Unity Publishing Vindicated Again

Vatican Rejects Our Lady of All Nations' Prayer

By Richard Salbato


Going back almost 15 years now Unity Publishing and his Amsterdam friends have been showing the errors of the so-called apparitions of Our Lady of All Nations.  Every bishop since they started has condemned them, until 1996 when bishop Bomers and his auxiliary bishop Punt allowed public devotion to Mary as Our Lady of all Nations.  But after Bomers died and Punt became bishop things changed.  In 2002 Punt declares the origin of the apparitions of Amsterdam is supernatural and approved the prayer asked for by the apparitions. 


As pointed out in Unity Publishing's article about this approval, http://www.unitypublishing.com/Apparitions/all-nations.htm , pressure was put on Bishop Punt by a resident of Rome (not the Vatican), Bishop Paul M. Hnilica.  Unity has done many articles about Hnilica and to this day we do not believe he is a bishop at all.  He came to Rome pretending to be a refugee from Communist Slovakia and claimed that he was ordained a priest and a bishop all within three months before he was 30 years of age.  Having no documents to prove this, he said that all was done in jail cells and the bishop who ordained him was now dead.  The Vatican never put him on the list of bishops until 1998 and even then without any proof of ordination.    


Check the internet about communist infiltration of the Catholic Church by former communist Bella Dodd.


Nonetheless, Hnilica seemed to always have financial support from somewhere until Communism fell in the late 1980s.  He then turned to supporting and getting into the apparition trade.  He supported Medjugorje, Vassula, Theresa Lopez, and then Our Lady of All Nations.  Therese Lopez still lives in Rome with the support of Hnilica. Her husband in Colorado says that she is having an affair with one of Hnilica's priests. 


Hnilica seems to have some Vatican support since his newly formed Congregation, Family of Mary - Co-redemptrix, based on the apparitions of Ida Peerdeman, received papal approval in 1995.


On 23-3-1993 Hnilica was convicted and sentenced to 3 to 5 years in jail.  But he pleaded amnesty and never went to jail.  This was for his part in receiving the stolen contents of Calvi's briefcase before the Mafia boss was killed on London bridge.  In 1994 he was acquitted due to procedural grounds. The case of the murder of Calvi was reopened on 6-10-2005 and we will see if Hnilica will again escape jail.  


Hnilica has found a financial bombshell by pretending to be a Bishop of Rome (most people think that means Vatican) and supporting apparitions.  If he is a bishop and I do not believe this, he is a bishop in Rome and not a bishop of Rome.  Most people do not look into the fact that he has produced proof of being a bishop.   Hnilica has never been a bishop of Rome.  He simply showed up in Rome and has never been given an official job by the Church. 


However, with verbal and financial pressure from Hnilica, Bishop Punt declared in 1997, that he was:


"pleased to support the veneration of Mary under the title 'LADY OF ALL NATIONS' and furthermore and that he "is pleased to encourage the 'ACTION OF THE LADY OF ALL NATIONS', the goal of which is the spreading of her image and prayer throughout the world."


The Nuncio to the Vatican at the time said:  


"... whatever recognition of the Marian title 'Our Lady of All Peoples or Nations' should be kept strictly distinct from any reference to the so-called apparitions of Amsterdam."


 In spite of this, in 2002 bishop Punt declared the origin of the apparitions of Amsterdam as supernatural.


Based on the following, consider what will now happen to Punt's approval of the apparitions and Hnilica's new congregation based on the apparitions.  More on that below. 


Vatican rejects prayer to "Lady of All Nations"

The Vatican City's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith does not permit any Catholic community of Christ's faithful in the country and throughout the world "to pray to the Mother of God" under the title of 'Lady of All Nations' with the added phrase 'who was once Mary'.

This was the response received by the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) for the entire People of God, in the country concerning the "form of devotion being promoted in their country known as 'Lady of All Nations'", a copy of which the Barangay obtained.

Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith stated:

"With regard to the devotion known as 'Lady of All Nations' and the Marian apparitions experienced by the late visionary Ida Peerdeman, I wish to advise Your Excellency that although the said apparitions have received approval from His Excellency the Most Rev. Joseph Maria Punt, Bishop of Haarlem (Holland), in his Comunications of 31 May 2002, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith has expressed concern regarding one particular aspect of that devotion whereby official prayers invoke the Blessed Virgin as Lady of All Nations 'who was once Mary."

"In fact, this Dicastery, in a letter to His Excellency, The Most Rev. Francois Bacque, Apostolic Nuncio to the Netherlands, has indicated that Marian devotion must be nourished and developed in accordance with the indications given by the Holy Father in "Redemptoris Mater" and "Rosarium Virginis Mariae" and not according to private apparitions nor according to a 'new' name of Mary, such as "Lady of All Nations who was once Mary".

"Your Excellency is requested to take into consideration the above mentioned advisory and inform the members of the Catholic Bishop's Conference of the Philippines that the CPDF does not permit any Catholic community of Christ's Faithful to pray to the Mother of God under the title of 'Lady of All Nations' with the added expression 'who was once Mary'.

"Regarding the Messages of God the Father to Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio, I wish to inform you that it is not the usual practice of this Congregation to give official approval to presumed supernatural messages. Mother Ravasio, who passed away in 1990, was the Superior General of the "Soeurs Missionaries de Notre-Dame des Apotres".

The religious Institute founded in Lyon (France) in 1876 by Augustine Planque, was initially recognized by the Bishop of Grenoble and later became an Institute of Pontifical Right. The Generelate is now located in Rome and its members are active in many countries, especially in Africa.

The CBCP's Chair of the Commission on the Doctrine of the Faith, Most Rev. Luis Antonio Tagle, Bishop of Imus, issued a copy of the CPDF's letter dated 20 may 2005 to San Pablo Diocesan Bishop Leo M. Drona, DD, which the prelate in turn reproduced and endorsed in a circular dated July 15, 2005 for about 150 priests and religious in the diocese for them to instruct the entire People of God in Laguna concerning the devotion in question.

What Does That Mean Regarding the Apparitions?

What does that do to Punt's approval of the apparitions and Hnilica's new congregation based on the apparitions?  How can Bishop Punt continue his support of apparitions whose central theme is devotion to the title: "Our Lady of All Nations, who once was Mary"?  This title and the prayer are the central point of the apparitions and since the Vatican has condemned this title it has in essence said that the apparitions cannot be from God.  God does not make mistakes.  Likewise, what does that do to Hnilica, who has placed all his eggs in one basket by putting all his energies and support to the Apparitions of Ida Peerdeman and the prayer, now condemned?  What is the Apostolic Nuncio to the Netherlands now saying to Bishop Punt regarding the Vatican's statement to him? 

I envision the same thing happening to Punt and Hnilica that happened to the Holy Cross Priests and Sisters, a congregation that was built up based on the apparitions of revelations of the names of the Angels.  When the Vatican stepped in and condemned the apparitions, the Congregation of Holy Cross nuns and priests, agreed and promised never to mention the apparitions again.  However, this has not been the case and I have personal experience in this as we have this congregation here in Fatima.  The pretend and promise the Vatican not to mention the apparitions but this is not the case in truth.

If you study the apparitions as I have done, the rejection of the prayer by the Vatican is a rejection of the apparitions.  For me the case is closed.  I expect nothing more from the Vatican.  But will this stop Punt and Hnilica?  No!

Richard Salbato