The Sixth Covenant

By Kelly Salbato

The Covenant With Jesus Christ

(The new Covenant is hidden in the Old and the Old is explained in the New.)

We saw David's sins and then we saw his son Solomon fall. Solomon's son Raobom falls. The 12 tribes of Israel are now torn. 10 tribes split, leaving two tribes now called Judah. The 10 tribes of Israel were overrun in 722 BC by the Asyrians. In 586 BC under King Zedekiah. Nebecudnezzer overran Jerusalem and ended the sacrifice.

Zechariah 3 - Joshua the high priest was crowned by the prophet. The Israelites were ruled by the High Priest. They had no political freedom. No military power. The four centuries prior to Christ, the Israelites were devoid of any prophets or kings. They are left with nothing but God. At that time, the Israelites grew in the Lord and eventually even began to die for their faith.

The word Bethlehem means "House of Bread"

At Jesus birth, Herod ordered the killing of all male children under two years old. The Holy Family fled to Egypt, fulfilling the prophecy "Out of Egypt have I called my son."

He crossed the Jordan and was baptized.

Jesus fasted for forty days and was tempted in the desert.

As soon as his 40 days were over, Jesus went to a mountain and preached (the beatitudes). He chose the 12 apostles.

Matt 7:24-27 (A wise man who builds his house on Rock)

Matthew 13:1-52 (the parables of the Kingdom)

Matthew 14:22-32 (Jesus walks on water)

Isaih 22:15-22 (The Keys, authority and succession)

Matthew 16:18 (Peter, the Rock)

Matthew 18:15-18 (correction, Jesus does not mention the keys)

John 10:1-18 (The Good Shepherd)

John 17:20-22 (Jesus prayer)

John 21:15-17 (Peter the Shepherd)

John 6:1-15 (Multiplication of the loaves)

John 6:25-64 (Discourse on the bread of life)

The Last supper (Matt:26-30,Mk14:22-26, Lk 22:14-20)

John 20:19-23 (confession)

John 21:1-11 (The fishermen)

Acts 1:15-26 (Matthias chosen)

Acts 15:7-12 (Debate over circumcision)

Peter is always listed first (with one exception) in the list of the apostles (Matt10:2-5, Mk 3:16-19, Lk 6:14-17, Acts 1:13)

Peter and those with him (Mk 1:36, Lk 9:32, Lk 8:45)

Peters name is mentioned 195 times in the New Testament. All others combined mentioned 130 times with John the evangelist
next with 29.

The beloved disciple and Peter run to the tomb. John reaches it first and then he waits for Peter to enter the tomb first.

After the resurrection, Christ appears to Peter first. (Lk24:24, 1Cor 15:5)