Sarah Palin for (Independent) President

Richard Salbato – 7-11-2009


I find it interesting how the news media, both conservative and liberal react to Sarah Palin.  Everyone is obsessed with her, good or evil.  Why?  I know why, but I wonder if anyone else knows.  She has something that no one else has had in the public media for a long time.  She has a real moral character. 

Last week every TV Station covered live for days adulation of Michael Jackson, a great singing talent, but with absolutely no moral character.  In fact, the media, the government, Hollywood, and even many people have a great fear of people with true moral character.  Republicans and Democrats want you to listen to what they say but not to look into their lives and see the truth of their moral character. 

They call her a quitter because she stepped down from a job they would not let her finish.  They say she has no political experience to be President and yet she has more political experience than Obama. 

Its character stupid

It is time we had someone in office with no political experience.  What does it mean to have political experience?  It means you know whose ASS to kiss, what special interest gives you the most money, what person in the news media will be most supportive, who in the Political Party you have to please to get nominated.

Although Sarah Palin has more political experience than Obama, I want her to embrace the charges that she lacks experience.  I want her to announce that she is looking into gaining the support of enough people to run for President of the United States of America in 2012, and do it now. 

I want her to speak now and in the future from her heart without other people writing for her, but in violation of what I want from her, I am going to offer the speech I would like to hear from her and as soon as possible.

Sarah Palin’s Speech  

“At a time when I was fighting frivolous law suits in Alaska, trying to get on with the business of governing, neglecting my loving husband and children, I was also watching the American people gather in thousands of Tea Parties all over America.  I noted that the news media was still obsessed with me but did not cover the Tea Parties at all. 

Alright --- if the news media wants to stay obsessed with me, they are going to find me with the people, the people who came out in these Tea Parties.

These people in power, government or news media, do not understand what these people are gathering for. These people understand how and why this nation was founded and what it is supposed to stand for. They know that we cannot wait until the 2012 elections to correct this problem.  They know that we, as a nation, will be so in debt we cannot get out of it.  They know that they will be so taxed they will not have the same faith in the future they had in the past.  They know that the more government grows, the more freedom is lost.  I cannot stand back taking care of Alaska’s problems as the nation falls into an abuse it cannot get out of.

I need to take this obsession with me and use it to help people who want to clean up the House and Senate 17 months from now.  I want to support candidates who believe in the values this nation was founded on, the Rule of Law, small government, States rights, the right to life, liberty, individual rights to bare arms, private property, family values and protection of contracts. 

I don’t care if these candidates are Republicans, Democrats or Independents as long as they believe in the Rule of Law and the true meaning of the Constitution. It is time for People Power.  Let us take back this nation from this government corruption.

After that, if we still do not find the right person to run for President in 2012, I will be ready to run, but not with any political party.  My party will be the people, and not the machine that has existed for too long.” 


Issues at stake:

1. The Rule of Law

Our Constitution starts out:

“We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Remember that it says we established a Constitution, not a democratic dictatorship.  That Constitution says that the constitution can be changed but only in specific ways spelled out in Article V.

What does it mean to have a Constitution and where did the idea come from?

More than 2000 years ago Plato wrote:

Where the law is subject to some other authority and has none of its own, the collapse of the state, in my view, is not far off; but if law is the master of the government and the government is its slave, then the situation is full of promise and men enjoy all the blessings that the gods shower on a state.

Aristotle endorsed the rule of law, writing that "law should govern", and those in power should be "servants of the laws."

Thomas Paine said: 

"in America, the law is King. For as in absolute governments the king is law, so in free countries the law ought to be king; and there ought to be no other."

John Adams said we are “a government of laws and not of men."

The rule of law requires us to honor contracts between two people, two groups of people or two businesses.  If we have to go to court over these contracts we enter a building with a picture or statue of a woman with a blind fold over her eyes and a balancing scale in her hand. This says that the court is blind to all but the rule of law.  The court cannot favor the rich or the poor, the well dressed or the ragged, black over white, woman over man, or one faith over another.  What does the contract say and who violated it?  Was the contract equal under the law?  Was the contract voluntary or forced?  And that is all, not people but the law. 

Over the last 90 years, little by little, Constitutional law has been eroded and violated by Democrats, Republicans and the Supreme Court.  In the last 100 days we have accelerated this erosion of the Constitution to the point that we seem to have a democratic dictatorship today. 

This dictatorship of the federal government and courts is taking away our First Amendment rights to free exercise of religion, speech, assembly, and even a free and aggressive press.  Soon they will take away our personal right to our own security, the right of the people, not the state, to keep and bear arms.  The Forth Amendment to be secure in our persons and property is being violated little by little.

Our rights as people (as stated in the Ninth Amendment) are being taken away and given to the governments.  Personal and States rights guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment are overlooked entirely.

The government once said that black people did not have rights and that was corrected by the written law, it said that women did not have equal rights, and that was corrected by written law.  Now (without the use of written law) it says that babies are not real humans with equal rights, and we the people have to correct that using the written law.  

People Power

The Democratic Machine is so controlled by monopolies, big business and big unions; no one can even run for office unless they are in bed with those companies and unions that gain the most by big business.  Today it takes so much money to get elected and stay elected they have to hug the monopolies that became that way through government contracts or favorable laws.  Monopolies in business and unions were outlawed as a result of the great depression but they are back in force again today, especially in government unions that are bankrupting the states.

The Republican Machine, now that they are a minority party, is doing the right thing in just saying “No” to big government.  But they were not that way when they were in the majority.  When they had the power in Washington they had just as many pork projects and unrelated attachments to bill that the Democrats had.  The personal morals of congressmen made them out as liars because they ran on moral values. 

The machine is such that you have to gain political favor with the money machine before you can consider running for office.  They don’t care if you are the best candidate, only if you bow down to the right money people.

The Libertarians might have the right idea when it comes to small government and personal rights, but they go to far when it comes to isolationism and selfish disregard for suffering people in foreign countries.  They would stand by and let a neighbor’s house burn down, as long as they protected their own house.   

All Political Parties claim they are doing what the “People Want”.  I was elected to give everyone health care, which is what the people want.  The people want a stimulus plan.  The people want us to do something about global warming.  All that might be true until you see the details of what they are passing through congress. 

The people did not want a bill that no congressman read. The people were promised transparency, but no one is even allowed to read these bills, not even the congressmen that voted for them.  The people did not vote for cap and trade, they voted for the idea of global warming, not the government solution of taxing everyone. 

Look at the polls and the votes.  The polls showed 70% were against the stimulus plan but it was passed anyway.  The polls showed 70% are against universal health care, but it will pass anyway.  The polls showed 70% were against bank bailouts but it passed anyway.  The polls showed 70% were against the GM bailout but it went through anyway.  It is time we told them what we want, and stop letting the news media say what they think we want. 

The constitution limits The Power of the President to specific things, with oversight by the congress even to his selection of advisors and his cabinet, but now we have presidential Czars, who are dictators with no oversight at all.

The Power of the Congress is limited by the constitution to only those things allowed in the constitution and everything else is given to the states and the people as stated in the Tenth Amendment.  The federal government has no right to be in the business of Schools, Health Care, Gun Control, State or personal property, State energy, or non federal unions. 

The Power of the Supreme Court is limited to judging according to the rule of law as expressed in the constitution, and has no right to interpret law according to what they think is what the people want, the majority thinking, or the trends of the day.  If the people want something different than is in the Rule of Law, they have the method and power to change it, the court is not the place to change that as they did in Roe vs. Wade or Church-State separation, which the constitution does not say. 

The Tenth Amendment gives to people and states all the power that is not specifically spelled out in the Constitution, but the people and state rights have been disappearing little by little over the past 90 years and this is the reason the federal government has grown to a point soon of no return.  Soon the states will be nothing but puppets of the Federal Government.   We need a new congress and president that will repeal all government programs that it has no right in the constitution to be involved in. 

My suggestion to Sarah Palin and the Tea Party Americans is to advocate the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment.  Before the Seventeenth Amendment, Senators were limited to 4 years in office, and were not voted on by direct elections.  They were appointed by the State congresses.  This was done because of the founding fathers fear of corruption, and the balance of power, favoring the power of the states. 

The problem today is that the Federal Government has a great deal of power that goes beyond the states.  Because of this power, a state senator is important to powerful people outside his state.  For this reason election money for Senators comes mostly from people outside his state and has nothing to do with the people of the state. 

Some Senators get 90% of their election finances from people outside their states, and become wealthy from special treatment from national or international companies.  The cost to the American tax payer for elections alone on Senators is in the billions, and 90% are reelected over and over because of the power over the news media.  We, the people, have better control over State houses, and these should be able to control the growth of the Federal Government better than a direct vote.  

How Congress Works

Another Suggestion I would have for Sarah Palin, is to point out to the people the stupidity of the way Congress works.  If you watch C-Span as I do, you will see Democrats giving long speeches on why you should support some bill that no one has ever read, but what you do not see is that no one is in the house to hear this speech. Then the Republicans will get up and give long speeches on why you should not pass a bill, and no Democrats will be in the house to hear these speeches. 

The public has no idea what is in these bills, nor do the members of the House and Senate.  Let us just stop all these stupid speeches, write a bill, publish it on the internet for all the public to read for 4 weeks, and then vote on it without amendments. 

If it does not pass, make amendments and post it again for 4 weeks and then vote on it again.  This gives us, the people, a chance to know what they are voting on.  This would be People Power. 

Now here is the greatest problem with Congress, and that is unrelated amendments.  Let us say that President Bush needs financing for the war in Iraq and he needs it now and fast.  Senator such and such says he will not vote for it unless they add an amendment that grants money to his state for building an airport.  They buy his vote with a huge amount of money and they know Bush cannot afford to veto it.  When you consider that 100 Senators have this same power, you can see why pork spending is so out of control. 

We must pass laws that make it against the law to have any amendments that are unrelated to the original bill and no amendments that are not posted on the internet for less than 4 weeks.  No political speeches, just write bills, let us read them, check the polls on them and vote. 

Because of the great advancement of the internet and the Polls, especially Rasmussen, we, the people, should have more direct input into bills then they had years ago before this mass communication.  

Energy and the Economy

Of course, one of the great strengths of Sarah Palin is her knowledge of energy.  Energy is the only thing that can save this economy and the federal debt.  Her fight with the Gas Companies in Alaska is what is needed in the rest of America, and the only thing that can turn this economy around. 

We have more Gas, Natural Gas, Coal, and Nuclear Know-how than any other country in the world.  We can both reduce our use of gas for cars by going to Natural Gas and electric cars and at the same time develop our Gas supplies to the point we become the greatest exporter of Gas and Natural Gas in the world. 

India and China are not going to stop using Gas and Coal no matter what we do.  So why don’t we sell it to them instead of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Russia. What Sarah Palin said in Alaska is that this Oil and Gas in the ground does not belong to the Oil Companies, it belongs to the people.  We will make it easier for the companies to drill for this product but the people need to have their fair share of the profits to reduce their taxes and finance their programs. 

If we went on a massive program to put Natural Gas in every Gas Station across the nation, we could reduce pollution by 70% and the cost of transportation by 50% in a very few years.  At the same time this will create millions of jobs overnight. 

If we open up the oil production in Colorado and surrounding states, off shore in the Gulf of Mexico and California, we would add hundreds of thousands of jobs, reduce our Federal and State debts, and export to other countries.

If we reduce the red tape of building Nuclear Power Plants and open up no less than 200 more projects, we could add millions of jobs overnight and reduce pollution drastically.  New technology allows the re-use of spent rods over and over forever, so there is no threat to this anymore.  Even Environmentalists are in favor of this.    

Only Energy – Oil, Natural Gas, Nuclear will turn this economy around and keep it that way for years to come.  

Defense and Security

The first and foremost job of the Federal Government is the defense of the nation, and yet one of the great mistakes of Obama and the Democratic Congress is stopping the production of the F22 Fighter-Bomber.  Billions of our tax dollars went into the science and final testing of this project and just when it was about to go into production, creating thousands of jobs in 26 different states, Obama cancelled the program.  Disregarding the billions of tax dollars already spend, this is the most advanced Fighter-Bomber in history.  It is so far ahead of the rest of the world, that it will be the leading weapon for the next 50 years.  It can fly over any country in the world today (no matter what tech they have) without being seen.  Its fire power is so advanced it can hit targets without the worry of hitting innocent people.  It is such a “Big Stick” no one would even think of going to war for the next 50 years.  It is designed to save the lives of our soldiers and innocent people. 

The next great mistake of Obama is to stop the Missile Defense System, which has been in research and design since the time of President Reagan.  Now that we have a system that works and can even be sold to other countries without risk to us, Obama shuts down the system.  Can anyone tell us why, when we need the defense and jobs?

You are now watching the destruction of the CIA.  Is Obama an American or are the people right, he was not born here and hates this country.  

Health Care

This government wants to correct a system that they destroyed.  That is like giving power to criminals that caused the crime.  It is true that health care costs have gone up much more than wages, but what is the reason. 

Lets look at the facts, 40% of doctors will not take Medicare or Medical because it costs them more to treat the patients than they get from the government.  This is getting worse every year.  Hospitals loose money on government programs and have to make it up on private programs.  The medical system is primarily based on Drugs and Surgery.  Nothing is based on primary care or prevention. 

Insurance Companies who are National, have 50 different sets of laws they have to deal with because every state has different Health laws.  The biggest cost to doctors and hospitals is Liability Insurance.  The only people getting rich in this system are the lawyers.  Most Insurance claims are settled out of court because the system is so expensive it is easier to settle than go to court.  Because of this Liability Insurance, doctors give unnecessary tests over and over just to avoid law suits. 

Insurance is cheaper for large groups and higher for individuals, and that is why you can get cheaper insurance through a company than on your own.  But this does not have to be that way.  I will explain later.

The biggest cause of health problems in America is the mis-use of drugs.  Not that doctors are giving bad drugs but that over the counter drugs interact with drugs that doctors offer. 

Most recently, and for the first time in my life, I went to a doctor on Medicare because I am retired.  It was a simple thing, to remove non-malignant molds.  In one day, I went to a primary Medicare doctor, then to a specialist, then to a surgeon.  In each office I went through the same check up over and over and never met a doctor.

Now, each of these three doctors will charge the government for each of these check ups, and none were needed.  Three times I had my blood pressure checked, my heart checked, my molds checked, and each doctor then charged the government. And yet, I never met a doctor.   

When I did work for a company that had health insurance for me, I checked it out.  Do you know that I was covered for pregnancy, menstrual problems and drug addiction?  This same company did not take care of my car insurance.  In car insurance, when I have a good car I have good insurance, but if an old car, I just have liability insurance.  

Now lets look at the solution to health care costs.

1. Make it mandatory (like Auto Insurance) that everyone have at least Emergency Health Care Insurance.  This would eliminate 30,000,000 uninsured, who would rather buy beer than own insurance that they can afford.  This will also save the hospitals from the extreme costs of emergency care that is not now paid for. 

2. Make it legal for anyone to buy any Insurance from any company from any state with the same rules for all insurance throughout the nation.  This is a Federal Right under the law because people travel with their insurance from state to state and carry it with them. 

3. Allow everyone to pick and choose the coverage they want provided at least that they have Emergency Coverage.  I do not need pregnancy coverage. 

4. Remove all Insurance from Businesses and do not allow them to offer insurance. This will level the competition for jobs, increase the money per hour that they pay employees and help business compete with Canada, Mexico, China and India. 

The reason Wal-Mart supports the Federal Program is that right now they offer Insurance but the small shops they compete with do not.  By supporting the Obama plan, they will put many of these small stores out of business. 

5. Computerize everyone’s health records so that doctors do not repeat over and over the same check ups and the mass amount of paper work.  Doctors say this will free up 40% of their time.  Each person can have a code, so that no one sees this except those who you want to see it.  This code, however, should be on you at all times in case of an emergency when you are not conscious. 

6. Remove all Illegal Citizens from government hospitals.  If private doctors and hospitals want to care for them, let them pay for it.  Tax payers should not have to pay for non-citizens. 

7. That leaves only 10,000,000 people without insurance and these already qualify for Medical.  Find them and enroll them. 

8. Fixing SSI will help the rest of the problem.

9. Last, but not least, make any law suit against any health care provider a winner take all judgment.  In other words, if you file a law suit and loose, you pay all the court costs, all the lawyer costs (yours and your opponent) and damages if it is frivolous.   This should be the law in all law suits, but at least make it so in Health Care suits. 

Taxing the Rich

You may not believe what I am about to say, but I am not against taxing the rich and even much more than Obama has in mind.  But ----------- that depends on what you mean by taxing the rich.  Obama is not talking about taxing people, but businesses.  Let me repeat again what I have said over and over, you cannot tax businesses.  In fact, Capital Gain Taxes are totally illogical, and China has Zero tax on business. 

Let look at it again for those who have not read my other articles on economics.  Let us say I own a business, and I want to make 3% profit over costs.  I add my total costs – labor, material, overhead, taxes, and then ad 3% to that for my selling price.  When I have Capital Gain Taxes I make a profit on the tax, but the buyer of my product or service pays for it.  As a business I loose nothing..

Progressive taxes for money taken out of a business are good for the economy because it forces money back into the system and prevents hording of the money.  Take Warren Buffet for example – he lives in a modest house, drives an old car, but keeps putting his money back into the system. This is what we would like all rich people to do.  However, if you think you can tax businesses, you are dreaming.  It hurts employment and the poor who buy the products – especially food. On the other hand, if you tax too much, like England is doing, company headquarters will leave the country.  McDonalds is moving their headquarters from England to Switzerland because of the high taxes on profit. 


The problem of illegal immigration is simple, a national job ID card. Nothing else is needed except to enforce the law and prosecute any business that hires them without this tamper proof card.

That being said we need legal immigration, especially those who have an education that we need, like nurses, doctors, and computer experts.  Our school system is not working, but we still need educated people, and we need them now.  As for the poor, uneducated from places in South America, we could bring them here in a very simple way. 

Because of the unrestricted Minimum Wage Law, they cannot find jobs here, except for cash and against the commerce laws. I am not against the Minimum Wage, but there needs to be exceptions.  Let us say that a very rich family wants a nanny, a housekeeper, a gardener, a driver, etc.  They are willing to sponsor them, house them, feed them, but pay slightly less because of these perks.  In the present laws, they are not allowed to deduct the perks from the minimum wage laws. 


Because I am 70 years old and have owned 5 different businesses, I understand the evolution of unions in America.  When I was young I owned a business with 120 people, and this was union.  The union trained people in their own schools and offered to me very well trained people.  If someone slacked on the job, I could go to the union, and they would talk with that person.  The union was pro worker, but understood business.  In time things changed and I quit the union.  All 120 employees stayed with me, and also quit the union. 

What happened to unions is that they got to big and stopped offering well trained people.  The founder of unions in America was fighting business monopoly, and knew that if the unions did the same crime he was fighting, they would be just as guilty as the business monopolies.  Therefore, he said that no union should be bigger than the company it was in and/or the town it was in. 

A union that covers all Federal and State workers across the nation is a major threat to the security of this nation and should be an illegal monopoly.  A union that covers all the School Teachers across the nation is a threat to the security of this nation.  Both of these unions are the reason the Federal and State governments are going broke the same way GM and Chrysler did. 

I like and support unions, but not national monopolies.  We need to brake up the bank monopolies, the mortgage finance monopolies, and the union monopolies.

Why Sarah Palin and why Independent?

I have been looking for a Ronald Reagan for many years now.  I voted for Bush but knew he was not a Constitutional Conservative like me.  I just had no other choice.  I voted and supported McCain because of his character but he is not a Constitutional Conservative and I did not have any other choice.  At least he was pro-life and that is the major Constitutional right.  Now I look around at all the possible candidates out there, the old and good Republicans, good Governors, some of the new and conservative house and senate members, and I see some good people. 

But I find no one who can inspire the public and has the same moral, legal, and common sense, which I am looking for except Sarah Palin.  She lives the moral values that I think are essential to lead the greatest nation on God’s green earth.  She does not compromise her moral values even when she gives birth to a handicapped child.  She does not compromise her moral values even when her daughter made a mistake and gave birth outside of marriage.  She does not compromise her moral values even when attacked by the liberal, feminist press. 

This is the Joan of Ark that I have been looking for, and I am starting right now pleading her to run for president.  I do not want her to represent any party except the Independent people, who are sick of both major parties. 

I am asked all who read this and agree with it to join a fine group of people, who support Sarah Palin.  I joined them and you should also.  Take a few minutes and sign up with:

When you sign up let them know about this article.  Send it to the news media.  Send it to the organized and unorganized Tea Parties.  Send it to Fox News, Glen Beck, World Net Daily, Internet News sites, Religious web sites.  Get the news out, because we need to be active now, so that we do not have to fight later. 

Richard Salbato


By the way, I am well educated in science, economics, religion and politics, but very ignorant in computers, so after you sign up with this sight, would someone show me how to answer my own blogs.  Stupid Salbato!