The Next 9-11 Bombing

By Richard Salbato

It has been five years now and we seem to have prevented another 9-11 disaster.  In the past few days England prevented 10 to 20 planes from being bombed, Italy exposed another plot to bomb planes and infrastructure, and America caught two groups who seemed to be planning terrorist attacks.  All in all, over the past five years many plots (even those we do not know about) have been stopped.  Can we continue with this success?  No!  Emphatically No!

The Western Christian World has been infiltrated and is being taken over.  Today there are so many Moslems living and even born in Western countries that we have to say that the enemy is within, the enemy is our neighbor.  Like me, you might be able to say that many Moslems you know in your Western country are good friends and not in favor of terrorism.  Will, however, good and peaceful Moslems turn in their Moslems friends who they know to be planning terrorist attacks?  In almost every case, I do not think so.  My reason for believing this is the very theology of the Moslem religion, even with those peaceful and westernized Moslems. 

Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, even westernized Moslems, believe that all non-Moslems are infidels and, like pigs, deserve to be killed for rejecting Allah.  Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, will kill their own daughters for exposing their hair or marrying a non-Moslem.  Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, will kill their own children who wish to convert to Christianity.  Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, do not believe in a secular state, where the state does not impose the Moslem faith on people.  Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, do not believe in assimilating in the society that they live in.  Moslems, even peaceful Moslems, do not believe there is anything wrong with cheating, stealing from, lying to, or conning non-Moslems.   They believe these things because their bible, the Koran, teaches these things. 

Another reason I do not think we can stop another 9-11 (much worse than the last one) is because of unreasonable Nationalism.  I have lived with Arab Christians in Detroit, Michigan, Dearborn, Michigan and in Glendale, California.  Among Christian or Moslem Lebanese Americans, it is more important to be Lebanese than American.  American Lebanese remain Lebanese, and American Syrians remain Syrians, and American Iranians remain Iranians. 

Although I tried to bring about unity between the Orthodox and Catholics because of my involvement in the Miracle of Damascus and Myrna, I failed because of this extreme Nationalism of the Eastern Christians from Iraqi, Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Lebanon. 

If Christians cannot let go of their Nationalistic Traditions, what can we say about Moslems, even those born in this country?  If a Chaldean Catholic married a non-Chaldean Catholic, she would be disowned by her parents forever.  This is the kind of mentality we are fighting and we had better realize it now.

If we do not start police profiling we will loose this war.   

Even though we have not had another 9-11 in the past 5 years there has not been a month go by since 9-11 that there has not be a non-Moslem killed by a Moslem somewhere in the world.  There has not been a month go by where somewhere in the world some Christian Church or school has not been bombed by Moslems.  Everywhere, without exception, where Moslems live there is death, tension and no peace.

For 800 years Moslems (the Moors) occupied Spain, Portugal, parts of France, the south of Italy, and most of Eastern Europe.  The Jews living in these regions cooperated with the Moors for the profits they could make.  Jews even pretended to convert to Christianity in order to spy on the Christian armies for the Moors.  They did this for financial profit and to have favorable treatment by the Moors. 

One little girl, at an early age of 13 years, saw this deception but kept it to herself.  When she later became Queen of Spain, she did something about it.  Isabelle of Spain (I like to call her Saint Isabelle) began to profile people.  She asked the Jews to prove their Christianity or leave the country.  When they refused to take an oath they were jailed.  She soon realized that many Jews were willing to lie and for her to drive out the Moors she had to first get rid of the Jewish spies.

Saint Isabelle of Spain first drove out the Jews simply because she could not find the spies and then she drove out all the Moors.  Not only did she drive out the Moors from Spain after 800 years of occupation but she also drove them out of Italy, France and Eastern Europe as well.

In Portugal it was the Virgin Mary and Saint Michael that helped drive out the Moors there, but that is another story.  Today we have the Virgin Mary appearing in Damascus, Syria and in Lebanon, but because the people do not listen to Her calls we have no peace.

We need a new Saint Isabelle of Spain in the western world today because again we have been infiltrated and cannot let them plot within our borders.  During World War II we interned Germans and Japanese, even innocent people. I think we had no choice.  Other than the way we mistreated them after the internment I am in favor of this and I would be even if I was German or Japanese at the time.  War demands every (even extreme) method to win. 

Western Infiltration of Islam

In Londonistan, the radical Muslim clerics have reduced to silence the judiciary, security circles, the Church of England, the universities and the media. With the resulting license to incite hatred and terror, London's mosques have churned out literally thousands of foot soldiers in Islamic terrorism's war against the West -- including shoe-bomber Richard Reid, 9/11 plotter Zacarias Moussaoui, and the British Muslims who perpetrated last year's hideous London Underground and bus bombings that killed 52 people.

Londonistan (London, England): the birthplace of al-Qaeda, and the radical mosque, Finsbury Park.  The British multiculturalism used as a cover for jihadist forces plotting terrorism. British universities used as a major recruiting ground for Islamic terrorism. A 70,000 person Mosque to be erected next to the London Olympic Stadium.  And today Muslims who are British citizens are hostile to England.

Muslim leaders in Britain are demanding -- and are getting -- special rights, along with the special application of Islamic religious law ("Sharia"): effectively legalization of polygamy, endorsing and advancing grotesque anti-Semitism laws that infuses Islamism, accommodating a radical community bent on their annihilation, and British police and intelligence services are impotent in the face of this growing threat.

In the 1930s, Britain was the leading appeaser of the world's most intransigent foe, refusing to see the gathering signs of danger until it was almost too late. Today, the same tendency to appeasement and self-delusion is evident again -- only now, the threat is within. Britain refuses to recognize the clear and present danger of Islamism inside its own borders, which steadily corrodes its social values and moral compass.

However, America is not innocent.  President Carter, the Peanut Farmer, permitted and invigorated the Ayatollah and the rise of radical Islam.  The invasion of Iraq under President George H. W. Bush and the installation of U.S. military bases in Saudi Arabia between Islam's holy cities of Mecca and Medina sparked the holy war and the plan for the American Hiroshima. The Clinton presidency largely ignored international problems, failed to address the growing threat of Al-Qaeda after the attack on the U.S. embassies, the counter resistance in Somalia, and the attacks on the USS Sullivan and USS Cole.

Dearbornistan (Dearborn, Michigan) not only has more Moslems than non-Moslems but has a mayor who is pro-Moslem terrorists.  Islamberg  (Catskill mountains in New York) is a training ground for Terrorists.  Californiastan (Glendale, California) is another training ground for Terrorists.  Not to mention Europe’s Romestan, Florencestan, Paristan, Berlinistan and Amsterstan.

Jamaat al-Fuqra

Jamaat al-Fuqra, a Pakistani-based group with thousands of American members, has worked closely with Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Hamas and others on attacks in the U.S. – including the bombings of the World Trade Center in 1993, Oklahoma City's Murrah Federal Building in 1995 and the 9-11 attacks – but remains conspicuously absent from the State Department's terrorist list.  

Al-Fuqra's founder and leader Sheik Mubarak Gilani is a close associate of 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohmmed, who sent convicted conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui to live with al-Fuqra member Melvin Lattimore and attend flight school in Norman, Okla.

Lattimore was involved directly in the 1993 World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings and the 9-11 attacks as an al-Fuqra member but is walking the streets of America.

Gilani at one time was in Pakistani custody for the abduction of American journalist Daniel Pearl. Intelligence sources determined Pearl was attempting to meet with Gilani in the days before he disappeared in Karachi and later was beheaded. Intelligence sources also suggest a link between al-Fuqra and Richard Reid, the infamous "shoe bomber" who attempted to ignite explosives aboard a Paris-to-Miami passenger flight Dec. 22, 2001.

Beltway sniper John Muhammad also has been tied to al-Fuqra, and there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that links the group to Oklahoma University bomber Joel Hinrichs.

Al-Fuqra has more than two dozen "Jamaats," or private communities, loosely connected and scattered throughout the U.S. with an estimated 5,000 members.

The group is using Islamic schools in the United States as training facilities, including an encampment in the Catskill Mountains near Hancock, N.Y., called "Holy Islamberg."  

The terrorist group seeks to counter "excessive Western influence on Islam" through any means necessary, publicly embracing the ideology that violence is necessary to purify Islam. The enemies of Islam, the group says, are all non-Muslims and any Muslim who does not follow the tenets of fundamentalist Islam as detailed in the Quran.

Al-Fuqra openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in compounds where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat al-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority.

The group has been known to recruit disaffected young men to carry out U.S. terror attacks, including blacks, white supremacists, illegal immigrants and Native Americans as well as inmates.

Next 9-11 on August 22, 2006?  Maybe!

“Our world is on the brink of another world war. It will originate August 22nd in the Middle East.” This prediction was presented by the American political scientist Bernard Lewis in the acclaimed publication of Wall Street Journal. He is a man with close ties to the Bush administration as well as to the non-conservatives pushing for the radical solution of the “Iranian Threat.”

Lewis believes it will be precisely Teheran who will unleash the ultimate conflict by attacking Israel. Why August 22nd? Perhaps simply because Washington has set a deadline for the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and has demanded a complete wrap up of the nuclear program by that day.

It is obvious that Teheran has no intention to comply. Curiously, this year the night of August 22nd happens to be night Muslims will celebrate the journey of their prophet Mohammed to Jerusalem and his ascension into heaven. According to Lewis the followers of Mohammed have a perfect opportunity to enrich their celebration by throwing an attack on Israel. An immediate retaliation will follow.

“Such a scenario does not seem too unrealistic to me,” comments Sergey Markov, a Russian political scientist, “These days anything is possible in the Middle East. People living there are crazy and they constantly keep playing with fire. Their situation has gone out of control and is ready to explode any minute. In fact, the new world war is already going in that place.”

The Next Pearl Harbor

OK! That is the threats to America and Europe today.  What about the conspiracy theories of the last 9-11?  Could two airplanes take down 5 buildings to the ground in what are obviously implosions?  Could four airplanes fly around for over an hour in American air space after being hijacked without our security knowing it?  I am an Engineer and I know it is not possible.  However, unlike the other conspiracy theorists, I do not think any politician knew about it. Those who really control historical events cannot trust Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Senators or Congressmen.  I do believe, however, that those who wanted a war in Afghanistan and Iraqi and could have stopped it, let it happen.  Why?  For the same reason is Pearl Harbor!

President FDR and Admiral Stark knew the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor. General George Marshall warned them in ample time.  But President Roosevelt needed public opinion to go to war in Europe and at the time only 22% of Americans wanted to go to war.  I am not saying that going to war was not the right thing to do, it was.  But letting tens of thousands of Americans die to gain public opinion is always wrong.

Now we are facing an enemy that those in the know must go to war with – Iran.  The longer we wait to go to war and bomb them (Iran) the more dangerous the world will be in.  I am personally in favor of bombing Iran now and not later.  They actually want a world wide war to bring in their Messiah and an Islamic World Government and are sponsoring jihad to bring it on. 

Today we have 60% of the American public that want us to pull out of Iraqi and a majority that do not want is involved in anything regarding the Middle East at all.  These same 60% also want to bring down the price of gas and will not vote for an increase of gas prices to become independent of Middle East oil.  They will continue to support Radical Islam with their demand for gas, and complain about the price. 

Those in the know, the President, some Senators and Congressmen, Military Generals, CIA heads, FBI leaders, etc., know we must go to war with Iran sooner or later. But these people cannot just declare war, without public opinion. 

The President could, however, declare war without public opinion or even Congressional approval if we were attacked.  Perhaps it has to be a really big attack, even bigger than 9-11, but it will not only happen but it will be allowed to happen.  It will be 6 to 10 bombings across the United States and maybe even Europe all at the same time, or a major attack of a nuclear or chemical bomb.  Anything short of this would not gain public opinion. 

Someone in the CIA or FBI will know about it in advance and cover it up to let it happen.  I do not think that President Bush will realize that it could have been stopped but the real leaders of the world will know about it and let it happen. 

After The Next 9-11

After the next major attack on America (maybe also England and France) America, England and Israel will attack Iranian nuclear sites, military sights, government buildings and Terrorists Training Camps.  The U.S. will provide Navy support in the Persian Gulf and through the Air Force. Iran will not delay with its own full-scale attack against the Israeli sites and the U.S. ships.

At this point no one can guarantee that the rest of the Arab World is going to remain watching as an innocent and uninvolved bystander.  Very soon such participants as Turkey will inevitably get dragged into the funnel of war. In Iraq and Afghanistan anti-government militant groups will become very active. Finally the conflict will focus on the fighting for the control over the territories with major oil resources.

The eventual possession of the oil treasury by one of the conflicting sides will provoke harsh resistance from both Asia and Europe. Russia is also very likely to get provoked into becoming an active participant. In the end this might become something no one wishes to believe.

Israel and American attacks on Iran will lead to the interruption of oil exports into Europe and China. Their economies will suffer. In the conclusion there will be chaos all across Asia.

The detonation device for the new apocalypse will have begun.  Keeping in mind that Israel (and perhaps even Iran by now) possess nuclear weapons and are able to put them to use, this could be the beginning of a global war because other countries will not be able to remain uninvolved in the collision of civilizations of this magnitude.

My own thoughts are this:  We have been in a world wide war with Islam since the Seventh Century and it will not end until we are in another world war, World War III. 

Richard Salbato

August 14, 2006