Your Catholic Rights and Obligations

Explained in this Letter to Our Bishop

To: His Excellency


        Bishop of [Deleted]


From:  Rick Salbato

Managing Editor, Unity Publishing

Your Excellency,

Due to working full time in a secular job with a lot of overtime lately, and able only to come to the office on Sundays to take care of our apostolate, I am remiss in not responding to your last letter. I also learned (after the fact) that Network 5 International has sent some faxes to you.

My reason for writing (which doesn't need a response) is to create a more harmonious relationship between what I consider a patriarchal relationship of father and son. This patriarchal system (chain of command) is what I have tried to preserve over the past thirty years, even to the point of going to jail for a year fighting for my rights as a father. It would be a contradiction to fight for my rights as a father and not fight for the rights of mothers, of police officers, of judges, of presidents, of kings, of priests, of bishops, and of Popes. The entire social order depends on this patriarchal system of order; and is, in fact, what creates a society that runs smoothly with the most happiness for the most people. My attitude about patriarchal systems does not mean that I do not leave room of just criticism of children to fathers and even of Catholics to the Pope, when it is not a matter of faith or morals. My children were very open in there criticism of me, when they felt I was wrong. I listened and accepted their remarks with patience and harity, sometimes learning a great deal from them. This did not take away their obligation to obey me in all things except sin, which I enforced and insisted on.

Obedience First

It is from this rock (obedience to the chain of command) that Unity Publishing and Catholic Cult Watch builds all our investigations. I learned from Vatican sources that obedience is the first criteria in discernment, because it is this system of patriarchy that unites people and demons want to divide. Our biggest problem in convincing people of truth is that Catholics have lost their understanding of God's patriarchal system. Why they lost this understanding is why I felt obliged to write this letter.

Recently I saw you for the first time standing with Father Sweeney and then attended your Mass and the Confirmation of a couple hundred children. I could not help being impressed with your softness and love for children. Looking at your stature with white hair and white robes, it was as if God was saying to me, "There is your father. There is where your obedience rests." Truthfully, I was not unhappy about that thought. You are the direct descendent of the Apostles through the Holy Spirit with sole geographical authority over God's lambs. If you are my father and I am your son (new to your house), you should know me and I you.

It's easy to know me. I am very open about my beliefs, weaknesses, and ideas. I am always offering to dialogue with those who disagree with me. I am willing to debate with anyone, anywhere, anytime, but few take my offer. Because they do not take up my offer, I have resorted to putting all in books, booklets, and tapes. If I cannot talk face to face with people as I would like, I write long letters.

As a son talking to his father, I would like to present my ideas about obedience, and why Catholics (like Mother Angelica) have failed to understand this. All quotes are from Dietrich von Hildebrand, who Pope Pius XII called "the 20th Century doctor of the Church" and received an award from Pope Paul VI for his writing. All quotes are from Dietrich von Hildebrand.

Hierarchy of Obedience

My attitude about obedience is divided in two categories and one subdivision. The first category is - absolute theological authority on faith and morals. In this I must give my whole heart, my whole soul, and my whole mind in complete consent. I cannot be a cafeteria Catholic. To fail on one point of the theological law of faith and morals, is to fail on all the laws of God. Not even a clear conscience can save me from the wrath of God.

(Reference - "The Splendor of Truth" Pope John Paul II)

"Our belief in the teachings of the Church de fide must be an absolute and unconditional one, but we should not imagine that our fidelity to the Church's theoretical authority is satisfied merely by acceptance of ex cathedra pronouncements. We also must adhere wholeheartedly to teachings of the Church in matters of morality, even if they are not defined ex cathedra. The teachings of the encyclical Humanae Vitae, for example, is binding because its content has always been part of the teaching of the Church; in it we are confronted with the theoretical authority of the Church embodied in the tradition of the ordinary Magisterium. It is not a mere practical commandment of the Church, like the commandment to go to church on Sunday."

The second category is the practical decisions of the Pope and the Church. In this case I must also obey, providing they do not contradict the first category; but ----- even though I must obey, I do not have to accept with my whole heart, soul, and mind. In fact, I am free to speak against the decisions of even the Pope in practical maters, although I am not free to disobey them.

"Though we must obey such a practical decision, we must not approve it; nay, we must even pray for its revocation, and , in full respect, strive with all legitimate measures to persuade the Holy Father of its danger, all the whole proclaiming wholeheartedly: Credo in unam sanctam catholicam et apostolicam ecclesiam!"

Free to Disagree with Pope

Two such practical decisions allowed by the Holy Father that I feel free to speak out against are: "Communion in the Hand" and "Standing for Communion". I am not free, however, to disobey; and therefore, I stand for Communion wherever it is done by directive of the local bishop.

The subdivision in my ideas about obedience is obeying the higher authority. If, even in practical decisions of the Church, a lower authority was to advocate something against the practical teachings of the higher authority, I would obey the higher authority. For instance, suppose you told all your pastors to allow me to place a sign in the back of all the Churches stating "Be Silent In Church - My House Is A House Of Prayer", but a pastor refused to do so. I, in turn, would put up the sign anyway, after first trying to convince the pastor to allow it. In doing so I would be violating the lower authority (a canon law that required permission from the pastor) in order to obey the higher authority, the bishop. This does not imply, however, that because the pastor was wrong on this one point, his authority is done away with, anymore than a father's authority is done away with simply because he has a weakness (even sin) in some point.

Are All Right?

Good Catholics, failing to grasp the importance and subtleties of obedience, have given it up all together (the liberals) or confused it to the point they obey no-one accept the Pope (the conservatives). This has come about because of a historical chain of events that most people do not see connected. At the turn of the Century, Edger Cayce found a way to mix Gnosticism with Christianity. This was the birth of the New Age and the woman's movement. In the 1950's the old Gnostic books were found in Egypt and translated into English in 1977. This turned the woman's movement into the feminist movement, with the goal of mixing the Gnostic worship of Sophia with Christianity. The New Age Gnostic beliefs have entered the Catholic Church one step at a time. The first is their ideas of "toleration and love", which sounds so good they could fool anyone.

"There should be room in the Church for many ideas. There should be room for dissent and disagreement. We should love those who we do not agree with. There should never be anger about anything. It is not important to be right. It's more important to get along. Accept people as they are. A child has the same rights as a parent. Women have the same rights as men. Priests have the same rights as Bishops."

Enforced Authority

All of this sounds good and has been accepted by the vast majority of Americans, Catholic and non-Catholic. But the result is acceptance of homosexuality, and the destruction of the patriarchal system established by God to the point that even those in authority have lost all authority (as in the case of fathers) or are afraid to enforce that authority (as in the case of the Pope and the bishops). Authority without enforcement is no authority at all. This has happened to fathers and mothers through secular law. It has almost happened to policemen through many laws. Stripped of all enforcement powers, husbands can no longer hold a family together, and only 34% of marriages survive today in America. Stripped of all enforcement powers, mothers and schoolteachers have lost all authority and the results are on television everyday. But the sad thing is that the Pope and bishops have not been stripped of their power of enforcement, they just gave it up without a fight.

"Ours is, I believe, the period of the greatest crisis the Church has ever faced, a period in which the anathema has become unpopular and is unfortunately considered as incompatible with charity, in which authority is discredited and many prelates do not use their authority to discipline priests who are teaching heresies. In such a period, every faithful Catholic who is fully devoted to Christ, to the teaching of the Church, to the deposit of the Catholic faith, to the dogmas, is called to raise his voice in defense of orthodoxy."

The concept of obedience has been: destroyed by secular laws with the excuse of creating equality, destroyed by toleration, destroyed by a false concept of love (meaning acceptance instead of doing good), destroyed by those in authority who do not use enforcement. Again - authority without enforcement is no authority at all.

"John, take out the trash."


"John, take out the trash."


Authority without enforcement is no authority at all.

The feminists (an acceptable name for Sophists) have convinced almost every bishop that if they cannot become priests, they should be allowed to hold positions of the highest authority they can as a pay-back. This has happened all across the nation as women are running the parishes and the chancellery offices in the highest positions even when they were not the best qualified. Female affirmative action will destroy the Church in this country.

Which Bishop to Obey

This brings us to the people we are fighting. They do not believe in obedience to bishops, because the bishops do not believe in obedience to bishops. When a bishop in Ohio says that no pilgrimages should come to his area, and bishops in Los Angeles allow advertisements for pilgrimages to Ohio, what are Catholics to think. When a bishop says that no outside priests can say Mass in his area without his permission, and bishops go there and say Mass without his permission, what are Catholics to think? When bishops and even Councils of bishops disobey the Vatican, what are Catholics to think?

This toleration of disobedience by those in authority is our biggest thorn. The biggest reason we have not already won this war, is toleration and disobedience by those in authority. What do I hope from you? Respect for the rights of other bishops and obedience to the Holy Father!

Protecting the Honor and Reputation of Our Lady

Protecting Our Lord in the Eucharist

Protecting the Patriarchal Church

Rick Salbato

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