The Secret of Secrets

Our Lady of America

April 12, 1958

Sister Mary Ephrem’s letter to Father Liebold (Later her bishop)

Dear Father:

Here are some things I feel you should know, for not only will they be of great benefit for you but also to those whom your great love for God will reach.

Like His Holy Spouse, St. Joseph also never ceases to remind me of my first duty, the first duty of every soul, especially for the chosen, of living with God in the interior castle of our hearts. So on March 30th, before voicing his own requests, St. Joseph spoke of this first duty which comes before all others.

“It is time. Kneel my beloved daughter, for God is about to reveal to you a secret of the interior life. Few there who learn it, and fewer they who live it in it’s fullness. This SECRET, dear child, is living with Him Who is within you and has made of your soul - His Kingdom. There are many who know this Doctrine, but few to whom God reveals it’s secret operation. Few souls there are who empty themselves of all things that they may possess. This Secret of Secrets this ultimate glory of all living, this union with the Divine ending in Eternal Vision.

“This Secret cannot be written, lovely child, it’s deepest meaning will be made known to you in the interior depths of your child-like soul, in your humble heart, where LOVE has found It’s resting place, It’s palace beautiful.

“They who would possess for themselves this mysterious workings of the Divine Secret must strive to cultivate in silence and humility this love For the Eternal Being within them.

“We lived this life beloved child, so to attain it, souls must imitate as far as possible the fullness of our union with The Indwelling God.”


Feb. 25th I had another of those “experiences” of which you had already heard Father, many times. Though I had not at that time been thinking of her, she suddenly appeared at my side. This person was none other than St. Bernadette. She did not come as a Sister, but as the little peasant girl who saw “the Lady”.

I was transported somehow with her, to the Lourdes Grotto in France. We stood a short distance away, from it looking up into the niche, which was filled with light.  In the midst of the brilliant light I saw “the Lady so beautiful so glowing, as it were, in light that I could scarcely see the outline of her figure. It was brighter than any light I have ever seen. It was a light all heavenly and full glory. I was transfixed.

Then suddenly the figure of Our Lady seemed to dissolve in the light but the brilliant light itself remained. Then I saw a path at times it seemed to take the form of steps, leading upwards from the niche where “the Lady” had been standing. Ever so often as I gazed at this luminous pathway, I caught a glimpse of angels.

I was anxious to follow the path of light and as I eagerly endeavored to do so, Bernadette held me back. Then I exclaimed, “But I want to go there”. The Saint answered, “No, my sister, it is not yet time for you, but it will be soon”.

Recalling it later Father it came to my mind how deep was the significance of this experience. Is not Our Lady the path that leads to Jesus? Is she not The Gate of Heaven? Oh how our Mother loves us. How much she desires our salvation and sanctification, and how ardently she works for it.

On Holy Thursday Jesus came, holding on His hands the Host and the Chalice, saying;

“I am the Host of every Communion. I am Life to all who partake of Me. They who do not eat Me will die, for no one can live who does not partake of Me, for I am Eternal Life.

“Come, beloved souls, poor sinners so dear to the Heart of your Host. Come receive Me that you may live and enjoy everlasting happiness in The Kingdom of My Father Who is your Father also.

“This I have obtained for you through My Body and Blood sacrificed for you on Calvary and become your Food and Drink in The Holy Mass offered constantly for you.

“Do not disappoint My hopes for I have waited long, oh so long for you.

Bring joy to My Heart by letting Me come into yours. It is I alone Who can bring you happiness for only in Me joy found in its fullness. Come, that you may have Life.”

Pray for me Father,

God Bless you,


 Note:  Copyrighted:  All letters of Sister Mildred Mary Ephrem are copyrighted and owned by The Contemplative Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity