Meditation on the Annunciation

Richard Salbato

Before Each Hail Mary

1. In the Annunciation we think of a 15 year old girl, who wonders about the words of an Angel and the incarnation of the Word of God.  It is much more than that. To understand this mystery you must go way back to the very reason God created.  He first created matter and energy or all physical things. (Genesis 1:1-2) He then created the spiritual world, Heaven and the Angels. (Genesis 1:3)  The Angels He made somewhat God-like in that He made them with as pure spirits that would last forever and with free will.  He then tested the love of the Angels. (Genesis 1:4)  Love is not free, unless it has choices and is not forced.  For this reason, free-will has to be tested. What was the test of the Angels in Heaven?

We find the answer to that in the vision shown to Saint John in Revelation or Apocalypse 11:19 - 12:4.  Keep in mind that this was just a sign and not the real thing.  The Angels in Heaven were shown a Woman (a woman who had not been born yet) greater than all of creation. The dragon, Lucifer, rejected the Woman who was with child, and was cast out of Heaven. Lucifer, the light bearer, was from that moment on filled with hatred for the Woman. He waited to destroy this perfect creation who had not yet been born. Satan thought Eve was this same woman and tried to destroy her.  He then continued to look for this Woman with child for 4000 more earthly years.

2.  From before creation, God planned that His creation of Angels and Humans would be closely united to Him in a spiritual and even physical way.  The Angels in Heaven are spiritually united to God but he wanted humanity to be both spiritually and physically united Him, and therefore He created the fruit of the Tree of Life and that fruit was Christ.

3.  After the fall of man, which God knew would happen even before creation, He prepared mankind for the creation of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, by giving them an example of Her in the making of the Ark of the Covenant,  the spiritual (not physical) tabernacle of God.  From this Ark or tabernacle, God spoke to and let His people.  But it was only a symbol of the real tabernacle of God, the Virgin Mary.

4.  Now it is time for God to create His greatest creation, the real Tabernacle that will hold God, Himself, for nine months and care for Him for 30 years on earth.  In order to create a perfect and pure Tabernacle, God had to make Her free of original sin and filled with every possible grace and virtue even during conception. (Apocalypse 21)

5.  Mary was born in a natural way except being free of original sin and full of grace and virtue from conception.  He parents, Joachim and Anne, sent her to the temple at the age of 5 years.  From 5 to 15 years of age Mary was taught in the temple by the great prophetess’, Anna and Naomi.  At the age of 15 years of age, the High Priest of the temple had a vision that he was to pick a husband for Mary from the line of David.  In the vision he was told to have all the single men from the line of David to bring their staffs, and the staff that would blossom flowers would be God’s choice for her husband.  This happened as God had prophesied.  Joseph of Bethlehem took Mary home to her parent’s house in Nazareth.  Joseph left and began building a home for themselves. Both had taken a vow of virginity but trusted God and were always obedient to the Church and the law.

6.  It was during this time of waiting that the Angel appeared to Mary. This was not unusual for Mary because in her first 15 years of life she often saw angels and even played with them in the temple.  What troubled Mary was that the angel was complimenting Mary, and she was not used to that because She was very humble.

7.  When the Angel told Her that She would conceive a son, who would be called Jesus (God with us) and that He would be the awaited Messiah, She tested the Angel.  “How can this be, since I do not know man?”  The Angel explained to her the she would conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit and this would not change her vow of virginity.  The Angel went on to ease Her concern and explained that even her cousin Elizabeth, in her old age was already in her sixth month of pregnancy by the power of God.  No word (rama) is impossible with God.

8.  Now there was silence in Heaven as the Angels waited for Her answer, because God will do nothing without our permission.  God does not force His Will on us.  Not only were the Angels in Heaven glued to Her, but all the people waiting in Sheol waited in silence for Her response.  Adam and Eve, Abraham and Moses, Enoch and Elisa, everyone who had died in the grace of God but could not enter Heaven waited in silence for Mary to answer the Angel.  Without her permission, mankind could not be redeemed.

All creation waited in silence and fear and expectations.

9. Mary looked at the Angel and believed.

“Be it done to me according to your word.”

Suddenly the Heavens rejoiced in song and play and the shouting went from Heaven to Sheol so that such singing and hugging and rejoicing was never seen before.  She had said, “Yes!” and now mankind could be redeemed.

10.    The Angel left and the power of God overshadowed Mary, and out of Heaven came three rays of light that entered into Mary’s heart. At that moment She conceived the Christ child, God with us.  At that moment was the beginning of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, God in His Kingdom.