Predictions and Solutions for America

Richard Salbato

99th Birthday of Ronald Reagan



Over the last 40 years I have written about the problems in Christian Religions, especially within my own Catholic Church, and most people visit my web site for these articles and investigations.  However, over the past year I have written only about American and European Politics.  The reason for this is that I believe this is the priority of each and every person in America and the world right now.  While we are arguing about a priest or minister that we do not like, or abuses in our church, the world is falling apart because we have failed to see what governments are doing to our freedoms, even our religious freedoms. 


While we sleep, governments are brainwashing our children is schools, and silencing us in the Churches.  An extreme example of this just happened in England where they passed a law that would jail priests or ministers for not allowing gays to have a Christian marriage or not allowing gays to be priests or ministers. That may seem extreme, but the same is happening little by little in our school systems in America, where government schools are making fun of Christian teaching.


Most of us believe that by the time of the elections of November 2010 we will turn around the massive socialist agenda of the Federal Government, and therefore we will save America.  I agree with this but for many reasons, I think it will be too late and too little.  Therefore I believe we will end up in a failed Nation, just like Lithuania, Greece, Spain and Portugal, which are about to go bankrupt because of excessive government spending, and yet their debt to GDP is less than America.


I believe we have made God mad and we do not have Him on our side right now.  We have been expedient instead of obedient. We voted for the most pro-abortion candidate in history because we felt it was just one issue over many.  Priests and Bishops supported him because they wanted all these illegal Spanish immigrants that showed them grow in parishioners, when without them they would show a decline in membership.  They sold out our children for numbers in the pews (pride).


Instead of being obedient to the laws of God, we have been expedient in the discipline of our children, our relationships with our family, our husbands, our wives, our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers. We cannot get God back on our side until we obey His laws.


As every Pope in this century has said, “Socialism is the enemy of God,” because it wants to take from some people without consent and give to others who do not deserve it.  This is not compassion or charity, it is theft.


God is also angry because we have corrupted the greatest God inspired document in the history of the world (next only the Bible), “the Constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights”.


Without God looking over us (and I do not think He is now), we are headed for a major destruction of our nation within the next few months or years.  Within less than 3 years, this nation will totally fail as a nation because of our financial problems; however, it could happen within months.



Note that in the last four years of Bush the debt to GDP went up from 2.5% to 3.4% but this included a 700,000,000 bail out that was paid back and a surge in Iraq.  However, in the first year of Obama it has more than tripled.  To belong to the European Union your debt to GDP cannot be over 3% and three countries are being forced to cut spending because they are over this rate but all are less than we are.


How have we paid for our Federal Debt over the past two years?  The answer to that is the same as why we gave almost a trillion dollars to the major banks and yet they did not loan that money out to the private industry.  At the same time they made record profits without lending money to anyone.  How is that possible?


Easy, they borrowed freshly printed Federal Reserve money for 0 to .25% interest and bought Federal Bonds for 3.5% making 300.25% profit without investing one single penny of their own money.  The government looked the other way because they needed to sell their debt without making it look like they were just printing money.  At the same time, when they could not sell enough bonds to American banks, China and Japan, they printed money and bought their own debt. 


The real bright spot over the last year is not religions but the Tea Party Movement, which will change America as we know it now and for the good.  However, what worries me is that we are talking about freezing the growth of government and that will not save America.  To save America we must reduce the Federal Government by 20% per year for the next 4 years.  No one is advocating this as of yet.  This is what Ronald Reagan wanted but could not get done because of congress.    

My prediction is that we will economically fail as a nation within two to three years, but it could happen in months if one or two other expected things happen within that time. 


1. Israel most likely will attack Iran this year, and if that happens Iran will bomb the oil fields of their three neighboring countries and the shipping lanes of the Straights of Hermosa.  This will be a devastating blow the world economies and put us back into a major depression overnight.


2. The other devastation for the economy is when people or governments will not buy American Debt for one of two reasons, 1. They loose faith in the debt, 2. The interest rate is not worth the risk.  This could happen in months.  If, however, they raise the interest rate to match the risk, the debt goes why out of sight.  


Many foreign governments have already changed from buying American bonds, to buying commodities or American mortgages, which are safer than American bonds and pays more.


Pay attention to what I am saying,

“We are going to have a world wide economic crash sometime in the next few months or few years and we are not doing anything I can see to avoid it.”  


Reference:  American Revolution in One to Three Years   


November 2010 elections

Before you vote in the next elections educate yourself, especially in Economics.  The Tea Party Movement will be the greatest force in the next elections, and hopefully in the primaries.  A good signs of this is Rubio in Florida, but the best sign of this will be the challenge of John McCain.  I love John McCain as a person and his life, but his politics are not American and he must be removed because he is not a true Constitutional American.


The Tea Parties do not have and do not want leadership because they are not a top down group but a bottom up group.  They do not want any National Organization, because they have tens of thousands of individual groups that represent the individual needs of the states and it is states rights and power they are after and not central government.


The Tea Party candidates will win every election and the majority of the house and senate providing they can monitor election fraud which is already being prepared.  Rumors all already on the internet of Obama making everyone automatically being registered to vote just by being alive.  Acorn is getting another massive infusion of government money to corrupt the elections.  However this never works unless the elections are close and I don’t think they will even be close.


Since most government workers vote liberal and they are growing and considering Obama wants Illegal Immigrants to vote, this will not be as easy as it might seen, but I predict it will be a massive conservative take over.


A good idea of what I mean by conservative is the Litmus Test being asked by the Tea Parties of all candidates. 

Reagan’s Unity Principle:

(1) Smaller government, smaller national debt, lower deficits and lower taxes by opposing bills like Obama’s “stimulus” bill;
(2) Market-based healthcare reform and oppose Obama-style government-run healthcare;
(3) Market-based energy reforms by opposing cap-and-trade legislation;
(4) Workers’ right to secret ballot by opposing "card check";
(5) Legal immigration and assimilation into American society by opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants;
(6) Victory in Iraq and Afghanistan by supporting military-recommended troop surges;
(7) Containment of Iran and North Korea, particularly effective action to eliminate their nuclear weapons threat;
(8) Retention of the Defense of Marriage Act;
(9) Protecting the lives of vulnerable persons by opposing healthcare rationing and denial of healthcare and government funding of abortion; and
(10) The right to keep and bear arms by opposing government restrictions on gun ownership.


But better than this is the Contract FROM America by the Tea Parties.  See the web site ----


Reference:  Pros and Cons of a Third Party


Interesting and maybe a better Litmus Test is the Articles of Freedom, which demands rigid loyalty to the Constitution of the United States -  and worth a good read. This organization is great because they can work like (but opposite) the ACLU, because they can legally challenge any law by the Federal or State governments that are not constitutional by using class action authority. 

Reference:  Getting away with Unconstitutional Laws




Reduce the debt to zero.  How?

Constitutional Government:  The first and most important solutions is to rid the nation of each and every Federal department or law that is un-constitutional and this would be over 200 Federal departments like the Department of Education, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Department of Energy, none of which are Constitutional. 

References:  Common Sense & The Rule of Law

Cut Federal Government now not later.

In the year 2000, Federal Government workers (not counting the military) were 1.8 million but in 2010 they are 2.3 million and their wages have increased 8%.  We cannot freeze federal spending and save America, we must reduce all Federal powers, except the military, by 80% within 4 years.  If not, we will not survive as a nation. 

Reference:   Stop Federal Growth Now - Not Later


Social Security

When Social Security was passed the average age of life was 60 and now it is 80.  The amount of workers to retired was 16 to 1 and now it is 2 to 1.  Social Security was put in a lock box and only used for retirement, but now it is in the general Federal Tax fund, and is empty.  In other words, it was stolen and owed to the fund by the Federal spend and spend congress. When they did this, people were not paying attention to congress but now we are.

In the next few years 30 million baby boomers (born in World War II) will be added to the Social Security making it the highest entitlement in the budget. 


You cannot save Social Security without doing all of the next hard changes.

1. Increase the retirement age from 65 to 70

2. Make Social Security an insurance and not a rite.  If I buy insurance on my house, I may pay all my life and never collect unless I need to.  When I pay into SSI I collect even if I do not need it.  My friend (who has 700 million in net worth), collects $1,500 a month from the government. This has to stop.

3. Freeze the SSI box again.

4. Increase the work force by encouraging birth rates and educated immigration.

5. Turn over all SSI to the states and away from the Fed. 


Reference:  Galveston Social Security Plan 



Medicare is going broke for the same reason is SSI, people are qualified too young and there is too much corruption in the system.  To save the system and keep good care we must do the following changes:

1. Take all patient information away from Insurance Companies and Doctors and give it to the patients.

2. Computerize all this information.

3. Give all bills to patients so that they turn this into the government for payment, so that they can verify that they received the care before being paid to the doctors.

4. Up the age of qualification to 70 years unless disabled.



Medical is for people who have no insurance and cannot afford it.  This should not be cut.

However, take this away from the Federal Government and give to the States.


Government Pay

Government workers compensation shall not be greater than non-government and that includes age of retirement, retirement benefits, insurance and wages.  It also includes State government workers like the police, fire fighters, etc.  Why should a government worker retire at 40 years of age with 80% of his salary?  Why should a congressman after 4 years of work, receive a life time of benefits at taxpayers expense? 


Encourage Births

The birth rate of Europe is so low that it does not replace the people who are dying off and as a result the economies are dying also. House construction in Europe has completely died because there are no young people to buy them.  In time there will be more homes than people.  Already the average age is going up year after year to the point when there will be more retired than working.  Russia realized this problem and passed a law incentivizing people to have babies, and this year was the first year where their population went up in the past 10 years.  Without increasing the population the economy of America will fail no matter what we do.


Line Item Vote – not Line Item Veto

For 40 years we have tried to give Presidents a line item veto but never succeeded because congress wanted to retain the power.  My solution could let congress keep this power but eliminate pork barrel and stupid spending.  Simply eliminate comprehensive bills, by forcing all congressmen and senators to vote on every single item of the bill.  For example, to pass a military spending bill, where an attachment is added to rubberize tennis courts in Florida, the attachment would have to be voted on separately and spending that even the military does not want would have to be voted on item by item.   This alone would reduce spending by billions a year and do no harm to the economy.  


Get Government out of Schools

When this government was formed 250 years ago, all public education was paid for by towns, not by states or Federal taxes.  In the first 150 years we became the best educated society in the world, and from that educated society we produced the greatest science in history.  When the Federal government got involved in education we went from number one in the world, to almost last in the industrialized nations.  What are the solutions?

1. Let any student go to any school he wants to.  (Voucher System)

2. Pay the student and not the school

3. Start home computer education and increase it over time until there are no school buildings.  Right now, there is an increasing college education system that is done on the internet. This will keep growing because people can get a college degree at less then $30,000 whereas attending a college is over $500,000.  To expand that to high schools, the Cisco System of class participation on computer will be used in the future.  Imagine a student interacting with his teacher face to face and with the rest of a class face to face, but from his own home.  No more will parents worry about his safety or peer abuse, or interruptions by those who do not want to learn, but at the same time he can get all the same advantages of attending school but not leaving home. The cost per student will drop by 90% and they results will be increased drastically.


Get Congress out of Washington

In the first congresses of the nation, congress met for a few months a year and had little distance to travel.  Some states limit the time their congresses can meet per year.  I, however, believe that today because of computer systems, the Federal congress does not even have to go to Washington.  They can have meetings, conferences, give talks, and vote from their home towns, using the Cisco Systems that are used by big international business.  This would eliminate lobbyists almost entirely and keep congressman close to the people.

Reference:  Drastic Idea - Get Congress out of Washington


Judicial System

For 160 years American law was strictly constitutional law.  Then in about 1910 some lawyer presented to a judge a case that was ruled on in England, and used that as an excuse for his case. This was the start of what we now call precedent case law.  Now instead of a lawyer having one book, the constitution, he has thousands of books on other rulings in the past by other judges.  This is known as common law.  This came out of England where they do not have written law.  In all truth, this is not constitutional because we do have written law.


However, one good thing has happened in England within the past 10 years is that they passed the looser pays all court costs including the lawyer fees of the winner.  This has reduced court cases by up to 50% and government costs by 70%.  The amount of money spent by Federal, State, Businesses, and Individuals per year is unbelievable.  This can be reduced to zero by doing the following things

1. Make all Civil and Criminal Law strictly Constitutional 

2. Eliminate Precedent (Common Law) from all court cases

          3. Charge all costs to looser including government costs and all lawyer costs

          4. Make all drug use Rico Crimes.  By so doing the government can confiscate all property of the criminal (car, house, income) to pay back to the government the cost of the crime, but not jail the person. 

          5. Make all drug Trafficking Rico Crimes for the same reasons as above, however, in this case Rico allows confiscation of all property obtained by the illegal sale of drugs.  Again to jail time.


Union Monopolies

The founder of unions in America was a great man, who fought against the monopolies businesses has on labor.  However, he warned that unions could fall into the same monopoly sin and prayed the unions never become larger that the business or town they were in.  Today the major reason for States like California going broke is Government unions like the Teachers Union.  I have no problem with unions, even government unions, but a union in Northern California should have no authority in Southern California, nor from San Diego to San Bernardino, where the cost of living in one is 40% higher than the other.        


State Rights

There are now 13 states that have declared their sovereign rights over the Federal Government in the last 18 months, meaning they will not accept any Federal mandate that is not constitutional, and that includes the new health care bill, Federal Gun laws, and School mandates.  We need to have 50 states do this.


Sell Federal Property

The biggest problem in America today is the Federal Debt and the quickest way to reduce that is to sell all the property that the Feds have that they do not need.  Estimates are that they could use this to reduce the debt by two trillion dollars in one year.



After containing spending, which if all above was done could reduce Federal spending by 70% and reduce the debt to zero.  However, the next thing that has to be done to bring back America to the leader of the world is to create wealth and jobs for all Americans who want a job. 


Just to bring back the 8,000,000 jobs lost in the past 18 months and take up the new high school and college people coming into the job market, 15,000,000 jobs have to be created over the next five years or 3,000,000 a year.  Under the present system, this would never happen.

In order for that to happen for sure we must do the following.

1. In order to create jobs we must first get rid of the false science called “global warming”.  In case you think this is a real science do a little study:

Maurice Strong - Father of American Destruction

The Truth about Global Warming

Copenhagen's Climate Treaty

The Proof -  Global Warming - World Government

Finding Truth - The Birth Certificate - Global Warming

          2, At the present time we need at least 50 new Nuclear Power Plants and by eliminating the red tape, we can do this and create hundreds of thousands of jobs overnight without it costing tax payers one penny and help the nation for 80 years.

          3. Pass immediately Congressional Bill, HR 1835, which will change all cross country trucks and stations from gas to Natural Gas.  This will cut our dependence on foreign oil by 50% and create many jobs for years to come because of the pipe lines and new drilling for natural gas.

          4. Open up all Oil and Natural Gas Off Shore and On Shore Drilling on Federal, State and private property without environmental restrictions and do it now.

          5. Start all the Water Projects that have been needed for the past 40 years but have been restricted because of environmental laws. This will also help increase the exports of agriculture products, which is already one of our major exports.  These water projects can be done with private money.

          6.  Remove all business tax especially the Capital Gains Tax, making America the most friendly business country in the world, and attracting foreign business.  China has no Capital Gains Tax, and it makes no sense because a business never pays it, the people pay it when buying the product.

7. Make Health Care illegal to be part of any employee compensation.

          Each American should take care of his own insurance and know the costs. When he sees the bill and sends it to the insurance company, he knows if is true or fraud.

8. Import educated workers from all over the world.

          Because of our education system we do not have the qualified workers we need. This includes not only highly educated but welders and machinists. 

9. Encourage retired foreign workers to come to America

          They bring money to America and do not cost jobs.

10. Export America’s Natural Resources, Oil, Coal, Natural Gas, Uranium, Corn, Wheat, Electronics, Entertainment, Defense Systems, Aviation, and Power Plants.

          We cannot export labor intense work, but we do have great natural Resources.

11. Pass the National ID card for any worker

          This will drive out illegal workers.

12. Competitive Bids for all contracts

13. Equal Regulations for all businesses       

          14. Pass the free trade bills before congress for the past 3 years on South Korea, Panama, Columbia and others.

          15. Pass the ten point Republican Health Care bill. 

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Social Security outlays will exceed revenues for the first time in 25 years in 2010 – and a wave of red ink is rapidly building up behind this immediate tipping point as the program will run permanent deficits beginning in 2016. Meanwhile a similar Medicaid implosion is on the horizon, and on top of these brewing disasters we have the hundreds of billions of dollars America must devote to interest payments on its mushrooming debt.

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2. Light of the World

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US treasury bonds were relatively steady on Wednesday with the yield on the 10-year note rising 3 basis points to 3.67 per cent.

3. False Science

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To give you a taste of "HIJACKING SCIENCE," did you know:

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* Doctors and researchers have for years studiously avoided acknowledging the documented link between abortion and breast cancer?

* "Scientific" studies are now being generated that conclude gun ownership is a health hazard?

* Thanks to psychiatry's reliance on mood-altering drugs rather than enlightened counseling, between 20 and 30 million Americans today take powerful anti-depressants, and between 4 and 9 million children take dangerous psycho-stimulants like Ritalin?

* Top academics admit evolution is "unproven and unprovable," but say it's the only alternative to believing in a Creator, which they find "unthinkable"?

The centerpiece of "HIJACKING SCIENCE" is an in-depth exploration of what is causing much of the corruption in science today, written for Whistleblower by Ph.D. scientist Arthur Robinson, who co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine with Linus Pauling in 1973.

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"Can we rely upon news reports that tell us the newly reported findings of American scientists?" asks Robinson, currently head of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. "No! A very large group of pseudo-scientists is now present among our scientists, and it is they who seek and receive most of the publicity brought to us by our print and television media."

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