Wanting to be Ignorant

Richard Salbato

The original title of this article was, “What if there was no news?” I am interested in this subject because I see very controlled news.  For what reason I do not know!  I know that many people say that over the past 60 years there has been a deliberate plan to take over news by internationalists (Illuminati).  I could never prove this, but it is obvious that most news is controlled by far left socialists.

What prompted me to write this is the two Supreme Court Hearings going on right now, “The Black Panther Case of Voter Intimidation” and the Federal Government suit against Arizona’s Immigration Law”. 

The Black Panther Case is so outrageous it is grounds to impeach President Obama and yet the only news media to cover this has been Fox News, which I will cover later. 

The Federal Government’s law suit against Arizona is a perfect example of the war between State Rights and the will of the people against Federal control of everything (socialism) and yet, most people have no idea what this is all about.  The most blatant example of States violating Federal Laws is California’s “Safe Cities” and the “Legal Drug Laws”, both violations of Federal Law, and yet the Feds do not sue them, but yet choose to sue over keeping illegal’s legal. (Outrageous and yet almost unreported!)   

The news media is not covering this and when they do they support Obama.  So we have controlled media except on radio, the internet and Fox News, and the majority of news media constantly attacks Fox, the internet and radio daily. When Fox came to American from Australia most people felt it would not survive and yet now it is number one by double in every new category including the number one money maker.  The reason is they give the people what they want and that is real news. 

The fact that every bill passed by Congress or enacted by Obama has been done against the will of the majority of the people has almost never been reported on the news except for Fox, the internet and talk radio. 

Of course we are not as bad as other countries.  We, who pay attention, have seen that 10 Russians spies have been arrested, convicted this week and then traded for 4 American spies in Russia.  I think everyone would want to know that, but the Russian Newspapers have not mentioned one word of this. 

OK! If you do pay attention to the news as I do, you note that a lot of news is controlled or bias, but that can be overcome by people who care about what is going on in the world.

Other Countries

I have spent 17 years in 34 other countries and believe me we have better news here than any other country in the world.  Some countries I have been in have no news at all, others are totally controlled, and others are so biased there is no truth. 

How can you make rational decisions on life or how to vote if you do not have information to rationalize. 

Deliberate Ignorance by 35% of Americans

Have you ever wondered why only 60% of eligible voters vote in Presidential Elections and only 40% vote in off elections like this coming November elections?

How many people to you know that never ever watch the news or have any idea what is going on in the world at all? 

Would you believe that there are people in America that do not know who the President is and do not care?   Some of these people vote. 

They vote to keep their food stamps, their union benefits, their government jobs, their illegal relatives benefits, but have no idea what government is or is not. 

Catholics (which I am) will justify voting for pro-choice democrats because they support illegal immigrants because that is the only thing that has increased their congregation over the past 10 years. 

How many people under the age of 25 do you know that have any idea of what is going on in the world?  And they do not care! 

The sad thing about this is that very soon 50% of all their income will go to governments and they have no idea what they are doing with their money. 

In fact, their very freedom is being taken away little by little, and they do not even know it.

In my own family I have people who have never watched the news.  I have a neighbor who has four children, a large rented house, two cars, a large computer on the internet, cable TV, three TVs, two people working and yet, collect food stamps.  They absolutely never watch or listen to the news.  

I can only guess, but if they vote, and I don’t think they will, they will vote for whoever keeps them on food stamps.  Nothing else maters because they do not know anything else!

If you do not know history, especially the history of America; if you do not know the Constitution; if you do not know the meaning of conservative, liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, or even freedom, how do you vote?   

Many people vote for whosoever gives then something for nothing.

Information is not Knowledge

True knowledge is truth and as you know not everything you hear is true.  However, how do you know truth unless you know all sides of an opinion?  I get emails from communists, socialists, liberals, progressives, sedevecantists, ultra-conservative Catholics, ultra-liberal Catholics, all of which I do not agree with; but it is important for me to know what they have to say. 

I never block or delete them before reading them.  I know I will get socialist news from CNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, ETC.; but I go to them everyday to see what they have to say.  Why?

You must tread social issues the same way you treat science.  To find the truth in science you must know the theories of all sides of an issue.  It is from the contrast that you see the truth. 

I am a strong free market capitalist that wants the government to be only the umpire. 

But I have read Kantian theories and studied socialist and communist ideas.  I have studied the history of different economic systems and how they worked to the betterment of the majority of the people and why they failed.

You cannot know unless you have a great deal of information, true and false.

Killing the Brain

Watch people and you will see that at least 30% of people are doing whatever they can to kill the brain. They are watching soap operas or movies on TV, drinking alcohol or taking drugs, or listening to brain killing music with ear-phones coming out of their heads.  This is like what I often have written,

“If you do not like me, you can leave: but what if you do not like you?”


We are the freest nation in the history of the world. 

Our founding fathers said that the two most important things we need in order to protect this freedom are “Freedom of the Press” and the “right to keep and bear Arms”.

And yet 30% of Americans do not watch the news, and another 20% select the news they will watch or listen to.  Many do not have a good enough knowledge of English to even understand news.  They do not even know where America is.

How many know that the word “bear” in the right to “Keep and bear arms” means “to carry” and that the Constitution is mostly what the government cannot do and not what they can do. 

Ignorance will be the destruction of all that is good.

Why do you think countries like China, Syria, and Iran are trying to block the Internet?  Their news is totally controlled and only government news is allowed.  In the case of Syria, where I lived for a year, there is no news except speeches by the Dictator. 

Rick Salbato