Did Soros Cause the 2008 Crash?

Richard Salbato 3-14-2010

Did Soros cause the great crash of the market and economy in 2008?  The answer to that is easy and it is “No!” but there is a real strong reason for asking that question.  Soros made his billions over the years by manipulating the dollar market, and actually caused the crash of an Eastern European nation.  He made hundreds of billions by shorting the Pound in England and then driving it down, almost crashing England at the time.  As I will show Soros made hundreds of millions betting against the Greek economy and helped it crash. 

Now when it comes to America, it is interesting that Soros and his minions were the people who advised and then financed an unknown to run for President.  Just before the crash McCain was leading Obama by 10% of the vote, which was huge considering Republicans were not liked.  After the crash there was no chance of McCain winning.  Now let us look at the facts.

In 2001 the Greek government had cooked the books to cover deficits that would have disqualified them from entering the European membership in the Euro.  European rules called for no more than 3% debt to GDP.  American banks were doing the same thing from 2001 to 2008.

Now it is learned that Goldman Sachs, secretly helped the Greek government meet the EU criteria by using a complicate currency swaps that masked the extent of its public deficit and national debt.

Now let us look at Goldman Sachs and its connection to Soros.  Soros is the major partner of the Managed Funds Association, a hedge fund short sellers lobbying group and a secret meeting place for almost all short sellers. These people are mainly Greenlight Capital, SAC Capital Advisors, Paulson & Company, and Soros Fund Management.

The problem with Goldman Sachs pretending to help Greece by hiding assets is that they were also giving inside information to the short sellers of the Managed Funds Association and both the MFA and Goldman Sachs bet against the very nation they pretended to help.  To understand all this you have to understand SHORT SELLING. 

Short Selling is anti-capitalist

When people tell you that short selling contributes liquidity to the market, they are ignorant or are lying.  I have studied this for years and would challenge anyone to show me how short selling helps the market in any way.

When the Stock Market was founded its mandate was to find a way for companies to get large amounts of money to expand without going to a bank.  This was an easy way to sell parts of its business to a large group of people. 

If I want to sell part of my business, (let us say 40%) I would divide the value of my company into individual stocks equaling the value and then keep 40% of that stock for myself.  People could then keep a part ownership of my company or sell it to others for a profit or loss. 

However, over time people began buying and selling month to month, then week to week and then day to day, then hour to hour, and now with the internet, from minute to minute.

Then came the Short Sellers, who would make bets that the stock would go down and by piling on would even cause it to go down.  The results would be that if a company was going to loose 5% value, it would loose 10% value simply because they bet against it and the Hedge Fund short sellers would make money by the loss. 

The term “short selling” in this context refers to investors, speculators and currency manipulators who bet on the decline or collapse of a stock or currency through complex financial instruments handled mostly through secret off-shore accounts. For the hedge fund short sellers to make money, prices have to go down.

They introduce manipulation to the stock market, and prime the stock market for manipulation and looting.  The most influential members of Managed Funds Association, the hedge fund short sellers, have an anti-capitalism agenda, an anti-industrialized nation agenda, and a far left liberal, Marxist radical agenda.  Hedge Fund short sellers are not capitalist. They are anti-capitalist and they are not investors; they are anti-investors.

In the case of Greece, the country “gathered all her nest eggs and brought it to the wolves’ den at Goldman Sachs,” a member of Managed Funds Association, but Goldman Sachs then shorted the market while their clients were on the other side of the trade.

Greece lost investment capital in the 2008 Wall Street collapse, which gave their country a balance sheet problem on top of the debt they already had. Their deficit ballooned.

The Managed Fund Association is the government. They bought the policy makers and regulators, and then took over our government.

The removal of the uptick rule, and the circuit breakers and the introduction of mark to market accounting is what caused the economic collapse and the stock market crash.

The uptick rule, that existed for decodes simply said that if you bought short you must by when the stock is rising even if just a hair.  This prevented short sellers from pilling on and bankrupting even solid companies.  But when this was eliminated it let people like Soros manipulate the market.

Did Soros cause the problems in the banks and the crash?  No!  This would have happened anyway because of the bad loans but when Soros and the MFA saw that Obama was loosing the election they pushed up the crash by as much as a year by short selling all the banks and crashing the market overnight instead of over a slow period of time.

The agenda of Soros and other short sellers is clear. Their purpose to loot America and any foreign capitalist country. Greece was one of them. Iceland was ravaged and annihilated.  The economic crisis was deliberately engineered for profit and political gain and has already resulted in the “looting” of $11 trillion from the U.S. economy.  It was the engineered financial crisis that enabled Obama to win the presidency. 

Soros wanted somebody that hates the traditional America and its constitution, a left-wing radical like himself, so he chose Obama. Know this because:

Nothing will happen until the American people know what caused the economic crisis and the solution for fixing it.  Nothing will happen until the American people know about the Managed Funds Association and their role in engineering the economic collapse.


Greece is coming to America


Greece’s deficit has reached 12.7% of GDP per year and an accumulated 125% of GDP up to now.  This is not sustainable and they must fire public employees, cut overall government spending, retirements, health care and raise taxes.  This will make the jobless rate go from what is now 9.7% to around 16% this year.  Poverty appears to be the only solution as long as they are tied to the Euro.

If the European Union (EU) bails out Greece, that bailout will increase the EU deficit and weaken their currency, hence the decline in EU currency. That is the theory being floated by the manipulators. George Soros, the hedge fund short sellers and the speculators will trade with that assumption.  They will run down the EU currency and that will be a manipulation by collusion.”

They feel invincible. They have a license to destroy any company or country or hold the company or country hostage while preying on the investors.

They are having dinner meetings, openly discussing collusion to attack a particular asset class, equity, or a country’s currency. If this is not organized crime, I do not know what is.”

Any asset class that is traded in the NYSE, CME, or EUREX exchanges is susceptible to manipulation by the members of Managed Funds Association and their strategic partners.

In a few days we are going to have a bill that everyone has waited for since 2008, New Financial Regulations.  Let us see if the Up-Tick Rule and the Mark to Market bills are changed.


Catholics and Soros


George Soros supports abortion, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. So it's no surprise that he supports groups like MoveOn and the ACLU.  But did you know that George Soros, a professed atheist, has also has provided critical seed money to so-called "Catholic" groups that intentionally blur the Church's teachings on human life?

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good has received $200,000 from George Soros' Open Society Institute over the last few years. And according to its IRS reports, Catholics United has a formal relationship with Catholics in Alliance.

That’s why Archbishop Chaput has criticized these groups for undermining the Church teaching:

“The work of Democratic-friendly groups like Catholics United and Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, have done a disservice to the Church, confused the natural priorities of Catholic social teaching, undermined the progress pro-lifers have made, and provided an excuse for some Catholics to abandon the abortion issue instead of fighting within their parties and at the ballot box to protect the unborn.”

For more see www.catholicvote.org

Soros-Funded Communist Organizations

·                     The Democratic Party

·                     ACORN

·                     SEIU (Andy Stern)

·                     NAACP

·                     MoveOn.org

·                     Planned Parenthood

·                     American Civil Liberties Union

·                     AFL-CIO

United Steelworkers Union

International Soros Funding

Soros is also funding "Democratization Programs" (i.e., Communist Transition Programs) in many countries, including Uzbekistan, Burma, and regions of Central Asia, as well as all the countries that ACORN/SEIU is working in.


Soros' Portfolio Gives Him the Ability to:

·                     Buy Politicians

·                     Report "News"

·                     Create Illegal Votes (ACORN)

·                     Changes Laws to Expand Union Influence Over Businesses

·                     Increase Taxes

·                     Lower and Redistribute US Citizen Wealth

·                     Put More People on Welfare

·                     Funnel Illegal Aliens into Unions, Direct Their Votes and Collect Their Annual Membership Dues

·                     Change and Relax Immigration Laws

·                     Change Laws that Can Implement the Communist Takeover Plan

·                     Obtain Votes from (Primarily Poor) Blacks

·                     Obtain Votes from Hispanics and Other People of Color

·                     Obtain Votes from Gays and Lesbians

·                     Fund Abortions

·                     Limit Free Trade

·                     Hide Crimes and Allow Criminals to Be Freed

·                     Redirect Taxpayer Wealth to Unnecessary Green Projects, While Simultaneously Making US Businesses Less Profitable and Less Competitive

·                     Recruit and Put Criminals and Ex-Criminals to Work on Implementing the Communist Takeover Plan

·                     Change Laws and Take Guns Away from Citizens

·                     Protray America in a Strongly Negative Light, Both in the US and Around the World

·                     Redirect Taxpayer Funds to Pay for Implementing the Communist Takeover Plan

·                     Changes Laws to Make It Easier for Terrorists and Criminals to Operate

·                     Create Misinformation

·                     Control the Media

·                     Limit Free Speech

·                     Enable Communists and Terrorists to Enter America

·                     Resist and Stop US Military and Police Efforts

·                     Create Local and National Racial Conflicts and Distrust

·                     Eliminate Religious Rights

·                     Indoctrinate Your Children with Communism in Their Schools and Media Viewings

Fundamentally Change America, Transforming it in a Communist Nation


In General, Name the Organization the Opposite of It's True Purpose.




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