Vol. 1, No. 2

The Newsletter of Discernment

 August 30, 1998

Loving those in error, loving the truth more, and never letting the truth become the enemy of Love  

Investigation of Mrs. Christina Gallagher, Ireland's "Seer"

We traveled to Ireland last month to meet with the award-winning British Film Production Companyl. Both parties united in an attempt to verify reports that the so-called Irish stigmatist and seer, Christian Gallagher, had closed down her house of prayer and gone into seclusion.

Mrs. Gallagher claims to have first seen the Virgin Mary in 1988. At the time, she could neither read or write and only desired the means to buy a washing machine. Her husband was a plumber. We say he was - past tense - because they don't seem to be living together anymore. Photos have been taken of "stigmata" on her hands and feet, and supporters allege she has marks on her back and head [a crown of thorns?].

In 1991, Mrs. Gallagher said the Mother of GOD instructed her to open a house of prayer on the Island of Achill [Achilles heel?] in the far west of Ireland. Anonymous donors helped her buy a former convent. Close to a million tourists have poured through the door of this center, which the local bishop initially supported. When Medjugorje Centers around the world picked up on her fantastic claims, they rushed in to wed her to the hundreds of seers in their "Visionary of the Day" portfolios.

Over time, however, Archbishop Michael Neary investigated Mrs. Gallagher and declared her "charism" contained no evidence of miracles or supernatural intervention. He did, nonetheless, allow the House of Prayer to continue. Fruits were good in terms of prayer and money for the Island. Katherine McHugh, a local on the Island said,

"Personally I don't believe in such things, but whether Christina Gallagher really does work miracles doesn't matter to most of us on this island. She has saved the island from dying. She has brought us jobs where they never existed and to us locals that's all that matters."

Archbishop Michael Neary investigated Mrs. Gallagher and declared her "charism" contained no evidence of miracles or supernatural intervention.

Accounts of huge sums of money pouring into the local diocese were unsubstantiated by accounting records. Subsequently, Archbishop Neary launched an investigation into the finances of the House of Prayer. When the bishop requested an accounting of funds given to the House of Prayer, Christina Gallagher closed the center down and went into hiding. This damaging news precipitated our investigative visit to the island.

Not knowing what they would learn, to their amazement, they discovered the "humble wife of a plumber", i.e. Mrs. Gallagher, residing thirty miles away from the "House of Prayer" in a seven bedroom mansion, with ten foot walls surrounding her estate. Cameras were stationed on the walls and security devices made the grounds resemble a prison compound. [Footage of the Gallagher mansion and estate are in our files.]

The researchers were quick to find out that Mrs. Gallagher no longer lives with her husband. Mr. Gallagher lives in a far more modest home, befitting the humble Irish countryside. The estranged husband permitted his cottage-by-comparison to be filmed, and engaged in a similarly recorded conversation. We found it interesting, that Mrs. Gallagher's closest neighbors said they have never met her, nor do they ever see her -- except to catch an occasional glimpse of the "impoverished seer" driving a black Audi through her security gates.

In multiple interviews, locals and nearby townspeople witnessed Mrs. Gallagher frequenting late night bars with numerous men, noticeably not her husband. Many revealed what they considered expensive taste for imported Italian clothes and jewelry.

...locals and nearby townspeople witnessed Mrs. Gallagher frequenting late night bars with numerous men, noticeably not her husband.

The "Irish Times" estimated, that ever since Gallagher claimed to be a privileged soul, $850,000 and 15,000 pilgrims poured into the little town annually. This news pressed the question, "With so much money being raised presumably in the Name of God, and so many allegations of good fruits being sewn, why did Mrs. Gallagher abruptly close her House of Prayer down July 9, 1998?" To say the least, this unexplained and furtive action immediately following Bishop Neary's simple and entitled request for an accounting speaks volumes.

Archbishop Neary's secretary, Father Brendan Kilcoyne, said that His Excellency wanted to bring the House of Prayer closer to the structure of the Church. On December 16, 1997, although he discovered no evidence of the supernatural, he graciously allowed the center to stay open. The bishop requested a private association be established to deal with the disposition of funds coming into the center. In January 1998, he suspended confessions and sermons at the House.

Rather than comply with the Archbishop's demand for control of the funds, Mrs. Gallagher chose to close the House down and "disappear". Rev. Dr. Gerard McGinnity, her former spiritual director, continues to stand by her. Though we couldn't prove these two maintained contact, they successfully located and interviewed Father Michael O'Carroll in Dublin, in the late afternoon of August 18th.

Father O'Carroll is Mrs. Gallagher's spiritual director. Upon greeting his visitors , he escorted them into a small waiting room, where he began to speak at length about Vassula Ryden, Christina Gallagher, Bishop Hnilica, Theresa Lopez, Father Gerald McGinnity, Cardinal Ratzinger, and the Holy Father. Our questions regarding these individuals and Father O'Carroll's answers were documented on film. [Note: The Vatican condemned Vassula Ryden and a supporter of Christina Gallagher.]

Father O'Carroll shared that Father McGinnity, Christina Gallagher's Spiritual Director, was a very dear friend, whom he had met on several occasions. Beginning about 1984, they spent much time together in Medjugorje. While he confessed he had never met her, Father O'Carroll knew Mrs. Gallagher was authentic because of what Fr. McGinnity told him, and that her messages are compatible with those of Medjugorje and Vassula Ryden. He said that he supported them both, as well as Theresa Lopez, because they all had messages that corresponded to Medjugorje and all were the fulfillment of Fatima.

Father O'Carroll added that Theresa Lopez visited him, and he knew for certain she was authentic. He then told a story about Bishop Hnilica going to Russia in 1984 to join in the consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Reportedly, Bishop Hnilica read the Holy Father's prayer while hiding behind a newspaper in church. We were told, that when the bishop reported this incident to the Holy Father, His Holiness broke into tears. Thereupon, they spoke at length about Medjugorje as being the "fulfillment of Fatima".

Father O'Carroll made reference to an unsubstantiated document circulated worldwide since May of 1998. Allegedly written by Archbishop Taroisio Bertone, Secretary of the Congregation of the Faith, this letter is said to have been sent to Bishop Gilbert Aubry of Saint-Denis de la Reunion. Father stated a bishop in the Indian Ocean would set the record straight about all this.

Without any uncertainty, Father spoke at length about the Holy Father's pro-Medjugorje statements, and said that the Vatican is investigating them under the direction of Cardinal Ratzinger. Father O'Carroll quoted numerous Medjugorje statements plus a little of Father Gobbi, because he approved of them all.

It will be interesting to hear the Vatican's statement after their review of Father O'Carroll's testimony.

Mrs. Gallagher's lawyer, Mr. Donald J. Corrigan, also interviewed, has threatened a law suit against us, if we dared to publish any article they could call defamatory and injurious to his client's reputation. "Court proceedings will be issued against you, in the USA or UK as is deemed appropriate." We responded to this threat [from an innocent party?] by asking that legal proceedings begin right away.

Well! We have done a great deal and not been sued yet.

When all the false prophets are laid to rest by courageous souls united with Saint Michael's sword and Holy Dominion, Unity Publishing will be able to return to working for the prayer of Christ in Chapter 17 of John, "That they all be one in truth." This involves teaching the truth and promoting true apparitions. Pray we may accomplish this soon. Though God will surely bring unity about with or without us, and He chooses whom He will to fight for Him, we long to return to this positive battle. To all our Orthodox supporters, thank you for your prayers and well-wishes.

""Not to oppose erroneous doctrine is to approve it,

and not to defend all true doctrine is to suppress it." -- Pope Innocent III

Protecting the Honor and Reputation of Our Lady

Rick Salbato
Managing Editor and President
Unity Publishing, Inc.