By Richard Salbato


Mother Theresa, in answer to the question of the shortage of priests said, "The Church will get as many priests as it deserves."  Now, I would like to say that America will get the President that it deserves.  Very often these presidents were groomed to be President of the United States of America from the time they were in College and most often by people who are not Americans.  Who is President of the most powerful country in the world is very important to Internationalists and they have the money and the power to influence American Elections.  One of their favorite tricks is to run one of "their" people against another one of "their" people.  This gives a country,  like America with a two party system, no real choice. 


This International Agenda was responsible for braking up the Catholic vote in areas where there were 90% Catholics and always elected Catholic Congressmen. This International Agenda promoted Communism for their own gains.  It tried and failed with the French Revolution and now works in secrete and backs those who favor their Agenda even when those people do not know who is supporting them. 


It is this same group that is keeping any mention of Religion out of the new European Constitution in spite of the fact that Europe is mostly Catholic and most people want it included.  They are often involved it creating wars for their own gain.  They regulate currencies world wide. They often cause huge shifts in the stock market for financial or political gains. 


I believe that they also infiltrated the Catholic Church with homosexuals, liberals, Communists and anyone else who could discredit the Church, water down its doctrine, or just make lukewarm Catholics who would not vote the moral and Catholic way.  To the credit of these Internationalists, they have very successfully destroyed the Catholic vote in most countries in the world, especially in America. 


Think how it is that for 75 years a Masonic Government ran Mexico and almost outlawed the entire Catholic Church when for those 75 years Mexico was 95% Catholic.  With the election of Fox that ended and Catholics finally came together.  There are over one billion Catholics in South America and almost no governments that have pro - Catholic government laws on morals or its social teaching.   Same is true in most of Europe.  


Now consider that 38% of all American voters are Catholic.  If Catholics voted in block, no one could be elected without their vote.  In fact if Catholics voted Catholic, Ellen Keys would be president today.  If Catholics voted in block Ellen Keys would have 38% of the vote and another at least half of the black vote, giving him a block of 45% of the vote and thereby needing only 6% of the rest of the votes to win. 


But the truth is that the Catholic vote has been destroyed with the destruction of obedience to Rome, and the false believe that they can hold different opinions on faith and morals from the teaching authority of the Church and still remain Catholics. The Catholic vote does not exist any more than the faith in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist exists.  Catholics today will vote 50% for one party and 50% for the other not based on morals but on their freedom to be immoral if they choose to.




As already stated we do not have a real choice in America or in most other countries, so does it really matter who we vote for.  Bush brought us into war in two countries and maybe for poor reasons.  Some can argue it was for oil, and others that it was because of bad information.  Some even say that 9-11 could have been prevented, and placing the blame on Bush, or Clinton, or the CIA.  Some say there is no real interest for America in the war.  Others, like me, complain of the falling dollar,   others of the large National Debt, and others that American Servicemen are dying in a far country where we do not belong.


On the other hand Bush has voted the Catholic line on things like abortion, Stem cell research, late term abortions, homosexual marriages, and supports the marriage amendment.  With the most conservative judge in the Supreme Court in the hospital for cancer and five of them at retirement age, the next president will pick pro-abortion judges or pro-choice judges and we will have another 20 years of one way or the other. 


Maybe we are choosing between two evils but one evil so outweighs the others, that there is no choice for True Catholics. The greatest evil in the world today is the massive killing of children through abortion and we are talking about hundreds of millions world wide and started in England and America.  This also is the Internationalist Agenda.   One party says it is pro life and the other party makes no bones about the fact that it is pro choice.  Other issues can be argued and with some question as to the truth but in this issue there is no question, one is for and the other is against. 


But this issue so sinful that no other issue (even a world wide war) is a greater sin than abortion.  It would not be a sin to refuse to vote for Bush, but it would be a grave sin to vote for Kerry and I do mean mortal sin.  In the past, it could be argued that the Church was not plain about the issues but not this time.  This time there is no excuse for this sin. 





As Nancy Frazier O'Brien of Catholic News Service reported: "With the elections less than two weeks away, Catholic
bishops took to the pages of secular and Catholic newspapers to explain their views on the key issues facing voters."


With the exception of Bishop Gumberton of Detroit, all gave the same warning to voters.  


"Bishop Kenneth A. Angell of Burlington, Vt., noted in a letter read at all Masses in Vermont Oct. 23-24 that there is "no perfect being in humanity ... no perfect politician ... no perfect leader." But he said Catholic politicians and voters both have a responsibility to learn the truth taught by the church and not to distort Catholic teaching.

"Comments by Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago in a recent edition of his archdiocesan newspaper centered on the church's response to Catholic politicians who support abortion. He said he had not directed anyone to refuse Communion to those politicians "because I believe it would turn the reception of holy Communion into a circus here."

"Archbishop Chaput  - criticized those who say Catholics "must not impose their beliefs on society" and who warn about the need for separation of church and state, saying that "we should recognize these slogans for what they are: frequently dishonest and ultimately dangerous sound bites."

"People who support permissive abortion laws have no qualms about imposing their views on society," Archbishop Chaput wrote. "Why should the rules of engagement be different for citizens who oppose those laws?"

The Denver leader said Catholics, whether voters or politicians, "are doubly unfaithful -- both to our religious convictions and to our democratic responsibilities -- if we fail to support the right to life of the unborn child."

"Our duties to social justice by no means end there," he said. "But they do always begin there because the right to life is foundational."


The Denver Archbishop also condemns the silence of Catholics who know that abortion is the taking of a human life. He writes, "For anyone who sees this fact clearly, neutrality, silence or private disapproval are not options. They are evils almost as grave as abortion itself. If religious believers do not advance their convictions about public morality in public debate, they
are demonstrating not tolerance but cowardice."

Archbishop Chaput concludes, "Words are cheap. Actions matter. If we believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, we need to prove that by our actions, including our political choices. Anything less leads to the corruption of our integrity. Patriotism, which is a virtue for people of all faiths, requires that we fight, ethically and nonviolently, for what we believe. Claiming that 'we don't want to impose our beliefs on society' is not merely politically convenient; it is morally incoherent and


"Does our voting for someone make us responsible for what that person does as a legislator or as a judge?. And the
answer is yes, because we are in some ways materially -- we use the word "materially" -- cooperating in that person's activity because we've given [him or her] the platform to be elected."

Chaput continued, "Now, if the person does something wrong, are we responsible for that? Well, if we didn't know they were going to something wrong, our participation is remote, but if we knew they were going to do something wrong and we approved of it, our responsibility would really be close, even if we knew they were going to do something wrong and we voted for them for another reason, we would still be responsible in some ways."

Concluding the point, he said, "The standing is that if you know someone is going to do evil and you participate in that in some way, you are responsible. So it's not. 'if you vote this way, should you go to confession?' The question is, 'if you vote this way, are you cooperating in evil?' Now, if you know you are cooperating in evil, should you go to confession? The answer is yes."

Bishop Schmitt, in a letter to Catholics made public Oct. 20, called abortion "the greatest moral evil of our age" and said it is "so grave and profound an evil that it calls all men and women of good will to action."

"In light of that truth, a Catholic who deliberately votes for a candidate precisely because of the candidate's permissive stand on abortion is guilty of formal cooperation in grave evil," he said.

"When a Catholic does not share a candidate's stand in favor of abortion, but votes for that candidate for other reasons, such an action can only be permitted in the presence of proportionate reasons," Bishop Schmitt said. "I cannot think of a value to put on innocent human life and the right to life; others, in conscience, may be able to."

The New York Times will feature a full-page ad by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) on
stem cell research. The ad is part of a nationwide two-week ad campaign by the USCCB aimed at explaining the distinction between embryonic stem cell research, which requires the destruction of human life at the embryonic stage, and adult stem cell research.

"Adult stem cell research is already helping people with many diseases, including heart disease, spinal cord injury, even Parkinson's disease," said Cathy Cleaver Ruse, Esq., Director of Planning and Information for the USCCB's Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities. "By contrast, embryonic stem cell research has not helped one single human patient, and it comes with a
hefty price tag: the deliberate destruction of human life."

  "As the ads state: science does not have to kill in order to cure," Ruse said.    The ads will appear in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Times and the National Catholic Reporter. The ads have also been sent to dioceses
nationwide for use in local publications. View the ads at


"As Christians, we are praying that God grant President Bush four more years because of his support for the sanctity of human life, his strong commitment to the protection of traditional marriage and his stance on religious freedom and liberty in the public square." - Rev. Patrick Mahoney, Christian Defense Coalition

"We are here praying against the election of John Kerry and the radical culture of death he represents. The voters of Ohio could well decide the outcome of this election and, by default, the fate of millions of pre- born children. Innocent lives literally depend on Pennsylvania voting pro-life. " - Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue



Terri Schiavo collapsed in 1990 supposedly as a result of a potassium imbalance. She has been living on life support systems and in a coma ever since.  Terri's family has long suspected that the real cause may have been physical abuse at the hand of her estranged husband Michael.  A bone scan conducted on Terri in March 1991 showed she had several fractures and was the victim of "abnormal activity" that caused "previous traumas," indicating she may have been beaten or abused.

Michael adamantly denies having abused or mistreated his wife. The Schindlers have tried to remove Michael as Terri's legal guardian and replace him with Terri's brother Bobby.  They say Michael has conflicts of interest because he is living with another
woman while still legally married to Terri. He and his girlfriend Jodi Centonze have two children.

They also say Michael has violated a promise to a jury that $700,000 of a $1.5 million medical malpractice judgment awarded to him would be used to pay for rehabilitative and medical care for Terri.

After Michael received the award, he placed a "do not necessitate" order on Terri.   He then filled to have her life support systems removed and hired George Felos, the assisted suicide advocate.  The courts at ruled to remove the life support systems but Jeb Bush, Florida's governor, passed a law saving Terry's life. 

But, on Tuesday, Michael filed papers in both cases asking to be able to remove the feeding tube immediately. George Felos, the assisted suicide advocate who is Michael's attorney, asked Circuit Court Judge George Greer to lift his seven-week delay of removing the feeding tube in the Schindler case. He also asked the Florida high court to refuse to grant a stay Bush's attorneys have requested.

This is Kerry's culture of Death.



Richard Salbato