The Age of People Power

Richard Salbato


America and the world have gone though many ages, and all have been defined by inventions or philosophies that have changed the world. Our last age was the age of information. This was caused by the invention of the internet and the innovations of instantaneous information where you can look up anything you do not know and find the answer in seconds. Most important is that thanks to the on line news media (starting with the Drudge Report) you can now get news from any country in the world, almost any and all news outlets and not controlled by any government or news monopoly.

When I was young we had only three TV news outlets and about three Newspapers and all were liberal to the point of being Socialist. The control of news was so extreme in every nation that we the people were as if in a cult of controlled information by the few. If you look throughout history, every dictatorship had to first control information but today that can no longer happen.

Because we, the people, now have access to all information and massive communication between the masses (face book), we can now be an organized force even without a leader. A good example of this is the Tea Party who organized across the nation and no one can claim to have organized it and today it has no leader or leaders.

This access to information and massive communication to the entire world has taken away a major power of governments over people. If you believe like I do that governments should only exist at the will of the people, this is good.  However, it could also be bad.

We, in America, created the first government of the people in the history of the world however; we did not create a Democracy without a framework of laws. In fact, we saw a pure democracy as just as harmful as a Dictator if not controlled by a written structure of laws and organization where the people had the power without also having anarchy.

Although people power started with organization by the Church in the Philippines and Poland and later the fall of Russia, now we have people power without leadership as we have seen in the seven nations that have fallen and/or are about to fall as I write this. This number is going to grow and grow until it covers the entire world, because of the cell phone. No longer can the police secretly pick up and abuse people without someone recording it on video and spreading the information all over the world.

Even though I expect some of the nations that will be taken over by people power will not be to my liking as in Lebanon or the Gaza Strip, I still think people should have the type of government they want even if I don’t like it.  Good or bad, I want people power. In time everyone will see that written law is the best system, written and approved by the people.  The revolution in Egypt for the last 20 days was started by a Google executive in Egypt using face book to reach the people and inspire them to rebel.

Egypt is Free as of today

As I write this 30 year dictator, President Mubarak has stepped down and millions of people are celebrating in the streets of Egypt.  The military promised to form a civilian government and a new constitution.  Now is the time for America to go and help them.  When the Eastern European countries broke away from Russia, the USA went in and helped them write a constitution and organize democratic governments.  President Carter failed to do that in Iran and the revolution was taken over by radical Islam.  I constitution of freedom has to have two things: 1. the rights of the people starting with unlimited freedom of the press and 2. the limits of the government. 

I am so proud of the courage of the Egyptian people I want to be out there with them. I am afraid however, that the outcome will not be great if they do not write a constitution that guarantees human rights and limited government.  

World Wide Civil Wars

This instantaneous cell phone communication to the world with text, photo and video will expose all the government corruption throughout the world and give people the power to do something about that.  This may change every government throughout the world including America, as it is already. It could change it for the better or not, but it is going to change. The real threat is that some nations will end up with no government and that is the most dangerous of all outcomes.

Before this information age, the three major (only) news medias, ABC, CBS and NBC told us what was news and we had to accept it.  Important things could be happening in the world, like the killing of millions of Jews, but if they did not report it, we did not know it was happening. 

If they wanted us to believe a lie, they simply said it over and over again each and everyday as though it was the most important thing to report. They supported Communism all the way past World War II on our news media.  When Ronald Reagan ran and won the Presidency, they attacked him each and everyday calling him “stupid and unprepared to run any country”.

No one has had their wrath as much as Ronald Reagan until Sarah Palin came into the lime light. She is everything they hate: a loving wife, a business woman, a gun supporter, a successful mayor and governor, someone who cleaned up Republican corruption, and beat down the Oil Companies. While doing all this she was a great and loving mother with a handicapped child, and another one with problems that had to be faced with love.  No wonder they cannot stand her.  I cannot go to CNBC or CNN without them attaching her every hour on the hour.  What is it they fear about her?

All these far left news outlets are going broke and they know the reason is their left leaning ideas but refuse to change. We can only assume that their socialist agenda is more important than economic survival.  From them you will never find the truth of Global Warming, or Obama’s real childhood, and they will just make fun of anyone who questions them, but will not put up any evidence.

The real threat of these Socialist News outlets is what they do not say even today.  For example, the great news of today that is not reported:  1. Saudi Arabia bought and received two Atomic Bombs and missals from Pakistan and only the internet reported it. 2. Saudi Arabia has offered Egypt 1.3 Billion in aid if it stops the protestors from taking power. 3. Core Labs CLB that drills for shale oil is the fastest growing and hiring company in America and if not restricted by the government could take us completely out of debt. 4. Obama wants to force all America to join unions using its Czars. Also these Czars want to tax carbon without congressional approval. 5. States are passing “Right to Work” laws and no one is reporting it. 6. Swiss banks have frozen Mubarak’s bank account.  As these things happen, we are getting news about some stupid movie star going to court for some stupid thing.

Of course about 30% of Americans have their heads in the sand and have no idea what is going on in the world and do not want to know. I cannot do anything about the three monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil. They will not be prepared for the future, good or bad.


You must have information and the wisdom to know its truth or not.

Richard Salbato