By Richard Salbato


The election in America is over and a "so-called" Catholic promoting abortion, homosexual marriage, late term abortion, euthanasia and everything true Catholic stand against lost.  He lost because of one issue that has never entered a political contest before - morals.  For the first time in my memory morals played a major part in an election.  In fact, morals ranked above the economy in exit poles.


More than that, morals ranked ahead of a very unpopular war that is going very badly.  The economy in America is not good, gas prices are at an all time high, American men are dying in an unpopular war, the dollar is at an all time low, Democrats out spent Republicans by tens of millions of dollars, 90% of all American news media was pro Democratic, the film industry was pro Democratic, almost all European Press was pro Democratic, Terrorists threatened any State that voted Republican with an attack, and Democrats out number Republicans.   And yet, the Republicans won the Presidency with one of the largest margins of victory for Republicans in memory and the largest total vote for one man in history, 60,500,000.  The Republicans won more seats in the House and Senate.  In fact, even in State races the moral issue put people in office that should not have won.  


How did this happen?  How did the moral issue of abortion play the number one role in an election, maybe for the first time in any country in the world?  Why?  Because the Catholic Church stood up for the first time to be counted.  For the first time the Catholic Bishops and priests did not stand idly by and watch as a government destroyed the morals of their children and legalized sin and murder. 


For more than 50 years the government of America (and the governments of most of the rest of the world) has been using the false slogan of separation of church and state, to pass laws against the moral laws of all religions and religions have been too passive to fight back.  Separation of church and state only means that a State is not a Theocracy like Saudi Arabia, Israel, England, or Russia that favor one religion.  It does not mean that churches cannot speak out on political matters when they cross over to religions matters. 


In America it is stated that churches cannot endorse one candidate over another or they will loose their tax-free status as a church.  This is not legal and churches finally realized that it is not legal and said "To hell with your illegal law, enough is enough."  In a democracy, how can you tell one group that they cannot promote candidates because they are a religious group but allow other groups to promote candidates because they are not religious and they are also tax exempt.  This is not democracy.  


This time Bishops, priests, lay Catholic groups, Protestant ministers, Jewish and even Moslem preachers spoke out against pro-abortion candidates. 


Note One below:  American Bishops and priests speak out against the Democratic Hopeful.


The Republican President's Record on Morals


Consider what the President has done to slow abortion's long march:


Before his inauguration in 2001, he spoke privately with Colin Powell. He told the pro-choice Powell that as secretary of state he would be expected to purge any vestiges of the Clinton State Department's program to promote global abortion rights. Powell agreed to follow his lead.


On his first day in office, he authorized a ban on all U.S. funding of international abortion rights groups, reversing President Clinton's executive order.


He appointed pro-lifers to key Cabinet posts, such as John Ashcroft as attorney general and Tommy Thompson as secretary of health and human services.


In August 2002, he signed the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, which provides for the protection of a child who survives an abortion. Now, that child must be protected rather than destroyed by a doctor or nurse, regardless of whether his or her birth was desired. For decades, infants who survived abortions were left to die.

In January 2003, he signed the "Sanctity of Life" bill.


Especially significant, he did not veto the Republican Senate's March 2003 ban on partial-birth abortion, which President Clinton had repeatedly blocked. For the two years prior to that ban, his Justice Department had lent support to local efforts to prohibit partial-birth abortion at the state level.


Eventually, in November 2003, he signed the partial-birth abortion ban passed by Congress.


It was telling when a few months later at the Solemn Mass for Life at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C. -- the largest Catholic chapel in the United States -- a packed throng of anguished Catholic faithful, kneeling in prayer after taking holy communion, listened intently while the presiding bishop closed the mass with a surprise message from the Protestant president. When his letter acknowledged the ban on partial-birth abortion, the solemnity was interrupted with a burst of applause.


The most recent polls show that pro-life Catholics will vote overwhelmingly against the Catholic Candidate and for the Protestant incoming President.


The Democratic "so-called" Catholic President would have shaped the direction of the court, starting with the U.S. Supreme Court, filling the courts with pro-choice appointments, and rejecting pro-life judges. He would have been the most staunchly pro-choice president ever. At the 2003 NARAL Pro-Choice America Dinner, where he described pro-lifers as "the forces of intolerance," he boasted that his maiden speech as a freshman senator had been in support of Roe vs. Wade.


On Aug. 2, 1994, on the Senate floor, he stated: "The right thing to do is to treat abortions as exactly what they are -- a medical procedure that any doctor is free to provide and any pregnant woman free to obtain. Consequently, abortions should not have to be performed in tightly guarded clinics on the edge of town; they should be performed and obtained in the same locations as any other medical procedure.... Abortions need to be moved out of the fringes of medicine and into the mainstream of medical practice."


In April 2004, he took a rare timeout from the presidential campaign to appear on the Senate floor to vote against a bill that would make it a crime to harm a fetus during an assault on the mother.


He also joined a Senate minority in voting against a ban on partial-birth abortion.


The pro-life constituency that would be most crushed by a Democratic victory is Catholics. No other group has so doggedly led the fight to halt abortion, and a potential Catholic president stands poised to undermine that progress. What Pope John Paul II has described as the "culture of life" could be hindered by no less than a practicing Catholic in the Oval Office.




In 1914 the first Catholic government was taken over by Masons - Portugal with a 99% Catholic population.  They promised to wipe out all belief in the Church in two generations.  At the same time another country with 99% Catholics was taken over by force by the Masons - Mexico.  By 1917 all Catholic nations were overthrown and replaced by Republics or Dictatorships.  For the first time in history more countries were under dictatorships than any other form of government.  In South America almost all countries were Dictatorships, in the Far East starting with China all countries except Hong Kong and Singapore were Dictatorships, in the Middle East all countries were either colonies of Europe or Dictatorships, in the East,  Russia and all former independent states were Dictatorships, and in Europe Germany, Italy and Portugal were.  Dictatorships or Republics replaced all Catholic countries. 


Then a strange thing happened.  Pope John Paul II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  Within a year the Third World War started.  But this war was "People Power".  First in the Philippines,  the people demanded an election and to make sure it was a fair election they called for 24 hour a day Rosary prayer groups at each poling booth.  They also had nuns guarding the voting boxes.  I know, because I was there.  In spite of this the election was rigged and the military revolted against the dictator.  The dictator's army went in to crush the revolting military and guess what?  The women stood in the path of the tanks and would not let them pass.  Women won the war and freed the Philippines from a dictator.  The news of "People Power" went all around the world.  And soon people were standing up and being counted everywhere.   I remember flying on a plane from Japan to America and sitting next to me was a man from PI.  He said that he was invited to Mexico to explain to them how the Philippines over-turned their dictator so that they could do the same in Mexico.  Sure enough years later a Catholic overthrew the Masons in Mexico. 


Starting in the Philippines and then Russia, 27 dictatorships were overturned in the 5 years after the 1984 Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  A few dictatorships remain in the world - China, Vietnam, Cuba, and most of the Middle East Moslem countries.  But are these dictatorships being replaced with good governments?  I do not think so.




Our Lady of Fatima warned that Russia would spread its errors throughout the world.  We may have taken communism out of Russia but we have not taken communism out of the rest of the world.  In the mask of democracies the remnants of communism still exist, if in fact, they are democracies.  In a democracy the people choose the type of government they want.  But I can show that the people do not have any choice in the matter at all.  The internationalists were unable to keep dictatorships in office, so they needed to take over democracies by controlling information to the masses and picking the candidates themselves.  In most cases, people think they have a choice but in fact, the internationalists have already picked all the candidates and they do not care who wins. 


Is it a democracy when 70% of Spain is against homosexual marriage and yet the government is going to put this into law anyway.  70% of Americans were against sex education in schools and yet the government made it the law anyway. 


We have a new war now, the Forth World War, a war to take back our governments.  Because the News media has been taken over, the best tool to do this is the internet.  The internet showed the will of the people and organized the protests but the major news media did not even report it.  They act surprised at the outcome of the elections in America but the internet was not surprised.  What happened in America must now happen all over the world in the same way that what happened in the Philippines spread throughout the world.


Note that I have not said the name of the President or the challenger.  The reason for this is that I did not pick him to be president and I am not happy that he is.  He is simply better than the stupid man the internationalists primed to run against him. 


Who is the enemy?


The president of the Union of Catholic Professional Fraternities, Luis Labiano, said this week a "tremendous
crusade by Masonry against the Church" exists in Spain.

According to Labiano, free masons "control politicians and pay for their advertisements.  They want to bring in other religions because they see it as the only way to get rid of Christianity.  They've studied it a lot."

Labiano also called the Socialist government "beginners" and argued that it is possible the government will "reverse course" regarding its relationship with the Church.  "The government says one thing today and the opposite tomorrow.  It is incredibly unstable, they are all beginners and don't know what they are doing.  Maybe they are acting in good faith, I'll admit, but they are beginners," said Labiano.

He also underscored that the government "is pressing buttons whatever way it can" and that this is happening not only in Spain but in almost all countries.


The Key Issue


The highest teaching Authority of the Magisterium, Pope John Paul II and his Predecessors, as well as the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, have taught repeatedly that the right to life is the foundation of all other rights in civil society.  The denial of this basic right leads eventually to the denial of all others rights.

All other grave social issues, such as war, poverty, health, economic justice, immigration, etc. are of secondary importance and indeed pale in comparison to innocent human life under systematic annihilation.  This is not simply a matter of one's personal faith, it is a matter of reason.

The human intellect knows intuitively that the innocent person's right to life has a greater priority than other social issues which are concerned with the quality of life.  By magisterial teaching it also happens to be an article of Faith.  Christ Himself instructed the Apostles and His Disciples to uphold the Fifth Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Murder." Ex. XX, 13. Bishops, as Successors to those Apostles, are charged with doing the same in Christ's name.

In 1994 the greatest assault on innocent human life was being waged then, like now, by the abortionists.  Euthanasia had begun to emerge as a growing concern, but cloning, embryonic stem cell research and even infanticide had not yet assumed the magnitude of the tragedy or danger that they pose in common today.

In 1995 Pope John Paul II concluded that it was urgent to promulgate the Encyclical Evangelium Vitae.  Some 12,000,000 abortions later, it has become crystal clear that the politician who actively engages his political skills
to maintain abortion-on-demand and who protects the ongoing genocide by voting for legislation in favor of abortion formally cooperates in the evil of abortion itself.  In reality, the distinction between the abortionist and the politician is almost nominal:  One, a murderer, is guilty of directly procuring abortions; the politician, makes it legally possible for the genocide to continue unabated.

Critically, now, without doubt, the integrity of the Christian Faith is under attack not just from without, but worse, from within the Church.  It is under attack by Catholic politicians who publicly and obstinately support what in all truth is nothing less than Heresy.  By heresy I mean an obstinate denial or doubt of a core, non-negotiable dogma of the Faith proposed by the Magisterium as revealed doctrine, as set forth in Canon 751 of the Code of Canon Law of 1983 and amended in 1998. 

Heresy is indeed committed by supporting either the moral rectitude of abortion as a "human right," or absent that, professing merely the "civil right to abortion."  Both of these errors are so diametrically opposed to the demands of Christian witness that to obstinately adhere to them automatically cuts one off from any hope of salvation.  Any one Catholic who supports these two heresies risks eternal damnation. 

We must not let governments do what we do not want them to do


Thousands of Peruvians of all ages gathered in front of the country’s Palace of Justice to demand for the protection of human life from the moment of conception and that President Alejandro Toledo stop distribution of the morning after pill and ensure that the Peruvian Constitution is obeyed.


Detroit Federal District Judge Gerald E. Rosen has ordered  the Ann Arbor Public Schools to pay $102,738 in attorney fees and costs to the Thomas More Law Center because school officials in that Michigan community prevented student Betsy Hansen from expressing her religious views against homosexuality during her high school's annual "Diversity Week" program.


These are two of many groups who are fighting back and we must expand these to the entire Catholic World.


One of the first things we must do is to clean up the United Nations or just get rid of it


The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) recently released its ten-year blueprint to establish sweeping new reproductive rights, including a worldwide right to abortion on demand and a right to "have access to safe abortion." The blueprint, called "IPPF's Strategic Framework 2005-2015," is meant to guide the institution in its pursuit of what it calls the "unfinished business of sexual and reproductive health."


And the United Nations has accepted this heresy, demanding that Poland liberalize its right-to-life laws in keeping with the United Nations guidelines.  They are trying the same strong arm methods with Portugal, Brazil and Morocco.


The United Nations put out a report that shows that in only 80 years, Europe will go from 36% under the age of 20 to less than 7% under the age of 20.  At the same time it will go from only 1% over 80 to 17% over 80 and from 21% over 65 to over 39% over 65.  This means that most of Europe will be retired and not working and in fact being paid by the government for this retirement with no young workers putting money into the till. 


In spite of these figures they continue to promote a birth rate under the replenishment quota.  Why?  This is non other than a new type of slave labor, taken from the poorer countries of Africa, China and South America. 


We must get rid of our dependence on Moslem Oil


Everyone in the know, knows that Saudi Arabia finances and promotes terrorism throughout the world, and yet no one thinks of stopping them.  Why? Oil!   In fact oil finances not only the terrorists but also the Internationalists who pick the candidates that you have to vote for and not the ones you would pick.  These Internationalists know that we do not need oil but that is their power and they hide the greatest secret in the world today.  We do not need oil.  When cars were invented they were invented to run on vegetable oil, the same oil that MacDonald's cooks your French Fries in.  Someone saw that they could also run on the oil that came out of the ground and it was fast and easy.  But today that same vegetable oil, that MacDonald throws away everyday is actually cheaper than the oil that comes out of the ground.  In most cars throughout the world nothing has to be altered to the engines to run on vegetable oil.  In America one state like Oklahoma could grow enough fuel to supply all of America with gas for cars at lest money that they are now paying and end the dependence on Terrorist's oil and the flow of money out of the country. 


Portugal has no gas at all and therefore has to import all its gas.  But Portugal has thousands of miles of land unused and a population of only 10,000,000.  The could easily grow all the fuel for cars they would ever need and at less that they are now paying.   They, in fact, would export fuel.   I pay less for cooking oil than gas for my car, and yet I could use the same oil for my car even after I cooked with it. 


Then end terrorism


The chairman of the U.S. bishops' international policy committee said there was "no question" that the killings in the Darfur region of Sudan represented ethnic cleansing.

Cardinal Renato Martino, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, told the Italian daily “La Stampa” yesterday that the world has already entered into “the Fourth World War.”

The Cardinal explained that after the first two World Wars came the Cold War, a true war, he said, even though it didn’t follow the usual patterns. Cardinal Martino pointed out that with terrorism, “a new war exists which involves the entire world, because we don’t know when we leave this hotel if something might happen, or when we board a bus or when we go to a bar.  The war is around each one of us.”

Without the oil money Terrorism would end.  It all starts with oil and maybe the real oil people do not want terrorism to end.  I am not talking about Arabs but about Europeans who really control the oil industry.  Why?  Let us look.

We must bankrupt the news media


Other than Fox most of the major news media in America are in trouble because of (in the case of TV) the cable stations and (in the case of papers) the internet.  Just as the industry of the horse and buggy ended with the car, so too the paper industry of news will end because of the internet and the major TV stations will end because of cable and satellite stations world wide.  People will have a free choice of news in the future and papers like the New York Times, and station like ABC, CBS and NBC will go out of business.  This will happen anyway but we must push the process and make it sooner.  


We must form our own political parties and pick our own candidates


Because of the lack of unity among Christians and the lack of co-operation between Christians, Jews and Moslems we do not have a religious Political Party.  Why not?   Poland has a Christian Based Party.  Italy has a Christian Democratic Party although not so Christian as it should be.  In many moral issues Christians, Jews and Moslems have the same political issues but they are not represented by any political party.  Homosexuals who constitute only 0.07% of the population have more power than the religious communities.  Why?  Because religious people in the past have not gotten involved in their governments.  It is time for war.


We must not join in the European Community the way it is now designed


John Paul II expressed his appreciation to the Portuguese government for "highlighting the Christian identity of Europe" in the new European constitution and he expressed the desire that "the convictions that come from this identity be affirmed in every national and international sphere."


  "In this sense," he continued: "the signing of the new Concordat between the Holy See and Portugal is the great expression of a mature consensus to reinforce the presence of this Christian 'soul' founded on the 'deep historical relations between the Catholic Church and Portugal, according to mutual responsibilities that bind the parties, in the sphere of religious freedom in order to continue with its service to the common good and to collaborate in building up a society that promotes the dignity of the human person, justice and peace."


But if the European Constitution stays as it is the Concordat with the Holy See by Portugal will be illegal.  


The Dutch abortion boat operated by the group Women on Waves was warned by Portuguese officials that it is not to enter its sovereign waters. Nuno Fernandes Thomaz, secretary of state for sea affairs. told the daily newspaper Diraio de Noticias, "If the ship decides to disrespect the orders of the Portuguese government it will have to get round a navy vessel."    

But if Portugal signs the European Constitution as it is it will not be able to keep out the abotionists.


80% of Europeans want the Christian heritage mentioned in the Constitution and yet it is not.  Is this democracy or dictatorship?


We must boycott Chinese products


A Chinese man sought refuge in the U.S. because Chinese officials had forcibly aborted Xiao Lan Zheng's first child, and threatened to sterilize his wife after their second child was born.  China uses forced labor from jails to make products that are sold world wide, making China one of the most profitable countries in the world at the expense of the labor markets of the entire rest of the world.  People who want tennis shoes at low prices by them and do not care that the profits from these are killing innocent people and children.  This is the new world order, where products matter more than people.  




Imagine the following Company.  It has a little over 500 employees with the following statistics: 29 have been accused of spousal abuse, 7 have been arrested for fraud, 19 have been accused of writing bad checks, 117 have bankrupted at least two businesses, 3 have been arrested for assault, 71 cannot get a credit card due to bad credit, 14 have been arrested on drug-related charges, 8 have been arrested for shoplifting, 21 are current defendants in lawsuits, In 1998 alone, 84 were stopped for drunk driving.


Yes, it's the 535 members of your United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds upon
hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line.


Everyone knows that the government covered up the killing of President Kennedy, but people still trust the government. 

What about the 1944 explosion in San Francisco -  a small nuclear bomb?  No one knows and no one asks. How did Russia get the plans for a nuclear bomb so quickly?  No one asks!  TWA flight 800 was downed by a shoulder-fired missile three years ago. The federal government is doing all it can to cover up what really happened -- and stop the  investigation but no one cares.


What about the Deaths (murders) under Bill Clinton to cover up his scandals of Whitewater Development, Inc.; Morgan Guaranty S&L; Mena, AR drug smuggling; The Arkansas Development Finance Authority; Travelgate; philandering, etc.?
Russell Welch, an Arkansas State Police Investigator, was stricken with what his doctor called "military-grade" anthrax poisoning during his probe of Mena drug operations.  Welsh did recover, thanks to a very astute doctor.  Alder Berriman (Barry) Seal, the head of the cocaine smuggling operation at Mena airport, was murdered.  Kevin Ives, a teenager who lived near Mena, AR, was run over by a train close to Mena. First ruled a suicide, a later autopsy showed he was murdered before he was run over by the train. He may have gotten too curious bout air drops he had seen in the nearby countryside.  Don Henry, a friend of Kevin Ives, was also run over by the train on the same night. His death was initially ruled a suicide, too, but a later autopsy showed he was also murdered before he was run over by the train.  Keith Coney, an individual who claimed to have information about the deaths of Kevin Ives and Don Henry, was fleeing an attacker on his motorcycle, when he slammed into the back of a truck. Police ruled it a "traffic fatality".  Keith McKaskle, another person who claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders, was brutally stabbed to death in his home. He knew someone was after him so he had said goodbye to his friends and family.  Gregory Collins, another person who claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders, died from a shotgun blast in the face.  Jeff Rhodes, another person who claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders, was shot in the head. His burned body was found in the city dump, with his hands, feet, and head partially severed. Richard Winters, another person who claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders, was killed by a man using a sawed-off shotgun.   Jordan Ketelson, another person who claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders, died of a shotgun  blast to the head. A total of six individuals that claimed to have information about the Ives-Henry murders ended up being murdered them-selves. Not one arrest was ever made with regard to these murders or the "activities" at Mena. It is highly unlikely that this could have occurred without the cooperation of the authorities.  Danny Casolaro, a reporter who was investigating several of the Clinton Scandals, was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel room in West Virginia, with his wrists slit. He had earlier warned his family that his life was in danger and if he was found dead due to an apparent accident or suicide, not to believe it.  Sally Perdue, one of Clinton's "regulars", was offered a $60,000/year federal job to keep her mouth shut; or she would have her legs broken. When she did come forward, she received a series of threats; but luckily for her, the American press mostly ignored her.  Gary Johnson, an attorney who lived next door to Gennifer Flowers, was beaten severely and left for dead by two thugs who broke into his apartment. It seems he had videotaped some of Clinton's "visits" and had mentioned the existence of the tapes to other people. The intruders made sure THEY TOOK THE "CLINTON-FLOWERS" TAPES after they finished the beating.  C. Victor Raiser II, the co-chairman of Clinton's presidential campaign finance committee, was killed in a plane crash near Anchorage, AK, in good weather. With his inside knowledge of the Clinton operation, he had become disillusioned by what he had seen and thus became a potential liability.  Montgomery Raiser, the son of C. Victor Raiser, died in the plane crash with his father. John A. Wilson, a Washington, D.C. councilman, "hung himself". He allegedly knew a lot about Clinton and was reportedly going to start talking before his death made that impossible.  Vince Foster, a former partner in the Rose Law firm and White House aide, was found dead in Fort Marcy Park. It was ruled a suicide, but this conclusion does NOT square with the testimony from the man who found the body (the Confidential Witness) or much of the forensic evidence.  Paul Wilcher, an attorney, was found dead in his Washington, D.C. home. The coroner either could not find or did not report the cause of death. At the time of his death, Wilcher was investigating gun-running and the drug business in Mena, AR. Shortly before his death he wrote a 105-page letter to Attorney General Janet Reno describing evidence that he allegedly had concerning Mena. The first page of his letter stated in part; "The lives of key participants, other witnesses, and even myself, are now in grave danger as a result of my passing this information on to you. If you let this information fall into the hands of the wrong persons...some or all of those who know the truth ...could well be silenced in the very near future."  Jon Walker, an investigator for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC), mysteriously "fell" to his death from Lincoln Towers, in Arlington, VA. In March 1992, Walker contacted the Kansas City RTC office for information concerning the ties between Whitewater and the Clintons.   He reportedly was looking into a 50 million dollar transfer from an RTC fund in Chicago to Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan to cover up a 47 million dollar embezzlement.  Jerry Parks, the owner of a security firm that provided security for Clinton's presidential campaign, was gunned down, assassination style, in Little Rock. The Clinton campaign had failed to settle an outstanding debt to Parks for $81,000 at the time of his death. Mr. Parks, had compiled detailed records of Clinton's sexual affairs and his  attendance at "drug parties". Parks' wife said her husband threatened to go public with his information if Clinton did not pay the bill. Parks' home was broken into only hours before he was murdered. THE ONLY THING TAKEN FROM HIS HOME WAS THE DOCUMENTATION HE HAD ON CLINTON'S "ACTIVITIES".  Ed Willey, the manager of the Clinton presidential campaign finance committee, died of a "self-inflicted" gunshot wound. He was seen handling briefcases full of cash during the campaign.  L.J. Davis, a veteran journalist, was knocked unconscious in a Little Rock hotel. Pages were stolen from his notebook that contained information on the inner workings of the Rose law firm. He later received threats to back off the story.  Herschel Friday, a member of the Clinton presidential campaign finance committee, was killed when his plane  crashed as he approached his private landing strip near his Arkansas home, in a light drizzle.  Dr. Ronald Rogers, a dentist from Royal, AR, was killed when his twin-engine Cessna crashed near Lawton, OK, in clear weather. He was on his way to see Ambrose Evans - Pritchard, a reporter from the "London Sunday Telegraph", to reveal some "dirt" on Clinton.  Kathy Ferguson, the ex-wife of Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head, in Sherwood, AR. The right-handed Ferguson supposedly shot herself behind the left ear. It was labeled a suicide even though much of the forensic evidence does not support this finding. She died five days after her ex-husband, was named a co-conspirator in the Paula Jones case. Kathy had told friends that Clinton had sexually harassed her in a manner similar to that reported by Paula Jones. She purportedly had knowledge of Clinton's "regulars" and often talked about how Clinton had gotten Danny to bring women to him and stand watch while they had sex. Part of Danny's job was to make sure that each woman was ready and willing when she and Clinton got together. Kathy said she heard that Clinton was really mad when Paula Jones wouldn't "put out".  Bill Shelton, an Arkansas police officer and boyfriend of Kathy Ferguson at the time of her death, was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head, in Sherwood, AR. He was shot behind the ear which is usually the sign of an execution. His death was also labeled a suicide. Shelton was highly critical of the conclusion of local police that Kathy had committed suicide and he aired his complaints widely.   Stanley Huggins, a partner in a Memphis law firm, was found dead in Delaware at age 46. Huggins headed a 1987 examination into the loan practices of Madison Savings & Loan. He produced a 300-400 page report that has never been made public.  Florence Martin, an accountant who had worked as a subcontractor for the CIA, was found dead in Mabell, TX, the victim of three gunshot wounds to the head. She had the documents and paperwork as well as the pin number to an account that had been set up in the name of Barry Seal for $1.46 million dollars at the Fuji Bank in the Cayman Islands. Following her death the money was moved to the Guaranty Bank in the Caymen Islands and then was transferred from that bank to another bank believed to be in the Virgin Islands.  Dennis Patrick, a Court Clerk in Kentucky, has had at least four documented attempts on his life. Lasater & Co., a Little Rock brokerage firm owned by Dan Lasater, a FOB and convicted cocaine dealer, laundered millions of dollars through Patrick's account at Lasater, without his knowledge. Patrick is currently in hiding.  A black woman, who is the manager of a Little Rock Mc-Donald's restaurant, and one of the seven or so Clinton "regulars", is frightened for her life after confirming that Clinton has an extremely small penis. (Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones and others have also independently corroborated this distinguishing characteristic of Clinton's anatomy.)   Larry Nichols, a former official of the ADFA and author of "The Clinton Chronicles", was apparently poisoned  in November 1994. On a recent TV show Nichols said, "I guess they will have to try again." He also stated that, "Bill Clinton deals in margins" ..(paraphrasing)... he will decide whether it will result in more problems for Nichols to die suddenly vs. risk having him testify if the Republicans gain control of the Senate." 
Changing the President or some congressmen does not get rid of the people who did the work and the cover-up.  They are still in power.  Are the people in control of their governments?           

If the bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah building in Oklahoma City was a terrorist reprisal for the massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, why were no BATF or FBI agents injured? Why was EVERY BADGE-CARRYING FEDERAL AGENT absent from work at nine o’clock on a weekday morning, their offices staffed only with civilian clerical workers?

Was the former Serbian President (Governor), and Current Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic a CIA operative when he was residing in New York? Did Milosevic turn "bad" against the CIA after he came to power? Or is the CIA just making him "look" like the US enemy? How did Milosevic as president (Governor) of Serbia manage to be elevated to a place of higher power than the former Yugoslav president himself, Zoran Lilic (Example: The Governor of Iowa gains power over the US president and manages to take political control of the entire country while remaining only as Gov. of Iowa.)? Was Milosevic originally elevated to power with the help of the CIA? What is the link to the NSA/CIA and the current crisis? What does the NSA/CIA have to gain? How is international banking involved?


In 1991, the National Institutes of Health.[17] listed 167 symptoms and reasons to avoid the use of aspartame , but today it is a multi-million dollar business that contributes to the degeneration of the human population, as well as the deliberate suppression of overall intelligence, short-term memory[18] and the added contribution as a carcinogenic environmental co-factor. The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control continue to receive a stream of complaints from the population about aspartane.

Columnist Nicholas Kristof, writing in the July 2 issue of the Times, suggested that the FBI was deliberately sabotaging the anthrax probe and the CIA and military intelligence were refusing to cooperate because the suspected terrorist is not an Arab or Muslim, but rather “a true-blue American with close ties to the US Defense Department, the CIA and the American biodefense program.”

According to a report in Newsweek, the 9-11 report documents how a Saudi who might have been a government agent had ties to two of the suicide hijackers living in San Diego prior to the attacks.  But Saudi flack Prince Bandar has extensive personal relationships with top Washington policy-makers -- he used to play racquetball with Colin Powell -- and knows the way to official Washington's heart: cash. The Saudis make a practice, for instance, of buying former U.S. ambassadors to Saudi Arabia. "If the reputation then builds that the Saudis take care of friends when they leave office," Bandar once said, "you'd be surprised how much better friends you have who are just coming into office."

So, when a terrorist conspiracy with Saudi links murders 3,000 Americans, the Saudis are treated very gently. Coddling the Saudis has become an ingrained Washington habit. The administration does not usually skimp on tough rhetoric, but has hardly said a discouraging public word about the Saudis, and now is actively keeping such words from being published.

The administration probably tells itself it is somehow doing "moderates" in the Saudi government a favor. But the U.S. government has a moral obligation to give the American public as much information as possible about what forces led to the mass murder of 9-11. And embarrassment is something the Saudis need more of. Craven above all, the Saudis will respond to public pressure, so long as the United States doesn't keep them from feeling it.

John Kelly—author, ABC producer. "ABC hired me to help produce a story about an investment firm that was heavily involved with the CIA. Part of the ABC report charged that the CIA had plotted to assassinate an American, Ron Rewald, the president of [the investment firm]. Scott Barnes said on camera that the CIA had asked him to kill Rewald. After the show aired, CIA officials met with ABC executive David Burke, [who] was sufficiently impressed “by the vigor with which they made their case” to order an on-air “clarification.” But that was not enough. [CIA Director] Casey called ABC Chairman Goldenson. [Thus] despite all the documented evidence presented in the program, Peter Jennings reported that ABC could no longer substantiate the charges. That same day, the CIA filed a formal complaint with the FCC charging that ABC had “deliberately distorted” the news. In the complaint, Casey asked that ABC be stripped of its TV and radio licenses….During this time, Capital Cities Communications was maneuvering to buy ABC. [CIA Director] Casey was one of the founders of Cap Cities. Cap Cities bought ABC. Within months, the entire investigative unit was dispersed.  P. 326-329





On live television the world watched as two commercial airlines hit the twin towers of the Trade Center.  Then something impossible happened - both buildings imploded all the way to the ground and took 5 other buildings with it.  How could two airlines implode these buildings?  It is not possible, but not one person in the New Media asked the question.  In fact, no one even investigated it.  How is it that a commercial airline hit the Pentagon and no airplane was found in the debris, not even an engine?  Why was only 3000 people killed in 7 buildings that hold 50,000 in peek hours.  Why was no one killed in the Pentagon?  Could terrorists fly around the USA for over an hour without a single American Defense System seeing them?  Not possible - but no one is asking any questions.  Check out Eric Hufschmid's web site and read is book or see his DVD and see if you do not have the same questions.


I have only one question.  Can you trust the American Government, the FBI, the CIA, MIA, the president, the congress, or for that matter any other government.  You voted and picked the best of two candidates but did you pick the candidates or did someone else (someone not even in your country) pick the two who you had to choose from.  In fact - do you get to pick the news you get or is it picked for you, so that you only think you are picking the news you want to hear.




Semiramis was reportedly the founder of Babylon (Iraq) and known for her sexual excesses ("don't impose morality").

Voltaire, a guiding light of the French Revolution and proponent of "don't impose morality," even wrote a play called Semiramis. The "liberté" of the French Revolution is actually "license" to fornicate, look at pornography, have abortions, etc. The Illuminati were an important force behind the French Revolution and its "license," using symbols that go back at least to Atlantis.

Sir Francis Bacon's New Atlantis referred to America. "Fundamentalist" is a term increasingly used derisively by more and more Americans as referring to someone who wants "to impose morality." And "fundamentalist" refers not only to Christians but also to Muslims like the Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq (Babylon) who have strict moral codes. The U.S. today wants to bring its values to Iraq, including the compromise of "religious (moral) tolerance," which would disallow the imposition of a particular morality (e.g., Shiite) via a theocratic state. Thus, we could be witnessing the "return to Babylon," in which Semiramis ruled!

Rosicrucian Digest in 1941 gave its the goals for the future world government. "We predict a mystical-pantheism as the religion of tomorrow…. There will not be churches, but a church. There will not be sects, but degrees and grades of comprehension…. The multiplicity of social states, countries, or nations will cease to be…. The world population will be permitted to freely migrate…. Politically, wherever they reside, they will be taken and accepted as equal citizens of the United World State…. The World State will provide and maintain community hospitals, sanitariums, and clinics for the care of the sick and injured…. Taxation will be adequate to meet the expense. Physicians… will be paid by the state and their entire professional services will be absorbed by the state…. Every citizen will enjoy these health benefits and guarantees…. No individual will be permitted to study for a profession, who is not intellectually or temperamentally suited to it" (School-to-Work today)…. Quotas will be placed upon all professions, in each of the zones, of the World State…. Men will not be huddled behind nationalistic barriers or frontiers as now"

Are these goals coming to fruition today?

Donald Keys, Planetary Citizens co-founder and World Federalist Association board of directors member stated in a speech titled, "Toward a Global Society," at a symposium:

"We're at a stage now of pulling it all together. It's a new religion called 'networking.' …When it comes to running a world or taking people into a New Age,… don't anyone think for a moment that you can run a planet without a head…. This planet has to be managed…."

Who is that head?  SATAN? 


                                                                                                          Richard P. Salbato


My apology for plagiarizing a great many people without giving them credit but I lost the file of my notes.  So if anyone has any complaints for this, please send me the names and I will give proper credit.




Note One: 

American Bishops and priests speak out against the Democratic Hopeful.


Renato Cardinal Martino, president of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace said that Catholics should not vote for politicians who support abortion - “A Catholic or anyone with a well formed conscience, a well formed understanding of right and wrong; good and evil can never vote for a political program or law 'which contradicts the fundamental contents of faith and morals.”


Referring to St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher, the cardinal said “a Catholic politician or a Catholic voter cannot separate himself or herself from his or her moral responsibility - “You cannot choose when and where to be Catholic and that includes political life and voter responsibility.” said the cardinal.  "The Church must always take up the prophetic role and be ready and willing to comment in the political sphere whenever and wherever the necessity arises."


“The Church teaches that we must be involved in the political life around us,” he added. “We must call upon our governments to promote and protect our lives and provide us with peace, justice and security.”


Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis said he would deny communion to Democratic the presidential nominee because he backs abortion.  Burke says there is no justification for people to vote for candidates who support abortion.

Two popular phrases in American political circles -  "don't impose your

Denver Archbishop Chaput said that "separation of Church and state" - are "sound bites designed to shut down serious thought," These are "usually foolish, frequently dishonest and ultimately dangerous arguments that confuse our national memory and our national identity. - People who support permissive abortion laws have no qualms at all about imposing their views on society. - "That's their right. They're acting on their beliefs. But in a democracy, everybody - including religious believers - gets to play that game."


He said, "if you believe that it's all right to kill the unborn or think that it is OK for others to do so, then you're out of communion with the church - if we're going to reject, either intellectually and practically, the teachings of the church, then we shouldn't go to communion."

 Two leading pro-life law firms offered free legal advice and assistance for churches and pastors wanting to discuss the upcoming elections and key moral issues such as abortion without running afoul of the law or inviting lawsuits from abortion advocates.  The James Madison Center for Free Speech, in association with the Alliance Defense Fund, announced it would offer free legal advice for churches and pastors who want to speak out without jeopardizing the church's tax-exempt status.

Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, called on all Catholic Church leaders "who fail to point out the difference in seriousness between abortion and other issues" to "resign their positions." Father Pavone said that the reason for his suggestion was that such Church leaders "obviously lack the most basic capacity for moral judgment.  - It is a classic abuse of religion that people will invoke a religious authority to justify violence. There is no act of violence more brutal, or claiming more victims than abortion. It kills 4,000 children daily in the United States alone. Practitioners admit under oath that they dismember and decapitate these babies. If people try to equate that with other issues by misquoting a Vatican Cardinal, they are guilty of the most shameless type of abuse of religion -- the same kind of abuse used to justify burning people at the stake. Only this time, we're talking about babies."


Erich Lukas, United States House of Representatives Candidate said, "I give you my word, on my honor, that I will enforce the law of our U.S. Constitution that states, 'We the People of the United States, in Order the Blessings of Liberty to... our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.' Our 'Posterity' are pre-born children as well as children who are not to be born for hundreds of years. Abortion has always been illegal, and I will do my best, by the grace of God, to repeal every unconstitutional abortion law and impeach every pro-abortion federal judge for condoning that most abominable act.--"


Archbishop Raymond Burke of St. Louis has been one of the most outspoken. Earlier this year, he sparked a national debate when he said he would deny communion to Democratic presidential nominee because he backs abortion.

Now, Burke says there is no justification for people to vote for candidates who support abortion.


Pro-abortion speakers have been prohibited from giving talks at Catholic University of America, in the nation's capital, and at a church in Maine. The decisions have set off a debate about whether pro-life Catholic institutions should be prohibiting such speakers. 


United States Conference of Catholic Bishops put out a worthless voting guide, but Catholic Answers responded with a good one, and sent out 2 to 5 million copies.


Note two: 

Consider the Facts:


Ninety-six percent of Americans believe in God; 90 percent pray; 93 percent of American homes have a Bible; roughly 80 percent of Americans describe themselves as Christian; and more than 40 percent of Americans attend church
weekly -- which, at least on the surface, makes the United States one of the most religiously devout countries in the world.  Somewhere between 50 million and 80 million American Christians claim they've been "born again." Americans spend $4 billion dollars a year on CDs, books and bumper stickers honoring Jesus Christ. The Passion of the Christ made more than $600 million in the first six months of its release, most of it in the United States. Americans in 2004 -
and not only Christian Americans -- remain a deeply religious people, not just in words, but also in practice. That doesn't stop us from also being sinners and hypocrites. But it does mean that most of us draw the moral roadmap for our lives from our religious faith.  Now, without simplifying things too much, law always involves turning somebody's
ought into everybody's must. When we say that we "ought to" do something, we're making a moral judgment. When we turn that moral judgment into legislation, we're imposing our views on society.  People shouldn't jaywalk because trucks will run them over, and that's bad. Therefore we make rules against jaywalking.


People shouldn't racially discriminate, because other people will suffer, and that's bad. Therefore we make laws to ensure civil rights. The racial bigots among us may feel imposed upon, but that's the way it is in a democracy.  Some interests win, and some lose. Racial bigots have the right to organize and change the law. We hope they don't succeed, but they have every right to try. Until they develop a racist consensus, though, they suffer under the weight of majority moral opinion.  Real pluralism always involves a struggle of ideas. Democracy depends on people of conviction fighting for what they believe in the public square - non-violently and ethically, but vigorously and without embarrassment. People who try to separate their private convictions from their involvement in public issues are not acting with integrity, or with loyalty to their own principles. And in doing so, they're stealing from their country.

Here's an example. People who support permissive abortion laws have no qualms at all about imposing their views on society. Back in the 1970s, they couldn't do it democratically through the ballot box, so they coerced it through the
courts. And over the past 30 years, they've fought every attempt to limit or change those laws through the democratic process. That's entirely appropriate. That's their right. They're acting on their beliefs.

But in a democracy, everybody -- including religious believers -- gets to play that game. In fact, to be healthy, the political process demands it. So for Catholics to be silent in an election year about easy abortion laws and pro-abortion campaign agendas out of some misguided sense of good manners is actually a form of theft from our national

If Catholics really believe in the sanctity of human life, then there's no way we can stand by while some people choose -- or allow others to choose -- to kill their unborn children.  There's no way we can disassociate ourselves from 40 million abortions since 1973. If we don't try to end abortion, not just socially but legally, we become complicit in that

Now we may lose the political battle to change our abortion laws, but fighting that battle is the nature of the legal process. Fighting it is thoroughly American. For religious believers not to advance their convictions about public morality in public debate is not an example of tolerance. It's an example of cowardice.

If we believe that abortion is gravely wrong -- that it kills an unborn child and attacks the common good - then we have a duty, not just a religious duty but also a democratic duty,  to punish the candidates who want to allow it. Failing to do that is an abuse of power on our part, because that's where we exercise our power as citizens most directly - in the
voting booth.  I think we can agree that the many religious believers who worked against slavery and segregation, or in favor of farm worker rights and industrial labor justice, served their country very well. They did what they did because their view of human dignity was shaped by their religious faith.

If Martin Luther King had not worked to "impose his religious views" on society, the world would be very different and worse. So we need to see that criticism for what it really is: a modern version of "Four legs good, two legs bad." People who fear and dislike religious faith don't want it to be part of our public discourse. But if we allow that to happen, we not only delude ourselves about the nature of American politics; but we also only have ourselves to blame.
The same applies to the idea that "separation of Church and state" somehow means that religious believers should shut up about legislative issues, the appointment of judges and public policy. To Catholics with a sense of recent American history, "separation of Church and state" has a uniquely anti-Catholic ring to it. Lurking behind those words in the 1960 presidential campaign was the hint that Roman dogma might somehow trump the American Constitution if Kennedy were elected.

Kennedy handled it by simply separating his Catholic identity from his public service.  This wasn't too hard because his faith seemed largely nominal. But in doing it, Kennedy confused an entire generation of Catholics and other Americans about the proper relationship of Church and civil authority.

For Catholics, the civil order has its own sphere of responsibility and its own autonomy apart from the Church. But that doesn't mean that civil authorities are exempt from moral engagement and criticism, either by individual believers or by the Church as a body. And I think this fits very comfortably with the mind of the Founders.

What the Founders intended was to prevent the establishment of an official state Church.  They never intended, and never wrote into the Constitution, any prohibition against religious believers, religious leaders or religious communities taking an active part in public issues and the political process. The idea of exiling religion from public debate would have made no sense to them.

While Jefferson and Franklin were Deists, most of the Founders were practicing Christians. All of them were deeply influenced by Christian thought. Our history as a nation is steeped in religious imagery and language, so I don't want to
belabor the obvious. But I do encourage all of you to read Vince Carroll's excellent book, Christianity on Trial: Arguments Against Anti-Religious Bigotry. Vince is the editorial pages editor of the Rocky Mountain News. Chapter 8 of his book does a great job tracking the Christian roots and Christian contributions to American democracy.

The idea that we can pull those religious roots out of our modern political life without hurting who we are is very dangerous. The United States is non-sectarian.  That's good.  But "non-sectarian" does not mean anti-religious, atheist, agnostic or even fully secular.

Our public institutions flow from a religious understanding of human rights and human dignity.  When the "separation of Church and state" begins to mean separating religious faith from public life, we begin to separate government from morality and citizens from their consciences. And that leads to politics without character, which is now a national disease.

From a Catholic perspective, the better we live our faith, the better we live our citizenship. The more faithful we are as religious believers, the more faithful we are as Americans. That may not get a candidate elected, but it will keep him
honest - and his honesty will make our public life more honest.  If people are serious about their faith, then their whole lives will naturally be formed and guided by their religious convictions. For Catholics, all of our actions and all of our
choices should be rooted in our Catholic identity and in our relationship with God. That means our choices at work; at play; within our families; and also the choices we make in living out our citizenship.

The Apostle James wrote that, "faith without works is dead." People need to act on what they claim to believe. Otherwise they're just lying to themselves. Jesus told His disciples to render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's. But what belongs to Caesar is actually very limited. And our souls belong to God
- not to Caesar. So for Catholics, our relationship with the surrounding political order will always hinge on questions of faith. And it's exactly that foundation of faith that gives American democracy life.

Foreigners often see this more clearly about our country than we do. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the great Lutheran pastor who was later killed by the Third Reich, wrote that: "The American Revolution was almost contemporary with the French one, and politically the two were not unconnected. Yet they were profoundly different in character.
[American] democracy is not founded on the emancipated man, but quite the contrary, on the kingdom of God and the limitation of all earthly power by the sovereignty of God.  [In contrast to] the Declaration of the Rights of Man, American historians can say that the federal constitution was written by men who were conscious of original sin" and the weaknesses of the human heart.

Now having said all this, it's also true that vast elements of the American academic, scientific, literary, artistic and mass media establishments routinely treat religion with contempt. Some of you will remember the artist Andres Serrano's creation where he portrayed a crucifix submerged in urine. Or the New York public museum that featured an image of the Virgin Mary smeared with elephant dung.  On a visit to Blockbuster last weekend, I counted more than 20 feature films released over the last decade that directly or indirectly attack Catholic faith, practice or history.  The New York Times and other major urban newspapers routinely cast evangelicals and the so-called religious right as dangerous zealots. The paranoia that preceded the release of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ was matched only by the surprise of Hollywood at how well it did. And as Vince Carroll shows in his book, public school textbooks have under-reported and distorted the role of religion as a positive force in American history for decades.

American religious tolerance owes as much to Roger Williams, who founded the Rhode Island colony, and William Penn, who founded the Pennsylvania colony, as it does to any thinker of the Enlightenment. But you won't hear that in the average high school history class. Both Williams and Penn were devoutly Christian.

This gulf between what most Americans believe about God and the anti-religious prejudice of many of our cultural leaders is a mystery. Why does it happen?  One answer is that religious believers cause some of the problems ourselves. We're sinners and hypocrites. That's pretty obvious. Every case of clergy sexual or financial misconduct, and every example of bigotry by a churchgoer, confirms our weakness.

But the struggle of religious believers against our own failures isn't exactly news. It doesn't explain the scope of the hostility directed toward religion in the United States over the last 50 years.  I think the real answer lies elsewhere. We can hear it in Ted Turner's famous crack that, "Christianity is for losers." In a knowledge economy, religion looks stupid. In an aristocracy of brains, faith is for suckers. We can see traces of this attitude toward organized religion as early as Jefferson and Franklin. But as America has become a world power in science and technology, mass media, wealth and economic influence, the confidence of her knowledge classes has grown.

Power breeds faith in itself. So do talent, achievement and success. Many of America's creative and professional leaders feel they don't need and certainly don't want a competing source of authority outside of themselves - especially if it tries to tell them what they can and cannot do in the name of a God they can't see.

This is why spirituality seems so popular these days in the mass media and "religion" doesn't. Spirituality can be whatever an individual wants to make it. Religion is a different story. Religion always involves duty to a larger community and to truths bigger than oneself. That's what "religion" means. It comes from the Latin word religare, "to
bind." The religious believer binds his or her life to a creed shared by other people, and agrees to be judged by it. Religious faith, lived consciously and seriously, is an act of humility, not self-improvement.

Writing a decade ago, the historian Christopher Lasch saw that today, "it is [America's leadership classes] - those who control the international flow of money and information, preside over philanthropic foundations and institutions of higher learning, manage the instruments of cultural production and thus set the terms of public debate - that have lost
faith in the values" of the American experiment. In their self-reliance and overconfidence, our "thinking classes have seceded not just from the common world around them but from reality itself."

This has very tough results both at home and abroad. As I said earlier, most people at most times in history have drawn their moral guidelines from their religious beliefs. That makes sense, because religion is about the meaning of our lives. It's about purpose and last things and our final destination. If we begin with God's love and the goal of heaven in mind, then we order our behavior in this life accordingly. We don't steal, we don't lie, we don't commit adultery; we help the poor, we comfort the sick, we shelter the homeless. 

The secular view of the world, by its nature, can't deal with questions of larger meaning.  And by refusing to engage the questions that really matter in life, secularism robs us of the foundation for our dignity and our moral vocabulary. It robs our politics of the ideals that make us a nation and a people, rather than just a mob of individuals.

What results is a loss of any sense of a common future -- a loss of active hope -- and when that happens you get the kind of demographic collapse we see today in Europe.  Population replacement requires 2.1 births per woman. Overall European rates are already lower than 1.6. In rejecting its Christian identity, Europe has basically erased its own memory. In a hundred years Europe will be a radically different continent -- and quite possibly Muslim, because Muslims continue to bear children, and in having children, they claim the future. 


Secularism also fails in its understanding of the outside world. I have the privilege of serving on the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom. It's sobering work sometimes because so many nations around the world simply ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and religious freedom often seems like a low priority even for U.S. foreign policy.

But all across the southern hemisphere, Christianity and Islam are growing very rapidly in numbers. We live in a religious age. Religion has always been, and it continues to be, the most powerful culture-forming force in history. Hostility to religion in our domestic public life makes Americans unable to think clearly overseas.  This is a fatal weakness. The idea that we can have a dialogue with the emerging world in purely secular language is ignorant and foolish. We only need to look at our problems in Iraq. The assumptions we made about creating a secular, democratic Iraq, and the realities we're now dealing with, are completely out of sync. If American policymakers refuse to understand and respect the power of religious faith in the world, we're headed for more of the same problems at enormous cost.  We can't give what we don't have. Americans are a religious people. We deny that at our peril. The more we drive religion out of our public life, the poorer we become and the less we have to offer in our engagement with the world.  We are more than simply "one nation under God." In the case of the United States -- in the light of our history and the founding ideas and documents that shaped us as a people - we are one nation because of our belief in God.

There is no more loyal form of citizenship than to protect that religious heritage for the generations who will follow us.
(I forgot where I got this note, so please someone let me know that I may give proper credit to this great essay.)


Note Three:

Judges make their own laws


New York Judge Rules Partial Birth Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

Second ruling against ban on barbaric abortion method reveals judicial tyranny

MANHATTAN, NY - Aug 26, 2004 Operation Rescue West strongly condemns today's ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard C. Casey who ruled that the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act passed by Congress last year is "unconstitutional" because it does not provide a "health" exception.

Casey's decision is the second opinion issued out of three cases filed challenging the PBA Ban that was signed into law last year. A San Francisco court has already ruled the ban unconstitutional. A Lincoln, Nebraska, court has yet to rule.

The controversial "health" exception language was deliberately left out of the federal legislation because of concerns that "health" could be so broadly interpreted that it would, in effect, nullify the ban. The Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act does, however, provide an exception if the mother's life is endangered by a pregnancy. A partial birth abortion is a controversial abortion method that is performed on pre-born babies in the later stages of pregnancy. The body of the baby is forcibly pulled out of the birth canal until only the head is left inside. The skull is then pierced and the cranial contents are then suctioned out, collapsing the head and allowing it to slip easily from the birth canal.

"This is just another example of judicial tyranny thwarting the will of the people to govern themselves. An overwhelming percentage of Americans oppose this barbaric abortion procedure. A majority of their duly elected representatives voted for the ban and the President has signed it into law. Now comes Judge Casey saying that he knows better than the collective common sense of the American people, the Congress of the United States, and the President. And the ones who will suffer from this arrogance are the tiny babies who will be mercilessly butchered by ghoulish abortionists who, according to testimony in Judge Casey's court, take pride in late- term child killing. Nothing could be more unjust or immoral." -Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue West

(Sacramento, CA)  Openly lesbian California Senator Sheila Keuhl (D) authored and is promoting Senate Bill 1313 in the State of California.  This bill has gotten past both houses of the Democratically controlled California State Legislature and is on its way to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s desk for signature.  SB 1313 drastically reduces the requirements for mandatory reporting of the known or suspected sexual, physical and emotional abuse of children.  Critics are calling this bill the “Pedophile Protection Act.”

Under existing criminal law, all persons who regularly come into contact with children are required to report any instance where there is reason to believe that a child has been molested or abused.  Typical mandatory reporters include pastors, priests, church volunteers, teachers, school volunteers, and medical personnel.  Incredibly, SB1313 would completely eliminate mandatory reporting for anyone who can be characterized as a “volunteer.”  For example, if a Sunday school teacher knew that her pastor was molesting a child, she would not be required to report.  For obvious reasons, this could give vast protection to the Catholic Church who has been under fire for failing to report and address sexual molestation of children under its control.  If SB1313 passes, thousands of victims of past and continuing sexual abuse may go unnoticed.  SB1313 also eliminates mandatory reporting in cases where children are having sex with each other, and severe emotional abuse many no longer be a reportable event at all.

Richard D. Ackerman, Vice-President of Legal Affairs for the Pro-Family Law Center in Southern California, and a survivor of severe physical and sexual abuse, states, “This is a reprehensible act by Sheila Keuhl.  The one common denominator among civilized persons is the ability to rally around the protection of our children.  Even one case of unreported abuse has the potential to begin a generational cycle of continuing abuse, and could even result in the death of a child.  This bill appears to be the work of abortionists and others who ply in the trade of promoting sex among children.”  Ackerman, while working for the United States Justice Foundation, had successfully persuaded the California Attorney General’s office to issue a written opinion to the California Medical Board, within the last two years, that affirmed the requirement of reporting for all persons who come into regular contact with children as part of the person’s professional duties.  The report followed a petition by more than 10,000 people demanding that the Attorney General protect children and require reporting.

The issue was given national coverage by the O’Reilly Factor, and other national media outlets following the presentation of evidence that Planned Parenthood had seen over 30,000 children in California, and that not one instance of reporting to law enforcement could be found.  State-required demographic data provided by Planned Parenthood to the State of California demonstrated that the volunteers and paid staff of Planned Parenthood had seen children ages 6 and under for sexually transmitted disease treatment.  Ackerman and others could not find a single report coming from Planned Parenthood to any law enforcement agency concerning these children.  SB1313 also seeks to make unavailable any reports of abuse, even if the reports are redacted.  In other words SB1313 prevents the public from even knowing if reporting is taking place.  The fact that sexual abuse reporting is not taking place in California abortion clinics and elsewhere is well documented by the objective investigation of Life Dynamics, Inc., in Denton, Texas.  The findings of LDI can be found at

Ackerman is urging “all persons of good conscience” to write to Governor Schwarzennegger and to urge him to veto this bill.  According to Ackerman, “no child deserves to be closeted in the darkness of sexual abuse.  SB1313 guarantees a blind eye to the plight of thousands of children.  If even one child is abused or dies because of the failure to report by a clinic, church or school, that child’s blood is on the hands of Sheila Keuhl and the people who sneaked behind the media’s back to get this s


A group of Catholic protesters gave John Kerry an unexpectedly cool welcome in that working class, traditionally Democrat town. Students, children, workingmen, housewives and nuns in full habits arrived in the rain at the park where Kerry planned to speak hours before his arrival. Carrying signs that read, "Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church," "You Can't be Catholic and Pro-Abortion," and "Pontius Pilate was Also Personally Opposed."

Clutching rosaries, a crowd that the Sheriff's department estimated as large as 500, marched and silently protested the presidential candidate's anti-life stand on abortion. Kerry who claims to be a devout Catholic, was visibly shaken when his speech was booed in this town that campaign organizers had expected to be

enthusiastically supportive.


Note Four:


The following are twelve simple rules enabling bishops to effectively remedy the crisis in all transparency yet resolute firmness:

1. Ordinaries need to instill publicly, through their personal preaching and through the vicarious preaching of their priests, that not only is it against the Christian Faith to support the 'right to choose,' but that one loses entirely the virtue of Supernatural Faith, the right to the Sacraments, Christian Burial, and more importantly, eternal Salvation if one
publicly and obstinately adheres to a 'right to choose abortion' in opposition to the fundamental belief of the Christian and Apostolic Faith in the sanctity of innocent human life.

Any public and obstinate support, by word or by vote, of either abortion, or absent that, "only" the civil "right-to-choose abortion" qualifies as heresy.  To be "personally opposed to abortion" is not a defense to supporting a "right to choose murder."  The propositions 1) "Abortion is not intrinsically evil" and 2) One has a "civil" or "human" right to choose abortion are both in reason, and by Divine Law, two specifically distinct heresies.  A pro-choice Catholic politician may get away with not committing the one, but he certainly falls into the pit of committing the other.

2. The grave circumstances of the age in which we live, the obligation to proclaim the Faith in all its purity, the need to protect the Sacraments from sacrilege, and the obligation to eliminate grave scandal amongst the faithful all impel the bishop to publicly and courageously inquire among the clergy and laity of his diocese as to who amongst those Catholic politicians having a domicile in his territory are publicly supporting abortion or a right to choose, in accord with Canon 1717, No. 1.  Evidence verifiable in the external forum should be presented along with any information.

3. Upon being presented with evidence of the presence in the Diocese of a politician having a domicile or quasi-domicile who both publicly holds the right-to-murder doctrine and receives the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and,
upon verification of the evidence, the bishop should order the individual to appear before him quam primum (Canon 1339, No. 2).

4. Should the politician agree to the meeting, the bishop should at that time point out his error, reiterate to the individual the obligation to submit with the assent of Faith to the dogmatic teaching of the Church on the need to respect innocent human life. Clarify the absolute incompatibility of the position he espouses with the baptismal character, and thence order him to cease and desist from any further or private support of his pro-choice deviance.  As a Catholic in public office, the individual can never favor or condone a right to abortion, but to the contrary, must strive to limit and
revoke pro-choice legislation.  As the obligation to publicly profess dogmatic Faith inures in the Catholic subject whenever publicly interrogated, a Catholic can never support, whether in public or in private, a right to choose abortion  (Canon 750, No. 1, Canon 1364, No. 1).

5. Should the politician not agree to the meeting, then the substance of Step No. 4 should be sent to the individual in writing by registered mail (Canon 1509, No. 1;)

6. At the conclusion of the meeting agreed to, the bishop should obtain a formal written recantation of the individual's erroneous beliefs.  Once done, an offer to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation should be extended to the penitent.

7. If the bishop obtains a formal written recantation, with the consent of the individual, he should release a statement publicizing the fact that the individual and the Church are one in the same Faith once again (cfr. Canon 1347, No. 1).   Additionally, an obligation for reparation of harm and the dispelling of scandal, commensurate to the degree of injury done to the Faith, the Church, and civil society, needs to be completed or seriously promised prior to reconciliation (Canon 1347, No. 2).

8. If the bishop is unable to obtain a formal written retraction, fraternal correction and canonical correction should be exercised in writing by registered mail (Canon 1339, Nos. 1-3), and, if possible, in person, reproving that 1) the requirement of Christian witness to a non-negotiable tenet of the Faith demands that he be publicly identified as holding a contradictory position to that of the Catholic Church, depriving him of the right to call himself "Catholic," and 2) should the individual refuse to amend his ways, the Bishop may impose an Interdict ferendae sententiae barring him from receiving the Most Holy Eucharist in order to safeguard unambiguously and without question the provisions of Canon 915.  Moreover, the individual may be advised that, circumstances warranting, the Ordinary may, after the expiration of a certain allowance of time as set forth in the monitum, publicly declare him to have been automatically excommunicated for heresy according to Canon 1364, No. 1, and deprived from the reception of all of the Sacraments (Canon 1331, No. 1 as well as Christian burial (Canon 1184, No. 1).

9. After giving the individual a reasonable period of time for reflection and consultation with his confessor/spiritual director (Canon 1347, Nos. 1-2), failing the acceptance of a further opportunity for emendation provided to the individual within a determined time limit, the bishop should decide by decree and after consultation with two other judges or experts (Canon 1718, Nos. 2-3), whether he can (Canon 1718, No. 1, 1), should (Canons 1341: 1718,
No. 1, 2), and must (Canon 1728, No. 1, 3) proceed by way of judicial process or extra-judicial administrative decree in order to inflict or declare the commensurate penalty of Interdict ferendae sententiae, or declare Excommunication for heresy to have been incurred latae sententiae.

10. Once the Sentence is pronounced, or the extra-judicial Decree issued, the Bishop should promulgate the decree by publication in the diocesan newspaper with an appropriate description of the process leading up to the issuing of the canonical decree (Canon 8, No. 2).

11. After the publication of the decree, the bishop should send a letter to the clergy explaining to them what their duties and responsibilities are in respect to the penalties imposed by the decree.

12. The bishop should follow up on the publication of the decree with a letter to the recalcitrant, urging him to return into full communion with the Church, reminding him of the Parable of the Prodigal Son: As the Good Shepherd never refrains from welcoming a stray sheep back into the fold, so will the bishop, in imitation of Christ, always strive to bring the one who became lost back into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, but only in entire Truth and Charity.

This Twelve-Step Program is clear, coherent with the Faith, and in accordance with the requirements of canonical equity.  If the Penal Canons of the Code are now to be dusted off and brought out of the cupboard within which they have lain dormant for almost half-a-century, it is because the balm of mercy and discretion of measure have failed to heal the growing infection of error and scandal inside the Church and the genocide increasing daily in the world around us.  The time for half-measures and fear of reprisal, loss of position, temporal advantage, or career opportunity is
over - the time for action in now.