I want to advise you against working on a "Catholic Government" or a "Catholic Constitution." First of all, you are wasting your time, when you should be spending your time evangelizing and teaching the Catholic faith.

The reason you are wasting your time is this: the concept of "Catholic Government" has already been tried - and has failed miserably. "The kingdom of God is not of this world." The primary reason that you are wasting your time is this: FAITH IS A GIFT. In the olden days of the Papal States, they made the same mistake. They imagined that "the Faith" was so obvious that EVERYONE 'MUST' BELIEVE. This was an error - and it gave rise to horrible problems. Human beings, whether they are clerics or not - can easily be corrupted. Graft, bribery, black-mail, sexual impropriety happens in every social situation - whether the organization is supposedly "Catholic" or not. It is an error in judgment to try to enforce the "Faith" upon human nature because FAITH is a GIFT. The Faith must not be imposed by law. Believe me, that is NOT what the Kingdom of Great Monarch, or the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will consist in. (See the book "Trial, Tribulation and Triumph.)

The rules must be changed from the INSIDE. The external systems of government will be sanctified when the peoples, and the members of the various governments are sanctified. You must not waste your time trying to do what can not be done, and what should not be done. It is immoral to "enforce" laws like: baptism, theocracy, attending mass on Sunday etc. It is immoral because you can not FORCE people to have "faith" if God has not given them that gift. They will rebel - and that is exactly what has already happened to most of Catholic Europe. They REBELLED from the Faith - because the faith was already treated like it was the "law of the land." But, the law of the land is not the mission of the Church. "My kingdom is NOT of this world."

It is true that Christ promised his Church domination over the world - but not through a theocracy. What must happen is that immorality must be made illegal. Primarily, abortion and graphic pornography must be made illegal - and strictly enforced. We will soon have our opportunity to make and enforce these laws - and we must not miss our window of opportunity - which will come immediately after the Great Chastisement. It is then that great Catholic men must stand up - and take the reigns of the various governments of the world - and submit themselves to the unity that the Great Monarch will afford the world.

But, this will not be, and CAN NOT be a "Catholic" government. If you want to take the world for Christ - we must do it like the martyrs did it. The world governments were converted because the people were converted.

I strongly encourage you to look at the errors of the Papal States - and the great corruption that occurred - when the Catholic Church DID govern human political systems. They were no more holy than the idol worshiping Jew's of ancient Israel. God DID NOT WANT a "government". It was only because the Israelites were "stiff-necked" that he permitted them a king. But - after the reign of King David, most of the "Kings" of the "Jewish Government" were corrupt. And as such - they were a scandal to all nations. The Catholic Papal States were no better.

Please keep in touch. But I assure you, the concept of a Catholic Constitution was hotly contested in the days of Dante - and it was finally concluded that the Church had no business running the political systems.