What are you voting for?

Richard Salbato 9-25-2012 Feast of Our Lady of America


You might think you are voting for Obama or Romney but you are not. You are voting for the very concept of government. Problem is that most people do not even know what governments are for and why they even exist. Of course, throughout most of history governments were by force and created by dictators or kings and we people were slaves to their demands and all the wealth went to them and only left enough for us to be workers in their kingdom. But since the American revolution and its ideas spreading throughout the world we, the people, had to think of why we even need a government and what it is for.

I crossed almost all the American states years ago investigating the evolution of the earth in a motor home.  At the same time I noticed all the ghost towns. I also went to  43 other countries investigating apparitions but could not avoid seeing how these governments worked for the people.

When we judge people, religion, societies, governments or history we have to start with well established principles and common sense. When we plan for the future of our life or even death, a good look at history will help us with established principles because they tell us what has worked and what did not. Common sense lets us analyze the logical consequences of what we plan on doing.

The Society

 Society always starts with a family (the foundation of all societies) and he goes out to feed his family with ranching or hunting but he quickly sees that by himself he cannot survive. If his children are still young he cannot even build his house. He children will not have wives or husbands and he cannot protect himself alone. Societies are formed out of necessity.

The Government

Soon this society sees that the one thing it needs because of strong well-armed men coming into their society is a sheriff and posy. In other words the first reason for government is the society’s security. Then they consider that someone has to watch after the sheriff and pay him. So they hire a mayor to pay the sheriff and in the beginning he was not even paid to collect and pay the sheriff.

Later they realized they needed a government to enforce contracts. They write a contract to sell their land and need someplace to register that contract so they can prove they own it. And then the second reason for government comes into being, the security of possessions.


Economics is simple; we work and sell our goods for other goods that other people work for. Economy is what we get for our hard work. There is no other way to make money. It all starts by producing something by working. Even a society or a local government starts with the production of some good that people need. This is where we get back to my mention of ghost towns. Why did these towns form and why did they die.

All these towns formed because of a single business: someone found gold or silver or created a large farm and needed help to work the business. Often this same man build houses and businesses to attract the workers he needed to work the business. In time the mines ran out of gold or silver and the town died. In the case of the dust bowl times the farms were destroyed and their was no longer any work and the people left for California.

This is what we call Supply Side Economics. All economics is supply side. Government cannot create wealth for one simple reason, government has no money. For government to hire someone it has to take money from someone who creates wealth through his hard work. It simply takes money from one hand and puts it into another.

Some people will note that we need the government for the roads, the rail system, the electric grid, etc. But even this is not true. Almost all the highway system and rail systems in America were built by private individuals. In fact Carnegie made his millions building a boat system for American rivers and Rockefeller made his millions building a rail and truck system that would move oil to market. Electrical companies built the electrical grid and the power lines. Yes, it is true that President Eisenhower launched the federal highway system for the movement of troops if we has a war on our own soil, but we could have done this with the private system a lot cheaper. The way the private companies built the rail road was by buying the land around the rail road and building towns where the trains would stop. In this way they made a lot of money and government never makes a profit. The only rail system the government owns it looses millions a year in tax payers money. Lets face it businesses create jobs and nothing else. The easier we make it for businesses the more jobs we have. This is common sense and there should be no argument against it, but there is – why?

About 100 years ago two people started writing against what they though was the inequity of the wealthy and the poor. These were Marx, who wrote about governments and Kane who wrote about economies.  Marx believed that government should own and control all businesses and divide the wealth equally among all the people. Kane believed that the government should print all the money everyone needed to create wealth and build anything anyone thought he needed. Both of these systems have been tried and failed. Half the world tried communism in the 20th century and only Cuba still exists. Even Kane, himself, said that his system would eventually fail because money would loose all value. Germany found that out when it took a wheel barrel of money to buy bread.

After hundreds of years of freedom in America and people from all over the world wanting to come here to build wealth, suddenly attempts were made starting with President Wilson to change our Constitution. President Roosevelt, who I believe was a Communist or at least a Socialist became president during the great depression and in spite of ending his first term without ending the depression of adding one job, he was heavily reelected, why? Because he created work where there was no work and paid for it with Taxpayers money. He created bread lines. This did not help the economy but the people loved him. When we look back we see that he bought their vote by giving them other people’s money. Since then little by little government has realized that they can buy votes by promising people free goods from the government. And little by little the concept of limited government in the Constitution has been violated.

Common sense in government is to look around the world and see what works and what does not. This is science. Every government that tried this method has failed and in Europe it is failing more every day. In America in every state that has limited government has been doing very well and every state that has offered too much is failing.

Kane said that eventually his system would fail, and we are at that point now. In less that four years we will run out of government money and they will not be able to pay for any entitlement or even their own government workers. You have seen that in 13 cities this year and soon you will see it in the federal government. No outsider can bail us out even for a year because we are too big and our debt is too big to be helped.

I don’t vote for Democrats or Republicans or Obama or Romney, I vote for Constitutional small government.   

What is Constitutional Government?

The rule of law is an ancient ideal, and was discussed by the Greek philosopher, Plato, 350 years before Christ. Plato wrote:

Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of the state, in my view, is not far off; but if law is the master of the government and the government is its slave, then the situation is full of promise and men enjoy all the blessings that the gods shower on a state.

Likewise, Aristotle endorsed the rule of law, writing that "law should govern", and those in power should be "servants of the laws." The ancient concept of rule of law is to be distinguished from rule by law. The difference is that under the rule of law the law is preeminent and can serve as a check against the abuse of power.

Under rule by law, the law can serve as a mere tool for a government that suppresses in a legalistic fashion."

In 1776, the notion that no one is above the law was popular during the founding of the United States, for example in the pamphlet Common Sense by Thomas Paine:

"in America, the law is King. For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other."

John Adams said we are a government of laws and not of men."

All government officers of the United States, including the President, the Justices of the Supreme Court, the Military and all Members of Congress, , pledge first and foremost to uphold the Constitution. These oaths affirm that the rule of law is superior to the rule of any human leader.

The rule of law is fundamental to the western democratic order. Aristotle said more than two thousand years ago,

"The rule of law is better than that of any individual."

The rule of law, also called supremacy of law, is a general legal maxim according to which decisions should be made by applying known principles or laws, without the intervention of discretion in their application. This maxim is intended to be a safeguard against arbitrary governance. The word "arbitrary" (from the Latin "arbiter") signifies a judgment made at the discretion of the arbiter, rather than according to the rule of law.

The purpose of legislation according to Madison was to deal with general principles.   Madison refers to "the good of the whole", "the common good", "the public good" and "the interest of the people" in relation to the proper aim of government.

Contract Law

Before letting Thomas Paine explain the history of Governments and why we in America set up a government based on the Rule of Law, I will explain why I am writing this small bit of education on governments.

Remember the common sense thinking method. This method makes us think of the long term consequences of our actions. The rule of law requires us to honor contracts between two people, two groups of people or two businesses. If we have to go to court over these contracts we enter a building with a picture or statue of a woman with a blind fold over her eyes and a balancing scale in her hand. This says that the court is blind to all but the rule of law. The court cannot favor the rich or the poor, the well dressed or the ragged, black over white, woman over man, or one faith over another. What does the contract say and who violated it? Was the contract equal under the law? Was the contract voluntary or forced?

Without going into any detail I have been watching the Federal, State and City governments violating contracts and oaths over and over, as if they are above the law. I have seen families brake apart because they do not respect equality under the rule of law. I have seen priests and bishops act against the law of the Church and their oaths, which are contracts with God.

Is The Rule of Law Democratic?

After writing the Constitution of the United States, news reporters asked Hamilton: What type of government did you give us? He answered:
A Constitutional Republic!

 I am sure the reporter did not even know what that meant, but so as not to look stupid, he simply asked: Why!

To prevent this country from ever becoming a Democracy!

We are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, with justice for all. We are guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. But what if the majority does not want justice for the minority? What if the majority becomes morally corrupt? What if the majority did not believe that black people were real people? What if the majority were like Sodom and Gomorra? What if the majority wanted the minority to take care of them?

We have a democratic process of electing our representatives, but under the law, neither the people nor their representatives can violate the rule of law.

Wherefore, security being the true design and end of government, it unanswerably follows that whatever form thereof appears most likely to ensure it to us, with the least expense and greatest benefit, is preferable to all others.



What is common sense in families and societies is that people need freedom and security. To have the maxim freedom for the majority we must give up some freedom for the individual. To have the maxim security for the majority we must contribute individually to that security. To have justice for all, we must have common laws that are equal to all. Over the history of the world we have learned that the only system that works to have peaceful families and societies is when everyone has equal justice under the law. This is what we call:

Here then is the origin and rise of government; namely, a mode rendered necessary by the inability of moral virtue to govern the world; here too is the design and end of government, viz. Freedom and security.