Discovering the Secrets of Demons

A man came into a Austrian Military Hospital unable to see after a gas attack.Unable to find anything wrong with his eyes, the doctors sent him to see psychologist Edmond Foster.Foster hypnotized him and told him that he was special and that he had great personal powers and that with these great powers he could cure himself of the blindness.Before the hypnosis was over the man could see again.This was in 1918 and the man was Adolph Hitler.In 1933 Edmund Foster was killed by the Gestapo when he tried to publish the psychological work he did on Hitler.

What is Hypnosis?

A rabbit is unable to move when hypnotized by boa's eyes. A passerby gives all his salary to a gypsy woman in the street. An illusionist makes a volunteer from the audience fall asleep right on stage. All these are results of one and the same phenomenon called hypnosis.  

It is not necessary to stare into the eyes and to make movements with your hands in order to send a person into trance. Sometimes it is enough to ask him to listen to the rain or to look at the sparkling Christmas decoration. Even lullaby and stroking can be hypnotizing.

If a person is completely relaxed and withdrawn this means he is in hypnotic sleep. Now when the consciousness has lost control over the brain the most interesting moment starts. Hypnotized person can recall the events of the past or to erase completely an unpleasant recollection from his memory. He can do, imagine or feel whatever he is asked to. While in this state a person is vulnerable to verbal suggestion, which is widely used by psychotherapists to cure diseases and by people who have skills of hypnosis to their personal advantage.    

The first to discover hypnosis were ministers of religion. Ancient magicians and shamans sent themselves and others present into a state between dreaming and reality with the help of even tom-tom beats and monotonous spells. They used hypnosis to communicate with supernatural powers more effectively and to raise tribe's morale before war or hunting. 

The healing properties of hypnosis became known in the ancient world. In the Ancient Greece priests of the temple of medicine god Asclepius even invented a special hypnotizing ritual, after which patients felt better. Hypnosis was used in the Ancient Egypt as well as India. However, Indians practiced it on animals. They charmed snakes and trained tigers.

Hypnosis was popular until about the middle of the 6th century. When the dark medieval times came about inquisitors decided that hypnosis was the devil's fruit. Hypnosis was recalled only in 1530 when a Swiss alchemist and doctor Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim became interested in the human psyche. He suggested that some people possessed special powers to influence the others. He discovered the principles of what we now call hypnosis. However, in the 16th century there was no clear idea of how it works.

Austrian physician Franz Anton Mesmer united the theory and practice only two centuries later. Although Mesmer was considered a doctor he had little interest in traditional healing methods. He was passionate for stars and magnets. Thanks to his interest in magnets he founded a popular hypnosis theory.

When studying magnet's influence on human organism Mesmer discovered that when stroked with a magnet for a long time the patient became sleepy and after that felt much better. The scientist called this phenomenon magnetism. He was already thinking about the reaction his discovery could provoke. However, he decided to conduct another experiment and putting the magnet aside started stroking the patient with his hand. The result turned out to be the same. He made a conclusion that hands had the power to affect the patient. He changed the name of the phenomenon to animal magnetism. 

Mesmer's contemporaries recalled his appearance in Paris, which was really impressive. Crowds of sick Frenchmen gathered in the large square. As Mesmer waved with his hands something really extraordinary happened. Most of the spectators were sent into hypnotic sleep at once. Some went into hysteric, others stiffened. 

In 1774 Mesmer set forth his theory about hypnosis (animal magnetism) and its principles at the Paris Academy of Sciences. Conservative physicians did not appreciate mesmerism. In Austria Mesmer was accused of swindle. After that he was forced to move to France where he was welcomed and allowed to open a hospital. However, six years later mesmerism was found useless and animal magnetism non-existent. As a result the hospital was closed.

Meantime, scandalous mesmerism became popular among beau monde. Aristocrats from all European countries went to see the outcast doctor. Many followers of his theory appeared among doctors and magicians.

Mysticism was stopped by the English surgeon James Braid in the middle of the 19th century. After several experiments with his patients he concluded that magnetism was not connected with any magical powers or energies. Sensitive person's brain tired of the same kind of irritants can fall into a sort of sleep. Looking at a sparkling object or magnetizer's hands eyes get tired. Ears get tired because of monotonous sounds. James Braid called the phenomenon hypnosis that means dream in Greek. In 1843 he wrote "Neurohypnology".

Braid used hypnosis instead of anesthetics during operations. He also managed to make a woman who could not get up for many years walk and recovered completely the eyesight of a blind man. 

Braid's discovery led to debates among physicians who split in half. Nancy physician Hippolite Bernheim considered hypnosis to be natural state and a perfect cure for all diseases. Parisian neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot was also interested in hypnosis. However, he thought that patients with hysteria were more susceptible to hypnosis than mentally healthy people. Thus, he considered hypnosis unnatural and harmful for people. At one point even materialist Friedrich Engels became interested in hypnosis.
Meantime in Russia progressive scientists were studying the mechanisms of hypnosis. In 1891 physiologist Vasiliy Danilevskiy while giving a talk at the sixth meeting of Society of Russian Physicians suggested that hypnosis of a person is similar to that of an animal: paralysis of will and thought as a result of psychic constraint.   

Moscow psychiatrist Ardalion Tokarskiy disagreed with Danilevskiy. He considered hypnosis to be a complex process that could not be explained by mere reflexes. He was the first to organize lectures on hypnology at the Moscow State University.

The founder of Russian psycho neurology Vladimir Bekhterev proved that both psyche and physiology were important in hypnosis. Bekhterev studied the peculiarities of mass suggestibility and worked out principles of collective hypnosis that he used in healing patients in groups. 

The most significant impact into understanding hypnosis was made by Ivan Pavlov. He thought that hypnosis was similar to sleep but some of the brain cells remained awake and were disposed to a hypnotizer"s voice.

Soviet school of hypnosis was considered the best in the world from 1920s till 1960s. Hypno-therapists were curing all sorts of diseases from hypertension to impotence. They took part in the radio programs that were transmitted for seamen who suffered from seasickness. 

Famous psychotherapist Pavel Bul conducted hypnotic sessions via Leningrad television. The results were unexpected. It turned out that many of spectators were too sensitive to hypnosis. After putting hands in a lock many of the TV patients could not unlink them afterwards. Bul had to go around Leningrad all night to help them.

Another incident happened later with psychotherapist Anatoly Kashpirovsky. In 1989 he was curing involuntary urination by TV-sessions. The scandal broke out later when it turned out that such programs could seriously harm people with unstable psyche.

Nowadays classical hypnosis is not so popular as it used to be. Psychotherapists use so-called mild hypnosis based on the methods of popular neurolinguistic programming. However, it is too early to write the classical hypnosis off. It really works. Approved by Engels.


Hitler's Hypnotic Power


From that moment in 1918 when Hitler was hypnotized he believed he had great superhuman powers and used them.And maybe he did have hypnotic power himself because stories of his power of autosuggestion abound.

"He gazed into the police officer's eye with that fatal hypnotizing and irresistible glare, which swept the poor officer right off his feet. Clicking to attention he confessed to me this morning: 'Since last night I am a National Socialist. Heil Hitler.'" (Fromm, 369)

The only real contact the overwhelming majority of people had with Hitler was through his voice. When I was a young child I studied speech and the teacher had me read a speech by Hitler which said nothing.Then we listened to it in German, which I did not understand.On the whole, his speeches were sinfully long, badly structured and very repetitious. Some of them are positively painful to read but nevertheless, when he delivered them they had an extraordinary effect upon me and I did not understand a word of this.††

Hitler's power in speaking lay almost wholly in his ability to sense what a given audience wanted to hear and then to manipulate his theme in such a way that he would arouse the emotions of the crowd.Strasser says of this talent:

"Hitler responds to the vibration of the human heart with the delicacy of a seismograph... enabling him, with a certainty with which no conscious gift could endow him, to act as a loudspeaker proclaiming the most secret desires, the least permissible instincts, the sufferings and personal revolts of a whole nation." (576)

He scheduled his speeches late in the evening when his audience would be tired and their resistance lowered through natural causes, but he would always send an assistant ahead of time to make a short speech and warm the audience up. Storm-troopers would line the aisle through which he would pass. At the psychological moment, Hitler would appear in the door in the back of the hall and he would march between the rows of Storm Troopers to reach the speaker's table. He would have a band striking up a lively military marching song as he came down the aisle.

Price (241) describes his speaking in the following way:

"The beginning is slow and halting. Gradually be warms up when the spiritual atmosphere of the great crowd is engendered. For he responds to this metaphysical contact in such a way that each member of the multitude feels bound to him by an individual link of sympathy."

He has a slow start, waiting for the feel of the audience. As soon as he has found it, the tempo increases in smooth rhythm and volume until he is shouting at the climax. Through all this, the listener seems to identify himself with Hitler' s voice which becomes the voice of Germany.

This is all in keeping with Hitler's own conception of mass psychology as given in MEIN KAMPF where he says:

"The psyche of the broad masses does not respond to anything weak or half-way. Like a woman, whose spiritual sensitiveness is determined less by abstract reason than by an indefinable emotional longing for fulfilling power and who, for that reason, prefers to submit to the strong rather than the weakling - the mass, too, prefers the ruler to a pleader."

And Hitler let them have it. NEWSWEEK (572) reported:

"Women faint, when, with face purpled and contorted with effort, he blows forth his magic oratory."

Flanner (558) says:

"His oratory used to wilt his collar, unglue his forelock, glaze his eyes; he was like a man hypnotized, repeating himself into a frenzy."

Yeates-Brown (592) :

"He was a man transformed and possessed. We were in the presence of a miracle."

In Munich his shouting and gesturing was a spectacle men paid to see (216). It was not only his fiery oratory, however, that won the crowds to his cause. This was certainly something new, but far more important was the seriousness with which his words were spoken.

"Everyone of his words comes out charged with a powerful current of energy; at times it seems as if they are torn from the very heart of the man, causing him indescribable anguish." (Fry, 577)

"Leaning from the tribune, as if he were trying to impel his inner self into the consciousness of all these thousands, he was holding the masses and me with them under a hypnotic spell... It was clear that Hitler was feeling the exaltation of the emotional response now surging up toward him... His voice rising to passionate climaxes... his words were like a scourge. When he stopped speaking his chest was still heaving with emotion." (Ludecke, 164)

Many writers have commented upon his ability to hypnotize his audiences. Stanley High (455) reports:

"When, at the climax, he sways from one side to the, other his listeners sway with him; when he leans forward they also lean forward and when he concludes they either are awed and silent or on their feet in a frenzy."

Unquestionably, as a speaker, he has had a powerful influence on the common run of German people. His meetings were always crowded and by the time he got through speaking he had completely numbed the critical faculties of his listeners to the point where they were willing to believe almost anything he said. He flattered them and cajoled them. He hurled accusations at them one moment and amused them the next by building up straw men which he promptly knocked down. His tongue was like a lash which whipped up the emotions of his audience. And somehow he always managed to say what the majority of the audience were already secretly thinking but could not verbalize. When the audience began to respond, it affected him in return. Before long, due to this reciprocal relationship, he and his audience became intoxicated with the emotional appeal of his oratory. (Strasser, 295)

The Nazi propaganda machine devoted all its efforts to the task of portraying Hitler as something extra-human. Everything he did was written up in such a way that it portrayed his superlative character.Every effort was/made to cultivate the attitude that Hitler was infallible and was carrying through his mission of saving Germany.

It was not long before the German people were prepared to take the short step of seeing Hitler, not as a man, but as a Messiah of Germany. Public meetings and particularly the Nurnburg took on a religious atmosphere. All the stagings were designed to create a supernatural and religious attitude and Hitler's entry was more befitting a god than a man. In Berlin one of the large art shops on Unter dean Linden exhibited a large portrait of Hitler in the center of its display window. Hitler's portrait was entirely surrounded as though by a halo, with various copies of a painting of Christ (High, 453). Notes appeared in the press to the effect that,††

"We believe in Holy Germany
Holy Germany is Hitler!
We believe in Holy Hitler!!" (763)

Roberts reports:

"In Munich in the early autumn of 1936 I saw colored pictures of Hitler in the actual silver garments of the Knights of the Grail; but these were soon withdrawn. They gave the show away; they were too near the truth of Hitler's mentality." (876)

Teeling (585) writes that at the Nurnburg Nazi Party Rally in September, 1937, there was a huge photograph of Hitler underneath which was the inscription, "In the beginning was the Word . . .". He also says that the Mayor of Hamburg assured him, "We need no priest or parsons. We communicate direct with God through Adolph Hitler. He has many Christ-like qualities." Soon these sentiments were introduced by official circles.

A Rhenish group of German "Christians" in April, 1957, passed this resolution:

"Hitler's word is God's law, the decrees and laws which represent it possess divine authority." (550)

And Reichsminister for Church Affairs, Hans Kerrl, says:

"There has arisen a new authority as to what Christ and Christianity really are - that is Adolph Hitler. Adolph Hitler ... is the true Holy Ghost." (749)

How many Germans believed it we do not know. Some, certainly, believed it wholeheartedly. Dorothy Thompson writes of such a case:

"At Garmisch I met an American from Chicago. He had been at Oberammergau, at the Passion Play. 'These people are all crazy,' he said. 'This is not a revolution, it's a revival. They think Hitler is God. Believe it or not, a German woman sat next to me at the Passion Play and when the hoisted Jesus on the Cross, she said, 'There he is. That is our Fuehrer, our Hitler.' And when they paid out the thirty pieces of silver to Judas, she said 'That is Roehm, who betrayed the Leader.'" ( 568 )

Demonic Power over the Mind

The following interview conducted by Valentin Kovalsky will show how a former faith healer learned that his hypnotic power to heal was demonic and not natural.This is important because we want to show that God does not want us to loose our free will, not to controlling governments, parents, preachers, cults or even good friends.We can easily loose our free will unless we learn to guard against it.

Mikhail, tell us please how you became a healer.

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, experienced occultism, magic and parapsychology boom in the early 1990s. At that period I worked as a school teacher. Once, I saw an appliance called Bion was used to check the strength of power with ordinary people in the street. After that examination I realized that I had some healing talent. I joined special courses, then was granted a diploma of a bioenergetics operator, a specialist working with subtle energies that cannot be registered by ordinary devices. I studied a program on realization of biological energy and on raising people's sensory capabilities. Bulgarian healer Ivan Jotov shared his experience with us at the lessons.

-How did you apply the knowledge obtained at the course?

We came to the head physician of a polyclinic in Kiev and offered to cooperate. The man believed neither in God or devil or extrasensory men and immediately demanded to present evidence proving the extrasensory capabilities. A conference of medical experts was immediately summoned where several patients were also present. We knew nothing of the people and their medical histories, however we managed to define their diagnoses correctly and even characterized some diseases in detail. Soon after the consultation, together with other specialists who finished the special course we were allowed to receive patients in the polyclinics. The decision to let us have medical practice was agreed with high medicine authorities of course.

- Tell us how exactly you worked to heal people.

We resorted to speech and hypnosis, we influenced people's subconsciousness. We designed a special device to determine if people's biological space was injured.I could tell people about those diseases they had suffered being children; I felt some mysterious voice whispered this sort of information in my ears. That made me feel a peculiar person and flattered my self-esteem. It was our responsibility to tell patients that after such sťances they must go to church and confess.

-You did good by sending people to church.

This is what I thought myself at that time. However, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I came to church to confess and replenish my energy resources. Today, I can meet such people in Kiev - Pechora Lavra sometimes. They not only pray but also touch the walls and the columns of the monastery to replenish their energy sources. Fortunately, they do not pose any danger for other people in the Orthodox Church.

-Could you see other people's aura?

Aura is a grayish envelope resembling oval luminescence. The size and the form of aura depend upon the state of health of some particular man. If some organ is diseased, aura is injured in that area where it closely approaches the organ. Injuries of this kind can be closed with no contact massage. Sensitive hands of an extrasensory man emit energy thus restoring people's aura and improving their health even within a long range. I conducted phone consultations and patients felt the touch of my fingers.

-Do you think that anyone may become an extrasensory person?
It is not only desire that people need to become extrasensory persons. Only people with strong energy space and capable of influencing other people may become extrasensory individuals. Unfortunately, today people can obtain diplomas with money. When I attended the courses, one of the students wanted to revenge himself upon other people and to put his knowledge to evil ends. As a rule, "healers" of this sort use their licenses granted by the Health Care Ministry to cheat people out of their money.

- Does the Health Care Ministry realize the danger that extrasensory individuals may cause?

As far as the Ministry felt helpless to cope with many diseases, it allowed alternative medicine to try and cure these ailments; that in its turn gave rise to training of a large number of certified extrasensory experts. In fact, these extrasensory individuals are spiritual descendants of sorcerers and witches, the ones who were so severely persecuted by the Inquisition. The official medicine has not yet formed a general view of the nature and the origin of mental (neuropsychic) diseases. Russian Academician Krapivin studied activity of the human brain and arrived at the following depressing conclusion:

"It is believed that meditation is good for people's health as it reduces the breathing rhythm, the rate of plasma lactate in blood and causes myocardial relaxation. This unusual condition is believed to be the best relaxation. However, closer examination of electroencephalograms reveals that it is not relaxation at all, but unusual and strange condition of the human brain; this is dangerous mobilization of brain resources and the physiological strength of the brain." 

Orthodox psychiatrists this very condition opens up the soul's inner side and lets occult people in.

- Why does it happen that in need people are inclined to appeal to extrasensory individuals rather than to priests?

They appeal to extrasensory men in hope for immediate recovery; people want to get rid of some bad luck in a moment, but not after years of prayers and confessions. When a man attends sťances of extrasensory individuals they have no idea that the good and the evil forces have started a violent struggle for his soul. I made sure of it when I saw the negative of a picture taken during christening of a baby; a light-struck silhouette of the baby's guardian angel could be perfectly seen over the font. The invisible parallel world does exist no matter whether we believe in it or not. It has been defined that this world is more densely populated than our traditional world; it consists of the super-intellect, the world of good and evil spirits and the subtle world of souls. Human eyes can perceive just abnormal phenomena of one of these worlds, poltergeist or UFO for instance.

-When did you realize the danger of your healing activity?

Once I asked a priest to give his blessing to my sťances, but the latter refused. I was told my activity was pure Satanism. That made me start thinking if people could become healers just having paid money for a certificate.

- May it be Satan that gives people the talent of healing other men?

The Satan aims at ruining our souls by creating the vision of bodily healing. This is the reason why extrasensory individuals conduct evil spirits and turn into spiritual vampires. Sťances of such "healers" leave people extremely weak and exhausted. This sorcery is directed against God's and man's will. I noticed several times that my patients felt bad, especially during reading prayers. They went incredibly mad when I sent them to Kiev-Pechora Lavra. That suggested me that I was doing something wrong. Later, my extrasensory teacher told me that activity of healers was illegal, as the church did not bless it. Soon after that I started attending the Sunday school.

-May an extrasensory person put an evil eye off somebody, to protect from witches or black magicians?

The devil is the father for all of them. In this case we speak not of relieving the evil eye, but rather of strengthening people's trust in devil' servants working hard to involve more victims in Satanism.  Sorcerers may sometimes act under the guise of Protestant preachers who use the Bible for their personal ends. Unlike in this country, extrasensory individuals and sorcerers in the West can be called to account for their activity and even fined. The maximal compensation for damage to people's health may reach $1.5 million in the US, $0.7 million in Canada and $0.3 million in Australia.

- What are your recommendations those who want to become secured against the injurious influence of such healers?

I always warn people against attending sťances of this sort; but if you come there accidentally, do not look into the eyes of a healer. Otherwise you may fall under the effect of hypnosis and lose control. This is important that people with stronger inner worlds have safer protection from the evil forces in crowded places.


Levitation - rising of a human body off the ground, in apparent defiance of the law of gravity. The term designates such alleged occurrences in the lives of saints and of spiritualist mediums, generally during a seance; levitation of furniture and other objects during a sťance has also been reported. Levitation of witches and other figures of folklore is called transvection (encyclopedia Britannica).  I offer this here to prove power beyond nature and to make people fear loosing control of their own lives in any way.This power may go back to the time of Enoch.††

I have already told my own story about Levitation in "Tongues of Satan" but it is important to re-state here that I saw a man lift a table off the ground without touching it.However, I told him that he could not do it a second time and he could not.The reason he could not is that I was reading to myself Exorcism prayers as he tried to lift it.He, in fact, passed out trying.To me, this proved that his power came from demons and not from his mind as he claimed.

Fortune-teller Marisa Lozinskaya was sitting at her table on Sunday afternoon in the Polish town of Goshkovice. There were several clients around the woman, wishing to look into their future. One of them (Anneli Vozgolskaya) described the events as follows:

"All of a sudden she said she had a headache. She stopped reading cards, turned ashen-faced and even screamed with pain. Right at that moment I saw her rising above the ground slowly. Her body remained motionless at that. Everybody on the square was flabbergasted with the sight of the woman hanging in the air three meters above the ground. She was hovering for two minutes and then started going down. As soon as her feet touched the ground, she fell facedown."

Doctor Dobzinsky was the first specialist to examine the unconscious fortune-teller:

"Her eyes were shut. She had a weak pulse. When she recovered, the first question she asked was: "Why am I lying here?" As it turned out, she did not remember, what happened to her."

Dozens of people witnessed the unbelievable incident, which took place in 1997, the Zycie Warszawy newspaper wrote. Researchers, who explore the phenomenon of levitation, say that the incident that happened to the fortune-teller was not the most outstanding one in history. According to historical sources, many religious figures rose off the ground in prayerful ecstasy.

Serafim Sarovsky, the archbishop of Novgorod and Pskov is one of the Russian "levitators." Moscow chronicles tell of St.Basil flying across the Moskva River in front of astounded crowds. Catholic priests do not lag behind the Russian saints either. The number of witches burnt by inquisition for their levitating ability is countless. Religious books say that the number of saints, who possessed the gift of levitation, reaches 300.

Russian magazine Rebus (devoted to mysterious phenomena, published in the 19 century), published the story of Nikolai Yurlov. On 18 July, 1837 Nikolai, aged eight, was sleeping in his room on the second floor. The sound of thunder and heavy rain woke the boy up.

"When my room was flashed with lightning, I suddenly saw a tall bald-headed elderly man standing just a couple of steps away from my bed, on the balcony. The bearded man was wearing a long blue shirt. He was holding on to the knob of the glass door."

The boy was gripped with horror: he ran out of the house, rushed across the garden and raced towards the Sviyaga River. Servants found the boy very soon, just in ten minutes. However, they found the boy on the other side of the river and he was absolutely dry.

"Several of our servants were running after me," Yurlov said. "They swore that they had seen me flying across the river with my feet touching the water sometimes."

Similar stories can be found in other Russian sources devoted to unexplainable anomalies. The manual "From the Area of Mysteries" (1900) tells a story of a clerk, Benedikt Nursiiski. He had a disciple, Maurus. One day Maurus saw a boy drowning in the river. The man rushed towards the boy and pulled him out of water. When Maurus put the boy on the ground, he saw that his clothes were all dry. The man realized that he had run on the water surface.

Modern parapsychologists say that the phenomenon of levitation can be observed nowadays too. Yogis, masters of transcendental meditation, are rather successful in their art of levitation. A public competition of flying yogis took place in Washington in 1986. About 20 "athletes" competed in their flying abilities. The record was set on the level of 60 centimeters above the ground. The longest yoga flight was 1.8 meters.

Chinese monks demonstrated the phenomenon of levitation to scientists and reporters. Until recently, scientists treated the phenomenon of levitation and anti-gravity as something totally nonsensical.

An interesting experiment was carried out in one of Russian universities, at the psychological department. A person was told during a seance of hypnosis that he was inside an orbiting spaceship. A hypnotist told the person that he was about to find himself into a state of weightlessness. When devices showed the complete absence of weight, the scientists did not believe their eyes: the weight of the hypnotized individual vanished totally.