The Problem with Government Today

Forced Charity

Richard Salbato 8-25-2011

There is a huge war braking out between the left and right in American political dialogue and it is no longer civil and is going to get violent. The two sides are going to spend billions of dollars and march hundreds of thousands of people in the streets to support their vision of government.  Some of this will get violent in the next year. This war is not just going on in America but has been going on in Europe for several years. Now the middle east has erupted in civil wars in every country. It went on in South America ten years ago and in Africa over the last ten years.

We will only understand this by understanding why people are so violent about their views even though they are the exact opposite of other people’s views. And then look at the purpose of government – what government should be and what it should not be.

The anger against the Tea Party should be amazing to you unless you understand why they are a threat to some people. “They can all go to Hell,” said Maxine Waters. Other congressmen have called them terrorists. Government unions have vowed to pour billions into the elections to save the liberal cause.  Trial Lawyers have vowed to spend more money this election than ever before in history and they have always been the second largest political contributors in America – second only to unions.

The reason for this anger is the two different concepts of government. In short there is the American Constitutional concept of government and the Socialist/communist concept of government. The liberals will be angry at me for dividing it that way because they want to think of themselves as compassionate or progressive. In truth - even though they do not think of it this way – they do not believe in the limited power of Government. It boils down to the word, “Charity”.

Back when the constitution was first written, people understood it and loved it. At the time we had a congressman named, Davie Crocket. In a State close to him a fire broke out and burned down four houses. He approached congress and asked to help these poor families out. He went to that state expecting the people to be happy with what he was doing but they were not. This was not the constitutional power of the federal government but left to the States. In fact the Constitution does not allow any compassionate charity at all. There is a good reason for this.

See Common Sense & The Rule of Law

The purpose of America Constitutional Government is to make everything equal and fair under the written rule of law. They make contract law and enforce it. They make patent and copyright laws and enforce them so that everything is equal between the rich and poor. The other purpose is to regulate interstate commerce so that big states do not take advantage of small states and states with water do not deprive states that do not have it. This includes safe food. The most important purpose of Federal Government is protection, protection from foreign governments, pirates on the high seas, and immigration. Border control is a major job of the feds.

No where in this does it say that the feds should take care of people who have not taken care of themselves. These people, who often have only themselves to blame for being in great need, are not the responsibility of the Federal Government but the responsibility of the people, the Churches and the local governments.

If the Federal Government only did what it was designed to do it would only need 10% of GDP, whereas today it takes 25% of GDP.

Can Any Government be Charitable?

If you understand the word, “Charity” you have to ask if a government can be charitable. More important is if a government should be charitable. Is it the job of government to be charitable? If a government tries to be charitable, can it work? When it tries, what are the unforeseen consequences?

Charity is the primary definition of Love. It means to care for the needs of others more than yourself to the point of giving of yourself to help others. For charity to be charity it has to come from you and of your own free will.

Someday we will die and face Christ on the judgment seat. He will ask, “Have you fed the poor?” And you will say, “I voted for food stamps.” Christ will then say, “In other words you fed the poor with other peoples money even against their free will.” “Did you house the homeless?” I voted for sub-prime mortgages.”  In other words you helped the homeless with other people’s money.”

Get the point.

This is the main cause of all the problems in Europe, America and even the Catholic Church today. It is making European countries bankrupt. In fact there is no chance that some of these countries can avoid bankruptcy. America is in such deep debt that within a few years all its money will go to interest on the debt with nothing left over.

How it was

When I was a kid I lived in the 16th largest city in America and we had only two hospitals, one was Catholic and one was military.  We had seven orphanages. We had Twenty five Catholic Schools and one Catholic College. Many kids who got in trouble with the law were given two choices, go to jail or go to a Catholic School. The Monasteries all had soup kitchens or gave away free bread to the poor.

Most of this is gone now since the government got into the business of charity. The orphanages have been replaced with foster homes; the soup kitchens have been replaced with food stamps. Etc.

Conversions to the Catholic Church have fallen to such a low rate that we are closing churches?

The conversions of the past happened because of our Catholic charities. In fact throughout history we fed the hungry and this led to conversions.

Now even Catholic Bishops and priests think they are being charitable by voting for the liberal wings of government because they think that is the loving thing to do.

Why do Catholic Bishops vote for these programs above the issue of abortion? It is because they do not want to spend the money to be a Church of charity again.

Like it or not

Like it or not every non constitutional activity of the Federal Government will have to be shut down or the nation will collapse and no longer be a nation. That does not mean these things will go away but it does mean they will have to be transferred from the Fed to the State or City governments and then in time back to the people.

I would start by transferring all Medicare and Medical from the Fed to the State. (Rep. Ryan’s plan) Then I would close the Fed department of Education.  I would close EPA and leave it to the States.  I would transfer all food stamp programs to the local cities. I could go on and on but there are 78 departments that have to be shut down.

Those progressives or liberals who insist that we must keep these things in the Fed system do not care that they cannot survive even if we print more money. 

Do not think you are being charitable or loving by doing so with other people’s money.  We have only one year to change this or we will not be able to change it because there will be more people voting to keep their handouts than paying for them.

Rick Salbato

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