St. Joseph, Prince of the Church

By Jos A. Rodrigues

A book review

Richard Salbato April 19, 2010

From very early in my life, I have had a very special devotion to Saint Joseph. It happened that a very surprising miracle happened to me. Surprising, because it was only later that I realized that it was done by the prayers of Saint Joseph!

After that, five of the greatest things in my life happened on feast days of Saint Joseph. Because of this, I have tried to learn everything I can about Saint Joseph and have collected all the books I could on the subject. The bible is very vague on his life, holiness and relationship with God. Most information comes from the great saints extrapolating that he had to be the greatest of all saints (other than Mary) because of the mission he was called to do.

No where, however, did I find a single book that I would recommend to someone that would really explain and prove the power God has given to Saint Joseph to help us and lead us to heaven.

It was left to me to explain why everyone should have a special devotion to Saint Joseph, to protect their family, their children, their property, and even their death. I try to explain how he is the protector of the Church and why.

I have never given a written book review before. However, Jos A. Rodrigues has produced the perfect book on Saint Joseph. It is easy to read, in perfect chronological order, covers everything relevant, very educational, inspires you to prayer and is only 156 pages long. It is now easier for me to recommend this book than to try to teach on my own.

Jos has used as his sources of information only approved documents, saints, devotions and does so in a rational order that is understandable. He starts with the well known passages of the New Testament and mixes in with them the great explanations of the Fathers of the Church. He uses passages from the Old Testament that relate to his life or prophesy his role in the life of Christ.

At times he uses approved revelations of mystic like Agreda or Emmerich but only when all other sources leave a vacuum of information. From the bible we know that Saint Joseph came from the House of David and would have been in line to be King of Jerusalem, if they had not given away their independence to the Romans. The questions come up as to why he was a poor worker of wood, when he came from a wealthy family. Why was he unable to get lodging for Mary in Bethlehem from the members of his own wealthy family?

It is only from the mystics, Agreda and Emmerich, do we find these answers and so Jos A. Rodrigues files in this gap with their revelations.

He leaves nothing out: Statements of the Saints, revelations in apparitions, statements of the Popes, great saints who credited him with their faith, and all the many devotions.

If you do not have a strong devotion to Saint Joseph and daily appeal to the power of his prayers, you are missing a great deal. Build this devotion by reading this book.

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