Science Predictions Related to Politics

Richard Salbato

Although I do not believe there is enough (outside the box) ideas even in the Tea Party movement to save America from complete Sovereign bankruptcy within months to a few years, I do believe there are some science advances that will change America for the good before or after a government financial crash.  These are not new inventions but new uses of these inventions.

The problems with America today can be said in a simple statement that applies to all of us over the past 80 years but advanced drastically in the past 30 years -  a complete Narcissistic Entitlement attitude of life.  The State and Federal Governments could not have grown to an un-sustainable size if we had not demanded these unearned handouts.  

There is a coming war between trying to fix an economy that is failing and those who have had a free ride on the back of tax payers over the years.  You are seeing these civil wars going on right now in Greece, Portugal, Spain and England, as they try to cut back government programs before they have a complete Sovereign State bankruptcy- government collapse. Instead of understanding that all must sacrifice to save a nation, the union and state workers in these nations are hitting the streets with violent marches and work shut-downs. 

Although there are good signs that Fiscal Conservatives will take over Federal and State governments this November, we will still have at least 25% of the population fighting back on any of the changes we have to have to save America.  These will be mostly Federal and State government workers who will not want go give up their unreasonable entitlements and easy life at the expense of Tax Payers.  We will have to have the guts to stand up to them as Ronald Reagan did to the Air Traffic Controllers or as Rhode Island did just this week in firing all the teachers over a contract dispute. 

Constitutionally Illegal

For those of you who will say that contracts made in the past cannot be broken, you are wrong.  In fact, most union contracts are constitutionally illegal.  According to contract law, a contract has to be equally beneficial and cannot be forced.  Today’s union contracts are not equally beneficial and almost always forced.   

Just for the sake of argument, let me surprise you with some things that are illegal: but, no one has thought to challenge them over the years. Who would have ever thought that teaching Evolution in government schools is constitutionally illegal?  Our Declaration of independence and constitution says, “God created all men  Need I say more.

America’s biggest problems.

1. What must be corrected quickly before this nation no longer exists are:  A Debt that is 84% Debt to GDP, a total unfunded debt of $128 Trillion and a $6 Trillion debt in Fanny and Freddy that is not counted in the budget and growing at a rate of 8% of GDP per year, greater than Greece.

The biggest part of this debt is Social Security, Medical, Medicare and the Baby Boomers who will start retiring in 2011.

2. The Politically Motivated Sciences that have destroyed our economy with environmental laws that add trillions to business cost and/or shut down companies all together and making us dependent on foreign nations instead of exporting things like food, iron, coal and gas.

The Politically Motivated Sciences of Global Warming (need not comment), Psychology, and Evolution have destroyed our School Systems.  More on this below, but believe me they are not sciences. 

3. Congress is broken because of the cost of re-elections, lobbyists, the line item vote, transparency, and States Rights.

4. Government Union Workers can work 20 to 40 years and then collect 40-70 years paid retirement at 80 to 100 percent of wages which cost tax payers an average of $3.3,000,000 retirement benefits. Can you imagine working from 20 years of age to 40 years of age and then collecting tax payers money for the rest of your life (from 40 to 60 years)?

5. Cost of Federal and State Elections = billions of dollars that is the cause of corruption in government.

6. High cost of Schools that fail to teach!  Even the top colleges in America are not as good as in China.

7. Medical Costs because of government rules and regulations, Half of hospitals loose money now.

8. A complete out of control Legal System

9. And the ridiculous cost of maintaining Jails. 

One article at a time I will offer how we can correct these problems but let me address item 2 first.

The future use of the Science we already have

Before predicting how our science can help save America, let me tell a story about Thomas Edison around 1910.  Edison had just invented a dictation machine and the news went out to the world.  However, Edison saw no economic value to his invention.  He only saw it as first step towards what he wanted, which as a phonograph and a phone recorder. 

However, a man came to Edison and asked if he could sell it for him.  Edison did not think it could be sold, but this man saw a need in the market that he could create by convincing businesses of the savings. Secretaries at the time had to sit down with executives and take dictation in short hand.  He went across the nation and made himself millions of dollars by showing businesses the money and time they would save by using the dictation machine. Today most people do not even know what short hand means. 

Now every major computer company has already invented a computer face to face phone system where people can talk face to face on the computer.  I watched a man speaking face to face with his children in Portugal from his California business and that was 20 years ago.  Cisco has a system where people can have face to face conversations from many different locations all at the same time. 

1. Homes – Little by little with the cell phone and the computer phones, the house phone will be a thing of the past like short hand, which is not even taught anymore.  The cost of this will be 90% cheaper than house phones and much more useful and even visual when wanted. 

2. Business – Large businesses are already using this technology to save millions of dollars in travel expanse for international and inter-nation meetings and this will expand drastically over the years to include sales and contract signing without person to person contact.  This can be used also to take a tour of a large or small plant without even going there.  It can be used to show a new invention to investors without leaving your office or factory.  Businesses are also already using this to hire home workers, who never leave their home but do the same work as if they were in the office.  I see a time where even secretaries work from home in the same way as being in the office with their bosses.  The business prospects are unlimited

3. Churches – I see a time where Churches will hold services on the computer with face to face contact with their flock (not Catholic because they have to be present at the Mass). 

4. Religious Education - But all churches, Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Moslem, etc. will be teaching religious classes on the internet, and even have question and answer sessions face to face from home to church.

5. Schooling – One of the greatest advances in this technology (and one that I will invest in) will be first seen in Home Schooling.  Right now Parents use Home Schooling designed courses (the best in the world) and use them to teach their own children, supervise their work and help them when they do not understand the work, which is hard.  From personal knowledge of parents who do this, much of the work is so hard, the parents had to learn it themselves so that they could help the children. However, this will change when this technology enters the present system, where the children will be able to ask questions on line, and the real teacher will know if they are working or not even as their parents are cleaning the house or doing their own work.  

6. Private Schools – Religious and other private schools will be the next to utilize this computer technology by using the best teachers from all across the nation to teach a single class.  That means they can take the best English teacher in the nation, let us say from New York, and the best Math teacher, let us say from Texas, and the best computer teacher, from California, to teach a single class, let us say in San Diego, which may or may now be in a real school with an adult monitor for class control.  Others may choose to do this from home saving thousands of dollars. 

7. Technical Education – Right now there are tech schools all over the nation, that do not require all the stupid classes of normal classes in colleges like Political Science, or psychology.  I checked out a degree in tech from normal colleges and only 15% of their education has anything to do with what they wanted to learn.  That is why both my daughter’s went to specialized tech schools that taught better and cost 90% less.  Businesses prefer this type of education.  Of course everyone needs bacis education, reading, writing, math, etc. but they should have learned this in High School and if they did not they have no right to be in college.  Even these tech colleges with transfer to computer education as shown above and it will become a major part of their schooling in the future. 

8. Business Education – The biggest complaint of businesses today is not being able to get qualified workers, not just in high tech companies but even in construction and service companies.  To solve this problem, they are doing two things – 1. going overseas to find qualified workers, 2. Holding entry level classes using their best workers to teach those who would like to work in their company. The new technology offered by computer companies like Cisco to make these classes cheaper and better.  A small sample of companies who already teach in house before hiring are Wall Mart, MacDonald’s, ITT, Firefighters, Police, Microsoft, and Apple.  

9. On line College Degrees – Of course anyone who gets junk email sees everyday advertisements offering college degrees from home without ever attending a physical school.  This is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, second only 1-12 home schooling.  This will only grow and grow.  I know two lawyers who never went to any physical college.  This might not be possible with Doctors, who need to have lab work, but a lot of their education can be done from home before going to a college to do lab work. 

10. Public High Schools – I am sure that there is no one who thinks Public Schools are working and in fact, from a mater of education they are getting worse and worse year by year.  Drop out rate has gone up year by year where now it is up to 35% in most areas and 50% in many.  Even where they graduate they cannot read or write and do not have the skills to make a decent living.  Almost as bad as that is the fact that High Schools are not safe.  I am a news addict so I know that almost everyday we hear of someone shooting, beating up or abusing our children who are trying to get an education.  High Schools are not safe and do not teach.  Because of Government rules and regulations based on false science, Psychology, they are not protected and teachers cannot teach.  Not only that because of the idea that you should not hurt anyone’s pride, you cannot fail someone for not doing the work that it takes to learn.  Because of Teachers Unions, you cannot fire poor teachers, and in fact when a teacher is so bad he or she cannot be trusted with children, the unions still will not let you fire them, and so a new terminology has become well known, the rubber room. This means teachers who go to school everyday and collect their pay but sit in a room with no students.  They will even collect a life time of retirement. 

Based on the above technology I can see a time when High School students will not go to High School buildings at all.  Not everyone can do what home schoolers are already doing. Government has been saying for years that all we need is more money and to pay teachers more money and in spite of the cost of education per student is not the highest in the world, we almost have the worst results of the 30 most advanced countries in the world.  Common sense is 1+1=2 not 3.  A typical example of a teacher is $90,000 a year for 210 days of work, 6 hours a day.  Add to that benefits of 30% more and an average of 40 years of retirement, you have an unbelievable per hour wage.

The failure of schools and the cost of government workers, teachers and other unions are the two biggest reasons that State governments are going broke and this cannot be corrected until the entire system is changed. 

Maybe nothing is more important to saving America as we know it than fixing the school problem because we are producing morally and intellectually bankrupt children at a huge cost.  To correct this we must change the laws so that we allow parents to control the education of their children. This means government should get out of the way and let parents make all the decisions;

If we did this many parents would choose the above systems, and little by little school buildings would cease to exist.  Let us image that I, as a parent, wanted a man from Australia to teach my child geography ( he might even have died but had recorded all his classes).  I could send my child to a classroom formed in an other home, or some closed business office, or even a room in a closed school with a monitor to keep discipline.  Imagine picking the best teacher in the world and also imagine that teacher is paid per student.  This is true free market and that good teacher is capable of making millions per year because he is in demand just like a banker or ball player.  Right now, good or bad they are paid the same.

11. Government – a few months ago I was offering the Tea Party activists some radical solutions that would save America from the coming economic crash if and when they would take over congress.  I now believe they will, but not sure they have the radical ideas that would save America even though they want to.  To understand why and how government has gotten so corrupted you must understand the history of our government.  Up to 1900 we had a very limited Federal Government and we expanded to the greatest nation in history in a short time.  I have some radical ideas for limiting the Federal government in a very fast way and I have written about them.

See: Getting away with Unconstitutional Laws ,A New Contract with America, Drastic Idea - Get Congress out of Washington ; Galveston Social Security Plan   and Repeal the 17th Amendment

I do not want to repeat here what I already wrote in Drastic Idea - Get Congress out of Washington. But the more I think about it the more I think this is the best idea to save America and do it quickly. 

We will not be a Nation if we do not reduce our debt 25% per year over the next four years, and reduce the size of the Federal Government by 50% in two years. No one believes that can happen and it will not unless we have drastic ideas.  These will happen (even if you do not want it) either before or after we crash as a nation.

12. Fuel for Airlines and Military – My other predictions (which will make a good investment) is that future airline fuel will be made from coal. Did you know that airline fuel can be made from coal and at have the present cost, and is being experimented with now in the military because we have to become independent of foreign blackmail.

13. Fuel for Trucks and Buses in the future will be Natural Gas

14. Oil Shale will be the greatest source of energy in the world when government gets out of the way.

15. TaTa Air Cars from China will be the greatest change and financial profitable investment in the future.  Air Cars are cheaper, faster, stronger than even electric cars.

16. Watch for Bloom Energy which might make a 1000% on investment over the next few years.  They have invented and produce something like batteries except that they always run and run on cells using a common sand-like powder instead of precious metals like platinum or corrosive materials like acids. They have a high electrical efficiency at twice the rate of normal systems in energy generation and storage.  A Bloom Energy Server provides enough power to meet the needs of 100 average homes or a small office building day and night, in roughly the footprint of a standard parking space.


None of the above will ever happen if we do not get rid of false science, which has stifled economic growth for over 50 years.  To understand this the following book may be the most important book you can read in your lifetime, not counting religion.  But it is tied to the failure of modern faith.



From global warming to evolution, psychology to sociology, blatant corruption of science is running rampant.

If your faith in today's scientific establishment was shaken recently by successive waves of fraud on the part of climate scientists – from systematically suppressing evidence of global cooling, to attempting to erase the Middle Ages, to falsely claiming the Himalayan glaciers were rapidly melting – get ready for more scientific corruption, a lot more.

As Whistleblower reveals in its groundbreaking February issue – titled "HIJACKING SCIENCE" – global warming is just the tip of the science-fraud iceberg.

Politically and financially motivated pseudo-science is widespread and utterly out of control, extending far beyond climate research and into virtually every major scientific field. Indeed, this Whistleblower issue is subtitled, "From global warming to evolution, from psychology to sociology, blatant corruption of science is running rampant."

Did you know:

* The world's largest association of psychologists not only endorses same-sex marriage, but actually promoted adult-child sex as healthy in its peer-reviewed journal?

* Doctors and researchers have for years studiously avoided acknowledging the documented link between abortion and breast cancer?

* "Scientific" studies are now being generated that conclude gun ownership is a health hazard?

* Thanks to psychiatry's reliance on mood-altering drugs rather than enlightened counseling, between 20 and 30 million Americans today take powerful anti-depressants, and between 4 and 9 million children take dangerous psycho-stimulants like Ritalin?

* Top academics admit evolution is "unproven and unprovable," but say it's the only alternative to believing in a Creator, which they find "unthinkable"?

The centerpiece of "HIJACKING SCIENCE" is an in-depth exploration of what is causing much of the corruption in science today, written for Whistleblower by Ph.D. scientist Arthur Robinson, who co-founded the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine with Linus Pauling in 1973.

"Can we rely upon news reports that tell us the newly reported findings of American scientists?" asks Robinson, currently head of the Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine. "No! A very large group of pseudo-scientists is now present among our scientists, and it is they who seek and receive most of the publicity brought to us by our print and television media."

So who's the culprit that has corrupted America's once-revered science establishment? You guessed it: Big government."HIJACKING SCIENCE" explains exactly how and why government has disastrously compromised and redirected science research, and how it continues unabated under the Obama administration.

Issue highlights include:

·                     "What do scientists know?" by Joseph Farah, on the difference between a scientific consensus and a political one

·                     "History of climate gets 'erased' online" by Chelsea Schilling, exposing the scientist who has altered more than 5,000 Wikipedia entries to hype the global-warming agenda

·                     "Politicizing science" by Thomas Sowell, who warns that when government gets involved, "do not expect the disinterested search for truth"

·                     "Science bulletin: 'Sun heats Earth!'" by Jerome R. Corsi, who profiles the Russian scientist whose research forecasts global cooling

·                     "We've been had!" by Walter Williams, who says climatologists "fed us lies, engaged in scientific and academic fraud, committed criminal acts"

·                     "How government corrupts science" by Art Robinson, in which the veteran scientific researcher exposes the pervasive and powerfully destructive consequences of federal "help"

·                     "'Gun ownership as disease' reaches fever pitch" by Wayne LaPierre, who shows why a study claiming firearms possession increases people's risk of death is "goofy"

·                     "OSHA head 'could outlaw firearms in workplaces, parking lots across America'" by Bob Unruh

·                     "Why psychologist group embraces same-sex marriage" by David Kupelian, who asks why the American Psychological Association promoted adult-child sex as harmless in its peer-reviewed journal

·                     "Clueless doctor syndrome" by David Kupelian, who explains why today's psychiatrists and psychologists may be hazardous to your health

·                     "Top scientist finally admits abortion-breast cancer link" by Jill Stanek, who reports that after seven years of denial, a National Cancer Institute honcho published the politically incorrect truth

·                     "Obama science chief: Abortion can save planet" by Jerome R. Corsi, who documents how science czar John Holdren wrote a textbook saying forced sterilization may become necessary

·                     "Want to save the planet? Ban babies"

·                     "The latest 'amazing' fossil find," by Joseph Farah, who wonders why scientists claim their discovery that the octopus hasn't evolved in 95 million years somehow proves evolution – instead of the opposite

·                     "Politics rules bioscience, too" by Jack Cashill, who exposes blatant anti-religion bias at the Smithsonian

·                     "Why academics embrace evolution" by Marylou Barry, who quotes top scientists and intellectuals admitting the truth: "I do not want to believe in God"

·                     "The evolutionist's comical dogma" by Alan Keyes, who asks why "dogmatic emotionalism" dominates the supposedly scientific inquiry into the origins of life

·                     "On scientists and God" by David Kupelian

"This is what Whistleblower does best – covering an absolutely crucial topic that the establishment press wouldn't touch with a 100-foot pole," said David Kupelian, editor of Whistleblower and managing editor of WorldNetDaily. "It's truly enlightening, and will give readers a terrific understanding of what is crippling the engines of America's progress and innovation – and what will restore them once again to world-class greatness."