False Mystics Destroy Faith and Lives

By Richard Salbato



People are constantly asking me about this apparition or that one and everyday there are new ones.  It seems to me that American is becoming an epidemic of crazy people having apparitions.  But then I work in the English speaking world and maybe this is true all over the world.  Truthfully I am sick of investigating these things because we are very close now to a world war and I am seeing the reasons for it and where the real battle is.  I think that these false mystics (frauds, psychopaths or demonic) are just distractions so that we do not engage the real enemy.


1. Another reason I am sick of apparitions and reporting on them is that most of them are very self evident and anyone with any knowledge of their faith should see right through them.  I was given four books called "Poem of the Man-God" years ago and commented that this could not be from God before even reading them.  Why?  Because Christ is God made Man and not Man made God.  This is very important.  However, I did go on to read four volumes of stupidity and just as I had predicted the books paint Christ as being ignorant of His Divinity.  


The same was true of Medjugorje when I read the first year's apparitions and the Gospa said that "all Religions are God's Religions including Moslems" that was enough for me to know infallibly that this was not Our Lady.  When the lady of Garabandal said she did not want blessed rosaries or crosses because she would bless them, that was my proof that this was not of God. Of course there were many more proofs but this should have been enough for anyone.


2. Think about "Our Lady of All Nations" or "Jesus, King of All Nations" or anything regarding Nations.  We have been at war with Nations since before Christ died on the cross and it has never ended.  Satan said to Christ, "All these nations belong to me."  Christ did not contradict him.  Only those countries that recognize that the Church is a greater authority than the state could we  even come close to a nation of God.  Where does that exist in the world today?  Even with Constantine the Great, there were problems of authority at times.  God's Kingdom, the Catholic Church, is without walls or boundaries called nations. Our Lady of all mankind, yes, but not of nations which are divisions and not unity.  There are great Catholics in Timor but the "Nation" has killed a half million of them since Portugal left as its protector.  Catholic Nations, had they stayed with the teachings of the Church, would have been called God's but none did.


3. Now we have Our Lady of the Globe telling people to get rid of their Miraculous Medal and replace it with the medal of "Our Lady of the Globe".  Now if she was just saying that we should also have a medal of Our Lady of the Globe, I would look at this closer but that is not what she is saying.  In fact, she is giving a false meaning to the vision of Catherine Laboure regarding the Globe.  Father Stephen Valenta, Mary Kathryn Johnson's so-called spiritual director, is telling people to throw away their Miraculous Medal, and he is passing out the new medal. 


"You see, my child, that neither the medal nor the statue are complete… The medal portrays that I am 'Full of Grace.' The statue portrays that the world has 'recourse' to me. But to be complete, the two must be as one. ..."


First of all, this is not what Our Lady asked of Catherine Laboure.  She asked that the vision of the Miraculous Medal be made into a medal, and it signifies the dispenser of grace.  She also showed the vision of Our Lady of the Globe to show that all prayers are presented to the Father through Her hands.  What an insult to God and Our Lady! What a loss to Catholics! More on this later.  


4. Another way that false apparitions work is to take good people away from the work God called them to do.  A good example of this is Father Robert Fox, who once was The Fatima Priest, and is now the laughing stock of the Church.  I met his new seer, Little Mary http://littlemary.us/  and she is so silly I do not even want to talk about her.  Simply pscho-pathetic.

5. The Tridentine Latin Rite Church, or Fatima Crusaders,  is another way false mystics harm people.  Although not claming visions, the leaders claim infallible truths over the Catholic Church and appeal to people's search for traditional holiness.  And of course, all the outward signs are there.  The Church spoke against it but the people did not listen.  After all, they were traditional and the Church was liberal.  Why listen to a liberal bishop?
"The Fatima Crusaders or the Tridentine Latin Rite Church cannot be identified as a legitimate expression of the Roman Catholic faith. Their denial of the papacy as incorporated in the lives of the last four popes is a denial of the church itself. How can one believe in the presence of Christ in the church and the power of his Spirit while denying the concrete presence of the office of the Pope?  There is no such thing as a legitimate expression of the Catholic tradition that is not in union with the Holy Father. The Fatima Crusaders are therefore not legitimately Catholics. Their celebration of the sacraments is not a legitimate part of the life of the church. Bishop Schuckardt has received no mission from the church universal and does not accept the unity of the apostolic office. Yet these are some of the very elements which make the Church Roman Catholic."  Bishop Lawrence Welsh

Any well educated Catholic would know that no-Pope, no-Church, but look at the harm done by this group with all the outward signs of holiness.  First was the admission by one former member that he molested an 8-year-old boy.  He began sexually abusing an 8-year-old boy at a home in Sammamish for male members of the Tridentine Latin Rite Church. Another church member, 20-year-old Justin Kirkland, is charged with first-degree child rape and first-degree child molestation, and a third man, Michael W. Muratore, 21, with first-degree child molestation.  Belzak, now 20, pleaded guilty to two counts of child molestation.


The victim's mother went to Bellevue police in April 2004 after her son told her he had been molested while living at the Tridentine Latin Rite Church home in Sammamish. Her son was two years old.  She said the church was a cult, and she was allowed to visit her son only twice a year. She spent those years living with her daughters and other female members of the church at a church home in Bellevue.


``They were raping him and they were telling him that it was OK, that that's what everybody does,'' she said. ``It's very hard to admit that these people that I gave my son to, that I trusted, are the very ones that destroyed his innocence.''


The men of Tridentine Latin Rite Church have since abandoned the house in Sammamish, and police don't know where they're living now.  At the heart of the mysterious group lies its founder, Francis Konrad Schuckardt, a charismatic leader who considers himself to be the true pope, according to members of the group.  The group's history, as outlined in the book

``The Smoke of Satan: Conservative and Traditionalist Dissent in Contemporary American Catholicism'' by Michael Cuneo is marked by schism, controversy and police raids.


Members of his church have described a harsh life with hours of prayer each day. Women and girls must cover their heads and wear long skirts. There have been reports of malnutrition and severe punishment such as shaving the heads of girls and forcing some to kneel during meals. Former members say the church uses fear to discourage its young followers from running away.

In May 1987, a police SWAT team in California raided a house where the group was staying. They were searching for six children in two separate parental abduction cases. They didn't find the children, but they did find a cache of prescription pain killers, several guns, $75,000 in cash and records of numerous international bank accounts.  Schuckardt cannot be found.


6. Then we have the domes day refuge cults like "The Little Pebble" and now that he is in jail for maybe 15 years for child molestation, (and facing 11 more charges) many forget him, but the harm continues.  I know of large families that have lived in this cult complex for years and even now as they see the truth, leaving becomes very hard and few help. 


Many saw the truth about the cult when its priest (suspended in 1989 from a Houston diocese), Fr.Malcolm Broussard, got himself consecrated a bishop by a schismatic and then proceeded to ordain and consecrate all and sundry,(including married men). See   http://users.bigpond.net.au/wanglese/ .


Families are moving out now that Kamm is in jail, but there are STILL some who are clinging to the hope that Kamm will be "vindicated, God will show us for sure that he is 'still the one'. God will do something to erase all this 'badness' from our minds and Kamm will 'rise' glorious once more to lead us."


One of those leaving was a "seer" who once supported Kamm, then turned on him telling him to his face that this place is nothing but a cult, he is NOT a prophet and he WILL NOT be a pope.  Of course many in the group started having visions, or better stated, imaginations.  Two families that are moving, own mobile homes which they are trying to sell, but Kamm is making it impossible. There are still some people here who don't see through Kamm and are willing to buy these homes, but Kamm is stopping them saying "Wait long enough, and these families will get fed up and leave everything behind and you'll get a free house".


Besides that, he keeps writing "groveling" letters to them begging them to come back. One fellow asked Kamm if he could advertise the homes on the Pebble website, but Kamm refused pointblank, saying that he didn't want anyone to know, even in other communities, that there are people leaving. Two men asked Kamm to sign over the 3 properties to the Marian Work of Atonement, or the Order of St. Charbel, so that it could be managed by others, but again Kamm refused saying that even if he goes to jail, he will control all this from jail.


The people that are leaving are mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially fragile, and they are afraid ... of various things. They are trying to make fresh starts and Kamm is stopping them and the outside world just don't know what is going on and how very difficult it is for all these people, and how Kamm has ripped people off. The ironic thing is that Kamm has said publicly from the pulpit that if anyone wants to leave, feel free and that the Order will help them get back onto their feet, but one can see from his actions that he is lying.......again.


Of those left, there will be 7 families, including Kamm's 2nd wife, Bettina and her 6 kids, then there are about 6 older couples, a few singles and about 12 "nuns" left. The ones that are remaining believe that Kamm is true and that there still is a "mission" that God wants completed.


Kamm has been exposing himself to young girls for at least the last 10 years and he abused/assaulted the young daughter of a friend of his, 18 years ago and who still lives right here in Cambewarra.  Kamm will be charged with at least 10 more cases of sexual abuse, but people will still cling to him


Cult Abuse


People like Kamm have held a cult together for over 25 years and only now is the truth coming out.  People who are not cautious of these things will just read that "a chastisement is coming and Kamm's "property" will be the only place to be save from God's anger".   However, they were not safe from his sexual abuse.


Father Fox, taken in by false mystics to distract him from his calling; people told that the world is ending and they must go to a refuge to be safe; people wanting tradition and being sexually abused: people thinking Christ was ignorant; people throwing away their Miraculous Medals; people believing all religions are God's religions; all because someone said, "God said" and they believe it without investigation. 


Most of this could be avoided if people just knew their Catholic Faith and found holiness in their local Catholic Church, and I blame the Church for this.  But God does not judge people by other people's actions, He judges us by what we do; not by what others do to us or do not do for us.  We are responsible for our own actions and our own faith.


Even without a good sound faith, common sense (logic) should show people truth.  Remember that all sin is presented as something good and in the case of false mystics it will be 90% good and truthful.  But that 10% could cost you your innocence or even your soul.


Rick Salbato