The Great War is in God’s Family

Richard Salbato 12-30-2008

Most people in the Catholic world today believe we are headed for World War III very soon, and I believe this also.  I may have a different description of what a World War means than most of them, but most of us will also sometimes call this the great chastisement.  We call it a chastisement because Catholic Doctrine says, “Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever happens without God causing it or allowing it.”  We also know of many apparitions where God has said that “all wars are punishment for sin.”

I will write a great deal about this war: how it will be, when it will start, and even how it will end.  For now, I would like to talk a little about why we will have this Great War. I call it a great war because I think it might be the greatest war of all time, even greater than the future times of the Antichrist.

Why would God be so angry that He would allow a great, world-wide war as a punishment for sin?  The world has always been sinful, and maybe even more sinful than now.  I see this anger of God the same way I would see my own anger if I were God.  He looks at our earth and sees sin everywhere, but consoles Himself in that His Family, the Catholic Church, at least tries to be good, gives Him proper love and worship, spreads His message of love and takes care of the poor and sick.

But when His own Family, the Catholic Church, becomes just as corrupt and just as sinful as the rest of the world, He now becomes just as angry as I would be if I saw this in my own family.  For this reason, I believe that this chastisement will be caused by Catholics and the sins of Catholics more than for any other reason.

In this last election this hit home to me, because 53% of American Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion candidate in the history of American and maybe in the World.  This man (now president elect) in 2007 promised Planned Parenthood, that one of his highest priorities as president would be to pass FOCA, rendering illegal all state and federal limits on abortion.  This would include abortion clinic regulations, parental notification requirements, bars to taxpayer abortion funding, and the partial–birth abortion ban, in addition to laws protecting doctors' rights to conscientious objection.  This will force even Catholic Hospitals to give abortions or go to jail.  It will allow babies to be killed even after a live birth, and this will be the law of the land.

A handful of good Bishops and priests spoke out about how sinful this vote would be, but most Bishops and priests remained absolutely silent. In fact, the so-called “voters guide” issued by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops led one to believe that issues like feeding the poor or taking care of the illegal immigrants were issues just as important is killing innocent babies. 

In the end the pro-life candidate received only 27% of the Catholic vote.  In America, 38% of the voting public is Catholic and no one can win a national election without this vote. So, the president-elect who will pass FOCA was put in office by Catholics.

How did it come to this?  How is it that Catholics do not follow the teachings of the Church?  How is it that Bishops do not obey the encyclicals of the Holy Fathers?  Why do Traditionalists fight against Conservative Catholics?  Why do Conservatives fight against Liberal Catholics?  Why is there such a thing as Traditionalists, Conservatives, and Liberals?  I tell you the good Catholics have been suffering at the hands of right wing and left wing Catholics for over 50 years and this is long before Vatican II.

This war inside the Catholic Church can be traced back to the mid 1950s, where well-known Theologians printed books changing the meanings of long established doctrines and the very meanings of theological words. Some of this was a result of an infiltration of Communists and Masons into the priesthood, but much was just an attempt of some theologians to make Catholic teaching more “modern” or Pantheistic.

Back before Vatican II, Convents were liberalizing to be in the world instead of being above the world.  This caused many great and holy nuns a lot of suffering.  Books were sent into Seminaries that very cleverly distorted doctrine, especially the doctrines on the priesthood and the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

Vatican II was called together for two reasons:  1. to show these theologians that we can relate to the modern world without compromising faith, and 2. to do all we could to unite all Christians, again without compromising faith.  No mater how many times you read the documents of Vatican II, you cannot find anything that compromised the 2000 year old consistent doctrine of faith.

That did not satisfy the Traditionalists, who now call everyone a heretic who does not agree with their interpretation of Traditional Faith.  It did not satisfy the liberals, who invented a new definition of Vatican II, just like they did before to the definitions of long held theological words and meanings. They now talk about the “Spirit of Vatican II” instead of what Vatican II actually said and meant.  This so-called “spirit” has caused a loss of true faith to at least 80% of Catholics.

1. Catholics today believe that the “Conscience” is the ultimate arbitrator of right and wrong, not the teachings of the Church on faith and morals.

2. Catholics today believe that socialization is more important than worship of God.

3. Catholics today do not pray.

4. Catholics today think they will go to Heaven as an entitlement, without faith and morals.

Of course the above Catholics are not true Catholics, but only pretend Catholics.  Because of the first of these false beliefs Pope John Paul II had to write “The Splendor of Truth” to show that a clear conscience would not do away with sin and would not save you.  Because of the changes to the Mass (the spirit of Vatican II) people have lost the practice of prayer and worship of God, and most think a Church is a place to socialize and not to pray.

Why to I call this a war?  Why, because I have experienced it myself almost all my adult life.  My children were kicked out to two Catholic Schools because (at my instruction) they would not accept these false changes.  In a Canon Law suit, I even had an entire convent of nuns (probably lesbians) removed from the Church.  I was asked to stop teaching in the Church because I taught true doctrine.  I find it almost impossible to pray before or after Mass because the people inside the Church and before the True God in the Tabernacle talk so much I actually have to go outside the Church in order to pray.  During Mass, they not only want to do their own thing, but want to force me to do the same.  Most of my readers have experienced the same things. 

I am even attacked by the ultra-Traditionalists because I refuse to attack the Popes and refuse to call the Novus Ordo (which I do not like) an illegitimate Mass.

My biggest problems over the years, which have caused me hundreds of thousand of dollars and years of time, in promoting Our Lady of Soufanieh, Our Lady of Fatima and Our Lady of America is those people who use God and Our Lady to promote themselves. All of these people, (seven) have lost and will always loose because we cannot sell the Holy Spirit for money or honor.

I have not had the worst of these problems, there are hundreds of thousands of parents that have chosen to educate their children at home (Home-Schooling) rather then send them to Catholic Schools where they would loose their faith.

In order to even force Home-Schooled children to accept these false teachings, bishops and priests try to force them into Church programs or deny them First Communion or Confirmation.  One such program is Life Teen, whose founder is awaiting trial on child-molestation and has been excommunicated for another crime against the Church.  In spite of this, Life Teen is still required in my parish.

This is nothing compared to what thousands of priests have gone through.  One of my favorite priests, Father Marx, was pastor of the largest Church in the Diocese, but the Catholic School in his church was so bad that he advised people not to send their children there. He tried to put the altar rails back in the church and was stopped by the bishop.  He spoke out openly against voting for pro-abortion candidates and was removed by the bishop.  The bishop sent him out to an old Indian Mission parish, where there were only a handful of parishioners.

Within three years Father Marx built that parish into the largest parish in the diocese.  There are no houses around it for miles.  He now has six Sunday Masses, and his priests hear hundreds of confessions every week.  Attendance at Mass is so great that 30% have to stay outside the church and they come from miles around.  At the same time other churches are closing down, and no one sees the light at what works and what does not, or they do not care.

Nuns in convents have suffered the same attacks as the priests.  How many know the true story of the Carmelite monastery in Terre Haute, Indiana?  Sister John of the Cross, Sister Maria, Sister Teresita, Sister Bernadette and Mother Philomena barricaded themselves in the convent because they refused to accept the liberalization of their vows and were ordered to get out or accept the changes.  The disobedience was to the change in the vows, and not to the new Mother Superior, who did not understand why nuns became cloistered nuns.

Look at the suffering that Sister M. 'Florecita and Sister Mary Ephrem (Mildred Marie) Neuzil and Sister Joseph Therese Fuller went though in the two Newsletters published some time ago:  History of The Contemplative Sisters of the Indwelling Trinity” and ”We Lived With A True Saint

Some convents that I know about even went so far as to try to entice holy woman into their way of life by sending them lesbian nuns to tempt them.  They would take away every chance to have a peaceful prayer life because the contrast of their holiness convicted them of sin and they did not like it.  They needed like minded sinful nuns to have peace of mind and so-called clear consciences. 

Believe it or not, there are cloistered convents where the nuns have massage tables, sun-tan rooms, 24 hour food tables, refrigerators in their rooms, and never any forced silence in prayer.

All this is caused by the two things above, a false conscience and an end of worship of God.  We have neglected the teaching of the Church on faith a morals and neglected the First Commandment, “To Love and Worship God”.  

This idea that “my conscience is the arbitrator of good and evil” has caused people to disobey legitimate secular laws, children to disobey there parents, parents to disobey the Church, and all unity lost. It is this unity in obedience that creates peace in the family, in the country and in the world.  It is lost.

Most of the time (when I go to confession) it is the sins of omission that I confess, and there are a great many of them.  You would not believe how many times some stupid priest will say to me, that what I do not do is not a sin.

Think of what the confession prayer says, “Forgive me for what I have done and what I have failed to do.”  If you read a god confession book, you will read about “sloth” and that is what you fail to do: neglected my duties, idleness, neglected to watch over my children, neglected to correct their faults, allowed crime and disorder to go unpunished, neglected to pray or worship god daily and in fact whenever we can.  All these and more are sins of sloth and they are real sins because we will account to God for every moment we spend on earth and every moment produces grace or looses it.

This neglect can be a sin for groups of people and countries also.  What must God think when we as a Church or we as a Nation, failed to protect the hundreds of millions of people over the past 50 years who have died at the hands of their own governments because we failed to do anything:  This failure to protect the people of Russia, of China, of Sudan, of Africa, of Cambodia, is a major sin.  Now we fail to protect the unborn, and hundreds of millions of them have already been killed.

More that a thousand years ago, the Church saw many Christians suffering and being killed in the east and sent in the Crusaders to protect them, and like the Good Samaritan in the Bible the Church left the Knights Templar there to keep the peace.  If we had done the same in the past 100 years we could have saved hundreds of millions of lives.

We will have a chastisement and it will be because there is already a war inside God’s family, the Catholic Church.

Over thirty years ago Our Lady of Soufanieh appeared to Myrna in Damascus and said, “The kingdom of Heaven on Earth is the Church.  Those who divided it have sinned.  Those who are happy in these divisions are still sinning.”  Thirty years later we are more divided that we were then.

Over fifty years ago, Our Lady of American said that we would be punished for these sins, but if we purified our hearts and families and consecrated Her to our country we would avoid the coming chastisement and lead the world to peace. Fifty years later nothing, absolutely nothing has been done, and everything that has been done has failed.

It was appropriate that I published an article on the family before this one because in it we learn the importance of family to God.

The Holy Family: Model for Every Family on Earth

Our Lady of Fatima promised that in the end there would be a period of peace.  Will we be instruments of that peace or will we continue to disobey the laws of God on faith and morals.

Will we avoid this chastisement in our family, our diocese, our state, our country?


If we embrace purity of heart and make our family God centered and prayerful, God might spare us.

If our diocese practices and teaches purity, family unity, obedience and prayer, God might spare us.

If our state passes laws that protect the family, unborn children and punishes sins against all natural law, it might be saved.

If our country embraces the true meaning of its Constitution and protects life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it might even lead the world to peace.

Richard Salbato

Feast of the Mother of God

The next Newsletter will describe World War III, how it starts, how long it lasts, and how it ends.  This will be speculation based on prophesy, resent history and logic.