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 Vol. 2, No. 5

The Newsletter of Discernment

January 28, 1999

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What Everyone Needs to Know

Many of my readers have asked for a list of true apparitions, and more importantly which ones would be best to study and know well. To answer that question one must first ask, "What revelations are you interested in?" There are literally thousands of apparitions recorded in the Old and New Testaments, among the early Church Fathers and throughout the past 2000 years.

Saint James saw the Virgin Mary in Saragossa, Spain before 100 AD. In 200 AD there were false visions of Our Lady to the Montonists. If you are interested in devotions like the Scapular, the Rosary, the Five First Saturdays, the Miraculous Medal, Divine Mercy, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart, the Holy Face, Enthronement, Perpetual Adoration, etc., there are innumerable apparitions to study. For souls intent on knowing the future, foretold chastisements and more of the end of the world, there are Biblical passages, other apparitions and writings of the saints to study, such as: Isaiah 24, Ezekiel 39, Daniel 7, Joel 3, and Zacharia 13 and 14; regarding the Antichrist, Dan. 7,8 and 10, Matt. 24, Rev. 20, John 5; regarding the Second Coming of Christ, Matt. 24 and 25, Mark 13, Luke 12 and 21, 1 Cor. 15, 1 Thess. 2, 3, 4 and 5, 2 Peter 3, Rev. 1 and 3, Dan. 12, and Joel 2.

Then there is the Didache, Pastor Hermes, St. Hyppolitus, St. Augustine, St. Chrysostom, St. Gregory the Great, Lactantius, St. Jerome, St. Methodius, Revelation of Esdras, Epistles of the Apostles, Asher, Epistle of James, Apoc. of Thomas, Apoc. of Peter, St. Cataldus, St. Remigius, St Caesar of Arles, St. Bearcan, St. Senanus, St. Columbkille, St. Ultan, Merlin, St. Odile, Bl. Maurus, Leo the Philosopher, Monk Adso, Saint Edward, Monk Hilarion, St. Malachy, St. Thomas Becket, St. Hildegard, Abbot Merlin Joachim, Bishop Ageda, Roger Bacon, John Vatiguerro, St. Gertrude, Abbot Herman, Brother John of the Cleft Rock, St. Bridget of Sweden, St. Catherine of Sienna, Cyril the Hermit, St. Vincent Ferrer, Fr. Jerome Votin, St. John Capestrano on the last eight popes, St. Francis de Paul, Nicholas of Flue, Bernard de Busto, Blessed Catherine of Racconigi, Mother Shipton, Gameleo, Fr. Balthassar Mas, Holzhauser, Sister Mary of Agreda, Rudolph Gekner, Dionysius of Luxembourg, Monk of Werl, Father Lavinsky, Blessed Louis de Montfort, Father Nectou, Fr. Laurence Ricci, Bernhard Rembordt, Jane Le Royer, Venerable Bartholomew de Saluzzo, Helen Wallraff, Sister Marianne, Josefa von Bourg, Jean Paul Richter, Mother Maria Rafols, Father Korzeniecki, Matthew Lang, Elizabeth Canori-Mora, Abbe Scuffrand, Nun of Belez, Bishop Wittman, Bl. Carper del Bufalo, Cardinal La Roque, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, La Salette, Mary Lataste, Sister Rose Taggia, Joseph Goires, Father Bernard Maria Clausi, Cure de Ars, Abbess Maria Steiner, Palma Maria d'Oria, Mother Alphonse Eppinger, Brother Anthony of Aix-la-Chapelle, Ven. Magdaline Porzat, Sister Mary of Jesus Crucified of Pau, Bishop Pie of Portiers, Catherine Emmerich, St. John Bosco, Marie Julie Jahenny, Lucie Christine, Chester Lortie, Fatima, Andrew Berry, Pere Lamy, Countess Francesca de Billiante, Theresa Neumann, and Sister Josefa Menendez.

If you're sensibly thinking, "You must be kidding! No one has time to study all these volumes." you are, of course, correct. No one bound to the chores of everyday existence could possibly review all these prophets in a single life time, and yet, amazingly, some have done so. Having been privileged to spend the past thirty years exploring the subjects of prophecy and apparitions, to gain a sound understanding of all of the above (and more) trustworthy revelations -- with far less effort -- I strongly recommend "TRAIL, TRIBULATION, AND TRIUMPH" by Desmond Birch.... a compendium on approved apparitions second to none.

There are apparitions that everyone should study, especially where their messages represent essential aids to understanding the Church and abiding the life of grace.

While b no stretch of imagination is the following list complete, it should further appreciation of just how many true apparitions exist. We have limited this newsletter to including those that contained a particular supernatural, historical importance. Because some of those occurring in the twentieth century may turn out to be of universal importance, we have stated what we know of them.

Unity Publishing's List of Approved Apparitions

Since even this abridged list cannot be studied by most, I recommend the following as essential for furthering ones's theological understanding and life of Grace.

Rick (the Publican) Salbato

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