My name is Kelly Salbato. I am the mother of five children and the director of R.C.I.A. in my parish in Crestline, California. In teaching my class, I have endeavored to write a syllabus and text that will be used in our parish on a permanent basis. These are the papers I have used in my classes.

To write these papers,I have used the New American Bible, The Maryknoll Catholic Dictonary, Compiled and Edited by Albert J Nevins, M.M. , Copyright 1965. My Catholic Faith, and The Faith of Millions, By Reverend John A. O’Brien. I have also extensively used R.C.I. A. Transcripts written by Dr. Scott Hahn available on the internet. Some of the classes are simply Dr. Hahn's papers edited and revised to help aid in the understanding of the subject presented.

In studying the various subjects, it is very important to understand that I do not believe in attacking anyone or any other faith. I wish only to present the Catholic perspective on a subject and let the Holy Spirit do the rest.

God Bless