The Man Who Wrote This Knows A Lot About God

But Does Not Know God.

When I wrote the four documents "What is the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary", I sent it to very educated people in the English speaking world for comments and corrections. I then had it translated into Portuguese and sent it to 15 of the experts on Fatima here in Portugal. I am starting to get responses from some of these people. Most like it and offer some corrections. One group in Porto want me to come up and spend a few days in meetings to go over the entire thing in detail. Normally I would wait for all these people to comment before posting changes or the response. But the one person whose opinion I value the most gave me a very disturbing response and I feel obligated to publish this now in all fairness to the truth. This persons answer was:

"The man who wrote this knows a lot about God but does not know God."

I take this very very seriously; however, I do not know what to think about it. The bible says that "God's ways are not our ways --- Who knows the mind of God?" Thomas Aquinas after finishing his "Summa" had a vision from Christ, "My son, you did a very good work for Me in this document and it is all true, but now let me show you the whole truth." He then showed Thomas a vision of all the truths that he did not know. Thomas was so upset that he threw his document in the fire. It was saved by another brother, or we would not have it today.

Since in this document of mine I am dealing with the future, of course, I do not know what will happen. Only the mystics who God has revealed this have any knowledge of this. I have read all the writings of these mystics, and in fact is why I have come to be source for information on true or false mystics. What I discovered is that some mystics contradicted other mystics, and God cannot contradict God. I first had to know who were the true mystics and who were not. Then I gathered together 104 mystics who were approved by the Church, and/or canonized saints. Even these have errors in them, from translations, added words, and even fraud by those who add things that the saints did not say. So I great deal of investigation has to be done and then you are not sure of anything.

In order to pass on this information on the 104 mystics about the future, and yet, not claim any real understanding of this, I wrote "The Ark of Apocalypse". Lest anyone think I have any real understanding of the future, the cover of the book says, "This is a fiction story. I think!" What I learned from the mystics is that most of the important future will be by direct intervention of God and not by our own actions. This was the case of the fall of Russia. We, the people, America, the CIA, Europe, and everyone in the free world were taken by complete surprise as communism came down by the power of God through Mary. This is also the way the un-going triumph of Mary will be. Of course the final triumph of Mary and in fact, God, will be in the end of the world when the Antichrist is killed and Satan is sent to Hell, but it seems to me there will be lesser triumphs where we will be granted "a period of peace" before the Antichrist.

Knowing there is very little we humans can do except pray, I still believe what the Church teaches and that is to pray and work and work and pray. In my opinion, even if we know we cannot do this without God's help, we should work as though everything depended on us, and pray as though everything depended on God. That being the case, I wrote a document based on what we could do, and not on what I knew God would have to do for us to win this war. I call it war because you cannot have a triumph unless you have a conflict. If you have a conflict you must find out who the enemy is.

The document, "What is the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary?" tries to find the enemy. It then tries to find out what we can do to help Our Lady, or at least not work against Her plans. Of course first we must have a conversion of hearts, but that seems impossible when governments are educating our children to believe in homosexuality in the schools and brainwashing them in the televisions, including the cartoons. How do we convert hearts when the very constitutions of governments outlaw any mention of God. I see this as a war of philosophy, the philosophy of humanists and the philosophy of God.

I know I am on safe grounds when saying that God wants the unity of all Christians, since this is Christ's last prayer on earth (John 17) and the teachings of all the popes. I know I am on safe grounds in saying that God prefers a Catholic Government that favors the Church, since God established a government in the teachings of Moses, and this is the teachings of the popes, especially Saint Leo XIII.

What I do not know for sure is if these two things have anything to do with "In the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph". For me, it does not matter, but I would like your feedback. It is enouph for me to know that the Holy Father wants me to work for the unity of all Christians and that God prefers a government that promotes the ethics and morals of Christianity and does nothing that works against religion, as was the case in Portugal in 1910.

"He does not know God." How will I know God? I do not know. I read the bible more than anyone I know. I read the teachings of the Church and the early fathers. I read the daily addresses of the Holy Father every morning. I pray a rosary everyday. I attend Mass everyday. I pray that my hands, heart, mind and even feet will be instruments of God. I go to confession more than once a month. I keep the commandments of God. I reprimand the sinner as required by the Bible, even myself. Jacinta cried in Church on day and Our Lady appeared to her.

"Why are you crying?" Our Lady said.

"Because I do not know how to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary."

Mary took Jacinta in visions to see all the 15 mysteries of the rosary.

I do not know God, but if I prayed forever and ever I would still not know God. Yes! I would know him better, but just as St. Jerome tried to understand the Trinity, it would be the biggest lie in history if I ever said that I know God.


These are my thoughts on this, but I will think and pray a lot more on it. Your comments will be accepted with love and gratitude.

Rick Salbato