Organizing Towards Unity

We have presented the story of the Miracle of Damascus. We have analyzed the messages. We have looked at the history of the divisions of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We have seen what great efforts have been made in the last thirty years to bring about unity. Together we have discovered the enormous extent of these divisions. Probably no one, including myself, realized the amount of time and effort that has gone into the dream of a united Body of Christ, since John XXIII first had the grace to dream. We have seen for ourselves that it will never happen if left it up the elders of the Churches. And so, we now know why Mary had to come down to the little house in Damascus and ask our help.


We have faced the hard theological questions. I have presented my opinion, knowing that Nicol and Mirna would never take sides. We have seen from the messages that Heaven has taken a stand, and that Doctrine is important. Things like "Pray for the inhabitants of Samma and Earth: [PURGATORY], THE TRINITY, THE MOTHER OF GOD, THE COMMUNION OF SAINTS, THE UNITY of the Kingdom, all these Doctrines have been faced in the messages of Damascus. These were the Doctrines that split the Church.

If you feel I have unjustly taken sides in these disputes, then it is up to you to find out which Kingdom preaches these Doctrines and which one teaches against them. Even if you are unsure, one thing you must know is that there cannot be two Christs, two truths, two ways. However, I once told my sister if we were one person we would have been great in the eyes of God, since she has what I lack and I have what she lacks. This is also true of the Catholics and Orthodox of today.

I remember watching a new and beautiful church being built in Escondido, California. The people were building it with their own hands, and it was a marvelous tribute to God. The Catholic churches built in my area over the past twenty years have been so poor and disrespectful to the Almighty that I was ecstatic to see one I would enjoy going into. To my great sadness, though, it was an Armenian Orthodox Church. I couldn't attend.

Now, there is a beautiful Greek Orthodox Church being built. When we do unite the churches, these ethnic churches will fill up to the breaking point because Catholics (like me) would rather go to the churches where God is truly honored.

We Catholics do have a wealth of saints and apparitions to offer to the Orthodox, but the Orthodox have a wealth of beautiful churches, art, music, and most reverent Masses to offer the Catholics. Together we will bring great joy to the Holy Trinity and the Mother of God. It is very obvious from the messages that it is going to be very difficult for some Protestants to unite with Orthodox and Catholics.

However, there is nothing stopping the Catholic and Orthodox Churches from becoming one anymore except for the seats of power. Over the years all other obstacles have faded away.


We, the people, through our united prayers, will give them that love. We will love them so much, pray for them so much, encourage them so much that they will throw their seats out the windows. Then we will gather them into our arms and hearts and love them all the way to Christ and Mary.

No Virtue Without Obedience

I was involved in the miracle of the Philippines. One thing I learned there was that you cannot correct a wrong by doing the same wrong. The "people power" of the Philippines overthrew a government without ever violating a single law and without ever resorting to violence.

Divisions in the Kingdom occurred for one reason and one reason only. Someone had to be disobedient. As long as there is obedience to the higher authority and to the laws of Christ, there can be no divisions in the Kingdom.

In 80 A.D. Bishop Ignatius of Antioch said,

"In the same way as the Lord was wholly one with the Father, and never acted independently of Him, either in person or through the Apostles, so you yourselves must never act independently of your bishop and clergy. ON NO ACCOUNT PERSUADE YOURSELVES THAT IT IS RIGHT AND PROPER TO FOLLOW YOUR OWN PRIVATE JUDGMENT, have a single service of prayer which everybody attends; one united supplication, one mind, one hope, in love and innocent joyfulness.

"For we can have no life apart from Jesus Christ; and as He represents the mind of the Father, so our bishops, even those who are stationed in the remotest parts of the world, represent the mind of Jesus Christ.

"That is why it is proper for your conduct and your practices to correspond closely with the mind of the bishop. And this, indeed, they are doing; your justly respected clergy, who are a credit to God, are attuned to their bishop like the strings of a harp, and the result is a hymn of praise to Jesus Christ from minds that are in unison, and affections that are in harmony. Pray, then, come and join this choir, everyone of you; let there be a whole symphony of minds in concert; take the tone all together from God, and sing aloud to the Father with one voice through Jesus Christ, so that He may hear you and know by your works that you are indeed members of His Son's Body. A completely united front will help to keep you in constant communion with God."

If we, the people, resort to disobedience to bring about unity, we will fail because if we give in to disobedience now, we will love it tomorrow. We need the help of God and His graces to create unity, and if we sin, grace will be shut off. Christ said all authority comes from God. (Rom. 13:1-14).

Padre Pio said, "Without obedience there is no virtue." Your bishop, your patriarch, your pastor, your priest are the keys to unity. They must be a part of our drive toward one Kingdom on Earth. We must love them and pray for them. They are the ones who will make the real sacrifices, not us.

I will be giving some suggestions for bringing about this unity God is asking of us. But NEVER do anything without your bishop's or your patriarch's approval. The great lesson of the French Revolution is that a mob without a head will fall into the pit.

We will be asking Catholic priests and Orthodox priests to pray together with us. We will be asking Catholic bishops and patriarchs to pray together with us. It is this togetherness Mary is asking for. She is not asking us to separate but to unite. They, the elders, will be the ones to unite. We will be the ones to pray for them, encourage them, and, to love them.

This is not to say that we people don't have power, we do. Mirna and I were sitting at a table with Char-Bishop, Monsignor Joseph C. Feghali of St. Marron's in Detroit.

An old man shouted out at the Monsignor: "What can we people do for unity. I have tried for years, but you elders always reject us."

The Monsignor's answer was so pleasing to God that oil gushed out of Mirna's hands. I never saw so much oil. Chor-Bishop Joseph C. Faghali:

"Who put the elders in this position? The people did. If you stand up and demand unity, and if you teach your children unity instead of hatred [prejudice], then we elders will be forced to have unity.

"So what if the elders do not want to move towards unity? Shall we be passive [lukewarm]? We must awake to the truth of what God wants. We can choose presidents. Why do we not accept the power in us? Yes! It is not easy. That is why we must pray. Wake up to what we CAN DO, and you will be surprised at what will happen with the help of God. Wake up the elders to the fact that the Church is the people."

Yes, Monsignor Faghali, there is much we can do, and we will. We will insists, we will push, we will march, we will picket, we will shout, we will teach, we will pray, we will love, but we will not disobey.

In the spirit of St. Catherine of Sienna, we will encourage, give advice, yes, and even reprimand with love, but we will not disobey. If we rebel against authority, we are just as guilty as our fathers were.

Pray First and Last

Without the help of God, we can never bring about unity. Unity starts in the home and spreads its rays to the community and then to the nation and then to the world. Pray together. Pray together in the family. Then pray together in the community. Then pray together as a nation. Then, God willing, we will pray together as a Kingdom. There is no other way. Father Patrick Peyton was asked to organize a nationwide Rosary Crusade in the Philippines. Cardinal Sin knew that families at prayer lead to communities and nations at prayer. And when nations pray, the world is at peace. When the Crusade reached its peak, Father Peyton found himself standing before two million people all praying together. Impossible? Pray and see!

You already have a great help. Father Robert Fox, the great Fatima priest, said:

"Sister Lucia, the sole survivor of the Fatima Apparitions, has said that her constant prayer and sacrifice now and until she reaches Heaven, is for UNITY IN THE CHURCH."

The millions of members of Focolare have been praying for this unity for years. Impossible? Pray and see! On March 25, 1984 when Pope John Paul II consecrated the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the bishops of the world, some of the Catholic bishops did not do it with him. However, Russian Orthodox bishops and Greek Orthodox bishops joined in with him and made up for the lack of Catholic bishops. Since that day supernatural things have been happening in Russia.

Gorbachev's mother and father secretly baptized him. They hid Icons of Our Lady behind a picture of Lenin. Gorbachev became head of Russia. Religion was legalized. Assumption Church in Moscow opened and there are now 200 baptisms a week in that one church alone. 6,000 churches in Russia opened for the first time in 50 years. Eastern Europe was freed. The Berlin wall came tumbling down. Gorbachev visited the Holy Father and called him the highest spiritual power in the world. As Father Messias Coelho states,

"Russia has become a volcano for Christ."

All this happened because the bishops of the Catholic and Orthodox Churches offered Russia to Our Lady. Impossible? Pray and see!

"If you say to this mountain 'Be lifted up and thrown into the sea' even that will happen. You will receive all that you pray for, provided you have faith." (Matt. 21:21-22).

If you are a Catholic and don't know any Orthodox Christians, go find one. Ask him to come and pray with you. If you are Orthodox, go find a Catholic. Pray together. That is the beginning. Catholic priests, go out there and pray with your fellow Orthodox priests. Bishops, call up your nearest Orthodox leaders and ask them to pray together with you.

That is the start. Build little shrines in your houses and pray. Pray the Rosary or the chotki, pray the prayers in the messages, pray for unity. Ask the sick to offer up their sufferings for unity. From these prayers you will receive the oil, the power of the Holy Spirit, and this power will blow down the walls of separation.

Let us pray the Lord's Prayer together, for when we say "Our Father;' we don't say, "My Father." We say, "Our Father," since we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Like it or not, we are all Christians as long as we pray the Lord's Prayer. So let us unite. When we say, "Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven," we are asking for unity and we know it is God's Will. When we say, "Give us this day our daily bread;' we are asking for the manna from Heaven, Our Lord's Body and Blood, not just for ourselves, but for all our brothers and sisters. When we pray,

"Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us" we are in great danger, because He will judge us on this. Listen to the words carefully. It is a group prayer. We are praying for all the members of the Kingdom. Lead US not into the temptation of nationalism, Lord, but deliver us from the evil of disunity. So be it. Even in the prayer to Mary we say "us" not "me." Let US act like we pray.

Love and Forgiveness

Without love and a forgiving heart, our prayers will not be answered. We must feel in our hearts a love like Christ loved. The more resistance you have, the more criticism, the more resentment, the more you must love them. Love the bad priest until he is good. Love the greedy bishop until he is giving. Love the pompous and proud until they are humble.

Plant peace and love in your hearts, and the walls of separation will come tumbling down. Whatever separates you from your brother, get rid of it. If it's language, overcome it. If it's nationality or color or politics or age, overcome these things. Learn to love all God's children, no matter what. If we have divisions in our hearts, we will not overcome divisions in the Kingdom of God.

Two thousand years ago a tiny Heart beat for the first time inside the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. It took its first beat in the womb of Mary.

Over a billion beats of the Sacred Heart, later it stopped. It was silent.

And then. ..a Roman lance stabbed into it. ..and it beat one last time.

But was it the last time?

No! That lance opened it up. It opened His Sacred Heart up to you. He lives. His blood flows in you, if you are in His Mystical Body. It flows from body to body in His Kingdom, from cell to cell, from soul to soul. His Heart beats. beats in you.

Look at that man next to you. Christ's blood flows in him. It flows from him to you. We are the cells in His body. If you hate him, you hate the body of Christ. "His Sacred Heart beats again.

Listen! ...It's in you. ..We, who eat His Flesh and drink His Blood, keep His Sacred Heart beating, we keep His Sacred Blood flowing. ..from cell to cell, from soul to soul. ..His Blood is red. black cells, yellow cells or white cells. ..the Blood is the same.'s His Blood:' (Fr. John Myler)

How can we have divisions? Can we divide our own body? Can we cut our own cells? Do not be the cause of divisions. Do not hate. Do not get into arguments about who is right and who is wrong. Love those who you do not like. Love those who are different than you. Your attitude, not your argument, will win unity.

"People take their cues from attitudes, not from arguments; they object to manners, not ideas. Those on top have been expounding their ideas of unity and are evoking little response. The time has come to shift gears, to change the strategy. I~ is time to act and to set the example. If we fail, at least it is not for lack of trying. It is better to try and to fail, rather than to fail to try and forever experience the inestimable loss of what might have been." (Ninoy Aquino)

Unity Prayer Crusades

It's time to act. We crave for unity, but if we wait for this to fall from the sky, we will not like the results.

"The dice of fate has been rolled, and each of us has been assigned a role to play. Ours is to keep lighting the beacon-light of UNITY for those who have lost their way. Ours is to articulate the fervent hopes of a people who have suddenly lost their voices. Ours is to adopt the solid stance of courage in the face of seemingly hopeless odds so that hope, no matter how dim or distant, will never banish from sight." Ninoy Aguino)

It is time to act. Organize daily prayer in your homes. Then organize weekly prayer with your separated churches. Get your priests and bishops to authorize a prayer march or prayer outing every month with other religions, especially Catholic or Orthodox. Pray together. Send letters to all the pastors. Make posters, call radio stations, go door to door. Print pictures of Our Lady of Soufanieh and the messages. Pass around God's plan for Unity.

Plan to have a massive UNITY PRAYER CRUSADE once every year. Organize all the parishes in your city to attend, no matter what religion or faith. Get your bishops involved. Print posters. Choose a large location (park or stadium). Get pledge cards that promise to work and pray for UNITY. Set up a stage, microphone, loudspeaker system, banners, signs, and a large picture of Our Lady of Soufanieh. Think out security, medical, and toilet problems. Plan the singing, the praying, and the speakers. Invite the media, the celebrities, the elders. Plan to have a concelebrated Mass if the bishops will agree. Read out loud the messages of the Miracle of Damascus. And when you know you are going to have a good crowd of God's children, invite Mirna to come and pray with you. She will come, for this is her mission, and she must complete her mission.


Mary is giving us peace through Fatima. Let us give Her unity through Mirna. Say to Christ:

"Here I come, Lord, because you called me."

the publican