Vol. 2, No.1

The Newsletter of Discernment

 January 1, 1999

Loving those in error, loving the truth more, and never letting the truth become the enemy of Love  




The Lady of all Nations


Rick Salbato




In Amsterdam between March 25, 1945 and May 31, 1959 what seems to be a very humble and simple working woman, named Ida Peerdeman, started having apparitions of the Virgin Mary. These fourteen years of visions seems to be mostly about a doctrine of the Church called, "Corredemptrix", which means "Coredemptress", and has been a teaching of the Church since the fifteenth century, and which Pope Pius IX has expounded upon in Official Documents. There is a movement in the Church today called, "Vox Populi Dei" putting pressure on the Holy Father to raise this doctrine to a higher level of truths to be believed - from "sententia communis" to "de fide definita". In addressing the truth or falsehood of these apparitions, we do not want to throw the baby out with the bath water. So we must address this doctrine separately. In these first fourteen years of Ida's apparitions there was also a vision of a picture that Our Lady wanted made: Our Lady standing before the Cross. Again, this picture we will address separately. Then there was a prayer that Our Lady composed to have approved by the Church and then spread throughout the world to be prayed by the faithful.

Overlapping these visions was another set of visions which are called "Eucharistic Experiences" from July 17, 1958 to May 31,1971. These two periods of time were placed in two books by Queenship Publishing by those same titles: "The Messages of the Lady of all Nations" (the blue book) and "Eucharistic Experiences: prolongation of the messages" both by the 'seeress' Ida Peerdeman.


The promoting of Amsterdam can be divided into two periods. The first period was a period of repeated condemnations from the local bishop and from Rome. Before the apparitions were even over, in July of 1954 The Dutch bishops committee condemns the messages, stating, "The Holy Virgin Mary cannot have spoken these words, all publication is forbidden, the messages as well as the picture." In 1955 this condemnation was repeated. Then again in 1956, the condemnation was renewed. On May 7, 1956 the local bishop Mgr. Huibers gave a negative communiqué: "The veneration is forbidden, there is nothing supernatural there, the propagation of the messages is forbidden. On March 2, 1957 this communiqué is confirmed again by Bishop Huibers.

Unable to stop devotions to the seer's messages Huiber asked for Rome's intervention and on March 13, 1957, The Holy Office in Rome confirmed the previous condemnations, (Prot. N.511/53) signed by secretary Joseph Card. Pizzardo), saying, "Congratulations to bishop Huibers for his prudence and wisdom, the messages are false and propaganda is forbidden." In 1959 Bishop Huibers forbid Dr. Knuvelder from publishing a book on the apparitions. Then again on June 22, 1959 the Holy Office once more condemned the apparitions as 'pseudo' and confirms the prohibition of the book of Dr. Knuvelder. On August 25, 1961 The Holy Office wrote (Prot. N. 511/53): "After serious consultation the Holy Office concluded, that the judgment is definite and that it may not be taken up again. The messages are false and they stay further Forbidden for publication.

Again on May 24, 1972 the Holy Office in Rome forbids the devotion of Amsterdam. This letter was signed by Cardinal Seper. On Jan. 29 of the following year the bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam confirmed this position. Finally on May 25, 1974 the Holy Office again confirmed the negative judgment on Amsterdam and Ida Peerdeman.

It seems that the reason for the local bishop and Rome to step in so many times is the persistence of Mr. Knuvelder to promote the messages. Mr. Knuvelder founded the "Legion of St. Michael" It was only after the 1974 decree of Rome that Mr. Knuvelder stopped his promotion of Ida Peerdeman. For some reason (we can only guess) Mr. Knuvelder was furious against Padre Pio. From the seventies until the nineties 'Amsterdam' was dead.


Around early 1994 Father P. Peter Klos SSS, a person with no authorization, and against the former official condemnations by the Church, the bishop in charge and Rome, nevertheless took the matter in his own hands and began anew with the promotion of Amsterdam. Father Klos was indiscriminately interested in modern mystics, and began in 1994 to publish a new bulletin in the Dutch language, called 'Queen of the Prophets', from Vox Populi Dei, an organ which gave him the opportunity to spread his ideas.

Father Klos, also an ardent believer in and promoter of the unauthorized so-called apparitions of Medjugorje, began to promote and mix both of them as belonging together. He advertised the 5th Marian dogma (Amsterdam) and called upon the faithful to give their signatures for the official proclamation of the 5th dogma, to be presented as a petition to the Church officials. Father Klos also promotes the so-called prophetess Vassula Ryden, and other un-approved mystics, who's messages were condemned by the Vatican as not supernatural.

To Mark W. in August of 1997, Father Klos stated, "When God allows that all the pilgrims here in Medjugorje are being misled and cheated, well, such a God I do not need any longer, such a God I HATE!"

Considering that Medjugorje is not authorized by the Church, official pilgrimages are forbidden, private pilgrimages are only allowed under the condition that they do not serve to propagate and claim authorization, we wonder who is Father Klos's guide - the Church or the seers.

Father Klos wrote in a letter of April 16, 1994 (to Mark W. from B), that the seer, Ida Peerdeman, did not agree with his action, because he mixed her with Medjugorje. She was furious against him because of Medjugorje. Nevertheless, Father Klos continued against her will! Father Klos also stated that Bishop Bomers, the new bishop of Haarlem-Amsterdam, did NOT personally believe in Amsterdam, but that he didn't disturb or forbid Father Klos's action.


The next historical event in the investigations of the claimed apparitions of Ida Peerdeman was the involvement of Bishop Paolo Hnilica in 1994. A brief background of Hnilica seems appropriate.

Bishop Paolo Hnilica claims he was born in Slovakia in 1921, which was overrun by Stalinists when he was a seminarian. He said he was ordained a priest at the age of 29 and then a bishop only three months later. Some prominent Italian journalists question whether Hnilica was even a bishop, since they cannot find out the date, place or bishop that consecrated him. To be sure, in an underground seminary much can happen. But why a bishop at the age of 29 and only after 3 months as a priest?

Nonetheless, he claimed that because of the communist takeover he left his country and fled to Rome. He has lived in Rome for over 40 years. In the early 80s Bishop Hnilica took an interest in Medjugorje and began making countless trips back and forth from Rome to Medjugorje, even though the Bishop of Medjugorje forbade him to go there. Hnilica lives in the Prati section of Rome about a mile from the Vatican. According to Vatican Officials, he has no connection with the Vatican whatsoever.

Medjugorje was trying to distance themselves from him. What Hnilica needed was a seer in his pocket. In October of 1992 Hnilica met Theresa Lopez in Fatima and on December 8, 1992, with Theresa present, Hnilica should eventually had ordained four priests at Fatima, who never went to a seminary. With these four newly ordained priests and Theresa Lopez, Hnilica tried to make Denver, Colorado the Medjugorje of America.

Problems started for Hnilica when the Italian Police arrested and convicted him for involvement with Mafia connections to Roberto Calvi and Flavio Carboni. On March 23, 1993, Mgr. Hnilica was found guilty of receiving stolen goods and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in a case connected to the 1982 Banco Ambrosiano scandal in Italy. Together with him were sentenced Flavio Carboni to 5 years and Giulio Lena to 2 years. It had to do with the mysterious briefcase of the murdered director of the Banco Ambrosiano, Mr. Roberto Calvi! Calvi was found hanging from a rope under Blackfriar's Bridge in London and Carboni was placed under house arrest in Rome. Hnilica was convicted for paying millions of dollars to Carboni for documents from that briefcase. The case has recently reopened and they are now exhuming the body of Calvi. Reports are that his death was a ritualistic murder in the Masonic lodge P-2 style. Licio Gelli has also been arrested. He was the leader of the powerful, secretive Masonic-lodge P-2 and a top member of the Mafia. Millions of dollars in gold bars (170 kg.) were found in his villa in Tuscany in September 1998! The bank laundered money for the Mafia (Pippo-Caio) and the Masonic lodge (Lucio Gelli).

On March 25, 1994 Hnilica organized a Theresa Lopez style "Consecration To the Immaculate Heart of Mary" for the "conversion of Russia" and the triumph of the IHM, (Immaculate Heart of Mary). Theresa was to finish what Fatima could not accomplish. The following May, Hnilica tried to organize all the Medjugorje Centers in America under his umbrella by having a conference at Notre Dame. It failed. He now needed a new plan and a new seer, one that doesn't have all the sex and drug problems of Theresa Lopez. In October of 1994 he moved Lopez into his apartments in Rome. There he met with those who tried to organize the American Medjugorje centers, Marcia Smith and Ardie Kronzer. It failed, but there still was 'Amsterdam' and he looked at it with money in his eyes.

Bishop Hnilica had already sent in one of his boys first - Paul Sigl. Paul Sigl was one of the five men working with Bishop Hnilica in Rome. Sigl began working on Ida to become the inside man, much like Hnilica's other boy, Luciano Alamandi did with Theresa Lopez. A confidant of Ida Peerdeman once said, "that Sigl again and again came to visit Ida, constantly begging her to become his so-called godmother. She found him weird. At the end Ida gave in and Sigl finally became a priest. Ida had hoped now to be rid of him, but... instead he hung on to her and he would come now and then with big tom-tom together with Bishop Hnilica to the chapel, where he, to Ida's dismay, dared make propaganda for Medjugorje from the altar after H.Mass. Ida could not stand the charismatics and Medjugorje. In 1994 Hnilica and Sigl had promised Ida a big brake-through of 'The Lady' in America. Thousands of people should come there, to Notre Dame, Indiana USA. Ida did not know where that place was and did not know, that it was a charismatic and Medjugorje stronghold. She waited for the phonecall with the good news. But Sigl, the 'godson', instead of phoning his 'godmother', phoned the most fanatic Medjugorje runner of the Netherlands, Mrs. .., who had to phone Ida. She told Ida, that it had been fantastic, .... but it was a big Medjugorje happening and 'Amsterdam' had only been mentioned on the sideline. On Ida's 90th birthday, Hnilica and Sigl emerged too, with the new painting from Wilhelm Halewijn, which Ida said was extremely ugly, Mary looking like a dumb farmers maid! With other words, Ida did not like Hnilica and his entourage and was glad, each time they left, glad that they lived so far away!"

In Amsterdam, Bishop Hnilica, like Father Klos, is an unauthorized person. Hnilica introduced himself to the Amsterdam affairs in 1996 or 1997 and took part in the propaganda activities. He organized the International Conference of 'Our Lady of all Nations' in Amsterdam in 1997 and 1998 with extremely high costs, app. 700.000,- Dutch Guilders (about US$ 400.000 in 1998). He got Bishop Bomers' approval, attracting thousands of followers to the events. Bishop Hnilica, just like Father Klos, was and is a promoter of the condemned so-called prophetess Vassula Ryden. He also, against the rules of the bishop in charge of Medjugorje, promotes big conferences in the USA around the unauthorized apparitions of Medjugorje and is mixing it up with Amsterdam, thereby assuming for himself a place above the jurisdiction of the Church.

What Hnilica's future plans in Amsterdam are we do not know, but he sent his compliments to the Medjugorje followers in the Netherlands, when Father Paul Sigl in December 1998 came for a Medjugorje Prayer day to that country. In his sermon he referred to the apparitions of the Gospa of Medjugorje, but he even more talked about Amsterdam, urging the listeners to bring to the next Manifestation in Amsterdam 4,5,10 friends with them. He told his listeners, that Akita stands in direct contact with Amsterdam. In short, it was a sermon around apparitions, a mix-up of the rejected and accepted. The mix-up was seen in fact around the altar. For that day on one side of the altar a big statue was placed of the Gospa of Medjugorje, illuminated in bright spotlight and on the other side was a large painting of the 'Lady of All Nations', while at the front of the altar was placed a large picture of 'Jesus of Mercy' (from Sr. Faustina), the unacknowledged together with the acknowledged. During the Mass a group of +/- 35 people did a consecration to Mary along with the 33 days of preparation as prescribed by Theresa Lopez, the condemned 'seeress'. Father Paul Sigl travels around the whole world to do his mission work, so he said in his sermon. There were the usual booktables. This time they also offered a photograph taken from Jesus. The ladies behind the table had no clue, what they were selling or who had taken the picture. (The picture looked like the one in the book over Anna Ali, a 'seeress' with connections to Msgr. Milingo). Noticeable was the rich supply of Vassula-, and Valtorta-literatur. The nuns from Amsterdam were also present at the Medjugorje Prayerday together with their own booktable with their own 'Amsterdam' literatur. Amazing, at the 1998 'Amsterdam' Conference the Bishop in charge, Mgr. Bomers, demanded 'pureness', outside the Conference the nuns of 'Amsterdam' freely shop around. But then, it is not really that amazing, after all Father Sigl, the man who preaches apparitions, is their Spiritual Director.

Hnilica cannot bring Theresa Lopez back to the United States (she is wanted for fraud), so maybe he plans to plop her down in Amsterdam. Replacement for Ida Peerdeman? Father Paul Sigl, Hnilica's messanger, in an interview acknowledged Theresa Lopez to be a 'genuine seeress'. Medjugorje has proven that a live seer is worth a lot more money than a dead one. Talking about money: In the 1998 extremely luxurious Conference brochure on page 46 Mgr. Hnilica informs readers, friends and benefactors that 1/3 of the costs are still uncovered, which is 280,000- US Dollars. He asks for donations to the listed addresses.


Bomers, the Bishop in charge, allowed the International Conferences in Amsterdam in 1997. But Auxiliary Bishop Punt seems to be the first local bishop to look favorably on the apparitions of Amsterdam. In his adress Auxiliary Bishop Punt opened his sermon by telling the audience, that 50 years ago as an infant his mother had consecrated him to Mary, the 'Lady of all Nations'. Considering the age, it must have been at a time, when the apparitions were young and not yet subject to rejection by the Church. This possibly explaines the rumor, that the mother of Auxiliary Bishop Punt pushed 'Amsterdam'. It also explains Bishop Punt's enthusiasm for setting up a commission to investigate the case of 'Amsterdam' and it's many 'good fruits'. The luxurious brochure sold at the Conference showed a picture of Mgr. Punt with the text in huge printing: "Consecrated already as a child to the Mother of all Nations".

The fanatics must have worked on Bishop Bomers hard, because he was the Dutch Bishop, who dared to defend Catholic orthodoxy in the open. He was conservative. But in the case of the apparitions, they got to him. Was it Auxiliary Bishop Punt, the youngest of the Bishops, an enthusiastic type, tall, strong body, full beard, walks like a giant, bursting of energy. Father Klos, also may have used his influencing talents on Bishop Bomers. Klos was the biggest promoter of Amsterdam and everything else that sounded mystical. He was and still is riding high on the 'end of time' themes. He was in and out of Medjugorje.

Anyway, Bishop Bomers, on May 31, 1996, allowed the veneration of 'Our Lady of All Nations', but wrote to Mark W. on May 22, 1998 that he did not recognize the supernaturalness of the 'apparitions' in Amsterdam. None of the promoters makes this distinction.

In the 'Lady of all Nation's Commitee' there are some, who are dedicated to Medjugorje or involved in Medjugorje promotion and in spreading Vassula literature. At the May 31, 1998 International Conference in Amsterdam a friend of us spoke with other visitors, but did not meet a single person, who did not fervently defend Medjugorje and Vassula. There were some ladies from another European country, who exitedly and impatiently awaited Bishop Hnilica for talks about Vassula Ryden, (the condemned mystic), who was to come to their country and which ladies confirmed, that "as a matter of course Hnilica is a promotor of Vassula".

Yet to the outside the Conference looked pure, since from the pulpit it was announced, that no material other than 'Amsterdam' was allowed to be sold. At the bookstalls conversation with the booksellers revealed, that for this occasion they had left the prohibited literature at home, but that they nevertheless valued the other literature as being just as good.

It should be mentioned too, that during the Conference congratulations from around the world were read to the public. The most impressive was the one from Mother Superior of the Carmel of Coimbra, the place where Sister Lucia of Fatima now lives, which to the surprised audience came over as a special gift and was greeted with loud applause. Yet, .... they were not told that this letter was the product of manipulation. "Some one in Amsterdam" had asked Mother Superior to write the letter. Mother Superior has confirmed this in a letter to a person we know. We keep a copy of the letter in our files. She also confirmed, that Sister Lucia hardly knows anything about 'Amsterdam'. That means, the letter has nothing whatsoever to do with Sister Lucia. The public got the impression though.

Regarding the Bishop, in the extremely luxurious 48 page information magazine released for the International Conference on page 25 the following text is printed:

"To everyone's surprise, Msgr. Hendrik Bomers officially addressed the assembly once more at the end of the solemn High Mass of Pentecost. In five languages, he said: As a result of the fruits, which are becoming ever more visible, I, together with my auxiliary bishop, have decided to institute a new commission with the task of gathering and studying all the testimonies regarding the events of the Lady of all Nations."

This information is the reverse of all the above mentioned official condemnations by the bishop and by Rome and the credibility of this 1998 report comes into dispute. !!! In the meantime Bishop Bomers died of a sudden heart attack. It was aid, that he was overworked and totally exhausted after having visited an African country for an ordination. How a bishop reverses a position of many previous bishops and of Rome is a mystery!


A friend of Ida Peerdeman, who we will call X. confided a great deal of information about Ida Peerdeman. Person X. is not at all the apparition hunter type. The person seems to know a great deal about Ida, X. is a great believer in the authenticity of the Amsterdam apparitions, regardless of what the Church - the local bishops and Rome said before. X. talked a great deal about Father Klos and his "Vox Populi Dei" group, that promotes the Dogma (Coredemptress, repeated theme of the 'Amsterdam apparitions').

Father Klos had a name in Holland, for some - a pious name, for others a name of a psychopath. He is crazy on apparitions, on Medjugorje, on Amsterdam, Garabandal, Vassula and so on. He once read a Mass for a Vassula prayer group in the living-room of Vassula's friend in Amsterdam. This same Vassula prayer group did meet weekly. A 'blessed' man with some powers laid on hands and many of the (mostly) ladies fell 'in the spirit'. They sat in circles, holding hands, praying or meditating. Once a new lady visitor on her first visit during the laying-on moment looked up into the guru's eyes and saw the eyes of a devil. She was totally out of her wits and off balance for some time. We got this from a person with first hand information. It was reported to the Cardinal. This does not have to do with 'Amsterdam', but it is mentioned here, because of Father Klos' connection to this Vassula circle and his efforts to bring 'Amsterdam' to life again. Fr. Klos in October 1998 has packed up and is gone .....to USA. This was shortly after he was reported to the Cardinal. Coincidence?"

This Father Klos sent a good-by letter to the subscribers of his magazine "Queen of the Prophets", explaining his new plans. "He is going to install together with Mark Miravalle (theologian of the 5th dogma) and Father Benedict (American priest) a new religious order in Ohio, 'Order of the Holy and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary', beginning in August 1998. A contemplative order with priests and lay people. All this on a big terrain on the hills of Ohio. Construction work began in the fall of 1998. Fr. Klos further makes clear, that now everywhere in the world the 'messages' of Jesus and Mary are coming to an end and he too will stop his magazine. They now would know the important plans of Mary and that her Immaculate heart will 'soon' triumph. They will take part in her triumph and the glorious kingdom of Christ."

Father Klos published another booklet of a mystic, called Marie-Elisabeth, to whom he says to be the "Theological Director". Theme: "My Return...".


Not all of the visions of Ida Peerdeman can be found in the books of Queenship Publishing. So we will start with information coming from X. X. (speaking as taught by Ida Peerdeman) says: "there will be a "Return", which will not be the "Last Return". Also the Lady speaks of a next 'coming', as I do come (see 50th and 52th message). X. interprets it as a possible coming on TV. TV predicted in La Salette. "Ida had visions which she saw some 20-30 years later exactly on TV". X. said: "... Jesus said: "Stay inside your room and you will see me. -- My return shall be as sudden as the lightning from east to west. " X. goes further: "The Lady also said: 'I speak and I spoke from where my son is (emphasis). Is that of a heavenly studio? Amsterdam is so deep. In the next hundred years books will be written about it." This comes from a person, who had access to Ida personally.

X. spoke of an approaching huge world disaster, mainly along the Mediterranean sea (Salette). "Isaiah 24 speaks about a disaster, which Ida saw just like that. The earth shook and swayed and didn't turn back into position, which means that the earth axis gets an other position. The Lady said nature is changing too. The earth will burst open with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions. At the crucial point, heaven will take over and help. The Lady falls back on the Bible and the old prophets and the Apocalypse."

X. and we presume Ida, is against 'Garabandal': "There it was said, [in Garabandal] that no third world war would come. But on January 17, 1991 the Apocalyptic times began precisely 120 years after Pontmain (17 January 1871), read Genesis 6. There will not be a warning, no miracle, there is no time left for it. The chastisement is standing before the door. Conchita apparently said: 'Whether the miracle happens or not, I still believe in the Madonna", meaning it is not true. Conchita experimented with Hosts. X. said: she is married to a divorced man with 2 children. Garabandal began with stolen apples, sign of Satan, Genesis." Some of the telegram notes of person X.
Regarding Medjugorje, X. said, "Big lie. The dates of true apparitions point to special historical biblical times. Mary does not appear at random times. Surely not every day (Medjugorje). This can be explained only after the event. The devil, surely not stupid, can steal some of this science. I have noticed that already and the simple ones run into the trap." Amazing, that later on 'Amsterdam' attracted just those, Ida and her friends would not communicate with, the Medjugorje and Vassula runners.

The 'messages' of these apparitions seems to be socialist or communist as you will see. Considering that the communists infiltrated the priesthood in the 50s, and one of these communist priests admitted having faked at least one apparition to further their cause of destroying the two pillars of the Church - the Eucharist and the Chain of Command (Patriarchy), we might have that in this one. But there is no real proof.

So, leaving that scenario alone for now, let's just look at the 'messages' and the personality of Our Sweet and Obedient Lady. By the way, we learned that one of Bishop Hnilica's priests put pressure on Miss Peerdeman to let Queenship Publishing promote her books. Queenship is the company that promotes Bishop Hnilica's fake seer, Theresa Lopez. They have produced the two books, "THE MESSAGES OF THE LADY OF ALL NATIONS' AND 'EUCHARISTIC EXPERIENCES", and it is from these two books that we take this information. We didn't get much out of "Eucharistic Experiences" except for the "fish" but "The Messages of The Lady of All Nations" is enough to prove this is not Our Lady talking. Taking the criteria of discernment one by one let us look into the messages as promoted by Queenship. First let us take "miracles" because God will not send His Mother without signing His signature - a miracle that only God can perform. See "Apparitions - True or False".


On page (xvi) Peerdeman's SD, Fr. Frehe, asked for a sign to prove the authenticity of the visions: "My signs are contained in My words." [Also repeated on Page 94]

"You seek in para-this and para-that" (words not worthy of the Virgin). But to this 'the Lady of All Nations' has a reply as well: "it is the Paraclete who effects all this."

He doesn't do it for THE Lady of all Nations, but in Fatima, even though the power comes from the Holy Spirit, Our Lady said, "In October I will give a sign so all will believe." Miracles bear witness to the truth. God will not send His Mother without backing Her up with a miracle.


God knows all things even the future, therefore he cannot ever make a mistake about the future and never has. In Fatima there are 44 prophesies and every single one has come true exactly as predicted.

In 1954 on May 31, the same "Lady of all Nations" predicted that Pope Pius XII would proclaim the dogma before his death!

In 1954 on May 31, the same day, the same "Lady" said that the bishop of Ida Peerdeman would give his permission to build the church "Our Lady " showed to Ida...!

It is claimed that Peerdeman predicted Pope Pius XII's death in October by writing the month down, sealed it, and handed it to Fr. Frehe to be opened in October. This was later contradicted on page 96 where The Lady said, "you must keep this a secret from everybody, including the Sacristan and your director." Pius XII died October 9th and after that she told her director that this was prophesied to her.

(Page 31) Now I see written 51,53. [1951-1953] "These are meteors, watch out for them!"
[No meteors appeared from 1951-1953]

(Pages 77-78-79) 1953 is the year The Lady of All Nations will be declared and world destruction will happen.
[Nothing happened in 1953]

(Page 81) "This is the last time that the Lady speaks about this dogma."
[However, She continues to speak about it for years after that date.

(Page 84) "He will prepare it and accomplish it before he will be taken up to dwell with us."
[This is in reference to Pope Pius XII, and he did not accomplish it before he died, nor did the next four Popes.]


Our Lady has a particular personality, which you can surmise by the many apparitions down through the ages. This personality can be studied in much the same way her looks have been studied by mystical theologians. Based on hundreds of apparitions and paintings it can be determined that Our Lady has a large forehead, a thin long nose, a very small mouth and small chin. Using the same method of collecting and comparing, Her personality can also be determined to a great extent. She uses as few words as possible. She does not enter into idle conversation. She sometimes answers by expression instead of words. She sticks to her reason for appearing without being sidetracked. She is gentle but firm. She does not compliment people. Now, this Woman of Ida does not have this same personality.

(Page 24) "The Lady clenches Her fist and shows it to me."

(Page 30) "Then She spreads Her hands and clenches Her fist. After that She says, 'Listen carefully and clench your fist and strike as often as I do.' I clench my fists like Her, and the Lady counts while we strike our fists forcefully together. 'Three times altogether', says the Lady."

(Page 32) "The Lady writes 'Encyclical' '--- Do you realize (and She clenches Her fist) how powerful this force is?"


(Page 42) "Then the Lady lets me look carefully at Her and even feel with my hands the contours of Her figure, from head to foot."
[Come on now! Is this Our Lady or a lesbian?].

(Page 30) "Just call me, The Lady."
[Not Our Lady? The Mother of Mankind and the Mother of God wants to be called commonly - the lady?]

(Page 35) "The lady makes me put up two fingers and the thumb of my right hand. The left I have to clench. Then the Lady says, 'The right hand is the Truth and the other, the fist, which you have to hold up high so that all the people can see it."
[Hold up the fist and not the truth?]


The basic message in all these apparitions is "community of people" instead of "community of believers". "They are to form one big Community [not Church](page 3). A more modern training is wanted, according to the needs of the times. Breadth of vision has to come, a more social outlook [condemned by Pope Pius X]. There are various movements showing a trend to socialism, which is good [also condemned by Pope Pius X], but they should be brought as much as possible under the guidance of the Church."

(Page 5) "A deeper information is required, one moving with the times, more up-to-date, more social in its outlook." [Communism?] Our Lady points at the black dove, saying, "That is the old spirit, which must give way to the new."

(Page 14) "I see as follows: huge red waves [Communism] which penetrate more and more deeply." The Lady says, 'This is good." [Communism is good?] "Once again I warn Rome. They have to take a broadminded view. --- There will develop a great politico-Christian struggle - politics within the Church."

(Page 18) "The rights of man will be the point of issue." [Not the rights of God.] "Christian peoples, the heathens will teach you." [Heathens will teach Catholics the truth?]

(Page 24) "I see a leak between the upper and lower classes. That is what we must strive after." [Communism?]

(Page 27) "Why does Rome not look for still more modern means and why do they not work in a more up to date way? They should take advantage of these means to win the mind of the world." [Modernism?]

(Page 36) The Lady waits a little, before She adds, "The Secular and regular clergy!" [Secular Priests?] And then the Lady strikes the table with Her fist and shakes Her head in an emphatic "NO!" while She says, "In the case of the seculars - they should be so much more committed! Let them take their calling seriously in this present time."

(Page 38) "I am the Lady - Mary - Mother of All Nations. You may say, 'The Lady of all Nations' or 'Mother of all Nations,' who once was Mary." [Is She now no longer Mary? See also page 39and 43]

(Page 42) "I have shown you My head, My hands, and My feet like those of a human being - mark well: like those of the Son of Man! All the rest is Spirit." [Mary's body did not go to Heaven - only her head, hands and feet?]

(Page 45) "My head, hands and feet as those of a human being. The rest is of the Spirit." [What about when Ida ran her hands down the contours of her body?] [Total heresy. Mary is both body and soul, totally body and totally soul, and both in Heaven.]

(Page 45) "I have suffered with my Son, spiritually and above all - bodily. This will become a much contested dogma." [Her suffering bodily can never become a dogma. Dogma is faith that must be believed for salvation by all.]

(Page 47) "This picture will precede, will precede, a dogma, a new dogma." [There never has been new dogma, and never will. New pronouncements of the Holy Father only re-state the faith of Our Fathers (sometimes in a new way). All Marian doctrines have been believed by the Universal Church from the early Fathers and therefore have always been de-fide even if not written down.]

(Page 49) "The new dogma will be the 'dogma' of the Corredemptrix.' Notice, I lay special emphasis on 'Co'.

(Page 50) "who came into the world as the Man-God." [Heresy - Christ is God-Man, not Man-God. This is not splitting hairs. At the Council against Nestorius the wording was set in stone as a profession of our faith.]

(Page 53) "Thus, from the Lady the Redeemer received only - I am stressing the work 'only' - flesh and blood, that is to say, the body. From My Lord and Master the Redeemer received His divinity."
[ Also heresy! Christ received body and soul from Mary. He never received his Divinity since He always had it from all eternity.]

(Page 54) "He who loves, will do nothing that would dishonor his neighbor." [You must honor father and mother, not neighbor. What if your neighbor is Hitler? Love always requires telling the truth and in the case of one who sins publicly it requires public reprimand. If this were not true, all the saints who fought against heresy were sinning. Thus, honor is not required of a neighbor]

(Page 67) "Only at the departure of the Lord Jesus Christ did co-redemption have its beginning." [Mary's co-redemption is because she was at the foot of the Cross, suffering with Christ, and Christ suffering more because He saw Her innocent suffering. This must be understood as Christ being the total redeemer without need of help - Mary wanting to offer Herself, participated in the offering, without the need of it.]

(Page 71) "Next, I say the apostles of this time, be broadminded, be merciful. ­ join in the cause. Church of Rome, seize your opportunity." [The only cause at that time was Communism. Broadminded means 'liberal' or toleration of wrong behavior.]


(Page 61) "The Church is the Community of Nations." [No! The Church is not the community of Nations. It is the community of believers.]

(Page 65) "You can see to it that the Sacrifice becomes an increasingly communal celebration." "Before the year 2000 much will have changed in the Church, the Community." [Yes! Because of "Renew" and "Call to Action" the Liturgy has become more and more a communal celebration instead of the Sacrifice of Calvary. But it seems that Ida Peerdeman is asked to help bring about this heresy of Amchurch.]


(Page 42) "I insist that this must be done." [Not God and not "Ask the bishop"!]

(Page 43) "In the text of the prayer I taught you: 'Lord Jesus Christ.' etc. nothing is to be altered." "The words, 'Who once was Mary' must remain as they are." [This came about because the local bishop said he would allow the prayer but not the words "Who once was Mary". This is a sin against obedience and against the faith as we will show.]

(Page 44) "Make this devotion known. Otherwise, the world will degenerate completely. Otherwise, there will be war upon war and no end to destruction." [Cult type threats!]

(Page 54) "My will????" [Not God's will.]

In 1958 on February 19, "Our Lady" says that the successor of Pope Pius XII will proclaim the new dogma about Mary!... [He did not and neither did the next two after that.]

In 1950 on December 10, "Our Lady" beats with her fist on the table! [Our Lady, who was before the humble girl, Mary, has now become a modern feminist.]


Mary takes the place before the cross (painting) just like the feminist, who takes over...even the cross. She is not 'Mary' any longer. She makes a fist. She proclaims socialism. Ida sees the masses streaming to take communion. We have it now, but how unholy! The seminarians should get more modern teaching says the lady to Ida. The results we see now, modern! priests. We now have sensitivity training, group dynamic technics in seminaries in Germany and Switzerland, seminaries who force students to fill out long question lists about sex in their life and their sexual preferences. "The laws can be changed," says the lady. Which ones? No explanation. Everyone can freely fill in. Start a movement among the lay people, preaches the lady. Yes, we sit with the pastoral assistants, who try to push the consecrated priests aside, they are becoming a pain in the neck. And all the other new lay movements, which are more like little Churches in the Church than one Church and one is holier than the other, unity suffers. The Lady shows the word LOVE in big letters. That's all we nowadays hear in church. - nothing about commandments. The world goes under because of ill understood love. In Rome she wants radical changes (1949). It was still OK at that time, not now any longer after the changes. The white dove and the black dove? Great for the charismatic. How many will now think, that the church was bad and they are good. The voice of the conscience.. to a 'Higher Being'. This is vocabulary from freemasons, they have only some impersonal being. It's also New Age language. The Lady makes half suggestions and then brakes off in the sentence with: ... but... . . The rest one can fill in at random. And the new books: well, this has been fulfilled already. Look at all the new religious books, a mixture of truth and lies, New Age, new insights, gnosticism and so on. Would God make it so complicated for us poor earthlings to understand his messages? Is that Kabbalah?

The Lady takes the place of Jesus Christ BEFORE the cross, and instead of pointing to Christ as in all other paintings, she blocks out Christ in this one. Ida, herself, said that she did not like the painting, that it was a poor rendition of Our Lady. Long before the painting had any Church approval copies were sent all over the world. One such copy found its way to Japan, and it was from this copy that a Buddhist made a sculpture that was later purchased for use in the newly formed Convent at Akita, Japan. It was this statue that cried. From what we know so far, we can imagine why this statue would cry, and the messages are a warning of the coming chastisement. What greater reason for a chastisement than God's people honoring a false Mary. Mr. Francis Fukushima, a journalist in Akita, and the interpreter to Father Thomas Aquinas Yasuda SVD (the spiritual director to Sr. Agnes Sasagawa), has also written against! the apparitions of Our Lady of All Nations which lists many of the theological errors of the messages of Ida Peerdeman.


"Who once was Mary" from the new prayer given by 'the Lady', has aroused numerous disputes. In the Roman Catholic sense it is unacceptable, because it puts great strain on a 2000 year old teaching. No logical argument could be considered to place the name of MARY in the background and to give the title 'Lady of all Nations' priority. Doing so, she in fact would nominate herself the Lady of the other Christian and non-Christian religions. There is only one creature, who would love that, the devil.

"Who once was Mary" suggests that Our Lady is no longer to be addressed as Mary, but rather as "Lady of all Nations"? But the name Mary is eternal: "Her name was laid-on her parents, not by any human being, but by an angel to give it to the Mother of the Lord" ( H. Petrus Canisius, 'De Maria, Virgine Incomparable').

"The glorious name of Mary abounds of mysteries and was given in a heavenly way just as it was to Christ and to St. John the Baptist", (St. Laurentius Brindisi, Mariale, p. 177). Mary's name, like She herself, was in God's thoughts from eternity. Mary means: 1. the beautiful, 2. the sorrowful, 3. conversion, 4. enlightened, 5. God's heir, 6. star of the sea, 7. full of grace etc.

Mary is most probably of Egyptian origin. Moses's sister, who then lived in Egypt, carried this name. This first Mary was a prophetess, leader of the folk in the name of God. Mary, in old Egyptian language, means "the loved one", to which was added the name of a god: in this case IA (JAHWEH). Thus MARI-IA = the one loved by JAHWEH. That means, that in Egypt, amids of numerous idols Mary was the one, who loved "the TRUE GOD (Jahweh = I AM, WHO IS, who really is through himself, the only one true God) and who was loved by him.
This name Mary does not fit in the framework of the modern religious liberty of pluralism, (no rejection of other religions). Thus the name of Mary, (the one who is for one God only: Yahweh. "You shall not have idols next to Me") must now be exchanged for: "Lady of all Nations". Of course Mary in a certain aspect is the "Lady of all Nations", but with the following distinction: she is Lady of all Christian people as a matter of fact, she is probably Lady of the other people (because they can convert), she is certainly not the Lady of the damned (of course) or of the hardened sinner.

By omitting this fundamental difference, leaving it vague, the impression is given that Our Dear Lady is for all peoples without difference, thus for all cultures, for all religions. This of course is not expressed so explicitly, but, considering that she not any longer wants to be called Mary (the one only, who is from Yahweh and not from the idols) it easily drifts in that direction. Our Heavenly Mother, instead of talking ambiguously, would certainly have warned us of this new heresy and would for that very reason have wanted to be called MARY, just like we, since ages, did venerate her on the feast of the most holy NAME of MARY on September 12. Or, do we have to abolish that feast as well? Never!! We are Her children IF we keep the commandments of Her Son. (Rev. 12:17)

Considering that Ida, the 'seeress', never saw "Our Lady" with a rosary, she prefers to make a fist, this omission of Her name becomes even more suspicious. "At the name of Mary all hell trembles."


"The goal of Vox Populi Dei is to give broader publicity to the prophetic voices of God's peoples." This is the statement of Vox populi Dei in the final edition of their magazine. However, they now claim that the only purpose of Vox Populi Dei is to spread information and pressure to bring about the new dogma, COREDEMPTRESS:

"Since now everywhere in the world the 'messages' of Jesus and Mary are coming to an end, nothing much is left for our magazine to report. Everything (!) is revealed to us, as Mary explained in her last 'message' to Don Gobbi (never recognised by the Church!). We know the most important parts of Mary's plan and - what is most important! - we know, that her Immaculate Heart shall triumph very "soon". It is now up to us, to faithfully live our consecration to Mary by doing what she asks from us. Then we will partake of her Triumph and the Glorious Kingdom of Christ." (Last edition of the magazine)

The real reason for Father Peter Klos stopping the publication of his magazine "Queen of Prophets" was to enter the new order of lay men and women in Ohio near Steubenville. Klos was approached and asked to join Dr. Mark Miravalle (the theologian of the fifth dogma) and Father Benedict (an American priest) in the management of the foundation of a new religious order, the Order of the Holy and Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary. In a conversation with Dr. Mark Miravalle, he states that his project to convince the Holy Father to proclaim this new doctrine has nothing (!) to do with Our Lady of All Nations. However, his connection with Father Peter Klos makes this highly unlikely. Being a member of the same group makes one think he must also be an apparition chaser. One wonders how an order can be approved since it violates Canon Law - men and women living together.


The idea that Mary is Corredemptrix or Coredemptress has been around by that exact name since the fifteenth century but has been taught indirectly without the use of the name from the second century. It was also proclaimed by Pope Pius X in some official documents, by Pius XII in "Mystici Corporis" the same is implied. But this must be understood in its proper meaning or it becomes a heresy. Christ alone truly offered the sacrifice of atonement on the Cross; Mary merely gave Him moral support in this action. Thus Mary is not entitled to the title "PRIEST" (sacerdos) as if she was part of the sacrifice. If you can imply that She was part of the sacrifice then you must insist that She is sacerdos, a priestess. This would fit into the Amchurch, Call To Action, Renew programs, but it is not so. He, Christ, alone acquired the grace of Redemption for the whole human Race, including Mary. Christ's Passion did not require any support.

It can be said that Her Fiat, "Be it done onto me according to your word." opened the door to salvation. God so ordained that He would not save mankind without mankind's permission. Mary stood representing all of us since she was without sin to accept or reject that salvation. God also pre-ordained that He, God, would obey His own 10 commandments, therefore He, God, had to obey his Mother. Then again He needed Her approval to save us.
Consider back at Luke 1:35, the angel tells Mary that She can become the Mother of God. Then the angel waits for Her answer. Heaven waits for her answer. Limbo waits for Her answer. All is silent in the entire universe. She could say "No!" Then she says, "Be it done onto me according to your word." Can you imagine the celebration in Heaven and in Limbo?

Consider also Our Lord in the Temple at 12 years of age. He tells His Mother that He must be about His Father's business, but then He goes away with His Mother and does not go about His Father's business for another 18 years. Then at the feast of Cana, She says, 'Son, they have no wine." "What is that between our agreement, woman. Are you now telling me that I have a mother's approval to go about my Father's business." With tears in Her eyes she says, "Do what ever He tell you.", knowing that he must now sacrifice his life for all mankind. In this way you can say that She cooperated in our redemption.

His humanity died on the Cross, a humanity that He received entirely from Her - Her blood, Her flesh, Her bones, Her soul, went into Him to create the Humanity of Christ that was offered on the Cross. In this way we can say She cooperated in our salvation.

He suffered all the more knowing that she was at the foot of the cross suffering with him. In this way we can say She cooperated in our salvation. A sword pierced Her Heart that the thoughts of many souls might be revealed. She cleaned the body of Christ with Her tears. In this way we might say that She cooperated in our salvation.
She can be called Coredemptress if we do not cross the line making her a priest. If we say that she participated in the sacrifice in such a way that She became part of the sacrifice, then we must say that She also is the High Priestess. This would fit perfectly into the feminist agenda and into the communist agenda. Anthony Wilhem changes the meaning of "transubstantiation" to mean anything we want to believe. Now we have a changing of the meaning of Coredemptress, to mean High Priestess. This smells to high heaven.

Consider that Hnilica, Paul Sigl, Luciano Alamandi, Theresa Lopez, Marcia Smith, and Ardie Kronzer met in Rome, after the Notre Dame fiasco, to plan new strategy. Then Paul Sigl goes to live 'next door' to Ida Peerdeman. Marcia Smith goes back to California and starts writing the new Dogma that she wants the Pope to make ex-cathedra. She is going to write the dogma for the Pope?....... Paul Sigl and Luciano then get ordained in Fatima by an illicit and illegal ordination.... Hnilica buys the house, that Ida Peerdeman lived in (!), (house with annexed chapel, now domicile of the nuns of 'Amsterdam') and finances two conferences, costs of the 1998 Conference were 700.000,- Dutch Guilders. What is the end of all this masterful plan - WOMAN PRIESTS?


The 'apparitions' of Amsterdam were taken over by Father Klos and Mgr. Hnilica who, overruling the former official verdicts of the Church, arrogantly started worldwide promotion of Amsterdam. They managed to influence Bishop Bomers, the bishop in charge. Bomers let them promote the case, though he himself did not believe, that the 'apparitions' were of supernatural origin (written in a letter by Father Klos to Mark W. of B.)

Both, Father Klos and Mgr. Hnilica have also jumped into worldwide promotion of the so-called Medjugorje 'apparitions', which are much disputed and not at all authorized by the Church, thereby high-handedly pushing the bishop in charge of Medjugorje aside, just taking over. Father Klos and Mgr. Hnilica just as well indiscriminately promote Vassula Ryden, a so-called mystic, condemned by the Vatican, thereby overruling the Vatican. Father Klos and Mgr. Hnilica and his priests so-called 'find' connections between the different 'apparitions' and they spread their ideas in their speeches and in their writings. It includes spreading the 33 day preparation-consecration to Mary from the condemned 'seeress' Theresa Lopez, now living under the protection of Hnilica in Rome. They even try to mix Fatima in as well. This in spite of the fact that Ida did not believe in Medjugorje, Garabandal, Theresa Lopez or Vassula.

Bishop Hnilica has mixed the Pope in as well, esp. regarding Medjugorje, pretending to be his personal friend and to have the Pope's blessings for his promotion work. The promoting literature is extremely luxuriously printed. There must be a rich source in the background, who comes up for these certainly very high costs. Utmost luxury: The 1998 Lady of All Nations conference tops it all: It was announced to be costing 700,000 Dutch Guilders (approx. US$ 400,000). Now Bishop Hnilica is forming a new order of priests. Three new seminarians have come out of St. Thomas More's Parish in Inglewood, Colorado alone. This is the same parish that holds Hnilica's QAMA Center. It is the same parish that organized the Snow Mt. Ranch Retreat that tried to get the financing for Theresa Lopez and Hnilica's attempt to take over the American Medjugorje Centers. This is where Hnilica, Marcia Smith, Ardie Kronzer, and his phony priests met together for their master plans and the creation of an order of priests. This new order of priests has changed it's name at least three times since then. They are now called the order of MARY, THE COREDEMPTRESS. It becomes obvious that this order will be stationed in Amsterdam along with Theresa Lopez. Since not one of the first four priests in Hnilica's order ever went to a seminary, we must wonder what kind of formation these poor kids out of Colorado will get. Further, since we cannot prove that Hnilica is even a priest, will these poor kids even become real priests. How the bishop of Colorado, who is starting up a great seminary, allows this parish to promote a false priesthood we do not know, but what we do know is that Rome has stated that Hnilica's new money scheme is false and we repeat:

On August 25, 1961 The Holy Office (Prot. N. 511/53): "After serious consultation the Holy Office concluded, that the judgment is definite and that it may not be taken up again. The messages are false and they stay further Forbidden for publication."

Rick Salbato
Managing Editor and President
Unity Publishing, Inc.


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