101 Foundation's

New Money Making Scream - Scheme

The newest money making schemes by the 101 foundation is collecting money in advance for reservations to Garabandal for the so-called Warning and Miracle. On there web site: http://www.101foundation.com/ you will find the following advertisement.



Reservations for flight to Garabandal to see the Miracle

$1000.00 each or $1500.00 each if after the Warning

No deposits or partial payments accepted.
When the miracle will be announced, we may only have 7 days to pay for the planes and make all the contacts and arrangements. There may not be time to collect balances due.

This fee will only include the air fare from the New York area...nothing else.
However, we are going to try to get 4 planes, each leaving from a different location in the US... east coast, west coast, south, and central US. It all depends upon how many people make reservations. You will be assigned to the departure city closest to your home.
We are also going to try to get busses, helicopters, and whatever may be possible in the way of housing... but most likely, none of those things may be available, especially the lodging.
Dr. Jerome Dominguez, a Garabandal expert, relates that it is estimated that as many as 25 million people could fit into the area where the pines will be visible. If even only 2 or 3 million come, the social amenities of housing and land transportation may well be impossible.
But... we will try. However, it must be understood that we can make no promises about these provisions. The roundtrip air transportation, God willing, may be all that we can hope to provide.
All payments will be placed in a secured account, and you will receive a copy of the proof of your deposit into that account. If the 101 Foundation should change management or suffer financial reversals, your funds will remain fully protected by the US banking system.

In writing, you may obtain a 100% refund at any time up to 4 days prior to departure with no interest and no penalty fee.

Any interests earned in this account will be used for contingency expenses ...."


Now let us consider only four airplanes with only 400 passengers each or 1200 passengers at $1000.00 each. That equals $1,200,000.00. At 4% interest for only one year that equals $48,000.00 for doing nothing except collecting checks; however, if the last fright is any indication it could be ten times that number or a half million dollars. She sure knows how to make money.


One: Pope Heresy

John XXIII in his final illness, he prayed, "May it be God's will that the Council Fathers be able still to crown the great work they have begun. I offer up all my sufferings ut unum sint (that they may be one), that all may be a sole entity in Christ." When the Pope died, Conchita said to her mother, Aniceta, "The Pope is dead. Now there will only be three more."

Regarding this Pope, John Paul II Conchita said, "He will see the Miracle from wherever he is." Conchita believes he will be in Russia, but says that it is only her opinion and not something Our Lady told her.

Over and over again Conchita said that this would be the last pope, but scripture says that the office of the pope will last until the end of the world. If this is the end of the world, then where is the antichrist, Henoch and Elisha, the separation of the good and bad, and the Second Coming. This is contrary to Catholic Doctrine and a heresy of Sedificanti.

Two: Ut Unum Sint

John XXIII prayed that they may all be one, and every pope since has worked towards that goal, with John Paul II writing the document that this web site is based on, Ut Unum Sint. Our Lady appeared in Damascus, Syria to help in that prayer. In Chapter 17 of John, Christ prayed Ut Unum Sint. Would Christ end the world before He, Our Lady and the Popes have had a chance to complete this prayer and work. Ut Unum Sint could only happen under a Pope, otherwise the Orthodox and Protestants are right as they are the only ones who believe we can have a Church without a Pope.

Three: Conchita's warning would be a sin

It is said that Conchita would let people know four days in advance of the warning and the miracle. This is when these so-called flights will be scheduled. However, all the children of Garabandal signed a statement with the local bishop that they would never ever say a single word in support of the apparitions or their approval of them in any way. This was told to us by the bishop, himself. If Conchita were to give a four day warning, she would be sinning against her signed pledge to the Church and her Bishop. This would be a grave sin. Knowing Conchita as I do, I know she will not ever do such a thing. If you are thinking of taking a $1,000.00 out of your interest baring account and give it to the 101 Foundation, consider who is going to warn you in advance of the warning or the miracle. It will not be the seers from Garabandal.