“Anne” Another Divorced Medjugorje Lay Apostle

Richard Salbato



I remember the large group of seers in Scottsdale, Arizona who went to Medjugorje and then came back with the “spirit” and all started having apparitions.  When suppressed by the local Scottsdale bishop, one of these, a divorced and remarried woman traveled the country giving messages from “heaven????”


Then there was Nancy Fowler, another divorced woman who got her spirit from Medjugorje.  Followers of Nancy Fowler from Conyers, Georgia were so great that TV stations went there to film a miracle that never happened.  Her followers bought a property next to Ukrainian and Cistercian Monasteries which made it look very holy.  But when the Archbishop ordered the monks to cease any relationship with these people the events slowed to a stop.  Fowler sued the owner to the property and then ceased all visions and apparitions. 


Before this, however, a three times divorced girl from Bolivia named Catalina, came to get the “spirit” of Medjugorje from Nancy Fowler and went home with her own apparitions and even a stigmata.  Nancy Fowler also attempted to sue Catalina for stealing her public steam.    


Then we have Vassula Ryden, another Medjugorje want-a-be wandering the world with “God said” and also a divorced and re-married woman.  In none of the above cases do we know the names of the former husbands, and the same is true of the next case. 


"Anne" a Lay Apostle


Here is another case of a divorced woman who got her “spirit” from Medjugorje and has a following all over the world.  She has no claim to the supernatural (no miracles or phenomena) except that she says God talks to her and because she says so, millions believe her.  She will not give her real name, her former husband’s name or her address so that she can be investigated.  She just gives books of insipid, dull, monotonous and boring writings on many subjects that she claims are from God. 


Anne, if that is her real name, divorced at the age of 20 and we do not know how long she was married but she already had a daughter.  She married again and had five more children.  On her 40th birthday she went to Medjugorje with her oldest daughter for 5 days.  In Medjugorje she got the “spirit” and began conversations with “Jesus”. These conversations (inner voices) continued to this day and are written in many books.  Her voices tell her that they are a greater vocation than being wife and mother, and she has obviously neglected her family ever since.  But we are not allowed to know her new husband or children. 


Her bishop in Kilmore, Ireland supports her:  bishop@kilmorediocese.ie   


“The bishop has given permission to "Anne" to publish the messages and to speak about them. He is satisfied that the content of the messages and the movement are in conformity with Catholic teaching and practice.”

With best wishes, Fr Paul Casey, Diocesan Secretary.

The messages may contain no contrary material to the Faith, but they make claims as coming from God, the Blessed Virgin Mary, other saints and St. Joseph. Very serious claims!  But it is not the bishop of Kilmore who gave the Imprimatur to her books but Bishop Escaler of the Philippines.


Anne is supported by a bunch of highly active Medjugorje, Gobbi and Charismatic people like Mother Angelica, Sr. Briege McKenna, Fr Bill McCartly, Fr Francis Martin, Bill Quinn, Fr Darragh Connolly, Leo O’Reilly bishop of Kilmore, Nora McCarthy, Fr Kevin J. Scallon, C.M. and Fr. Peter Rookey, a Charismatic Healer.


It no longer surprises me at what garbage people will believe in today.  In Sicily there is Giorgio Bongiovanni, a stigmatist who claims to see Jesus and Mary and promotes UFOs and Mother Earth.  www.giorgiobongiovanni.it


I’m sick of apparitions.  Give me the Mass.

Richard Salbato