Pray and Work as Never Before

Richard Salbato May 15, 2011


Two days ago I wrote that I think it is too late to save the world from a world wide cleansing by God. It is even too late to mitigate this chastisement or even save some nations from it.  It has already been postponed by Our Lady many times, but now it could happen any day now. Our failures have not just been religious and spiritual but also political and intellectual.

I want now to spend more time in prayer and in working to save souls from Hell. This is not going to be easy because today many if not most people are ignorant of their faith and especially ignorant of sin. Bishop Sheen said: “The sin of the twentieth century is the denial of sin.” What did he mean by this? This ignorance is so prevalent in the Catholic Church today that Pope John Paul II had to write THE SPLENDOR OF TRUTH. Catholics are not educated on sin and Hell anymore because Catholic theologians are teaching the heresy that the conscience is the arbitrator of good and evil. This was the first and greatest temptation of Satan in the world and has become prominent today throughout the world.

Satan came to Adam and Eve to convince them that if they became the arbitrator of good and evil, eating from the tree of good and evil, they would be like God. When mankind did this the gates of Heaven were closed.

Now again today people are saying: “I do not believe God would want me to do this or that.” Man places his believe over God’s commandments.  It is easy to know that people think this way now when we see that the majority of Catholics practice artificial birth control and yet the confessionals are empty. The majority of Catholics voted for the most pro-abortion candidate in history and do not consider this a sin. Catholic Bishops have given up the commandment to take care of the poor and gave that responsibility to the government. These bishops think if they vote for government charity they do not have to be charitable. Before this loss of the sense of sin, we Catholics had hundreds of orphanages, hospitals, food kitchens, homes for the aged, homes for troubled girls, and on and on.  We no longer believe in individual charity but forced group charity. Charity is not charity unless it is freely given.

Jacinta of Fatima was told by Our Lady when in the hospital: “More people go to Hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” And yet we have Catholic priests and bishops that do not think homosexuality is sinful, even teach in private that masturbation is not a sin. Sex not only is mankind’s greatest sin against nature but kills more people than all the wars put together.

Gluttony is a major sin and in fact it kills people. But look around.  Sit on a corner and watch all the people go by. I think people are looking at this problem wrong. In my day no one ate except at a sit down meal with the entire family. Now children and even adults come home and open the refrigerator before doing anything else. They eat when ever they want and whatever they want and no one corrects them.

As I have written before, abortion is the result but not the problem.  Dating is the problem.  In my day no one dated without a chaperone. In confession I say that I will avoid the mere occasion of sin and yet parents allow kids to date and even adults date and do things that tempt them to sin.

The greatest sloth in the world today is intellectual sloth. We do not want to know our faith, our history, a trade, anything. We want to play through school and then have those who studied hard take care of us.  We are so uneducated we do not understand the news and therefore do not even watch it. Our government is telling us that if we do not raise the debt ceiling it will be catastrophic.  It will not and voting against it would be the best thing we can do. We are too uneducated to even dispute this claim.

Do we love God with all our being?  Not if we do not do it His Way. The early Church as not called Catholic or Christian, it was called, THE WAY, God’s way. As for loving God, He demands that his Word comes first before all other things. One thing He taught was how to worship God and that is in the Mass.  At this Mass we must give a Godly worship in mind and body. Even in the presence of an earthly king or queen we would not be so disrespectful as I see people in the presence of God in His tabernacle.

Selfishness or self interest at the expense of society is the cause of all these sins. Think about the flooding of the Mississippi river. In order to save two large cities 25,000 people and their farms will be deliberately destroyed.  And yet these people who are going to loose everything they have are not complaining. They understand this has to be done. Now look at Greece. In spite of the fact that if they do not cut back on the entitlements the nation will fail, they are on strike right now objecting to any cuts and to Hell with the nation.

I do not believe anymore that we can save America and if we do not we will loose the world. Jeremiah told the Jews not to resist the coming armies of Persia because this was God’s chastisement and they could not win. I have spent two years giving ideas on how to save America’s economy, schools, states, energy, and unemployment.  Nothing is happening because politics comes before reason. Think about the word, Immigration. Liberals cannot say this word by itself, they always have to add the word “comprehensive”.  This is to win the Spanish vote.  Everyone would vote for a bill to make it easy to fast track highly educated and even wealthy people into this country but refuse to vote for it without legalizing everyone here already.

I am not a prophet but I have read what the bible and prophets say about the coming chastisement and it boils down to two thirds of the world dying and the one third left will envy the dead. This is not the great worry of mine but I worry about how many of these billions of people will go to Hell.

I think of three great saints that had visions and insights on the amount of people who go to Hell. One said that just in Rome alone she saw people falling into Hell on that day like snowflakes out of heaven. When asked about this subject, one saint said that if you picked a vineyard of grapes the amount of grapes you left behind are about the amount of people who go to heaven.

It is time for you and I to preach sin and Hell without compromise.  This is the most charitable thing we can do now. 

                                                                 Richard Salbato