitions, pass it on to us. If someone can point out one true and approved apparition where the seer later got married, point it out to us because we cannot find one.  This may give us a hint as to why these true apparitions are not promoted. 

Another interesting thing about true apparitions is how they emphatically support the teachings of the Church and condemn error in faith and morals.  During the Protestant Reformation and on the same year that Martin Luther split from the Church because of his “fundamentalist doctrines”, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared in Mexico to counteract him and the false worship of the Indians.  After Pius X published his “Syllables of Errors” on Modernism, Our Lady of Fatima came to condemn Socialism, Communism and the Masonic government of Portugal.  Our Lady of La Salette came to warn of a chastisement for people violating the commandments of God and His Church. Our Lady of the Miraculous Metal came to counter the French Revolution.  All were warnings, and all offered help and solutions to the problems facing mankind. 

An interesting thing about true apparitions is that they never flatter the seer, and in fact, mostly did the opposite. To Josefa Menendez Christ said that He picked her because she was so dumb (my own words), and to Francisco of Fatima, Our Lady said that he could not hear Her because of sins. He was 10 years old.  Our Lady told Lucia that She would be with her in suffering but She never flattered her with statements of how saintly or good she was.  Emmerich was slow mentally and could not even read or write, and again never did her many apparitions flatter her for anything.  And yet, this flattery permeates the false apparitions with, “God loves you. You are special in God’s eyes. God is pleased with you.”  He never even said that to the Apostles.  

Never in a true apparition was the message changed.  What was said stood the test of time; whereas, almost every false apparition changes from one message to the other.  Here are some of the changed messages that we can think of off the top of our simple heads:  “I have hand picked your spiritual director.”  Then a few years later: “I am going to change your spiritual director because he has not done what I asked.”  “I will no longer appear to you.”  Then later: “I will come every week.”  “This will be the last pope.”  Then later: “This will be the last pope of this era.” 

All true apparitions have a central control to protect the purity of the messages, the miracles and the seer (if still living) so that exaggerations and mistranslations do not creep in-destroying the message and its meaning.  This happened with St. Brigitte because of over enthusiastic promoters who put their own interpretation to the messages.  It also caused Divine Mercy to be closed down because books were published that were not careful with the truth.  Books on Padre Pio have been condemned because they were not checked out by the central control of the apparition, the local bishop.  Now that we have an internet, all true apparitions have one and only one official web site for the messages.  Any other must link to this one as the prime authority and source of the truth. 

Probably the biggest reason that true apparitions are neglected in favor of false ones has to do with the Charismatic Movement and false ecumenism.  The big fault of the Charismatics is that they see no difference between Catholics and other Christian religions.  This is the heresy of modernism (as our last Newsletter points out) that infects the entire Church today.  True apparitions are very clear on truth and error, and do not justify any sin against faith or morals.   


Why then do the promoters of false apparitions neglect the true ones?  If you put a true apparition side by side with a false one, the things above strike out at you like night and day. What about the simple and gullible followers of false apparitions?  If they are attracted to apparitions without caution, that is understandable; but, the fact that they neglect true apparitions is a mystery that needs to be looked into. 

Maybe they neglect one of the greatest mystics of our time, Anne Catherine Emmerich, and her complete life of Christ from Creation to the end of the world, because they have accepted the “Poem of the Man God” which is exactly the opposite in its stories and doctrine.  The “Poem of the Man God” portrays an ignorant Christ; whereas, Emmerich shows a Divine Christ with infinite knowledge.    Greatest Mystic of Our Times, Anne Catherine Emmerich

Maybe they neglect Tre Fontane in Rome and the Virgin of the Revelation because it does not have a false ecumenism.  The seer, brought up in a very anti-Catholic Protestant family and later influences by Masons and Socialists was about to kill the pope when Our Lady appeared to him.  As a result of his conversion, the miracles and his preaching from the Shrine in Rome, tens of thousands of Protestants were converted to the faith.  And yet you never see pilgrimages to Tre Fontane even when he was alive. Oh well, four popes have been there.  Tre Fontane would not go well with Pluralist Charismatics or those with a false idea of salvation outside the Church.  TRE FONTANE, ROME  

Our Lady of Nicaragua is one of the great apparitions of the last 40 years and yet it is almost unknown to this apparition crazed society.  Our Lady appeared in a Communist country at a time of turmoil to an ignorant farmer.  It had short term prophesies that came true quickly, long term prophesies like World War III, miracles, conversions, and even the overthrow of the Communist government.  The seer became a priest, the bishops approved it quickly and even wrote the story for publication.  Last year at the 20th anniversary of the apparitions all the bishops of Nicaragua went to the shrine.  Do you know the messages?  Have you read of any pilgrimage?  Have you seen this promoted on the thousands of apparition web sites?  Why not?  OUR LADY OF NICARAGUA and WORLD WAR III,

The near death experience of Gloria Polo and her trip to the gates of Hell should be memorized, printed and spread throughout the entire world, because all the reasons she was about to go to Hell were told to her.  Right up to her death she felt confident that she was a good Catholic, a good mother, a good doctor, and felt no fear of death.  After Christ showed her the many reasons she would have ended up in Hell, Het allowed her to come back because of the prayers of someone she did not even know.  She is now going around speaking on this.  Has any of these apparition sites promoted this?  Have they invited her to speak at conferences?  Are there pilgrimages?  Why not.

Maybe the reason people do not like this apparition is that there is no compromise or justification by Christ on faith and morals at all. 

Less than five years ago a statue of Our Lady of Good Fortune came to life in front of a Moslem boy and began to move. In the first year after that thousands have seen the same miracle that continues today. Crowds are so large that a new Church had to be built and the government built new roads to it. The miracles continue daily.  Have you heard of it?  Who promotes it?  Why not?

The New Miracle of Our Lady of Lebanon  

Most people remember the Beatification of Alexandrina in Portugal; but, who knows the story of her suffering, defense of virginity, the apparitions of Christ and Mary, the miracle of the sands, and the connection to Fatima?  There are many lessons to learn in this story.  No promotion, no pilgrimages and no attention are paid to her.  She already has been forgotten.

Not far from the shrine of Alexandrina is a living seer named Rossalina, who has lived on nothing but Holy Communion for the last 20 years and is bed ridden.  She is allowed by her bishop to see people two hours on Saturday and Sunday.  Why has no one heard of her?  


Not only have true apparitions been neglected because of the enormity of so-called private revelations throughout the world, but they have even been corrupted by self-serving and well meaning people. The worst way a true apparition can be corrupted is by mixing it with false apparitions like Michael Brown does in all his books. 

They can even be corrupted by the true mystic, as in the case of La Salette where her mind was corrupted in later life by another visionary, who caused her to add things to her apparitions that were never there in the first place.  A true mystic will sometimes be so kind and gentle that he/she might let people control things that should never have happened.  Even a true mystic is better off by letting the local bishop control everything involved including the publications and promotion of the story and messages.  This has been the case of Padre Pio, Lourdes, Guadalupe and Fatima, where every reference to these apparitions by anyone is checked by the shrine’s central control and condemned if wrong. 

All the official books of Fatima are sent through Father Condor, who is in charge of the information and canonization of the seers.  Books, statues and videos not approved by the Shrine of Fatima are not even allowed in the Fatima shops.  Priests, who come to the Shine of Fatima, are not allowed to talk about other apparitions inside the Shrine.  Until her death, everything Lucia said or wrote went to the Church authorities first and then to the world. 

In spite of this, almost excommunicated priest, Father Gruner continues to claim to be the spokesman of Fatima and controls most of the top ten spots on the internet for Fatima.  He corrupts the messages, the meaning of them and even attacks the honesty of the seers.  America Needs Fatima is another group that harms the true message of Fatima. It has been condemned by the bishops of Brazil for being a cult and promoting Liberation Theology. 

When the Church does not take charge of a true apparition, the messages do not get out properly and get corrupted by bad interpretations or prideful personal opinions.  Spiritual pride often causes untold problems to true apparitions.  Everyone wants to have personal contact with seers, and then think that because of this contact they must be special and called to spread the word.  This may not be true, but it does not prevent them from pushing everyone else out of the way including the bishop.  So caught up in being in charge or feeling important, they fail even to ask what God wants in all this. 

According to Canon Law, all books claiming to be Catholic and dealing with faith or morals must have an Imprimatur.  This can be by the author’s bishop or the publisher’s bishop.  In the case of private revelation this must be from the seer’s bishop.  The reason for this is (if true) that it is the word of God and not the word of the seer.  The Church (local bishop) decides if this is the word of God and keeps a file on all the information and investigation.  When a book is written to promote these messages, the author sends the book to the local bishop so that he can compare the book to his files to make sure that the facts are true and not exaggerated. 

Even prayers, icons and statues have to be approved by the local bishop.  Icons and statues are made to reflect what the seer saw, at his or her direction, and then approved by the bishop.  It is Canon Law that icons and statues have to be approved by the church because they tell a faith and moral story.  The great story of the Miraculous Metal is a great example. The official Pilgrim Virgin Statues of Fatima is another great story.  In both cases, miracles followed these official icons.  Today, of course, we have a false seer claiming that the Miraculous Metal should be discarded and replaced by Our Lady of the Globe Metal.  Ridiculous and Demonic!

Our Lady of Soufanieh

Our Lady of Soufanieh is a good example of all the above.  If you type in Our Lady of Soufanieh in a Google search you will find thousands of references to Her, but not one Center of Control of the apparitions.  Vatican Nuncio to Syria, Cardinal Luigi Accogli tried to set up an official apparition center in Rome for control of the apparitions and its promotion.  Myrna was at the opening of this center in Rome and Luigi had a personal and private audience with the Holy Father to present his investigation and approval of the apparitions.  It was Cardinal Accogli who helped with the Imprimatur to my book, “The Miracle of Damascus”.  In spite of this, central control of this true apparition has never happened.  The followers of Our Lady of Soufanieh just do their own thing without any consideration of authority.

So far, I can say that the promoters of Our Lady of Soufanieh have failed to do what Our Lady asked of them, including myself.  The only book ever written on the apparitions with an Imprimatur has been removed from the market because of attacks by false apparitions.  To this day, the last messages by Our Lord to Myna have never been published and even after a trip to Jordan and Paris to find out the messages, even I don’t know them. 

Another great example of this lack of control is what is about to happen this year.  On July 21, 2008 Myna will be going to the city of Kazan, Russia for the Feast of Kazan.  The mayor of Kazan knows that there can never be unity without the cooperation of the Russian Orthodox Church (the biggest obstacle).  Because of this, the mayor of Kazan went to Damascus of the Feast of Soufanieh, and he invited Myrna to Kazan.  His hope is that her presence will produce a miracle that will being about this unity.

This Icon of Kazan stayed in Fatima for almost 50 years before being returned to Russia.  Everyone in Fatima hoped and prayed that it would bring with it the grace to convert Russia.  Because the Icon of Soufanieh is a Western Version of the Icon of Kazan, I believe this is what God will use to bring about unity between the Orthodox and Catholics and maybe even the conversion of Russia. 

Why then do we not have this information all over the internet, and in Catholic and Orthodox publications?  Why are not hundreds of thousands of people going to Kazan with Myrna to pray for this unity and the conversion of Russia?  The answer is simple.  There is no one in charge of anything.  

 To see the video and information about the Center of Our Lady of Soufanieh in Rome (opened by Vatican Nuncio, Cardinal Luigi Accogli and with Myrna there) click the translated site below.,%2BCardinal%2BLuigi%2BAccogli%26hl%3Den

The above story of Soufanieh is the best example of all that can go wrong with a true apparition and very personal to me, because I have spent 25 years trying to promote this apparition.  But all true apparitions are attacked by demons using the same methods as stated above, and often by using innocent but ignorant people, who think they are doing the right thing. 

Our Lady of America

One of my favorite apparitions is Our Lady of America, who appeared to Sister Mildred Neuzil from Our Lady of the Nativity Convent in Fostoria, Ohio.  Without going into details here, Our Lady asked for our purity and promised great things for this country if we embraced Purity.  She also promised many real and spiritual miracles if a statue of Our Lady of America was placed in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC. 

Of course, Sister Neuzil and the convent worked closely with the bishop and did nothing without his approval.  Sister Neuzil died on January 10, 2000.  Before Sister Mildred died she told her friend, Sister Joseph Therese, that she'd have to be the one to spread the message and she would have to fight for Our Lady of America.  Sister Therese couldn't imagine at that time what Sr. Mildred was referring to. 

Also before her death, Sister Mildred Neuzil told another person that after she was gone people would fight against Sister Joseph Therese.  That person felt obligated to relate that information to Bishop Blair recently because of what has happened. What happened?  

Two men came to the convent and presented themselves to Sister Joseph Therese, supposedly referred to her by the Poor Clares. They were men of means and helped as volunteers including donations to the cause of spreading the messages.  Considering a recent letter to Bishop Leonard Blair, I can assume they are the same two men that signed this letter, Kevin B McCarthy and Albert H. Langsenkamp.  This is also why Checks sent to this group are made out to the Langsenkamp Family Apostolate.

Last fall, they stole Sister Therese’s website including all the names on her newsletter list which they are now using to send out emails to all on HER list.  Her mistake was in trusting them.  THEY have been the visible "face' of Sister Therese's mission for the last 2 years without any authority to do so.  How diabolically clever!

Sr. Joseph Therese is in the middle of this "mess" and yet she is at peace, seemingly more concerned about praying for the men involved than about the difficulties of her situation. 

One of the main reasons I think this is diabolical even if these men feel down deep in their hearts that they are spreading Our Lady’s messages, is the statue that they have.  The central message has to do with taking a statue to the National Shrine; however, the statue these two men have is not the official statue.  It was made in Ecuador in a rush job to be ready for the Bishops' conference in the fall of 2006.  It does not meet the specifications for the national shrine.

However, in August of 1999 Sister Mildred predicted that eventually "an American artist would be found who would overcome all the obstacles of artistry and be able to authentically reproduce the image of Our Lady of America and to retain this image in pure white color."

Please stay tuned to for further updates.

It is obvious to me that the only Official Statue of Our Lady will come from this predicted artist and be at the convent waiting for the day it will be placed in the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception.  The only true Control Center of Our Lady of America is the center and its bishop, as stated by Sister Mildred’s friend, Sister Mary Joseph Therese below. 

“The only authentic source of information about Our Lady of America or the writings of Sister Mildred Neuzil come from Our Lady of the Nativity Center and the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria, Ohio.  No other internet website or group has the legal or moral authority to disseminate information or promote devotion.


“It was the wish of Sister Mildred and Archbishop Leibold that we at the Our Lady of America Center in Fostoria be entrusted with care of these messages so that authenticity could be maintained and guarded.  Any other promotional sources offend the guidance of Archbishop Leibold.” 

Sister Mary Joseph Therese, C.I.T.

Relatives of Sister Mildred Many Neuzil, C.I.T.

Friends and Volunteers for Our Lady of America

Our Lady of the Nativity Center

700 North Susan Drive

Fostoria, Ohio, 44830

(419) 435-3838

The web sites these men stole were - and, but Sister was able to get back  These are not honest men. I do not see any purity of hearts, but only disunity and dishonesty. If they want to rectify this problem, they must work with Sister Therese, or stop all together.

Satan’s Victory:

When you think about it, there are two things that could change the world and probably will not.

One is the trip of Myrna (Our Lady of Soufanieh) to the city of Kazan, Russia.

The other is the bringing of the real and official statue of Our Lady of American to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. 

Because these apparitions have been Neglected and Corrupted, these two things might never cause the change to the world Our Lady intended. 

The neglect of Divine Love and Menendez has not had the effect of devotion to Christ in the Eucharist that it should have had.

The neglect of Tre Fontane means that it has not had the effect of conversions that it should have had.


Below are other apparitions that I believe are neglected or corrupted.


ALEXANDRINA Maria da Costa of Fatima



TRE FONTANE, ROME and the Virgin of the Revelation

Greatest Mystic of Our Times, Anne Catherine Emmerich

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The New Miracle of Our Lady of Lebanon  

Our Lady of Siluva, Lithuania 1608

Our Lady of America

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