Dear Bishop Leo O’Reilly – Anne’s Bishop

Richard Salbato, 4-9-2007

To:    Fr. Paul Casey, Diocesan Secretary,

From Richard Salbato, Managing Editor, Unity Publishing, Inc.

Dear Father Casey,

I wish you to pass on to Bishop O’Reilly my concern for his approval of the publications of Anne, aka, Kathryn Ann Jennings, aka, Kathryn Ann Clarke.  Bishop O’Reilly said, “In so far as I am able to judge, she is orthodox in her writings and teachings.”

There are many books and writings now, which I have no intention of even checking to see if they are orthodox or not. It does not matter.  What does matter is that Anne claims that these writings and teachings come from God and not from her own imagination.

Cardinal Ratzinger warned Father Gobbi that he could not claim his writings came from God and for good reason: First, there is no evidence that it comes from God, and second, people should not put his writings on par with divine revelation and/or the teaching of the Church.   There was also a case here in America of a divorced man who came from Ireland and claimed to have the stigmata and a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary.  The local priest found nothing wrong with the messages he claimed to be receiving and approved him for over two years.  Now, of course, he is ordered out of the diocese and the church because it was discovered that his stigmata and the bleeding statue were frauds.  Doing the right thing is more important than saving face.  

The 1978 Vatican CDR Document on Apparition Discernment states in part:

A. Positive criteria – a. Moral certainty of the fact of a revelation after serious investigation. 1. Personal qualities of the subject – mental balance, honesty, moral life, habitual sincerity and docility towards ecclesiastical authority. 2. Revelations exempt from all error. 

B. Negative criteria – a. Glaring error as to facts, b. Doctrinal errors, c. pursuit of monetary gain, d. gravely immoral acts committed by the subject, or his associates, at the time of the fact or on the occasion of these facts. E. Psychic disorders or psychopathic tendencies concerning the subject, … or other factors of the same kind. 

II. Intervention of the competent local Authority.

1. … the competent ecclesiastical Authority has the serious obligation to inform itself without delay and to carry out a diligent investigation. 

3. … Pastoral duty … to avoid dangers of a false mysticism etc. 

Now I ask, Bishop O’Reilly, do you have moral certainty that this is a real private revelation from God.  Have you investigated the seer as to her personal qualities, for example, mental balance, honesty, moral life?  Has she told glaring errors to the facts of the private revelations?  Is she in the pursuit of money?  Has she or her associates during the so-called private revelations committed any gravely immoral acts?  Have you informed yourself of her background since she claims private revelation?

I do not presume to answer these questions for you, but I have done my own investigation into her claims. I have investigators in your diocese and even in her parish who inform me by email.  I know that her parish priest supports her and I know of other priests from Ireland who support her but also support Medjugorje, Vassula Ryden and other mystics already condemned by the Church. I wish at this time to share my findings with you (after careful investigation) so that you might reconsider your support of Kathryn Ann Clarke, aka, Anne, the Lay Apostle.   

What I know and can prove


Kathryn Ann Jennings, later to become Kathryn Ann Clarke, and still later to become “Anne, the Lay Apostle, was (in her own words from the book she wrote, The Breakable Vow) a wild child who married, had a child and divorced before the age of 20. She remained single for 11 years and then married again and had 3 more children in America.  Her second husband, Jimmy Clarke, was injured in an accident and was unable to work for over a year.  During this time she wrote her first book.  She moved to Ireland where Jimmy Clarke had two cattle farms and they had two more children. 

In April of 2000 Kathryn started an email exchange with a woman who would later become her Chief Executive Officer for both her civil and religious businesses.  This CEO was married with five children. As often happens in large families this CEO developed post birth depression after her fourth and again after the birth of her fifth child and was taking Paxil, a dangerous anti-depressant that leaves one emotionless.  Her husband’s company went bankrupt at a bad time during these post birth emotions.

I give this background information about Kathryn’s CEO because it is from the email exchange between the CEO and Kathryn that I have received my information.  I worried about the law regarding emails so I gave the 101 pages of emails to my lawyer to see if it was legal and moral to reveal them.  Because both the CEO and Kathryn admitted that they were probably being read and did not care, and because they were written on a public computer, these are considered the same as a post card and not protected by the law of privacy.  Also, as you will see, the CEO passed on her husband’s emails to Kathryn.  As to the moral issue, these emails contain information that proves Anne is not having private revelations and is not the exeplary moral housewife that you claim.  As a public figure under two different names, the public has moral rights to know the truth.  

Sometime between 9-21-01 and 9-30-01 Kathryn and her daughter went to Medjugorje, where she claims she started having private revelations.  However, from that date and on for over a year there is no mention of private revelations or even any religious experience in Medjugorje to her best friend and now CEO.  After this trip there was correspondence with Father Sudac, another false Medjugorje mystic. 

It was also after this trip that Kathryn read a book called “The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood” by another false mystic out of Steubenville who claimed to have inner voices and would not reveal her real name to protect her family.  It was during this time that Kathryn was trying to write another book on family matters. I am sure this book on Motherhood gave her the first ideas to use “God said” but it would be years before she would re-write the book she was working on and turned it into a private revelation.  

In light of these emails that make no mention of any private revelation after the Medjugorje trip, the Criteria of: A. Moral certainty and B. Glairing error as to facts, comes into play.

Now as to:  gravely immoral acts committed by the subject, or his associates, at the time of the fact or on the occasion of these facts, I learn from emails that Kathryn gave marriage advice to her CEO that resulted in separation in the same month as her Medjugorje trip and later divorce. During this correspondence and advice she also had surgical sterilization and now her CEO is seeking an annulment after 17 years of marriage and 5 children.

During this time Kathryn was not being the best mother or wife herself. In my investigation of both these marriages I see manipulative female abuse of husbands and not the other way around.  Now at the time of the so-called private revelations you must take note of the vulgar language of these two friends.

Email exchange between Kathryn Clark, aka Anne and her CEO:

[Brackets are my comments]


8/14/01 From CEO To:


I had a bad parenting day yesterday. I had NO tolerance for my kids, was screaming at them all day. my nerves were fried........Then I realize I had forgotten to take my Paxil the night before.  Isn't that scary?  It is certainly a powerful drug and man did my system miss it.  When you go to Medjugorje I would like to send an intention with you to give to the visionaries. 

[This intention was for everyone except her husband.]

9/7/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To: CEO

I’m not speaking to my children.  Annie was such an evil witch that I swear I nearly killed her. I satisfied myself by yelling and yes, swearing. So now I feel like shit and I'm sure she does too. But ----, honestly, she ruined the evening for us all. Fighting over nothing things...constant, constant constant, till I wanted to slap her.

[Annie is Kathryn’s daughter. This is the woman we are to believe Our Lady picked to teach us how to raise children?]

9/11/01 (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

Boy, I was so mad at all of my kids this morning and was yelling at them. Makes me feel bad a bit but then again, you cannot let them away with things either. -----, could you see your therapist twice a week for a couple of weeks if you're in a pinch. I don't think your marriage should be such continual hard work for you. Thank God the housecleaners are starting tomorrow. … Need to work on my real job, the one that makes me money, the house goes to shit.

[Her real job should be the children and her husband but she thinks it is books.]

9/16/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

FYI, Karla and I stuck $500 for you I don't remember what we called you. General Expert I think.

9/18,01 From: CEO to  < 

Then my asshole husband decided it was good to challenge me on whether or not I had handled myself well trying to resolve the situation. He was being a royal dick and then went on to tell me AGAIN how hard it is to live with me when I am he is so patient and always goes the extra mile and how difficult it is for him to come home and find me overwhelmed four out of five nights a week..  Can you believe that? I am so pissed off at him. I would go on more but I am not really convinced that I have total privacy with my email.

[Believing her husband reads her emails she does not care about calling him names.]

9/18/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

I went in one time after a fight with Jimmy and found myself saying, "Don't YOU think he's an asshole, God?"  If you're so hard to come home to maybe he should get an apartment. tehetehe. Also, you are not a  lawyer, at the moment you're a housewife so if he doesn't like the way you handled it, he should get a lawyer, not a crazy lady who lives with six people who all think she owes them her lifeblood.

[I’m sorry, Bishop, but you called her a loving wife and mother?????]

The way I see it, I take care of Jimmy's five children and he takes care of me. IF he doesn't, I have nothing for the kids. Jimmy gives to me and I take care of everyone. A real man, father of five, doesn't spend so damn much time thinking about his own needs. He's more concerned that his children’s needs are met and that his wife is well enough, mentally and physically, to care for them. Your husband needs real problems ----. Like we had. When his wife is bedridden for a year, or he sustains an injury that requires 18 months of rehab, he'll shut the fuck up about you not being pleasant enough to come home to. Love, Kathy

[Never in my life, and I am a man, have I used this kind of language.]

9/21/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To: CEO

By the time this thing hits big you'll be an experienced publicist and will command an enormous income from me.(which I'll be happy to pay)  I need to make some money. ----, if you can set up any paying jobs, I'll give you a percentage \

[Money, money, money, but of course her friend needs to be single to do all this work for Kathryn.]

9/30/01  From CEO To:


Welcome back....(trip to Medjugorje) I hope you had a great trip.  Call when you get a chance. Fr. Bob [CEO and husband’s marriage counselor] met with us Friday AM  and we are meeting with him next friday (Oct 5) as well.  Lots to talk with you about.  Your advice was needed and used.

9/2001 – CEO physically separates from husband

[Kathy’s CEO said that there was nothing special about Medjugorje and nothing was said for over a year after.]

10/11/01 (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

Mother of the bride stuff.  Love, Kathy

10/12/01 From CEO To:

Got a call from my sister on Sunday...guess what.  Her husband is misbehaving and she is experiencing some bad times. Who did she call?  THE FAMILY KOOK.  I am reading Cardinal Bernadin's book The Gift of Peace.  Have you read it, Kathy?  I think it is beautiful. Nancy and I just got tickets for a two day retreat in November to see Fr. Slatko Sudac, the Croatian priest that has the stigmata.

[Cardinal Bernadin is believed to be the most liberal Cardinal in the history of America and Sudac is a fraud.]

10/18/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

The name of the book is The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood. The quote I referred to is on page 101-102. It reads:

    "Families must strive to live together in peace. They should separate for only the most dire circumstances as in the case of violence. But in most cases, this can be avoided by a peaceful reaction even in the face of great difficulties.  Never allow children to be harmed. This would be a case for separation.”

[The Apostolate of Holy Motherhood is a book written by a condemned mystic who wanted to keep her identity secrete to protect her husband and children and lives in Steubenville.  I believe it was this book that gave Kathryn the idea to claim divine revelations to her books.]

10/19/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:   CEO

Jimmy's uncle, our nearest neighbor and dear friend, died next door.

To: from CEO

I got to see Fr Sudac for one day and experience his powerful message.  I was able to listen first hand to his testimonial about the day he received the wounds of Christ.  While I was gone, some bozo stole $180.00 and two credit cards from my wallet and started charging $1,000.  So, we ended up at the Oak lawn police station, me and my four youngest children...I can't believe I got out without any child abuse charges.

11/26/01  From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:   CEO

Hi. Phil said you were sleeping. I sometimes wonder if he doesn't like me or if I annoy him or something.

12/13/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

I'm dead, still smoking, and in need of a month on a deserted beach. I love Mathew Kelly and the tape renewed my dormant crush on him. I have bronchitis or some other smoke related respiratory ailment.

Love, K

[Mathew Kelly is a false mystic out of Australia who is known for womanizing. As for smoking, I smoke a pipe but as of this date she claims to be having private revelations and is still smoking. I do not think I could do that.]

12/19/01 To:

Dear Kathy,  I will be happy to intercede on your behalf and ask God to slow down your sanctity He has you on OVERDRIVE...I would expect some serious visions or something soon Kathy...okay enough blasphemy..forgive me, Lord, but I worry about Kathy and the fact that she is human...could you just grant her a little fun for a little while?...

[Another case that may have given her the idea.]

About Fr.  Bob [CEO & husband’s marriage counselor]..I treasure your feedback and input.  I think he is a very holy, inspiring, gifted man who uses his talents and gifts from God to save (very literally)) many people who have lost their way and they need a pathway back to God.  I really think he gently leads people back.  I see him as a fountain of Divine Mercy. 

I also believe he is unsure of the way to handle ABUSE that is not physical...I think that is the rub.  I don't pretend to suggest that Phil and I are any different than other troubled marriages. I am totally over my initial upset and feel totally at peace with my decision. 

Lots of Love

[Admits no physical abuse but is at peace with divorce.]

12/19/01 (Kathryn Clarke) To:  CEO

Hi, Threw up, flu here with high fevers.  I’m coping but think I’ve been in these clothes for three days.  I’m shooting for a record. I’ve been thinking about Father Bob and you must remember that he’s human and – ready? Maybe, perhaps, his faith is a little more light weight than yours, ours, ----, he missed the boat and it happened to me in marriage counseling. Our counselor loved Jack, who was even a dick in the sessions. Don’t hold it against him but do look it right between the eyes.  love, K

[Note: Father Bob - marriage counselor to Phil and CEO but Kathy claims to have more faith than this priest, and that she and the CEO have better insight than this priest who was their counselor for several years.  She also claims that her counselor in her first marriage favored her first husband, Jack.]

12/21/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

    I'm sending you an online Medjugorje site where you can email petitions. I sent some last night and swear they were answered today, all except the publisher but the days not over yet. Thanks for your lovely letter. I'm typing as fast as I can as I'm being tormented. I feel so much better. I took the morning off and went and had mass, a holy hour, a work out and sauna, along with a shower and change of clothes. I feel much better and am going to figure out how to take care of myself better. Like, why didn't I do this for months???? It was great. I have all of my lovely tapes, thank you very much, and the Blessed Mother informed me this morning that all of heaven stands ready to help me. It was lovely

Truly, I feel cleansed and am going to try not to talk about Jimmy's family anymore who have not included my children for any of the festivities, but the sisters children are welcome, just not ours. They're really not so nice to me or the kids and seem to just want Jimmy.  I also think I might start another book. I should.


[Wonder why her husband’s family did not like her?  Note that she is planning to write a book but not a revelation.]

12/23/01 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

Not quite so depressed but still smoking and exhausted.  Annie is on my shit list. ----, I'm ready to kill her. She's in deep shit.


[At this time, according to her bio, she is having private revelations – who is going to believe this?]

1/27/02    From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

It does concern me though, that you will struggle post divorce but Phil seems truly concerned and caring about the kids so I'm sure it will be fine.

[No mention of reconciliation.]



(Screw Oprah..let her clamour away).  I thought about your advice regarding therapy...I have some ideas to sare with you.  I don't want to write them here as I have good reason to believe that Phil is still readingmy email.  (Hi sure to say hello to the next of my friends you call trying to ascertain my mental state).

2/19/02 4:16:49 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To: CEO

How is Phil? He doesn't realize that alienating you and setting this dictatorial, obnoxious tone early on is going to make it very difficult on HIM, not just you. Does he think you're going to mutely agree to this pushing around?????  Why the hell does he think you're divorcing him. He's being very foolish, I must say.   Strategically speaking he's being what they call an ASS.  Everything will settle ----. It just takes time. Call when you can and I'll call you back. Love Kathy

[Look at the date of this and the language.]

2/19/02 9:14:52 From:  Phil To CEO

I have removed you as an authorized signer of the Quicken Visa Credit Card. Please cut up the card and give it to me.

Our shared balance as of today is $2,383.90.  In addition to that balance is the amount which was paid out of our MBNA card to pay down the large Quicken Credit Card balance last month.  I do not have the exact amount at hand.  The amount is on our last statement from Quicken (on the desk downstairs).  I believe the amount is around $4,500.  If you have any questions, give me a call. Phil

2/22/02 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

You better write these things down -----, so you can tell your attorney and have a record. The judge will certainly not like to hear that he's calling your friends and trying to persuade them that you are crazy. It is harassment and slanderous, and I'm quite certain a judge will see it that way as well. If you have a record of these things you can show a pattern of behavior that will support a harassment claim. Also, it will help if he attempts to use the children as a means to harass you such as changing and manipulating visitation without advance warning, withholding agreed upon money, not taking them to scheduled activities, using the pick up and drop off times to fight with you in front of them, telling the children things they should NOT know. You get the picture. I did not think he was like this but I guess you'd better be prepared. Do start documenting ----. Write down the agreement you made that he broke, any of your friends that he's contacted, and any threats he's made about financial control.

[All these 101 pages of emails show Kathryn giving divorce advice but not reconciliation advice. It also shows that Kathryn was reading Phil’s emails.]

2/2/02 4:46:18 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To: CEO

Dear ,

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Now. We're done with this shit. No more nothing for you for a long time. ---, I know how it is to want to do something so badly and to be good at it and think, wow, I could do this so well. Alas though, our free time is limited, both physical time and emotional time.  The key is you, --- then the kids.

Love, Kathy

[I always thought kids came first, in fact everyone comes before yourself, but not according to feminist, Kathy, aka, Anne.]

3/4/02 5:29:58 from: (Kathryn Clarke)To: CEO

The dream about Fr. Sudac was nice. You'll have to tell me about it. Those dreams can be very very special and prophetic I think. Talk to you soon. Love, K

[Dreams? Prophetic?]

3/4/02 From: (Kathryn Clarke)  To:   CEO

I'm stoned here but wrote an email to Michael Altman.    Love, K

[Michael Altman is the man who kissed Kathryn on the mouth and I am not sure what she means by “stoned”]

3/4/02 (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

She's as rude as a pig ---. I have tried repeatedly to be friendly with her and she just shoots me back this shit. I am sure my name is mud over in her area.. This second book is going nowhere fast. Love, Kathy

[Kathy, aka, Anne, is trying to write a second book but at this time not a private revelation book.]

3/11/02 From:  Philip.  To: CEO

Hi ----,

I'm really glad that your parents came in to help out with the kids and the household during this difficult time.  Please tell them that I appreciate them helping both you and the kids.  They are very good people and have very good hearts.

Regarding your concerns about some of our financial matters,  I have been and continue to try to be open and honest about the transition while our divorce proceeding is moving forward.  I truly thought that any immediate cash you may need could be attained through your new account funded with $500.  Things like prescription full payments, doctor co-pays, and Noreen sitting could be initially attained through this account.  I'm sorry that I did not communicate this well enough and that you thought our joint account would still be accessible via ATM. I really did not want to cause you any worry or concern.

When I moved to Ted's, I thought that keeping our joint account open and funded specifically for the car payment, home equity, and home mortgage would make things easier.  When I talked to you about that, I explained that checks/ATM's would need to be stopped so that we could transition to this arrangement.  I'm sorry I wasn't more clear about explaining this.

I have been and continue to financially support you and the children.  I not only consider this my responsibility, but a privilege granted by God for me to serve my family.  I am trying to do what is good and right during this incredibly difficult time for all of us.  I know that Jesus will provide for us and that I will try to "be there" for our family now and in the future.

I know that I am currently providing much more financial support than I am legally obligated to be doing.  I believe this is what God wants me to do and he has given me the ability to do this by having a brother who will let me live nearby without expecting rent and other costs.  Even during this difficult time, job opportunities continue to arise which hearten me that the Lord is helping us in many different ways.

I have not and will not try to hide or divert funds.  If I financially cannot afford to go to Myrtle beach, I will cancel.  If we can no longer afford certain activities, I will talk to you about it so that we are on the same page.  We have been living well beyond our means and will need to change so that we can be better stewards of what God blesses us with.  I will try to do my part both in how I spend money and communicating our finances to you.  I will give you copies of all our account information on a monthly basis.  Changing the address to Teddy's was not some covert operation.  I knew they would send confirms to our home, and thought nothing of it because I have no ulterior motive.  You still have access to those accounts and can request copies sent to you.  I can get copies from the Web as well and provide them to you.  This change was just to make things simpler, not to hide anything from you.

----, no matter what the legal outcome of our divorce, I will try to provide more for the children and you...Now and in future.  It's hard when I feel I am being attacked, maligned, and judged for bad intention. But, I know the Lord is helping and will guide me through this.  Thanks for listening.

May God Bless You,


[The above letter is from the man that Kathy, aka, Anne, says is an abusive husband.]

From:  Philip. To:  CEO

Good Morning ----,

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I read my daily meditation, which struck me like a thunderbolt.  Later, when I was driving to work during prayer, I felt the urge to share this with you, so here it is:

"This above all, refuse to be a victim.  Unless I can do that I can do nothing."  --Margaret Atwood

"Men have become victims by seeing themselves as saviors.  We forgot that we have needs too.  We thought if we gave enough, our needs would eventually be met.  In the process we became great controllers, not for the sake of power, but to make everything okay.  We turn ourselves inside out to make our mates happy or to please our children or friends.  But being a savior is a disrespectful role to play.  When people became angry with us for it, we absorbed their anger and felt misunderstood.

No relationship is healthy for either person if one is a victim,  We must do our loved ones the favor of letting them see our strength -- let them bump up against it -- even when that means we say a loud and strong no!  After we have said no, our yes is much more believable."

--"Today, I will take responsibility for my own life and try not to be a savior for others.  I won't undermine my relationships be being a victim."-- I never really viewed myself as a victim, but that is where I had put myself.  I can be there for my family without trying "to make everything OK."  I am no one's savior, we have only one Savior and that is Jesus Christ.  I continue to turn to him and he heals me.

I have had other important eye-opening experiences in the last couple of weeks.  It just has not been the right time or place to share them with you.  Maybe some time in the future.  Take care, -----.  I care very much about you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.  Very Sincerely,


[Again this is the man Anne gave advice to divorce and below you will see that her CEO shared this email with Kathy –Anne.]

3/15/02 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO


I read what Phil had written.  More moaning and groaning. It all sounds so good on paper in some ways. In other ways it sounds so manipulative. It reminds of someone who is attempting to baffle with bullshit if  you'll pardon the expression. Like, never mind all of this crap, say you were an asshole, treated me like shit, exploited my very normal hormone and stress problems, and basically did everything you could to destroy my self esteem. And to that you were abusive with our child, and instead of owning up and trying to change your behaviors, you blamed me, him, the other kids, stress from work, the moons position in relation to the get the picture. Its' all a frantic song and dance to get out of the real issues. ----, I fear that we have to accept that the proof is in the pudding. You gave him every chance, did cartwheels at counseling, and he still doesn't get it or won't get it.  Too bad as I know you wanted your family to work. On the lighter side, he's working on his issues, which will make him a better parent. And you are surviving, as are all the kids. Talk to you later. Love, Kathy

[Do you wonder, Bishop, why I am concerned about people taking advice from “Anne”.]

3/20/02    From: (Kathryn Clarke)To:  CEO

Cathy F--- hasn't gotten back to me and just is a difficult pain in the ass, just to be a difficult pain in the ass. I'm SWAMPED here and tearful as I feel over whelmed and Jimmy is NOT helping me in the sense that he's being a dick. He would say I'm being a pill but tough shit. He should be nicer when I'm under pressure.


[Just a reminder - Jimmy is Kathy aka Anne’s husband.]

3/20/02 To:

O Kathy,

I need to make some constructive comments about Jimmy's behavior.  Tell him to stop being a dick......I'm not sure where he earned the right to be a jerk when you need to do your thing?  That's all the rotten things I can say because although I've never met Jimmy I think he's probably one of the best catches to be had,      but he is human and cannot keep up with your pace.  Jimmy ought to be kissing your ass about...his sisters are his problem now.  Ugh.

Phil just called to say through tears that although he never intended to hurt me, he knows he did and he cares a great deal for me and I am the greatest gift of his life and that he hopes he can help me through the hard times instead of creating my hard times.  UGH.  I am tired and ready for bed.

[Now Anne’s CEO is giving marriage advice.]

4/3/02 To:    K


Am finally getting all the financial info to Mary for the divorce...this is an exhausting process...however I am so thankful that I am on my way..can't wait to put as much distance as possible between me and Phil.

4/13/02  From: To:  CEO

I really don't want to live in Ireland so I guess I'll have to get rich so I can buy a condo here. It's painful to be here sometimes. Anyway, Michael Altman called today and I didn't even call him back. I have the willies from the mouth kiss and I'm even kind of pissed. Like, back off you big pig. So there.  Those are my lofty thoughts for the day. Talk to you later. Love, Kathy

[Money, sex, and self absorbed.]

4/14/02 From: CEO  To:  Kathy

I think you should refer all of Mike Altman's mail to me.  He needs to get the message that he moved a little to close.  I will be happy to deflect his advances by keeping it totally professional.  Yuk.....The other route of course is to be totally direct and call him and tell him you respect him as a teacher and you are grateful that he is able to reach his students through the book and he has grown.  However he needs to know that you do not want him to kiss you.  See what he does with that.  Are you up for that?

[Maybe she likes the attention.]

4/20/02 From: (Kathryn Clarke)To: CEO

Do NOT NOT NOT have any second thoughts about Fr. Sudac. God won't let you go if it's not HIS will but also, don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Love, k

[Father Sudac is the false mystic.]

7/28/02 To:

Mary is carefully arranging this team and the use of this book the holy spirit co authored.  Relax, Kathy, listen to your heart and you will make the right decisions.  Kathy in the last year alone.......   Saved a woman with 5 kids from an abusive marraige, opened her up spiritually and made her a DV PEP US Projects expert.  Singlehandedly landed your first agent, book deal and almost successfully completeed editing your first book for major distribution throughout the US God has given you such great talents Kathy..its amazing what you are able to wonder Michael Altman can't keep his hands off you.

Anyway.  I will scour my Fr. Sudac notes and pray for you tonight.

Have a great day,

Love ya

[My interpretation – Kathy, aka Anne, helped her friend of 5 children get divorced so that she could work full time as her CEO.]



Now, Bishop O’Reilly,

Considering the above, can you say that you have a moral certainty of the fact of a revelation after serious investigation?  Can you say that the subject has mental balance and an honest moral life?  Can you say that there are no glaring errors as to facts of the revelations? Can you say there is no pursuit of monetary gain?  Can you say there are no immoral acts committed by the subject, or her associates, at the time of the supposed revelations?   Can you imagine God choosing a divorced and re-married woman to pass on His Messages?  Can you imagine God choosing someone with a vulgar mouth to pass on His Messages?  Can you imagine God choosing someone who promotes divorce to pass on His Messages?  I have been studying private revelations for over 45 years and I cannot imagine such a travesty.

                                                                                      Richard Salbato

Change of plans:     

Dear Bishop O’Reilly,

I had planned to email this to you and wait for a response before publishing it as is the polite thing to do.  However, I just found out that in less than one week Anne will have a large Divine Mercy Conference in your diocese and it saddens me to see someone like Anne associated with Divine Mercy. Divine Mercy Sunday should be about God’s Mercy as revealed to a true mystic and not mixed up with a false mystic.  For this reason, I am sending this to you at the same time as publishing it.  I will add your response to it when I get it and I am sure you just failed to give this your personal attention.

Richard Salbato


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