Vassula Again Condemned By Vatican


Last January 25th, 2007 Cardinal William LEVADA issued a warning to the Presidents of all the Episcopal Conferences from the official Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) regarding the false claims of Mrs. Vassula Ryden and this warning was just made public and is translated below into English and includes a link to the original in French.

As is the case of many other false mystics and apparitions Vassula’s official web site, True Life In God continues to say that the Vatican supports her revelations , which has never been true.

As you will see the communication confirms that nothing has changed since the original doctrinal judgment of 1995.  It warns against the promotion if these writing as being from God and warns against participation of the faithful in her prayer groups. 

My thanks to Maria Laura Pio who has done a great job in keeping the public informed of this fraud on her web site.



25th January 2007

Prot. N.: 54/92 – 24945

Your Eminence / Your Excellency,

Requests for clarification on the writings and activities of Mrs Vassula Ryden continue to arrive at the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in particular regarding the validity of the Notification of 6th October 1995 and the criteria that should be followed in defining the provision of local Churches regarding the advisability of spreading the writings of Mrs Vassula Ryden.

At this regard, the Congregation wishes to specify as follows:

1)     The Notification of 1995 remains valid concerning the doctrinal judgement on the writings examined (cf. attachment 1).

2)     Following a the dialogue which has taken place with the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Mrs Vassula Ryden has however provided clarifications on certain problematical points which appear in her writings, and also on the nature of her messages, which do not present themselves as divine revelations but, rather as personal meditations (cf. attachment 2: Letter of April 4th 2002 published in the True Life in God vol. 10). From the normative point of view, then, after the above mentioned clarifications, it is advisable to make a prudent evaluation, case by case, taking into account the concrete possibilities for the faithful in reading these writings within the framework of such clarifications.

3)     Finally, it is reminded that the participation of Catholics in prayer groups organized by Mrs Vassula Ryden is not advisable. In the cases of ecumenical encounters, the faithful should comply with the provisions given by the Ecumenical Directory, the Code of Canon Law (can. 215; 223 §2, 383 §3) and the diocesan Ordinaries.

In sending you this information, I am sincerely yours in devotion to the Lord.


Cardinal William LEVADA


To all the Presidents of the Bishops' Conferences

See photocopy of original in French:


Regarding some new developments which point to demonic activity associated with Vassula, Mark Waterinckx from Belgium wrote to Cardinal Levada the following letter and attachment.

Dear Card. Levada,

I thank you for your communiqué of 25-1-2007 about Vassula.

Vassula has attacked you and your text in her comment on a (demonic?) stigmatized person in Australia. In my attachment (please click below) on the same text as in the title and you will find this comment and repulsive photo’s of a stigmatized Australian lady named Marianne, and promoted by Vassula and R. Laurentin of course.

There is blood everywhere, even above the eyes!

I think Vassula is a medium for a demon, called 'Daniel',  and now she is helped by another demon in the person of Marianne with lipstick, colored eyes and false eyebrows.

If you want so, I can send you my thorough study of Vassula in English

Pax et Bonum

Mark Waterinckx - Belgium


This attachment referred to by Mark Waterinckx has been changed to remove Vassula’s comments on Cardinal Levada and references to R. Laurentin but her letter of support for this demonic activity and photo’s is enlightening and worth reading.   



I use the word “condemned” to mean “not from God” and although not canonically correct, its meaning is correct.

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