To believe in Medjugorje is like...being in love!

By Mark Waterinckx


He who is in love floats with happiness. He sees the whole world through pink glasses.  His life is a whirl of excitement.  His beloved is the best, the most beautiful, the only one, the true one...


He is blinded, for love makes one blind indeed.  He refuses to listen to the good advice of well meaning friends, who know more about his beloved, who want to help him.   Then one says: "He is not with his both feet on the ground any more. He has lost his mind. He has butterflies in his belly..."


But what really happens in the mind of a person in love?  I myself also do not know so well. It must be a kind of individual PSYCHOSIS.  Wittingly or unwittingly one switches off one's ratio.  Common sense is switched off.  The same phenomenon is established with the 'believers' in Med.


They undergo ( I experienced it myself) a kind of collective PSYCHOSIS , and develop a fanatic faith, which does not tolerate any contradiction. Suddenly their whole faith moves around the 'apparitions' and the 'messages' of the Gospa ( Our Lady) of Med.  If the bishop does not want to recognize these 'apparitions', then he is a 'bad bishop'. One does not even realize any more that one is sinning through this thoughtless utterance.   One is not even interested in the arguments of this competent bishop. Against all ecclesiastical prescriptions, one attaches an absolute credit to private apparitions, which even if they are officially recognized, never belong to the points of doctrine.


In the 12 Articles of Faith, NOT ONE word is mentioned about private revelations. The Divine Revelation is given us by Jesus Christ, and has been definitely closed at the death of the last apostle.  He who swallowed Med. suddenly knows everything better than the competent ecclesiastical authority, Some even dare to say: "if the church does not recognize Med., then. it is no longer my church." In this way many sects came into being in the past. Our  2000 year old church  history is full of it.


Also the direct circle of friends of the Med.-fanatics share in the pieces.  A former friend, who does not want to share his "belief"  in Med. Suddenly becomes an 'enemy' to avoid.  If somebody dares to criticize Med. one feels oneself being attacked.  Med. has become a part of the person himself.  Priests, who do not believe in Med, suddenly lose their esteem.


Desire of sensation replaces reliable Bible study.  One again and again wants to know the 'latest message' or the 'latest news'.  One is addicted to it.  Unconsciously one becomes brainwashed, programmed, drugged.  One cannot do without it any more. Previous activities are replaced by Med. gatherings, where one speculates about nearing punishments, about 'secrets', about the date on which Jesus will return on earth, what only 'initiates' know...


One feels electarian.   And without knowing already is sectarian.  One always wants to persuade others that Med. is 'authentic', but

one closes one's ears for the sad reality in Medjugorje :


Franciscans, who themselves lay down the laws for their bishops and for Rome; suspended so called 'holy' priests who illegally continue to administer Sacraments;


false seers who preach fasting and penance, but who themselves live in luxury;


their lost vocations to priesthood and monastic life;


seers who, like stars, show off in the whole world and let themselves be applauded and paid;


'messages' which make us believe that all religions are equal;


some pilgrims committed suicide out of disappointment in Med.;


others ended up in psychiatry;


already many marriages ended in divorce because of quarrel about Med.;


even murders do happen in Med. because of money-quarrels;


there is rivalry between seers and monks in Med.;


lies and manipulations in Med. are innumerable;


some seers even commit perjury;


well known franciscans are involved in sex-affairs;


there is rebellion against a papal decree;


the prophecies never come true;


the promised signs are not forthcoming;


about the sensational ( 6-10) 'secrets' there is a grave-like silence now;


religion and politics are mixed up;


there is mixing of Med. money with Croatian para-military groups;


the illegal Franciscan media have news-monopoly in Med.;


there are illegal communities in Med. (a.o. 'Beatitudes' with Sr. Emmanuel);


infringement of ecclesiastical laws;


cooperation with other false seers (a.o. Vassu1a, Don Gobbi, Valtorta, etc.);


enormous business interests;


trivial repetitive 'messages';


pilgrims who vanish without leaving trace;


a monk Tomislav Vlasic accused of Satanism;


a monk Slavko Barbaric who is already 'canonized' by the 'Gospa' one day after his death;


idem for monk Jozo Zovko, already 'canonized' during his life in 1981 ( the same man who was suspended in 1989 and in

1994 and does not care one bit);


the once so honored Marianalogist Rene Laurentin who lowered himself to coarse lies, manipulations and flinging mud at the bishop of Mostar;


the charismatic movement which partly agrees with the manipulations of Med.(i.e. Sr. Briege McKenna);


mass slaughtering in Med. In 1941 and in 1992;


'Our Lady' appears in...grey;


a schism is threatening; so called 'words of the pope' are manipulated;


already more than 40 books were published (in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Croatian...) which prove the fraud in Med.


All these FACTS are unimportant for the fanatic Med.-believers. Not to lose face is their motivation to strongly stick to their Med.-'apparitions'.  Therefore all pretexts are good.  They cannot or refuse to recognize the fact they have been cheated and refuse the humiliation.  Their own twisted way of thinking becomes an obsession.


Just like a person in love, they refuse all criticism. The psyche wins over hard reality.  Rather also lie and cheat than simply say: "I have walked into the trap". In practice their defense of Med. amounts to defending their own  image.  Somebody in love is so blinded that he will defend his 'beloved' even into the absurd.  It is a fact that of all kinds of fanaticism, the religious fanaticism is the most dangerous one. Med. is the best and most striking proof of it.


The bishop of Mostar even receives dead threats from fanatical Med.- believers. Twice already this good man was molested by these fanaticals.


Nobody likes to be cheated.  But a honest Christians must first of all heroically practice the Christian virtues before he ever can be beatified or canonized.  To all Med.-believers I wish: prudence, patience, honesty, temperance, peace, love, justice, tolerance and willingness to listen .


Realize that by going on to support these sly cheaters (monks and seers) you make them still richer. They are not blinded like the misled pilgrims. They are acting in a criminal and blasphemous way by misusing the name of God and His Holy Mother for their own (quid proudest) interests such as: rebellious Franciscan resistance against the bishop and against a decree of Pope Paul VI 'Romanis Pontificibus'; prestige, Croatian nationalistic interests,. financial interests.


Dear Medjugorje-believer, reality in life is not always nice and the truth hurts. But honesty lasts longer. Medjugorje has already lasted for more than 20 years?  Other false apparitions in Church history lasted for tens and some even hundreds of years.  History repeats itself.  Even popes and saints were sometimes misled.  Remember, 'apparitions' are no doctrinal points!


But full conscious cooperation with deceit is also a sin. Caring about what people will say is not supposed to playa part.  Humility and Love of the Truth must prevail. To admit that one was wrong is magnanimous. May God give you the power of His Holy Spirit. I write this out of Love for you all.


Mark Waterinckx,

Weinebruggelaan 49, B-820? Brugge, Belgium

Tel. 00-32-(0)50-385029


P.S. Always prepared for further information