The Kingdom

of the

Divine Will

Luisa Piccarreta

From God? Not Possible.


Richard Salbato


My thanks to Carmella Turner in Conneticut, Ellyn Miller in Pasadena, CA, Nancy Rodee in Fallbrook, CA, and Father Catallo in New York, for sending me piles of information. Also my thanks to Catholic Treasures for encouraging me to go on with this report, since this is the first report I have ever done against a supposed approval of the Church. Knowing that Father John OíConnor and Father William Most see the same problems has helped a great deal.

One of my personal devotions is to "The Divine Mercy" according to the visions and messages of Blessed Faustina as promoted by the Association of Marian Helpers, Stockbridge, MA 01263 (800) 462-7426, and so I would like to dedicate this writing to Godís Divine Mercy for which I need a great deal. The devotion to the Mercy of God has evolved over many years and many approved apparitions of the Sacred Heart, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Way of Divine Love, and the Twin Hearts of Jesus and Mary in the Miraculous Metal.

I believe this new thing, "The Kingdom of the Divine Will" makes obsolete all these other devotions; and so, in order to protect them, I must take a hard look at the promotion of Luisa Piccarreta. Of course the promoters of "Divine Will" will say this is not true, but if you are living in the Divine Will, you cannot sin; and if you cannot sin, you do not need mercy, for mercy is given to sinners who do not deserve it.

Who is Luisa Piccarreta?

Luisa Piccarreta was born in 1865 and died in 1947 at the age of 82. She lived her entire life in Corato, Italy near Bari. She received a first grade education only which was not uncommon in Italy in the 19th Century. Most poor people were taught the basics at home. She wrote in her diary that from the age of 13 she received visions of Christ and attacks of the devil which lasted until she was 16. At the age of 17 she began to have mysterious physical ailments which doctors could not diagnosis. This illness (which could not be explained by any doctor) confined her to her bed by the age of 22 and kept her bedridden for the rest of her life. This illness also kept her from holding down an food other than the Eucharist. The only real illness she had was pneumonia at age 82 from which she died within 15 days. She remained in a sitting position most of her life, even sleeping sitting up. When she died they were not able to straiten out her body and so they made a special coffin to bury her in a sitting position.

She seems to have always had the approval of the local bishops who gave her 5 different confessors over 60 years. They even allowed Mass to be said in her room. With the approval of her confessors she wrote down all the messages given to her from her apparitions. She wrote for 36 years and produced 36 volumes of books. These books have been called "The Book of Heaven" although the actual title was "The Kingdom of the Fiat in the Midst of Creatures - Book of Heaven - The Call to the Creature to Return to the Order, the Place, and the Purpose for which it was Created by God."

One of her confessors was Fr. Annihale di Francia, who was recently beatified by Pope John Paul II. Father di Francia seems to have believed in her and her writings, as we will show in the chapter on the Nihil Obstat. At least two local bishops since her death (including the present bishop) have put great pressure on Rome to approve her writings and to investigate her for Canonization. The entire meaning of her life can be summed up in the writings, which we will discuss in the chapter called, "The Basic Message".


There are many claims regarding the supernatural, but all of these have come from her own writings, and not from observation or investigation. Her writings claim invisible stigmata, mystical marriage, visions of the crucifixion, and the infusion of the Divine Will. The only three things that could be called supernatural by observation, is the lack of food for over 60 years, the lack of bed sores after so many years in bed, and the state of ecstasy. It is not the purpose of this report to cast doubt on her saintliness; however, it must be pointed out that none of these things can prove the supernatural. Satan can produce an ecstasy and so can a hypnotist. Satan or a friend can bring her food when no one is around. Satan or a friend can move her enough to keep from having bed sores. There are no claimed miracles in her lifetime. In order for her to be canonized their must be at least two miracles by her intercession. So far, in the hundreds of reports and books that we have, no one is even claiming a miracle. As we have stated in our book, "Apparitions and Mystics - True or False", never in the history of the world (Old Testament, New Testament, and the two thousands years since), has God ever given a message to the world without signing it. Godís signature is an irrefutable miracle.

Nihil Obstat?

Thirty-four of the 36 Volumes were taken by the Vatican from Luisa and placed on the Index in 1938. Volume 35 was overlooked or hidden by someone, because the Church never obtained it. Volume 36 was written by Luisa after the other books were placed on the Index of Forbidden books. Prior to 1938, the sisters of the Divine Zeal, founded by Father Di Francia, had made translations of Volumes 1 though 19, which were translated into English and Spanish. These translated volumes were given the Nihil Obstat by Father Di Francia, a very pro-supporter of Luisa.

It seems strange that a priest, who is called blessed, would give a Nihil Obstat to 19 volumes that (at the time) were on the index by Rome. It can only be assumed that he did not know that, but someone at the home of Luisa would have had to know, especially Luisa, herself. An Imprimatur was also granted to these 19 volumes by Archbishop Joseph Leo, seemingly also while they were on the Index of forbidden books.




According to "Signs and Wonders for Our Times", Jesus promised Luisa that no one would ever find any doctrinal error in her writings. (Forth Quarter - 1996). Of course "Signs and Wonders" is not a very reliable source, since they also promote Marvin Kucera, Vassula, and "Poem of the Man-God". Regarding doctrinal error, we will show in the next chapter that everything about the messages is contrary to the Doctrine of the Catholic Faith, but the fact is that the local bishop did give the translated volumes an Imprimatur, and he seems to approve the mystic. This, along with the fact of Father Di Francia being in favor of the writings, would give pause to anyone writing against them. However, at the end of the 15th Century a 13 year old girl made a pact with the devil and received such power that she was taken as a saint for the rest of her life. St. Magdalen of the Cross fooled her confessor, her bishop, Cardinals in the Vatican, and even saints like St. Theresa of Avila. She performed miracles, had ecstasies, levitationís, made prophecies, had the stigmata, and was able to live without food for years at a time. Exorcism saved her soul at the last year of her life. Father Gino of this Century fooled not only one of the greatest priests of our time, but he fooled seminarians, nuns, and priests of his own monastery. A bishop from the Vatican used to go to confession to him. He reportedly had the stigmata, ecstasies, and great power over the nuns at San Vittorino. In the end he was removed from all facilities as a priest.

So, although an Imprimatur is the law of the Church for any publication on a private revelation, it is no absolute guarantee that everything is from God. In the case of the promotion of Luisa, we also have the problem of Cardinal Bernadin Ruiz giving an Imprimatur to a 1992 edition of Luisa Piccarreta, when Canon Law 1832 absolutely forbids a bishop from giving an Imprimatur to people outside of his jurisdiction. An Imprimatur can only come from the bishop of the author, or the publisher; and in the case of private revelation, only if the bishop of the mystic has given approval. But then again, Cardinal Bernadine Ruiz also gave an Imprimatur to the Marian Movement of Priests 1995 edition.

In one of the banner headlines of "Letters of Gold" it states that the "Vatican Approves The Writings of Luisa Piccarreta". This is not true and even the writer retracted it later.


The Vatican allowing the cause to be opened for Luisa is no more than a fact finding procedure. The Sacred Congregation for the Causes of the Saints in the Vatican will allow the supporters of the person to gather information in favor of Beatification. In this case the Bishop of her home town and the center in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Vatican will appoint what used to be called, The Devilís Advocate", who will try to prove that the person was not a saint. The man who was the "Devilís Advocate" for Josefa Menendez was a Cardinal who later became Pope Pius XII.

The information we have gathered here will be sent to the Vatican to be filed as being opposed to (at least) the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, if not the person, herself.

The Basic Message

Without any miracles or other proof of the supernatural, we are left with only one thing to test, the message itself. The messages were hand-written in Italian, but volumes 1 through 19 were translated into English a long time ago. In 1996 copies of 20 through 34 were made in the Vatican and are being translated now. All we have to go by is the English translations, and we have no reason to assume that there is anything wrong with the translations. An outline of the messages is given by Thomas M. Fahy on three long videos and in the book, "The Kingdom of the Divine Will" by the Jacksonville, Florida Center. There is also a book called, "When the Divine Will Reigns in Souls - Book of Heaven - A Selection of Passages.

A reasonable outline of the above books and videos is as follows: [All brackets are my comments.]

1: When God created the world and Adam and Eve He infused into them His own Divine Will so that they had no will of their own except for the test they would have. This was Godís first Fiat.

2: At the end of the first 2000 year period of history God destroyed all the world with water and started over.

3: At the end of the second 2000 year period God sent his Son into the world with the Fiat of Redemption. This was Godís second Fiat. This Fiat brought with it Sanctifying Grace and the Sacraments. To prepare us for the third Fiat, Christ taught us the Lordís Prayer, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven".

4: Mary was the first person since Adam and Eve to be infused with the Divine Will. This happened to Her shortly after Her conception when She was taken up to Heaven and asked if She would accept giving up Her will for the Divine Will.

5. Living in the Divine Will makes you greater than any saint that ever lived, even St. Joseph.

6: Luisa Piccarreta is the first person to live in the Divine Will since the Virgin Mary. By the definition of number 5, this makes Luisa the greatest saint in the history of the world, not counting Mary.

7: Luisaís mission is to bring in the third Fiat. In the third 2000 year period of history, God wants to inaugurate the third Fiat, The Kingdom of the Divine Will. The third Fiat started with Luisa.

8: You can live in the Divine Will now simply by asking for it. The formula is A: Ask for it, B: Begin to live in it, C: Study the teachings of Luisa. By asking for it one should intend to renounce his human will permanently in favor of the Divine Will.

These ritualistic prayers are New Age and I quote"

"To begin: start the day with this prayer, in the morning rise, kiss the floor in an act of humility, remain on your knees facing east. Christ is the Rising Sun, which we see the dawning of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, then with arms crossed over the chest, recite: Ö I put asunder the life of my free will. Ö form in me the disposition to execute an actual act in unison with the Divine Will.

"Through out the day Ö say as above ĎCome Divine Will brush in my brushing etc."

9: After the chastisement of the world in which a large part of the world will die, all the rest of the world will live in the Divine Will. This will be the Kingdom of the Divine Will.

10: If you have the Divine Will, you will be able to create just as God creates. You can say "Plant grow!" and it will sprout up. You will be able to say, "Star appear!" and it will be created just as God created by His Will. "Jesus will work the miracle of preserving humanity from all evil, both moral and physical. This means there will be no sin or sickness. He speaks about restoration of Eden." (Letters of Gold) [Millenarism and a heresy]

"But when the human will is dispersed into the divine will, she now can do a divine act as make plants grow, make sunshine, etc." (Letters of Gold) [Satan said to Eve, "You will be like God.]

"Jesus says the divine will is the seed, the means, the beginning and the end of the CORONATION OF MAN Ö " (Letters of Gold) [Satan: "You will be like God."]

"The human will is the prime cause of all the evil on earth." (Letters of Gold) [No, the human will is the prime cause of human love. Original sin and demons are the prime cause of sin.]

We have checked this outline with the actual writings of Luisa and this seems to be an accurate assessment.

Actual Writings of Luisa

[All brackets are my comments.]

An actual quote from Jesus to Luisa goes like this:

"My daughter, in order for a soul to be able to forget herself, everything she does or has to do must be done as if I wanted to do it in her. If one prays, she should say, Ďit is Jesus who wants to pray, and I pray together with Him.í If she works, ĎIt is Jesus who wants to work, it is Jesus who wants to eat, who wants to sleep, who wants to get up, who wants to enjoy Himself.í And it should be like that for the rest of her life, excluding errors."

Regarding living in the Divine Will, Jesus said, "It will eclipse the most beautiful stars of the saints of previous generations." [Making Luisa and all others greater than St. Joseph?]

Jesus says to Luisa: "The miracles of redemption [the Cross] are greater than the old testament ones, but IN THE HEW ERA, God will work the greatest miracles. [Greater than the Cross and the Mass?] He will work the Miracle of Preservation, from all evil both spiritual and physical. [Millenarism and a heresy] Adam was formed before his fall with the sun of Divine Will and the rays of light clothed his humanity. [Not true, he had free will!] When he fell he lost his garment of divine will. [The Church teaches that he lost Sanctifying Grace.]

Jesus says: "We donít go through a test as Adam and Eve did. We has 6000 years of human will, enough is enough." Comments go on by Luisa, "Now all we have to do, to live in the Divine Will, is to desire it and at this time it is given to us --- on loan." [No test? Why are we here?]

Jesus: "When you call by will into you, you also do a unique act." [Wow! Power over God!] "Out of respect for my Will which inhabits you, I must pour enough graces and Love into you to make you surpass all other creatures." [Including Mary?] "Ö giving that soul supremacy over all things. My Eternal will shall take the past, the present and the future, reduce them to one single point and pour them into you. [A god?]

Jesus says: "These souls being in divine will are holier than any saints in heaven. Since living in the divine will on earth without a life of their own on earth should have a position in heaven different from the other saints." [No need for Purgatory anymore.]

:Jesus: "If you only knew how much I enjoy these (Luisaís) writings. They cost me more than creation and redemption. [More than dying on a Cross?] Here are all the values of my will in my kingdom of my will amidst the creatures, the good they will bring, they will confirm the Kingdom of Divine Will on earth as in heaven."

Jesus: "I want my priests to promote these writings Ö Not doing this, their crime will be no less than if a prophet had hidden my redemption, the cause of so much good. So to stifle my divine will, the result of ultimate sanctification, or to hold it in suspension, a good so great. Is this not a crime?"

[No, it is not a crime. The Church teaches that no one must believe in a private revelation, even Fatima. All we need for salvation was closed at the death of the last Apostle. This is Divine Revelation as opposed to Private Revelation, which does not have to be believed even if approved by the Church.]

Jesus; " Ö there are no special paths, nor doors, nor keys to my Will. A soul has but to desire it and all is done. My Will assumes all the work, gives the soul what she lacks, and makes her expand into all the limitless boundaries of my Will. With virtues it is just the opposite. How many efforts are needed, how many battles, how many long paths Ö and when it seems that some virtue smiles on a soul, a somewhat violent passion, a temptation, a frustration or and unexpected encounter casts the soul backwards, back to the starting point, where she must start anew at the beginning of the road."

[It seems here that the Jesus of Luisa is making divine will an enemy of virtue, or at least, putting virtue down as being unimportant in the new Kingdom of the Divine Will.]

"When the Divine Fiat encountered my Motherís Fiat they became as one and my Fiat elevated Her, made Her divine." [Divine means God. Mary is not God. Mary is not Divine.]

What is the Divine Will?

God created by willing it. God, in His Will, is infinite. As God is Pure Act (Actus Purus) there is no transition from potency to act, but one single successionless act of willing. What God wills happens as He wills it. Everything external to God is from His Will.

Therefore, in God, willing is not just wanting but doing. A second aspect of Godís Will is in the fact that God is all love. Christ proceeds from the Intellect of the Father, and the love of the Father and the Son wills the Holy Ghost. Therefore, the Divine Will always and continuously and infinitely spirates the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the love, the action, the power of the Divine Will.

If we have an infusion of the Divine Will so that we do not have our own will, whatsoever we will happens as we will it. We also produce the Holy Spirit by willing. Cute trick!

Angels and the Divine Will?

Angels in Heaven are not infused in the Divine Will. The Church teaches that an indispensable precondition for the achievement of the immediate vision of God is the possession of sanctifying grace. Angels were created by the Logos and perfected by the Holy Ghost in sanctifying grace. The bad angels lost this sanctifying grace in the fall. Angels possess understanding and free will, more perfect than man, and yet, infinitely more imperfect than the Knowledge and Will of God. Angels do not know the secrets of God, the knowledge of the heart, or of the future. They do not posses the power of creation or the power of working miracles in the strict sense. (Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma pages 114 through 117)

Since in God, Willing is Acting, if angels had the Divine Will they could do all the above just as Luisa claims we will be able to do when we have the Divine Will.

And since "no creature can, as Principal Cause (causa principalis) this is, form its own power, create something out of nothing" (Fundamentals of Catholic Dogma - page 86), angels cannot have Divine Will.

Adam and Eve and the Divine Will?

For the same reason as above Adam and Eve were not infused in the Divine Will. Adam and Eve had free will. They were created with natural and supernatural knowledge, endowed with sanctifying grace, freed from suffering and death, and had preternatural power.

Adam and Eve were created without original sin, but not without free will. No creation has ever had infusion of the Divine Will except the human will of Christ. When Adam and Eve sinned they lost sanctifying grace, freedom from suffering, freedom from death, and there preternatural power.

"God created man to His own image. To the image of God He created him. Male and female He created them." This does not mean we are like God, as the devil tried to convince Eve. It means that like God we have free will, and like God we can never die. Being immortal and free to choose is what makes us like God.

Without free will we cannot love, for love must be free to be love. If we give up our free will as happens in cases of demonic possession, we can no longer love. God could have created us in His Will, but if He did that we could not choose Him. We would be forced to love Him, and this would not be love.

Mary and the Divine Will?

Was Mary the first person since Adam to have the Divine Will? We already know that Adam did not have the Divine Will. Mary is called the second Eve because like Eve She was created without original sin. Unlike Ever she was not given preternatural power. Unlike Eve, she was not free from suffering and death.

Yes! Mary is the greatest of all Godís creations. But in the wisdom of God, He created her subject to the same sufferings and bodily death as fallen man, so that She would be like Christ, who also was subject to suffering and bodily death.

If Mary was infused with the Divine Will in the way the Human Nature of Christ was, she would not have been asked by the angel if she was willing to become the Mother of God. Even in this greatest of all human gifts by God, Her free will was not taken away.

Mary never sinned because She was filled with Sanctifying Grace and was free from the concupiscence of sin. This does not mean that She could not have sinned. She was free to sin because if She was not, Her love would not have been free.

Luisa and the Divine Will?

Since only Christ was infused in the Divine Will, why should we believe that Luisa was infused in the Divine Will. We have already established that Adam, Eve, and Mary were not infused in the Divine Will; therefore, if we were to say that Luisa was, we would be placing her above Adam, Eve, and Mary.

Under demonic possession Free Will is taken away, something God would never do. If Luisa had no Free Will, it would have to have come from the demonic. We are not saying this, because we do not believe she was without free will.

If she had Divine Will, she would have had Divine Power, since Godís willing is Godís action. Whatsoever God wills, happens. We know of nothing that happened in Luisaís live to prove any Divine Action, and in fact, nothing is claimed by the promoters.

Since Godís Will spirates the Holy Ghost, it would stand to reason that Luisa could spirate the Holy Ghost. But this is absurd.

Mankind and the Divine Will?

Is it then possible that in the future God will infuse all of the rest of mankind in the Divine Will? If this were to happen as the messages of Luisa claim, then why are we on earth in the first place? We are here for a test of our love. To love, as we have stated, we must have Free Will. We must be free to choose good and evil. If this freedom is taken away, we might just as well be born in heaven right from the beginning.

St. Thomas makes several good points about the possibility of conforming oneís will to that of God. Man is limited by oneís lack of ability to recognize in all cases the divine will. In order to know the will of God, we must have the Divine Knowledge of God. But even then, suppose, St. Thomas explains, that we knew that God willed our own damnation absolutely. Could we then conform to the Will of God?

Christ and the Divine Will

It is strange that Luisa never mentions the fact that the Human Nature of Christ, although totally man, with body, soul, and human intellect, was also totally God with Divine Intellect and Divine Will. Although there are recent theologians, like Von Balthasar, who like to make out Christ as ignorant of His Divine Intellect at times, this is not true. Christ had a human intellect that was never without the Divine Intellect. He had a human will that was never without the Divine Will. This is why Jesus is God, just as Christ is God. Jesus Christ had the Divine Will and therefore did not need to be redeemed. Mary, although freed from original and actual sin, needed the same redemption that you and I need.

The Lordís Prayer

Why then to we pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven"? In the Catechism of the Catholic Church (2822 - page 677) we are taught that keeping the commandments of God is Godís Will for us. In heaven the angels and saints do not sin, and they are perfectly united in love with each other and with God. It is Godís Will that we do the same on earth. But to love is impossible without grace, so we pray for that grace to do Godís will. This has nothing to do with a Kingdom of the Divine Will.

The Kingdom of Heaven

We also pray "Thy Kingdom come Ö on earth as it is in Heaven" also. Catholic Doctrine teaches us that the Church is the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It is a Kingdom because the King is in it. He is in every Tabernacle all over the world. It is a Kingdom on a journey to the Kingdom in the Heavens, but it is totally Godís Kingdom nonetheless. By praying "Thy Kingdom come" we are longing for the day that we will join the Kingdom on earth with the Kingdom in Heaven. But this will happen on the last day when Christ does away with this earth. We are also praying that the Kingdom on earth will be as holy and as united as the Kingdom in the Sky. We are not praying for an earthly Kingdom of the Divine Will.

Millenarism (Chiliadism)

This would be the same as praying for an earthly return of Christ to live with us for a thousand years on earth. This is a heresy that goes all the way back to the time of Saint John, the Apostle, called Chiliadism. It is known today as Millenarism. The second coming of Christ is not to make an earthly Kingdom, but to end the earth forever, and to bring body and souls up to the sky, and thereby create the union of spiritual and physical that will be the final end of creation.

New Heaven and New Earth

What then is meant by "A New Heaven and a New Earth"? This must be taken two ways, and both ways are correct. The first New Heaven and New Earth took place on the first Easter, when Christ rose from the dead. On that day He opened the Gates of Heaven to Humans for the first time, and so there was a New Heaven, with humans in it. And there was a new earth for two reasons. Christ is now in the world in all the Tabernacles, and Sanctifying Grace was in the world through the sacraments of the Church, His Kingdom on Earth.

But there will also come a second "New Heaven and New Earth" when Christ comes the second time. With the wave of his hand he will do away with this earth and the sky. We will all live body and souls in the Heavenly Kingdom for all eternity. This can be called New, in that it is a new thing, and it can be called heaven and earth in that both the spiritual and physical will be united in the same place.

Why Divine Mercy?

One of the great devotions of the Twentieth Century, and a favorite of the Holy Father, is "The Divine Mercy" as presented to the world by Christ to Blessed Faustina. She wrote these messages in her diary in 1930 and died in 1938.

Luisa Piccarreta wrote her books between 1899 and 1938. It seems that both were writing at the same time.

To Faustina Christ was saying, "I am Love and Mercy itself. When a soul approaches Me with trust, I fill it with such an abundance of graces that it cannot contain them within itself, but radiates them to other souls."

To Luisa, at the same time, Christ was saying: "My daughter, whoever it totally in my Will is not subject to temptation, because the devil does not have the power to enter in my Will,"

If a soul is not subject to temptation, it does not sin. If it does not sin, it needs no Mercy. Christ is defeating and making obsolete the Divine Mercy at the same time that He is showing it to the world.

To Faustina Christ was saying, "Encourage souls to say the Chaplet which I have given you. Whoever will recite it will receive great mercy at the hour of death Ö Through the Chaplet you will obtain everything, if what you ask for is compatible with My will."

But to Luisa, at the same time in history, Christ was saying, "To the soul that Ö lives in my Will there is no death. Ö This is because the soul who does my Will is not subject to death, has no judgment, and her life is eternal."

Faustina wrote in her diary that the entire Divine Mercy devotion was centered in the Eucharist. "Oh what awesome mysteries take place during Mass! Ö One day we will know what God is doing for us in each Mass, and what sort of gift He is preparing in it for us. Only His divine love could permit that such a gift be provided for us Ö this fountain of life gushing forth with such sweetness and power. All the good that is in me is due to Holy Communion."

At the same time in history, Christ was saying to Luisa, "When souls live in this sanctity [the Divine Will] I will not need Priests to consecrate Me, not churches, nor tabernacles, nor Hosts, because these souls will be everything: Priests, tabernacles and Hosts; and my Love will be liberated. Every time a souls wishes to consecrate Me she will be able to do so, at any moment of the day or night, wherever the soul may be."

Since in the Kingdom of the Divine Will we will not need priests, tabernacles and Mass, why did Christ come to Faustina to show that the Divine Mercy is poured out in the Eucharist?

Could God contradict Himself at the same time in history? Both the Divine Mercy and the Divine Will cannot be true, since one contradicts the other. If you are to believe in the Divine Will, then you must hold that the Divine Mercy is false. For me, I will place my trust in the Divine Mercy of Christ as presented to Blessed Faustina, and will bet that Luisa is never made Blessed.


Why the Sacraments and priests?

The entire bible from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden to the Heavenly Liturgy in Revelation and every chapter in between is about the Mass. The reason for the Church is the Mass. The reason for Bishops is the Mass. The reason for Christ dying on the Cross is the Mass. The main fountain of Sanctifying Grace is the Mass. The Mass is everything, and the second best is like a speck of dust compared to the sun.

In Luisaís diary she wrote, "I complained to Jesus that I couldnít even hear Holy Mass, and Jesus said, ĎMy daughter, arenít I the sacrifice? When I am sacrificed, the soul that lives with Me in my Will is sacrificed together with Me, not only in one Mass, but in all Masses, from the first to the last. Since she lives in my Will the soul is consecrated in all the Hosts. Never leave my Will and I will take you wherever you want Ö enter into my Will and you will immediately find what you seek, as many Masses as you wish, as many Communions as you wish, as much love as you wish. Nothing is lacking in my Will."

[Since it is claimed in Daniel 8:11 that we will recognize the Antichrist in his attempt to do away with the Mass (the continual sacrifice), this Divine Will seems a very clever preparation for him.]

Mr. Fahy says, "Jesus instituted seven sacraments to give grace but it is not fully what Jesus wanted in us. The COMMUNION OF DIVINE WILL IS GREATER THAN THOSE PROVIDED FOR IN THE SACRAMENT." [And all you have to do is ask for it. No need to go to Church or confession.]

Jesus says to Luisa, "You also can form the host. The host is material and human. You also have a material body and a human will. This, your body and will, if you keep them upright, pure from the shadow of sin, are the accidents, the veils for being able to consecrate myself and live hidden in you. But this is not enough, that would be like a host without the consecration. From here there lacks my life. Therefore after you have prepared the host, you must die to your will. You must cook it well to make sure it will no longer be reborn and you must replace in all your being My Will and all My Life, which will form the PERFECT CONSECRATION. Then the human thought will no longer have life but the thought of my will and this will consecrate my wisdom in your mind. There will no longer be the life of the human will, the weaknesses, the inconstancy, because My Will will form the CONSECRATION OF THE DIVINE LIFE AND AS LIVING HOSTS, NOT DEAD, WHICH ARE THOSE HOSTS, NOT LACKING ME,. I WILL CONTINUE MY LIFE IN THEM. But this is not all, the consecrated hosts in the ciborium in the tabernacle, all is dead, mute. There is not a heartbeat that can respond to my great love. I, in the sacrament want to be nourished with my own food, that is that the soul will unite itself to me and I will perk up my ears to hear what I am doing to make it able to do it together with me and meanwhile it will repeat my own acts and give me itís food and it is only through these LIVING HOSTS will I find the compensation for the solitude, the fasting and for all I suffer in the tabernacle.

Jesus: "The sacraments Ö were instituted as a seed and a means to arrive at possession of My Will and to bring it back to Eden, back to Paradise on Earth."


Where is the Antichrist?

And speaking of the Antichrist, where is he in these writings of Luisa? We know from Scripture that faith will grow cold and the Antichrist will come into the world to rule the world for 3-1/2 years. This must take place before the Second Coming of Christ. If the world lives in the Kingdom of the Divine Will after the chastisement, as is stated in the writings of Luisa, and everyone will live in the Divine Will, and no one will sin, where is the Antichrist?

Will we have the Divine Will in Heaven?

We have made the point that angels do not live in the Divine Will, Adam and Eve did not live in the Divine Will, Mary did not live in the Divine Will. And we will never live in the Divine Will on earth. But will we live in the Divine Will after we die and go to Heaven. No! Even then we will want nothing be Godís will, but we will not have his Will. We will have vision and knowledge that will form our will to Godís, but this is not the same as having Godís Will.




The Gobbi (MMP) Connection

Whatever the spirit of Luisa is, it seems to be the same as the spirit of Gobbiís "Marian Movement of Priests". Maybe this is why the same bishop gave the Imprimatur. From Gobbiís Books we read:

"Jesus suffered and died to redeem humanity and bring it back to a New Creation and fulfill the Our Father Prayer of the coming of the Reign of the Divine Will on earth." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"Christ will restore the reign of the Divine Will and the Divine Will will be accomplished on earth as in Heaven." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"The Greatest event of all history is the fulfillment of the Will of the Father on the part of all and the return of Jesus to establish his reign on earth in your midst." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"In the New Era Ö Jesus, who through a New Life in us, will preserve us from all evil, spiritual and physical." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"To this New Church of Light Ö The past has been canceled out. We now must have a New Heart for the New Church."

"Do always and everywhere only the Divine Will."

"Jesusí mission is to bring us back to the perfect glorification of the Father so that the Divine Will in Heaven, will on earth will be perfectly glorified." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"In the second Pentecost, Ö you will have a new live in you and the Divine Will will be perfectly accomplished." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"I your Mother as the gate which opens on the "New Times", which await you by means of Me. Jesus will return to you in glory to restore His Kingdom in the world. [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"My plan in vision of the Full Triumph of Christ who will form, at last, the New Heavens and The New Earth." [Millenarism]

"Jesus, who has taught you the "Our Father Prayer" will at last see fulfilled this prayer of his and creation will again be the New Garden, where Christ will be glorified by all and his Divine Kingship will be welcomed and exalted." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"In the hour of the great trial, Paradise will be joined to heaven, until the moment when the luminous door will be opened to cause to descend upon the world the glorious presence of Christ, who will restore his reign in which the Divine Will will be accomplished in a perfect manner, as in heaven so also on earth." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"Ö It will be the Eucharistic Jesus who will give you the great gift of true liberation from every form of physical, spiritual and moral slavery." [Millenarism and the same as Divine Will]

"Ö thus you will form the New Heart and the New Church."

"When the Divine Will of the Father, Son and The Holy Spirit is being accomplished by the creatures. From the perfect fulfillment of the divine will, the whole world is becoming renewed because there as it were --- The New Garden of Eden where He can dwell in relationship with His creatures."

It is interesting to note that not only Gobbi, but Necedah, Wisconsin, on their Web-site, are promoting the teaching of the Divine Will. [Taken off on 4/22/97] Since Von Balthasar started his ignorant Christ and his "all men saved" ideas, there seems to be a new spirit in the world that wants to do away with repentance and the sacraments.


The idea that God will take over our will and we will become a passive container of Godís action is the old heresy of "Quietism". The proposed doctrine of total passivity in the face of divine action in the soul as taught by Molinos was condemned by the Church in 1717. You will find this hard to believe, but history has proved this out. When a soul is seeking to get out of its own free will, and have God take over its will, what usually happens is that it assumes that everything it does is Godís Will. Even when it has illegal carnal desires, it can then act on them as if it was Godís will and not blame itself. In the first years of these "quietist" practices this does not happen, but as time goes on it always happens.

This should not be confused with St. Teresa of Avilaís Prayer of Quiet, for in this type of prayer there is no ritualistic formula. It just happens. If you try to make it happen, it will not. It is Godís action in the soul, and there is no real way to prepare for it.

Father William Most

It would be good for all readers of this report (if they have access to the Internet) to read what Father William Most wrote entitled, "Tentative observations on the Kingdom of the Will of God" You will find this on (http://www.ewtn.con/library/SCRIPTUR/2KDOMWLL.TXT)

To paraphrase some of his remarks, he states that yes, we should conform our will to the will of God, but reason shows us that there is only one free thing in us, our free will. To make instant holiness, like instant coffee, and then be perfect is nonsense.

Regarding the statement in the newsletter, "Letters of Gold" Issue 14, "Our Lord said to Luisa that Blessed Hannibal was the first person since Our Lady to enter Heaven after having done the will of God on earth as in Heaven." Father William Most then asks about St. Joseph, St. Francis of Assisi, St. John of the Cross, St. Anthony of the desert who mortified themselves fully. Were they incapable of understanding, of complying? Why would God withhold this secret? He goes on to compare The Kingdom of the Divine Will with the heresy of "Quietism" and refutes many of the statements in "The Book of Heaven" using the Doctrine of the Church. All, who can, should read this.

From God? Not Possible

In the Masonic Initiation, one contemplates a going within oneself until one reaches the center or altar - Divine Principle - were true self knowledge is un-obstructive conscious union of the human spirit with God. The self is obliterated, the personality is lost, merged in the impersonal and universal, the ego is merged into the Great All, and man realizes his own ultimate Divinity, and therefore lives and acts no longer as a separate individual with an independent will but in integration with the Divine Life and Will, whose instrument he becomes, whose purpose he serves."

If the Kingdom of the Divine Will is not Masonic, then it is demonic. For in the case of making a pact with the devil, or even without knowing it, succumbing to his rituals of initiation, one can become possessed. Study the true cases of possession and you will see that most did not know they were dealing with the demonic. They thought they were simply trying to improve their own lives. The key to the demonic, though, is wanting to be like God.

In the Kingdom of the Divine Will everything smells of the demonic rituals of possession. Wanting to rid ourselves of free will is demonic. Wanting to possess the Divine Will (rather than conform) is demonic. Wanting to be free of our own responsibility for sin is demonic. Even in the rituals of the Black Mass the words "Satanís Will" is actually said, "Godís Will". But what god are we talking about? Can this be of God? Itís not possible.

In over 104 true prophecies about the chastisement and the period of peace on earth, not one mentions any new type of Kingdom. In fact the peace will be short lived (from 25 to 50 years at most), and then will come the Antichrist. If we are about to enter the Kingdom of the Divine Will, all these Church approved 104 prophecies are wrong.

In the "City of God" by Ven. Mary Agreda, Our Lord revealed that He had to ask Mary for permission FROM HER FREE WILL, to suffer the passion.

To St. Catherine of Siena, God explained that he created man in His image, with memory, intellect, and will. "Therefore, unless all these faculties of the soul, memory, intellect and will are working together, we cannot freely accept His redeeming Sanctifying Grace that gives the Faith, Hope and Love of gaining eternal life, Our Kingdom Come.

And lest you think that God made an error in this private revelation, the Catechism states, "God willed that man should be left in the hand of his own counsel" (1730) "Man is rational and therefore like God, he is created with free will and is master over his acts."

(St. Irenaeus)

Why then would Satan want us to think that in the Divine Will we would have no free will of our own? Because without free will there is no sin. Without free will there is also no love. He wins in both cases - no sin = no repentance, no love = no salvation.

Catechism of the Catholic Church (page 177 Canon 676)

"The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism --- especially the "intrinsically perverse" political form of a secular messianism. The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. --- the Last Judgment after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world."

Thy Kingdom come - when the Church, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, joins forever the Kingdom of Heaven in the sky. This will take place in the last day, the real Second Coming of Christ. He will appear in the clouds with all the Heavenly Hosts and divide the wheat from the chaff and then do away with the earth that all these demonic want to make into a new kind of Paradise.

Iíll stick with the Mass, the chief fountain of Sanctifying Grace



Rick Salbato