I had been working on the cult of "THE RESTORATION OF THE TEN COMMANDMENTS" in Uganda for two months, when I read E. Michael Jones "Culture Wars" magazine and a feature story by Marlene J. Maloney, called "Fatal Vision: The Apparition Movement Turns Deadly in Uganda". There is nothing I can do to improve this article except to advise everyone to buy this magazine and read the story of Uganda. To order Culture Wars go to www.culturewars.com and be sure to ask for the July/August Vol. 19, NO 8.

Over a thousand people lost their lives in this cult in Uganda and it was not suicide. These people were murdered and the cult leaders are still at large with all these poor people's money. What is interesting to my readers is the connection between the Uganda seers, Necedah, Bayside, the Little Pebble, Gobbi and Medjugorje. The messages to the Uganda seers are the same, even in the language as those given to Mary Ann Van Hoof, Veronica Lueken, Gobbi, Medjugorje and the Little Pebble - "three days of darkness, chastisements, special refuges, the warning, errors of Vatican II, sins of the Liturgy, i.e. standing for communion, communion in the hand, etc."

The leaders of this cult were Joseph Kibwetere, Credonia Mwerinde, Father Kataribabo and Angelina - Credonia's sister.

Joseph Kibwetere was a well-educated, well-connected rich Catholic man with a good family. He gave up his wife and children to have an affair with his new seer, Credonia Mwerinde, and his ex-wife and children became his biggest enemy. He had traveled to Necedah and Bayside meeting with the seers. The Little Pebble came to Uganda and met with him. He studied Gobbi and Medjugorje and then started his own apparitions.

Credonia Mwerinde was an opportunist, who used men for money and was living with a married man, who she stole to make money in the black market. When this failed she started having apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Prior to this she went to church only once a year. She convinced Kibwetere of her apparitions and took over his cult becoming the real boss.

Father Kataribabo was a priest on the rise, expecting to be the next bishop. He studied in the United States and was considered holy and prayerful by all who knew him. When he was bypassed as bishop he began to speak out against Vatican II and authority. He refused to obey his bishop and was suspended as a priest in 1990. Father Phillip Pavich mentions this man as "a defrocked priest from Uganda" arrived in Medjugorje to meet with Father Slavko Barbaric. Barbaric had visited Uganda and the local seers before this.

Angelina, Crodonia's sister, was called the incarnation of the Virgin Mary, and would drive out devils from the cult members.

All of these people fell into adultery and satanic worship. In the end they were sacrificing children on the altar on a weekly basis, although their followers were not aware of this. Crodonia was caught in the act of killing a child on an altar, long before the mass murders. According to the police they consulted two witches, who advised them to kill those who opposed them and to sacrifice a child once a week and drink the blood.

Over 500 people were murdered before the mass murderings of March 17,2000, where another 500 people were murdered in a mass fire. These were not willing deaths. All these people came to this refuge expecting to be protected by the Virgin Mary as the rest of the world was chastised. The cult leaders nailed up the windows and doors and set the entire place on fire. The four above cult leaders were not in the fire and have not been found. There are still 4000 people unaccounted for. The true number of deaths may be 5000.

What is interesting about all these cult members is that they were good, normal, rational Catholics, who were not extremists. They just saw abuses in the Church, as we all do, and wanted something more holy. In this cult they were given holiness and reverence and sound traditional doctrine. The outward appearance of good morals was always there. It was holy.

What differences are there between Uganda, and the rest of the apparitions around the world including Gobbi and Medjugorje? Nothing except that the others have not climaxed yet.

We know that there are some similarities between Uganda and Medjugorje. The people going there found it holy. The seers at Medjugorje do not attend Mass, except when pilgrims are coming. I know this from people who stayed in their homes. We know that the priests of Medjugorje have been removed of their faculties to say Mass or hear confessions, the same as Uganda. We know that the priests of Medjugorje have been caught in sex acts, even rape. We know that the priest of Uganda and the priests of Medjugorje supported each other. We know that the followers of Medjugorje are disobedient to the local bishop the same as Uganda. We know that the followers of Medjugorje believe in the seers more than in the Church. We know that the messages of Medjugorje are the same as the messages of Uganda. What if - and we have some rumors of this - some of the priests in Medjugorje are into Satanic Worship and Black Masses, even though the followers never see this? What if the seers of Medjugorje suddenly say to sell all that you have and come to Medjugorje because the Miracle of Medjugorje is about to happen, and all that come there will be saved from the coming chastisement? What if millions sell all they have and go to Medjugorje and turn over their assets to the Franciscan Priests, and then wait for the miracle. It is not over yet my good friends.

Father Philip Pavich says that the fruits are good even if the apparitions are not true and he is helping a lot of people with confessions and conversions. It is not over yet, Father. What are you going to do, Father Philip Pavich, when the seers announce that the Miracle is about to happen and everyone should come to Medjugorje? Are you going to say, "I like it here? I have friends here. I do not care if it is false. I am comfortable." Will you be comfortable when millions of people are dead or at least stranded in Medjugorje as Barbaric and Zovko run off with their money?