Crowning of Our Lady as Queen

Richard Salbato


Before Each Hail Mary

1. After Mary’s death and resurrection, John left Ephesus and went to the Island of Patmos. There he was captured by Jewish Zealots and placed in boiling oil to cook him alive. God spared him from harm and the Zealots ran away in fright. After this, John had a multitude of visions over many days. He wrote these visions down in what we today call, the Apocalypse or Revelation.

2. In these visions, John was shown the sign given in Heaven before the earth was created, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feel and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She had a child. Then he saw that a third of the angels in heaven rejected the queen and her son, and were cast out of heaven to the pits of earth. Because of this the angels who were thrown from heaven warred against the woman and her seed. John goes on to say that Her children are those who keep the testimony and commandments of Her Son.

3. John now understood what had happened after the Virgin Mary was taken up into the Heavens body and soul. He now understood the greatness of this woman whom he took care of for 15 years after Christ’s death. He reflected on the Heavens and what place Mary has in the Kingdom on Earth and in Heaven.

4. John looked at a letter the Mother of God had given to him before Her death. In this letter She promised to intercede for all of us before Her Son in Heaven from now till the end of the world. Christ said: “Whoever keeps my commandments, anything you ask in my name I will give to you.”  In all of history, the only human being that always kept all of the commandments and did not sin was Mary. John knew that God could not refuse Her any prayer.

5. One of John’s revelations was of the final destruction of Jerusalem (the great harlot) in 70 AD by the Romans (the beast). He sent letters to the Christians to get out of Jerusalem. They went out and hid in Caesaria by the coast of the Mediterranean.

6. In the center of the Heavenly Kingdom of God was the throne of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the midst of the Throne was the Lamb of God, the Son. From the throne came forth lights of every color that penetrated all heavens and all creation. Below the throne were the 24 elders, but above them was the Woman clothed in the light of the Trinity.

7. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit held out three rings of light and placed them on the head of Our Lady, Our Mother. From these rings of light flashed rays of colored light. This light came from the Trinity, through the crown on Mary and down to the earth.

8. The Son spoke to the heavenly host. “We created this Woman to bring Me into the world. As such, She had to be a pure tabernacle. Before the world was created, we resolved to make one creation that was perfect. She is that creation.

9. A great celebration took place in Heaven for the Coronation of Our Lady, as Queen of Heaven, Daughter of the Father, Bride of the Holy Spirit, and Mother of the Son. Standing between mankind and God, Our Lady takes all our prayers, works, joys and sacrifices, cleans them up to be more acceptable to God but also adding Her prayers to them.

10. Just as Lucifer was the “Light bearer” and the highest of the Angels before his fall, now Mary is the dispenser of the grace of God. From the Masses throughout the world, sanctifying grace streams up to the Trinity of God, and from there into the hands of Mary. From Her hands back down to the earth and to all who will accept it. So, never, never neglect to thank your Mother.